a gift for you


a gift for youI knock on your door….a wait for you to answer as i look at the wooden grain running down engraving the piece of wood showing your number, your entrance to your life.The door slowly open and to your suprise you see me standing there smiling at you as your wearing this outstanding silk babby doll nighty……your nipples hard from the morning wake as your breast curve the silk smooth soft material wrapping your extreme body……your legs crossed as you feel the excitment run from your pussy to your toes……squeezing your inner thighs, tighting your pussy feeling the knickes wedge inbetween your warm soft moist pussy lips…….wanting to drip free from you and run down your leg from the excitment of seeing me. Knowing what is the reason for me visit. I say “happy birthday baby, i have gift for you” but my hands are empty as you think to your mind what could i possibly have for you. You say “hunny your hands are empty” being blatant, wanting your gift! I reply” But lily my hand are so full i couldnt carry your gift and had to pull it” as i turn around i pull from behind me a young adult girl, hand bounded by rope. You couldnt see her face as a black silk bag wraps her face tight and all you see the shape of her jaw line! your eyes glisten with joy and excitment. you felt the precum wetten your kinker as i see a line of your cum run down your inner thigh…your tighten your inner thighs so tight pushing them hard to stop the cum from pouring out from the excitment and pounding heart beat from within.but you have to open your legs to walk and have no choice but let the warm extremely wet jiuce rain from your hungry pussy……I hear a little sigh come from your mouth as you close your eyes and nearly loose your balance as you cum hard without a touch! i look with astonishment and get hard without a heartbeat, wanting to take you there.i come close to you and kiss you a most passionate kiss as out lips bond together tasting the toothpaste from your sliva, you slipping your tongue inside my mouth hard wiggling it inside. Our tongues tango fight to take control as our heads trun bakırköy escort side to side. I bite your lower lip…………………….HARD!!!! and feel you quicnhe as you hold be tight…….”OMG! THANKS YOU…..THANK YOU…..THANK YOU………I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS FOR ME AND SHE IS ALL MINE!!!!!!” you sayi look at your green jade eyes “i wanted to do something special for you and diferent” as i hand you the rope. You grab it and wrap it around your wrist not wanting to let go feeling the rope tighten around your wrist tangled infinger you touch it, stroke it thibnk of my cock in your hands….I see your eyes lighten up as your bring her closer to you……You take a deep breath from your nose and this clean unused smell coming from this petite female….this virgin slave……wanting her, to be able to dominate her…..make her feel your pain, your lust to give her your pain of pleasure…..you pull her closer to your body as her face bounce of your breast when har face hits your cheast…….i grab her head from behind force her head towards your breast again and push her face onto your breasts moving her face from side to side as her nose flicks your nipple. HARDENING!!!!!we bring it to the middle of the room and make it stand there alone as she feels you loosen the the rope from your hands but feel this fear from within while we roam around her thinking of what you want me to do….you remove her sheild from her face and see this very young age of 20. “an extremely beautiful face” you say as she looks down. she dares not look at you as i have told her rules and if she breask them there will be consequences……her eyes gaze down as you place two finger under chien forcing her to raise her head but still she keep her eyes gazed down…..you lick your lips as you see this desert to eat, yours forever to do as you please….to go close to her and place your hands on her face and bite her lower lip, hard, tight, harder, firm….”she attractive and taste good!you let go. I see the slave lower lip sore and red….bulging out as pull it beşiktaş escort when leetting go.you wake away and It hears us whisper and laugh and then be slient and just hear this moan coming from your mouth but not knowing what to expect..as she looks from the corner of her eye while she stands there alone, helpless fearfull. you moan was coming from the enticed feeling of my tongue sucking on your pussy to get you worked up and hungry to be fucked by my fat cock……..but making your think what we can do to its pussy…..who and what we can stick inside it……she has no name so the reason we shall call her it! i’m sucking your hard, fucking your pussy with my tongue…..your moan get louder as your feel the vein popping out from the inner thigh of your legs and your pussy wettening further from my tongue pushing deep inside you…..hard…….HArder……..HARDER!!!!!!FUCKING HARDER!!!!! you say “O FUCK EMRAN!!!!!! IM GOING TO CUM!!!!!” i remove my face and see you cum hard, REAL HARDER! your legs raised over your couch arm rests, your silk dool dress resting above your breast to your collar bone and how your pelvis making your you jump while you squirt harder over yourself……while you start to cum i rub my cock so very fast and try to make myself cum over you while you still cumming……i spray you with my cum all over your pussy, your belly up to your breasts……..wow!!!! what an amazing feeling we both have. for a moment our minds drift away from the attraction we have in the middle of the room…..standing there still looking from the corner of its eye as she feels this dry sore pussy being wedged by the rope wrapped in her pussy which i wrapped around her entire body before clothing her in her jeans and blouse but unknown to the walking by eye.The hard uncomfortable rope jagged, rough. A heavy cord twined together, thick to its tight petite pussy becoming moist, as she tries to postion its uncorfortable position clinching her…you get up saying” I have to clean up” “NO” i say….”i want her to lick it of you!” you look at amazment beylikdüzü escort and say “wow, omg!” as you walk to the bedroom dripping down your leg my cum dripping of your breast as you remove you silk body wrap and i see you naked……i pull her towards your bedroom and as we eneter i see you lay back waiting. i loosen her hand rope cuffs and tell her to place her hands behind her back and once again i tie her hands……tight hard as she lets out a sigh feeling the rope attached to her hand tight in her pussy and what is mosit and comfortable has moved away from her wet pussy has become uncomfortable again from the sandpaper rough edged rope material…..”BITCH!” as she looks into my eyes with this not wanting feeling…….”i grab her head and pull her head back and tell her “I WANT TO KNEEL OVER MY WOMEN AND I WANT YOU TO FUCKING LICK MY FUCKING CUM AND HER FUCKING OFF HER BODY……AND MAKE SURE YOU LICK HER EVERY FUCKING INCHE BITCH. I WANT YOU TO START FROM HER TOES ALL THE WAY UP TO HER NECK!!!” as i pull her head hardder and grab her throat and tighten my grip feeling viens popping down the side of her neck to shoulder……seing this you get soooo excited you start to touch yourself and i look and as it walks towards you i pull her head back hard and stop her, place my face beside her facing you….”YOU FUCKING BITCH, DO YOU NOT SEE YOUR MISTRESS FUCKING HERSELF!” “apoliges master” she says..i push her head forward and say “look at your mistress fingering herself!” as she looks at you, your pussy being pounded by your fingers as you get so excited from the way i speak to her.. your pounding yourself so fast that you come spontanusly and spray over her clothingsoaking yher blouse as she is kneeling infront of your pussy taking all your cum drenching her as her nipples sore through the soaked white blouse…….the rope showing you that she has been tiedover her petit curved body….your body bouncing wildly estacticly, uncontrolling…..she watches……….you slowly calm down and relax and close your eyes as you face unwind……”NOW LICK HER! DRINK ALL HER CUM!” she moves down and starts to lick yuor pussy firstcleaning it flicking your clit as she tries to weep you clean…….i hold her up from the rope tieing her arms behind…she feels the strain of her arms being pulled and have noweight to press on holding her up…..she only has me……you look at her and tell her “lick my pussy good”

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