A Great Night With Rhoda


A Great Night With RhodaI was staying at a cheap motel that my secretary booked for my business trip and was really pissed about it, until I took a walk around the place and met Rhoda. While taking a walk in search of cigarettes I looked into a room and here is an older women – maybe in her late 50s – sitting on the bed wearing nylons, heels, push-up bra, a garter belt, the skimpiest of black lace panties and heavy makeup. She was smoking and invited me in. At first I said “no” but it only took a few steps beyond her open door for Satan to get me straightened out – Hail Satan! – and I went back. I asked her what the deal was and she said that she was looking for company since her hubby was unable to perform. She offered me a cigarette, a Virginia Slims – I didn’t know they were so strong – and poured me a drink, rum and coke, but mostly rum. She encouraged me to guzzle the rum, which halkalı escort I did and she poured me another. As I drank it and smoked yet another of her cigarettes she started undoing my jeans and stroking my cock. She put my hands on her boobs and, well, I went from there. She was chubby, something I find very attractive, and had a terrific body. She had nice DD boobs and great legs, made all the better by the sheer taupe nylons she wore. Her pussy was smooth shaven and, by this time very wet. The door to the room remained slightly opened but I didn’t care; I ate here sweet cunt and sucked her nipples. She stopped for a minute to put a condom on me and we got it on; fucking – she liked doggy style and laying on her side – more pussy eating, and blow jobs for about a half hour. I blew my load into the condom and she removed it and taksim escort said that one of her fantasies was to pour the guy’s load into his mouth and asked if I’d agree. I’m bi-sexual so it wasn’t going to be the first load that I’d ever swallowed so, what the hell, if it fulfills a fantasy for the lady then it’s OK with me. Besides I was too damn drunk to resist her request anyway. We ended up sharing the cum as well as more cigarettes, more rum, and, surprisingly, some weed that she had. She was fascinated with my bi-sexuality and asked lots of questions about my cock sucking. Another of her fantasies was to have a threesome with a bi-guy, her, and her hubby. I agreed that this was a fantasy of mine, too, and we agreed that someday we’d have to hook up for this. I’d be happy to suck a cock with her! We drank and smoked some more. I was really buzzing şişli escort and we did all of this with the door slightly opened. When it was time to go Rhoda pealed off her now runny taupe nylons and gave them to me as a souvenir as well as the remainder of her pack of Virginia Slims. I’m not too sure what the night clerk thought of a guy standing out front smoking a 120 cigarette with a pair of nylons wrapped around his neck but he didn’t say anything. Maybe it was a typical thing at the hotel; maybe it was something that Rhoda did with all her conquests… I briefly met Rhoda the next morning and I found out that her hubby was in the back of the room the whole time, jacking off and enjoying the show as Rhoda fucked each other silly! Believe me, I thanked my secretary for making my arrangements at the cheap motel and said that it was my favorite place to stay when I was in the area. My secretary was puzzled since everyone else she booked in the place bitched about it, but then they weren’t fucking Rhoda like I was either. I hooked up with Rhoda on two other occasion. She was a local but would set up in the hotel when looking for some action. More on Rhoda later…

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