A Holiday at Hedo


“What did he say,” you ask as we sit on the restaurant terrace eating lunch.

“He said he and his partner want to have sex with you.”

“Oh, for fucks sake! Why the hell did you bring us to this hotel?”

“Well, it got good reviews — I didn’t realise it was a swinger’s place!”

“So the hotel name ‘Hedo’ didn’t give you any clues?” searching for the vocal tone equivalent to the palm on forehead emoji.

“Well, it’s a nice island, nice hotel. We could always just enjoy the sunshine and relax. The guy is sat over on your right at the bar, by the way”.

You instinctively looked across. “Don’t look now!” I said.

As you glance over to the bar a bronzed and athletic man in a white, partially buttoned shirt and blue shorts notices you. He catches your eye, smiles, and raises his glass.

You smile awkwardly and nod your head at him. “Oh, for fuck’s sake! He saw me looking!”

I can’t resist a small laugh, then continue speaking, “He said he was watching us this morning by the pool and he liked you. He thought you looked good fun. I guess he assumed that is why we are here.”

“Good fun?” You say, a little exasperated, “and you didn’t think to explain that wasn’t why we came here?”

“Well no, I suppose not. It took me by surprise to be honest. I said I’d speak to you. I guess that is what he’s thinking we’re doing now — especially since you just gave him the come-on.”

“You are hopeless!” We sit quietly for a moment.

“Did you meet his wife, anyway? I didn’t see her at the pool,” you say.

“No, me neither. But he definitely said they both fancied you. Anyway, what shall I say to him?”

“I don’t give a stuff what you say to him. But I am NOT sleeping with them! I came here to relax. Remember this is my first day off in ten weeks. I don’t think you realise, I am on duty 24/7 on that yacht — I rarely even get time for a proper night’s sleep. I just need a rest.”


We both returned to the food on our plates in front of us. I take a sip of water, looking across the terrace towards the sea, over the white sandy beach with people basking in the sunshine, or walking hand-in-hand along the shore with the sea gently lapping up over their bare feet.

“It’s beautiful here,” I said. “I’m so glad we came to Jamaica.”

You nod without comment following my gaze towards the sea. We sit in silence. Savouring the warmth of the sun, the gentle sound of waves, and the quiet relaxed voices on the restaurant terrace.

“You know what?” I say. “We could play a little. You always said you quite liked the idea of someone watching us having sex — perhaps we’ll never get a better opportunity here. What do you think? Did you know they are in the apartment next to us?” I add.

You look back at me. Shaking your head in a small gesture of disbelief.

You lean forward and say quietly but with intensity, “I did not expect to be setting up a row of deck chairs and inviting people to a show — it’s not how I imagined it at all!”

“OK, I get that. But I could tell him something along the lines we like to have sex in the open air when we can. And I could, sort of, explain I would try and get amorous with you on our balcony tonight. You’ve got to admit that bed on our terrace looks beautiful with the white cushions and drapes — it would be wonderful exploring your body out there – with the cool breeze over us.” I smile trying to invite you into some playful scheming. “I could say, you don’t feel comfortable sleeping with another couple, but I could, sort of, say that I wouldn’t mind them watching us playing, and that might be fun for them. It would certainly be a massive turn on for me.”

“And you would be very, very clear to them that I’m not aware you are inviting them to watch us? It’s just something you want, not me?”

“I could do so, yes — if that is important? Its not like we’re ever going to meet them again.”

“Its important to me. They could find our names easily enough. What if they video us? I need them to think they are spying on us — abusing our privacy — it would stop them trying to embarrass us. Well, embarrass me, more importantly,” you add, managing some look of sarcasm.

“OK”, I said. “I understand.”

“And no promises tonight, too. It depends how things feel. If it happens: fine. If it doesn’t feel right: also fine. OK?”

“OK, yes,” I say. “But wear something sexy for dinner tonight. Your blue dress with the buttons. The nude stockings with your sheer black lingerie”.

“I will.” You smile, and I notice you shuffle back in your seat, wriggling your bum into the base of the chair, sitting up. Your thin white top gapes as you lean forward and I admire the sensuous swell of your breasts beneath.

I lean over the table and kiss you.

After dinner that evening, we walk back to our apartment, my arm around you resting low on your hip. I can feel the strap of a suspender belt and play with it feeling your buttock sway underneath as you walk.

“I am so turned on, Jasmine. I just want to bury my head between your thighs again. I need to taste you. I so desperately want to feel your erotik film izle slippery juices under my tongue — I’ve missed you too much.”

We enter our apartment and go directly through the patio doors onto the terrace. I pause only to pick up a bottle of Prosecco and glasses.

Night has fallen, the air is still warm. Our terrace is on the top floor of the hotel with the patios from rooms below ours stepping out towards the sea. We have an unrestricted view of the sky above. A few light clouds drift slowly overhead, occasionally obscuring the moon and patches of starlight as they pass.

We kick off our shoes and lay next to each other on the sun bed. After the satisfying pop from the bottle cork, I pour two glasses of wine.

“Happy holiday, sexy lady,” I say, clinking glasses.

I lean over and kiss you. My hand running down the side of your body, brushing the side of your breast through your dress and bra, down over your waist, your hip, the front of your thigh towards your knee. Running back up the inside of your thigh, pausing on the skin above your stocking tops under your dress, caressing the side of your thigh and buttock.

Breaking away I say, “I brought something for us – I remembered – one moment”. I go back into the apartment and return with some black fur cuffs, some rope, and a bowl of strawberries.

“Do you still trust me?” I ask, showing you the cuffs.

“Oh Jesus,” you say, “I am sure I can’t possibly trust you”.

“It’s OK not to trust me,” I smile. “Just relax and do as I say instead, that is good enough. We need to try at least once. Put your arms above your head and lie back for me.”

You do so.

I place a cuff over your left wrist and buckle it — checking it is tight enough not to slide over your hand, but slack enough to hang lose. I repeat for your right wrist.

I thread the rope through the buckles on the cuffs and tie each loose end to bed legs underneath, checking neither of your wrists have more than about an inch of free movement, with your arms stretched wide apart above your head.

“Are you comfortable?” I ask.

“Not entirely,” you reply.

“Well, you look absolutely wonderful,” I say.

I stand to switch off the terrace light. The bed forms long shadows reaching out across the terrace from the soft light of the apartment. I disappear into the apartment and return with a pillow, placing it under your head, “Better?”

“Better,” you say.

“I also brought some strawberries — I thought they would go well with champagne and your pussy juices.”

I climb onto the bed and straddle you, sitting back on your thighs. I untie the belt of your dress and begin unfastening the buttons, working my way down from your cleavage. You feel my fingers skimming over your skin at each button, over the rise of your breasts, to your waist, continuing down over your pubis and your upper thighs. I wriggle further down your body as I finish all the buttons down to the hem of your dress a little above your knees.

I open your dress letting it rest on either side of your body. I look down admiring the sight. I can clearly see your pink, hard nipples through the smooth sheer mesh of your bra cups. The wide vintage black suspender belt around your waist with eight straps clipping your lacy stocking tops on your thighs. I can see small tufts of dark pubic hair under the sheer mesh of your panties.

I stand up and step back behind the top of the bed behind your head. I glance across to either side of our balcony. There are walls on both sides about 4 feet tall. I can see terrace lights on the apartment on our left and hear muffled voices with an occasional clink of glass. “I think our friends from next door are home,” I whisper in your ear.

“Oh, for fuck sake,” you say.

In the shallow light on our terrace your skin camouflages well with the white bed, but your black underwear and open dress form a clear contrast which defines the shape of your body.

I strip naked then climb back onto the bed. I kneel straddling your body — my knees beside your armpits. My hard cock lunging forward towards your face. I lift your head with both hands and push my cock into your mouth. You can taste how excited I am, small drops of fluid seeping from the head of my cock. I have waited too long to be with you — too many weeks tracking the meanderings of your yacht through the Caribbean, waiting for this evening. My balls are aching for release, having watched you dress for dinner; watching the thin material of your dress barely cover the contours of your underwear as you strolled through the restaurant; my hand exploring between your thighs while we ate at our table; and now with you laying open and restrained under the warm night air.

Holding your head firmly in my hands, I slide the head of my cock slowly in and out of your mouth, repeating the movement several times. I’m loving the warm, gentle feel of your tongue and mouth on my cock, I can feel desire and tension building in the pit of my tummy, but I don’t want to come yet. Not in your mouth. Not quite like this.

I pull back moving down your body and film izle gently open your knees. Kneeling between your thighs I reach under your bum and tug at your sheer panties, once they are over the mound of your buttocks, I pull them upwards forcing your legs and knees to straighten pointing to the sky as I slip them over your ankles before tossing them onto the floor. I put my forearm behind your knees and lean against you, holding both legs above my head while my other hand slides down your thighs to caress your pussy. I look down and can see your pussy lips stretching open and glistening in the subdued light.

Moving both hands under the backs of your knees I push harder rolling you up the bed with your knees touching the side of your breasts. Your pussy forced upwards pointing out to the night sky closer to my face.

With the weight of my body pinning back you knees I lean forward, my head closer and closer to your pussy, before my tongue lightly reaches your pussy lips, then searches for your entrance. I push against you, my tongue forcing it’s way as far as I can inside you. I find a deep pool of your pussy juices. So sweet and so slippery, tasting better than my memory dared to remember. I rub my face around your pussy lips pushing against you, enjoying the smell and feel of your juices over my nose and cheeks and chin.

I run my tongue up between your pussy lips reaching your clit. I kiss and suck and lick you. Pushing my tongue into the skin between your clit and its hood. As I push harder down on your knees, your pussy and bum forced further up towards me, opening your knees and exposing the puckered entrance to your bum.

I trace my tongue between your buttocks licking your anus, pushing against you trying to force a way in. I return to your clit and you feel the cool air drying the moisture around your anus left by my tongue.

I focus on your clit. I roll my tongue up and down. The silky moisture helping me slip lightly back and forth over your clit. I can feel your body wriggling under my tongue. Your breathing getting heavier. Gasping on occasions as my tongue relentlessly flicks back and forth over your clit.

I can feel your arms tugging at your cuffs as your body writhes with increasing desire. Your moans grow louder, and I have little doubt the neighbours must be able to hear.

“No, please. Oh, help me,” I hear you rasp in a whisper. My tongue continues its work, not pausing, not slowing. I am pinning you to the bed to restrict your movement but still your back is wriggling. My face is following your movements as my tongue torments you relentlessly.

“Oh fuck!” you cry in a hoarse whisper. Now I feel your body tensing. I can feel more juice released from your pussy, under my chin, dripping between your buttocks tickling your anus. You are gasping and moaning now, unaware of the noise you are making. I feel your body moving into spasms as an orgasm envelops you. I keep gently licking the exposed tip of your clit — the lightest possible touch – over your desperately sensitive nerves.

“Oh god. No. Please”, you gasp. Your orgasm waning but now your entire body thrashing to escape my tongue. But I follow, and I keep following. We wrestle playfully as you writhe and wriggle beneath me.

“Oh please, please stop!” Reluctantly, I lift my face and release my weight from your knees. I feel you relax. Your tummy muscles unclenching, and you sink into the bed. Your arms reach outward, no longer tugging at the ropes. Your breasts rising with heavy breaths and your eyes close, head resting to one side. “Jesus,” you murmur.

I release your knees and let you stretch out your legs. But I push your ankles apart, so your thighs remain open. You do not resist as your breathing begins to return to normal.

You feel something cold touch the entrance to your pussy. You open your eyes and lift your head to look. I am holding the bowl of strawberries in one hand while I look attentively between your legs. You feel something soft and cool forcing your pussy lips open and pushing into you. You feel it pull away and see me lift a strawberry now coated in your pussy juices to my lips. I place it in my mouth, my lips licking the surface of the strawberry before biting into it.

“One for me,” I say, as you watch me dip a second strawberry into a glass of prosecco and bring it to your lips to eat, “And one for you.” I wipe away a small drop of strawberry juice from your chin as you bite into it.

You see me take another strawberry and feel it pushed inside your pussy with the tips of my fingers following it inside holding the stalk. I pull it out and feed it to you.

“Perhaps you don’t like the taste as much as me, but I’d like you to know it,” I say smiling.

“Excuse me?” I hear a voice behind me. “We couldn’t help noticing and were wondering, would you mind if we joined you? We have our own champagne.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake”, you rasp, “get me a towel, will you? Better still, untie me, will you?”

I look behind and see two eager faces leaning over the wall, smiling at us, glasses in hand. One raising a bottle towards us. It’s the man from the restaurant, seks filmi izle with another man grinning enthusiastically next to him.

“Well,” I say, stalling for time, and looking down at you. Making up my mind, I say, “Oh, why not. Come on over. Let me just nip inside and get a towel. This is Jasmine.”

You lift your head awkwardly from the bed to peer over your arm, “Erm, pleased to meet you both,” managing a weak smile. You watch as the two athletic men, wearing just their shorts, vault over the adjoining wall. The contours of their bodies attractively highlighted in the subdued light. You curl up your legs, twisting at your waist, so your knees point away from the visitors, all too aware of your naked pussy and buttocks framed by the straps of your suspender belt.

“Lovely to meet you, too. Please don’t get up,” the man from the bar says. “My name is Pedro, this is Juan, my closest friend from schooldays.”

You notice his accent. You also notice both men have a prominent bulge in their shorts which they make no effort to conceal. You feel your pussy tingle. “Are you from Spain?” wondering what on earth you should say to visitors arriving in these circumstances, “it’s nice you have stayed friends for so long.” Oh Jesus, shut up Jasmine, you think.

“Sí, somos españoles y orgullosos de ser los chicos más cachondos de nuestro país,” says Pedro. Juan laughs.

I return to the terrace, now with a towel wrapped around my waist. I pass a small towel into your right hand secured above your head. You look up at it and wave it pointlessly, rolling your eyes at me, and let it drop to the bed. “Not exactly what I had in mind,” you mumble.

“Its good to meet you guys, thanks for bringing champagne. We were just enjoying some strawberries. Would you like some?”

“Si, gracias”, Juan smiles, taking a strawberry from the bowl and looking down at Jasmine’s legs.

I place my hand on the top of your thigh, my fingers gently pushing down between your legs. “Would you mind opening your legs for our guests, darling?”

The touch of my fingers so close to your pussy, triggering new waves of desire within you. Oh fuck, you think, telling yourself you never have to see these guys again. You close your eyes and open your legs.

“I find, if you hold the stalk you can dip the strawberry deep inside her pussy so her lips close behind it around the tips of your fingers,” I offer helpfully, “When you pull it out its entirely covered in her juices and tastes amazing. To me, its ambrosia from the gods, I will never tire of it. Here, I’ll show you.”

You raise your head looking through your open knees. Pedro and Juan’s excited faces are watching closely as you feel me pushing a cool strawberry deep into your pussy, with your clit yearning for more attention. As if I’m reading your mind, you see me lean forward and lovingly kiss your clit as I pull the strawberry out of your pussy.

I lift my head and turn to our guests, “she likes my tongue on her clit.” I hear you moan.

Pedro leans forward with a strawberry primed.

“Su esposa es muy hermosa, señor,” he says as you feel your pussy lips being forced open by Pedro’s strawberry. You let your head drop heavily back onto the pillow, closing your eyes as you feel Pedro’s warm breathe on your pussy.

“Oh Jesus,” you moan as your feel his tongue lapping at your clit, while he fucks your pussy with the strawberry and his fingers.

“Yes, just like that, Pedro,” I say. Try sucking on her clit too. You feel the skin around your pussy tighten as Pedro sucks hard on your clit pulling away from you, his tongue tickling the exposed tip. Once more you are writhing on the bed, pushing your hips upwards to meet Pedro’s tongue, as you feel the strawberry being pulled out of your pussy then firmly back inside.

“Oh fuck, yes, oh fuck,” you moan, desperate for new release as the waves of passion rise inside you. “Please, don’t stop.”

“Maybe Juan can make her come,” I say, “would you like a go?”

Juan moves forward ignoring the strawberries as Pedro flamboyantly devours his, smacking his lips and licking his fingers as he finishes.

Juan pushes your legs apart as he buries his face between your thighs. He dips his tongue into the entrance to your pussy, revelling in the thick, slippery juices within, noticing a hint of strawberry juice in the mix. He slides his tongue between your labia using his fingers on both sides to stretch your lips apart and force your clitoris forward. He flicks, and licks, and sucks. You are writhing underneath him and moaning. He feels your thigh muscles tighten and your breathing get heavier.

“Oh yes,” you moan, giving yourself up to the now inevitable orgasm building inside. You squeal as you come again and Juan can feel your pussy oozing yet more juices. You try to pull away from Juan’s tongue, but he chases you, pushing his weight down to keep you still and your legs open. He continues to lightly flick his tongue over the tip of your engorged clitoris as your groans get louder. Your arms tugging violently against your restraints. You kick out harder as you realise your helpless predicament, wholly at the mercy of Juan’s tongue. You are panting heavily, partly from your exertion to get free, partly from the desperately sensitive state of your sex, with all nerves primed and firing at the faintest touch.

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