A Job With Benefits Ch. 01


When I started working as a computer consultant, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I figured that the work environment would be more or less the same as when I was working full-time (before the Internet bubble burst), except I would get paid for overtime and wouldn’t get the same full-time benefits. Fortunately, I soon found out that there are other kinds of benefits that can more than make up for the difference….

My supervisor was Shannon, a full-figured woman about five or ten years older than me who worked as this office’s system administrator. On the first day I was there with two other new consultants, she was giving us the tour of the office. As she led the three of us from one area to the other, I stayed behind the other two. I didn’t want them to notice that my eyes were fixed on her beautifully-curved ass as it swayed back and forth under her business-casual full-length skirt, or how I glanced to her fantastic breasts every time she looked away from us. She had a friendly, outgoing smile for every one of us and a slightly Southern accent that turned me on in a way I’d never expected. I couldn’t help admiring her in a distinctly non-professional way, so I did my best to conceal it instead.

Individually, we spent the rest of that first day getting familiar with our computers and software, both with and without Shannon’s help. I enjoyed asking her for assistance whenever I needed it, though, and tried not to breathe too heavily when she stood next to me bent over my keyboard. Was she leaning closer to me on purpose? I pretended that she did, even as I tried to tell myself to control my lust. Sooner or later she’s going to notice if I’m not careful, and after all, she IS my supervisor.

By the second day, we all had our email, outside internet, and instant messengers working properly. Shannon was sending emails to us to make sure we knew what we needed to do to get started on our first assignment. And now I noticed that she was a bit of a tease, because her email to me ended: “Get this done today as soon as you can. Don’t make me come over there and punish you!”

Now, how could I resist answering something like that? Especially since she’d come to work that morning wearing, not another full-length skirt, but one that clung tighter to her thighs and ended just above her knees. I replied to her email, trimmed it down to the last sentence, and added: “Punish me? Well, that would depend on what you had in mind….” I knew it wasn’t professional, but since she was clearly in a playful mood, how could I get in trouble just by answering in kind?

Her reply came to my inbox several minutes later: “I’ll have you know I take young men like you over my knee for a spanking if you don’t behave.”

“As long as I get to return the favor,” I answered, “I think I could live with that.”

“One sarıyer escort good spank deserves another, hmm?”

“Well, fair is fair, isn’t it?”

“Oh, you’d like to get your hands on my backside, wouldn’t you?”

This was clearly beyond professionalism, but I couldn’t resist telling her what was on my mind: “I’d put my hands anywhere on you that I could, if I thought I could get away with it.”

Her reply: “Honey, with those hands you could get away with just about anything you wanted.”

Hot damn…. I sure wasn’t going to stop now, was I? “Well, with a body like yours, I think ‘anything’ would include just about everything. I just wish I could see more of it.”

“Mmmm… hold that thought. And don’t go anywhere for lunch, okay?”

I licked my lips and swallowed. Whatever she had in mind…. but what did she have in mind? I deleted the latest email and felt a rush of relief that she was the system administrator, so there wasn’t much risk of anyone else stumbling onto those emails on the server.

I did my best to get back to work writing code until finally a new email arrived. It was an automated invitation to a meeting in the conference room at the other end of our wing in ten minutes. People attending included myself, Shannon… and that was it. I immediately clicked the button accepting the invitation, and ten minutes later I walked over to her desk.

She smiled and told me to wait just a minute, as she finished up what she was working on. I tried to look casual, glancing around at the mostly-empty desks and glad it was lunch hour. Soon she got up and, with a smile no one else could interpret as anything but businesslike, said to me, “The meeting room’s this way. Follow me.”

I did so, trying much harder this time not to watch her ass swaying back and forth with every step. She talked as we walked between the cubicle walls, saying, “I’ve scheduled the meeting room for the next hour just to be safe. I’m sorry we’ve got to walk so far, but I wanted to be far away from our department. And anyway, this is the only meeting room that has a lock on the door. That’s what took me so long to set it up.”

I grinned inwardly. “I didn’t think that took too long at all. And anyway, I certainly didn’t mind the wait.”

“Mmm, me either, hon.” The way she said that with her slight Mississippi accent made me harden in a way that watching her body move just couldn’t. “Okay, here we are. After you.”

It was a typical meeting room, with a long table to seat at least twelve, a comfortable chair at the head of the table, a carpeted floor… and, as promised, a lock on the door. She closed the door as quietly as she could and turned the lock with a soft click. “Just to be on the safe side,” she said esenyurt escort softly as she took off her business jacket. “No one’s going to come in here unless they’re part of a meeting, but we don’t want to take chances, do we?”

“Better safe than sorry,” I agreed. I leaned back against the table and looked her up and down, but my eyes always returned to that seductive smile of her.

“Mmmm, so what should we do now?” she purred, stepping closer to me. “Care to show me what you were wanting to do with those hands?”

“If you like,” I whispered, and slid them over her hips as she closed in. I caressed her ample hips up and down over her clothes, eyes flicking from her face to her breasts as they pressed up against my chest. She took a deep breath and sighed, and as her body moved with that breath I slid both hands from her hips to her ass.

I rubbed slowly… then squeezed… then massaged her cheeks, pulling her body as close to me as we could get. With each movement of my hands she sighed and moaned softly. I could feel her belly pressing up against my cock–I’m a tall guy, and she was a foot shorter than me–and I started moaning in time with her.

Her hands, in the meantime, were moving from my ass to my thighs and back again. She was enjoying the feel of her tits pressing against my body as much as I was, but I couldn’t ignore the pleasure I felt as her belly rubbed up and down against my erection. “Mmmm, you sure feel big under there,” she muttered between breaths. “Mind if I see what you’re hiding?”

Of course, I shook my head. “Be my guest,” I whispered, and her hands slid up my legs to my belt and opened it while my hands rubbed her shoulders, working her blouse a little more open. As she opened my zipper, one of my hands slid under her blouse to squeeze her breast through her bra. She gasped and sighed a little louder as I felt her hard nipple through the fabric, then pushed my pants and boxer shorts down.

My hard, long cock jumped up to meet her as my clothes fell to my feet. She took a deep breath and whispered, “Oh, my…. that’s even bigger than I thought….”

“Mmm, like it, do you?” I couldn’t suppress a grin as I continued to play with her breast beneath her blouse.

“Oh, God, yeah….” and with those words she lowered herself to her knees and closed her lips around the head. I felt her tongue working the bottom of my shaft as her mouth slid forward and back. She couldn’t take all of me into her mouth at once, but she certainly wanted to try.

I moaned softly and muttered in pleasure as she sucked at my cockhead, moving her mouth slowly up and down as she felt it filling her mouth. My hands brushed her shoulder-length blonde hair back from her face so I could see what she was doing–the sight and sounds of a woman avrupa yakası escort sucking my cock turns me on almost as much as the feel of it.

Unfortunately, I’d been getting so worked up with our emailed conversation that morning, I didn’t stand a chance of lasting long here. It had been far too long since I’d felt a woman’s mouth on my cock, and Shannon was both experienced and immensely enjoyed what she was doing. “I’m going to cum soon….” I whispered between fast breaths, wishing as I said it that it weren’t so… God, but she was good!

She took her mouth from me just long enough to say, “Go ahead and cum in my mouth.” I almost couldn’t believe those words, but she closed her lips over my head again, sucking and licking faster than ever. So I let go of her hair and leaned back over the table, feeling my climax build quickly. “Yes,” I groaned, just loud enough for her to hear, “yes… yeah… oh God… I’m cumming now… I’m cumminggggggg!…”

My body went rigid, but she kept my head in her mouth as I came hard, filling her mouth with every drop of sexual frustration I’d stored up those last two days. She sucked slowly, sensuously, to the tip as I finally relaxed, and then discreetly spat into a garbage can under the table. “Sorry,” she said as she stood up. “I love the taste, but just can’t swallow it.”

“Mmmm, I don’t mind at all… that felt absolutely fantastic.” I was nearly at a loss for words, my body felt so good. “I’m just sorry I couldn’t last any longer.”

“Well, that’s fine with me, hon…. We’ll just have to try again later somewhere more private. This meeting room is fun, but it’s no guarantee that we won’t get found out.”

I slid my hand into her blouse and held her close, feeling her breast and nipple through her bra again. “Maybe we could go to lunch together? I don’t suppose your place is close by.”

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she purred as she unbuttoned her blouse for me. I massaged her breasts with both hands, then started sliding my hands under her bra to lift them free. Her enormous hard nipples were a sight to bring my cock back to life, post-coital bliss or not. “My apartment is about ten or fifteen minutes away, depending on traffic. But people around here take long lunches all the time. If we were gone an hour and a half, nobody would notice.”

“Giving us a whole hour together, hmm? I’m game for that.”

“Mmmmm, God, that feels good….” she said as I pinched both nipples and rolled them between my fingers. “Okay, we’d better stop there. God, that feels too good, you’re getting me all wet…. and we still have to make it through the afternoon.”

I complied, but gave her a last rub before letting go of her breasts. “So sorry,” I lied as she adjusted her bra and refastened her blouse.

“I hope not,” she answered with an equally malicious grin. She pulled on her jacket and opened the door, making sure no one was watching before we both walked out into the hall. As we walked together back to our respective desks, she told me that she had lunch meetings the next day, but Thursday we should be able to do “lunch” together outside of the office. I could hardly wait….

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