A Holiday Surprise


Arising from a sweaty after orgasm glow, the room dark lit only with the glow from above the pool table, the smell of sex in the air the realization of everything that has happened how good it felt and the beautiful women bent over in front of me drenched in sweat, and the shadow from the pool table light above.

Sweet ass covered in cum, dripping down between her sweet little crack and my semi hard cock, my mind wonders how this night came to an outcome I have always fantasized about, the light accenting her body so perfectly. Rubbing my cock between her firm sweet cheeks down to her pussy stabbing deep into her again into her love, filling her full of cock and cum, my hands rubbing the sweat and cum over her perfect ass and back. Sexy dimples on each side of her back just above her perfect round ass, sliding my hands up her hips over her waist, sexy back and her shoulders, this perfect body laying there trying to regain her strength, her strawberry blonde hair covering her beautiful face lying on the felt of the table trying to catch her breath soft moans escaping from her lips with every touch.

My mind wandering to the moment of about an hour ago, a typical night every Christmas day, most of the family playing pool drinking have a great time in the family room. As the night went on the numbers thinned out as it was just Colleen and I playing a game, neither of us really realized or cared that they have left us alone. Colleen, like me is not that good at pool but we were making it fun, with a little ribbing and smack talk. I was down to just the 8 ball, but it was Colleen’s turn. Walking behind her as she bent over the pool table and got ready to take her shot, I playfully spanking her ass to distract her from her shot, looking back at me with a sly smile I have never seen before and strong sexual tone I have never heard from her before.

“Yeah I know you want it!” she growled.

Hearing her speak to me like that, gave my body a charge it has not had in a while. Colleen had never really spoken to me like that before, with sexual thought and intention.

From that moment everything in the house around us disappeared from my mind. My hands grabbing her hips, pulling my hardening cock against her ass messing up her shot, my mind raced for a few seconds about boundaries and the line that I just crossed, but it went away quickly as I felt her push her sweet little ass back into my growing erection. Feeling the heat from her body against mine I instinctively pushed my hands up her body under her shirt cupping her tits as she slides herself onto her hands on the table, she dropped her stick and let it tumble to the floor as my hands gripped her sweet firm small lace covered tits as my nose nuzzled in her ear feeling her breathing get heavier and heavier.

I quickly pull her top off and start kissing the back of her neck, she slowly turned to watched over her shoulder as I rubbed her back and slowly pulled open her bra, tossing it aside quickly my hands slid lovingly up her sides, cupping her tits again and I started playing with her big hard nipples as she turned to kiss my lips for the first time.

My well skilled hands flowing over the smooth soft skin of her tone body, touching everywhere I could to find her favorite spots, I turned her around kissing her deeply giving me a spark that I have not felt in years with my hands unbuttoning her jeans and slowly pulling them down over her sweet little round ass pushing them to the floor. Lifting her up pendik escort onto the side of the table kissing her as I push her back onto her hands leaning back across the table, I slid my lips down her soft curved neck over her tone firm tits, my mouth sucking and biting her hard nipples that were presented to me begging for me to touch them, I eagerly wanting to taste every inch of this forbidden fruit.

“Oh yes” escapes her lips.

Her hands sliding over my head leading me to where she wanted to be kiss touched and licked on her sweet firm tits.

Her body milting into my kisses and my touches, kisses and licks rolling down over her firm stomach while my fingers slide under the straps to her thongs, black lace with a red silk, the silk dark, and damp letting me know she is ready to be touched. She lifted her ass to allow me to pull her wet little thongs down giving me the first sweet smell of her musk.

“Take me Ben, eat me, I need you touching me.” She moaned softly.

Pulling her thong away from her body to find her sexy mound shaved clean, thinking to myself how sexy it was that she kept her pussy well groomed. Opening her legs wide as I fell to my knees kissing the inner of her thigh so softly and lovingly as I rubbed her calves, moving ever so closer to my goal with each lick, bite and kiss with each moan and movement making me more eager to taste the fruit of my desire to touch her feel her enter her become one inside her. My hands roaming her body eager to play with the new toy they have found naked in front of them.

She slides one of her hands through my hair and pulls me into her mound, and I do as I am guided eager to taste her lick her and make her mine. Each lick, suck, and bite of her clit had her moaning louder and louder, her hands on the back of my head as she lies back across the table knocking all the balls out of her way. Watching her enjoy my attention gave me even more determination to make her explode, reaching up with my left hand to play with her firm tits and hard nipples while my other hand help message her soaking wet pussy eager for attention. I started fingering her pussy as I sucked and teased her clit, from the moan and screams it was not going to be long before she exploded for me.

“Holly shit, I’m Cumming!” she screeched

She suddenly arched her back holding my head firmly in place over her pussy as she exploded, giving me a nice surprise squirting and showering my face and chest with her juices, and I welcomed every drop I could of her love. Licking her clean and allowing her to recover from her first explosion she was more eager than before, sitting up and pulling me up to her and kissing me deeply as the taste of her filled her mouth and the wetness of her orgasm covered her face. Enjoying our embrace and tongues she quickly reached down and unbuckled my belt and ripped opened my jeans reaching in side to grab the raging hard-on that she had created, pulling me out and stroking me as we kissed. A lightning bolt of pleasure and excitement rushed through me as she gripped my cock for the first time, a feeling that jumpstarted a part of me that has been dormant for some time.

She quickly pushed me back enough so she can slide to her knees pushing my jeans over my ass, grabbing the throbbing cock in front of her and devouring it quickly, sucking, jerking and teasing me. Grabbing her hair I watch her and help guide her down my shaft, she quickly learned what I liked and what kartal escort I really liked. Colleen pulled me out of her mouth looking up at me with those sweet eyes through her hair, and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen when she slides my cock up and down her face then back into her mouth.

“Yes you dirty little slut suck that cock!” I said firmly trying not to let the situation let my voice crack.

Colleen seemed to enjoy my vocal nature and name calling by sucking me even harder with every name and sound I made. Her lips tongue and teeth worked my engorged cock to perfection and had me working hard not to slide over the edge and fill her face and mouth full of cum before I had a chance to fuck her.

“Colleen, baby please stop you’re going to make me cum!” I said somewhat out of breath.

The request seem to make her work ever hard, and proceeded to slide my cock down her throat swallowing me whole, her gagging and choking sent me over the edge. It seemed to start at the tip of my toes up my legs then through my spine, out my arms all rushing back to my balls that rocketed out of me in a symphony of orgasm and tingling throughout the body, anticipating from my body she pulled me from her mouth looking up at me started stroking me frantically as she aimed my cock over her beautiful perfect tits and body, rubbing my hard throbbing cock all over her chest, then sliding it back into her mouth for a taste.

That sly grin reappeared as she stood up and kissed me, my cum mixed inside our mouths sharing me the reward for her hard work, kissing her lifting her up and putting her ass back onto the pool table my still hard cock between us ready for more. Laying her down kissing her I stand back up spreading her legs and watching cum drip from my cock as I rubbed it over her clit and down her pussy, leaning up to on elbow she watches me sink my engorged cock into her waiting pussy, inch by inch, feeling her wetness allow me complete access inside her. I slowly started pumping slow at first but with good thrust and pace, then pounding harder and faster my hands grabbing her hips to hold her still as all my cock eventually pounded into her. Every stroke just made us both want more, as she sat up as I fucked her to kiss and touch me the way I was touching her. Feeling her tight pussy gripping my cock so tight milking my cock for more cum, our bodies starting to sweat and rub together as I pounded my cock in and out of her hard and deep.

She eagerly moved to keep a good view of my cock slide in and out of her soaking wet pussy, my hands rushing all over your sweaty young body eager to play with every wet inch. Our eyes meet and a fire I have never seen in her eyes as she lies back running her hands up her body cupping her firm tits and starts pulling and playing with her nipples as she arches her back hoping to help my cock probe deeper inside her. My hands sliding to her hips pounding harder enjoying watching her touch her body for me as I rammed my cock in and out of her tight young pussy as hard, deep and as fast as I can.

“God yes Ben fuck me, it feel so good, please let me ride you!” she pants at me out of breath.

She pushes me back and I feel her shutter as my cock leaves her tight wet pussy allowing her wetness to drip from her lips onto the felt table below, she stands quickly turning me around pushing me back to the pool table. I begin to lie down as she slides her knees on the side of the table straddling maltepe escort me pushing be hard down the soft felt top.

“Now it’s my turn to show you how long I have wanted this!” she whispers to me

Her hand gripping my soaking wet cock sliding her leg over me as he climbs on the table above me and guides my cock deep into her as she lowers herself onto my body, staring to ridding me like I was the winning pony at a big stakes race. My body and mind memorized by this sweet blond goddess, my hands have a mind of their own touching her feeling her the loving touch eager to make her body feel even better. I quickly sit up to kiss this goddess like body and show her how much I want her and want to be one with her, my hands sliding to her ass to help her ride me as my mouth devours her firm young tits, up to her neck, ear and to her mouth.

“God Colleen you have no idea how long I have wanted this.” I whisper in her ear the suck it lightly into my mouth.

“God yes baby fuck me, I wanted you inside me ever since I can remember, Colleen moans and whispers back to me.

The outside world and noise around us didn’t matter as our focus was on each other, her hands pushing me back down onto the felt as she started bucking harder and faster each movement in rhythm with each other, my hands rubbing her body and tits she starts screaming and digging her nails deep into my chest as she explodes all over me with a tightness and gushing I have never felt before. She slowly reduced her gyrations, enjoying the vibrations and tingling from her latest orgasm, sitting up quickly to kiss her deeply as I lift us both off the table lowering her down my cock easily sliding out of her.

We stood there kissing and touching each other, slowly turning her around as we continued to kiss, bending her over quickly, she opens her legs as she lays her face on the felt reaching back spreading her cheeks allowing me a perfect view to push my cock back deep into her soaked pussy, my hands gripping her hips as I slam my cock into her, spanking her ass hard, hearing her moan and grip my cock harder then I have ever felt before sending me into hard rhythm that just worked her pussy into a soaking wet mess, pounding her over and over, so wet and tight. Watching her ass wiggle as I slap my long hard cock into her wet pussy in a hard repeating motion, reaching up and pulling her hair making her arch her back pushing her ass even higher up allowing me to drive so I could feel her cervix, making her swoon loudly each time the head of my cock pounded against it. Mesmerized by her sweet ass I spread her cheeks I I couldn’t help it but I had to slide my finger over her ass and slowly pushing my finger into her, sending her over the edge again, gripping my cock so hard sending me over the edge with another spin tingling orgasm rippled through me as I started erupted inside her, pulling out quickly and spraying more of my seed all over her ass and back.

I was brought back the moment hearing voices from the next room echo into the family room. I quickly jump up pulling up my jeans trying to push my still rock hard cock into my jeans as colleen jumps up grabbing her cloths and running into the bathroom, stopping just long enough to pick up her thongs and sliding them into my front pocket.

“These are for you, to remember me and to get you ready for next time.” Colleen Whispers as she runs into the bathroom and locks the door.

Just as I get myself recovered and have the pool table cleaned up and covered as my wife comes in.

“Ready to go baby, where’s my sister?”

With a big smile, opening the door to usher my wife out the door, “She went to bed baby.”

The ride home was so great thinking of maybe the next time Colleen and I can have some alone time.

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