A little about us..


A little about us..After several years of faithful but still enjoyable sex my wife and I started to tell each other our fantasies .I knew she had been unfaithful with her previous husband as she had told me when we first got together and I had often imagined her getting fucked by this other man while we had sex and never mentioned it to her. Anyway, one evening we started by telling each other which of each others friends we would sleep with. We ended up with a couple of ‘friends’ each but I noticed when I mentioned my best friends name I got a more enthusiastic reply. That evening we had sex fantasising about the two we had ‘picked’, and it was much more of a turn-on for me seeing her getting excited talking about my friend Rob. I told her to suck my cock imagining it was his and she gave me one of the best blow-jobs ever, or maybe it was beacause I was so excited too! As I fucked her I kept asking ‘is this how you want him to fuck you? You want him to cum inside you?’ Her gasped replies ‘yes’ to all of them. This was the first time we’d ever mentioned anybody else and my heart was thumping. It was a fantastic night for both of us that opened a whole new world. The following day we went for a meal in a quiet country pub and I told her how exciting it was to hear her be honest and open with me, I told her I had often imagined her getting fucked by the guy she’d cheated with and how I found the idea of her fantasising over Rob so horny. She admitted muğla escort she’d fancied him for years but had never ever done anything for him to realise it, she’d hidden it well, because I never had a clue! Then she told me she masturbated thinking about him occasionally, and on a few occasions when he had come to our house while she was in bed she had fingered herself listening to us downstairs. I asked her if she had imagined him while we had sex and she was honest enough to admit she had sometimes. My cock was rock hard listening to her talking like she’d never done before and we went home and fucked all afternoon, with me playing Rob..Obviously.We played our ‘fantasy’ games regularly afterwards and the thought of watching her fantasy come true got stronger and stronger until one day I suggested he should join us one evening. She was a little apprehensive but agreed to it eventually, (she told me afterward she couldn’t believe her luck when I asked and wanted to say yeeeeeeess straight away but thought it better to hold back.Tease!!). Now the hard part was letting Rob know. We regularly go out for a drink together and I thought this was the ideal time, so after a few pints of dutch courage I took him to one side and told him what we had been doing. He didn’t believe a word and thought I was winding him up. We’d already planned ahead and we’d put some explicit, well-chosen pics of her on my phone, I eskişehir escort handed it to him and he went through the gallery one by one, his chin nearly hitting the floor! He’d known her for years, longer than I had in fact and here she was holding her pussy open and fucking herself with her fave toy in full HD!. My throat was dry and my heart was pounding seeing him looking at her like that, but wow, was I turned-on, he could see what a sexy little bitch she was for himself now….He was actually a bit lost for words but still didn’t believe she wanted him to come back with me so I texted her to tell him herself. Within a minute or so he got a message from her saying ‘drink up and hurry here. I’m waiting for you both XX’Within fifteen minutes we were at my house, Gemma was lying on the sofa in her sexiest undies and Rob and I were just standing there, a little unsure what to do first. She called Rob over and still sitting on the sofa undid his jeans, they fell to the floor and she started kissing around the top of his boxers pulling them down slowly, until she was kissing down the length of his cock. He looked around at me, as if asking if it was ok, and I just nodded. I undressed and sat on the opposite sofa as she took his cock in her mouth, slowly sucking him to an erection. I went over, pulled down her knickers and started to lick her pussy, god, she was so wet already, I could her the sound of gaziantep escort her sucking his cock and him gasping as she wanked him off. I didn’t want him to cum already so I suggested we swap places. we did and she seemed to suck me like never before, like she was putting on a real show for Rob, like she wanted him to see how filthy she was, she opened her legs wider as he slipped two fingers inside her soaking pussy fucking her then licking her cunt clean of all the cum she was dribbling for him. ‘Fuck her’ I told him and she turned a little to allow him to slide his cock inside her. This is what we had been fantasising about for weeks, and here she was, my girl, getting her gorgeous pussy filled with another mans cock, she was still sucking my cock but that almost came to a stop as she laid back and I watched her expressions and listened to her moans as she was getting fucked hard and fast by Rob. Again, I wanted it to last so told him not to cum yet, he pulled out and she waved him over to suck him clean as I pushed my cock inside her wide open pussy, we fucked and sucked for about half an hour, until she said she wanted us both to cum in her mouth, she got more and more in control as the night went on, so we stood in front of her as she sat on the sofa, taking us in turns, wanking us off into her mouth. I came first and then Rob, and she swallowed both our loads with a big grin. As we sat there, naked and exhausted she even joked she hadn’t cum so laid back between us and fingered herself to orgasm as we sucked her nipples. What an amazing night, she honestly didn’t stop smiling for about three days afterwards. That was the first of many, and she has returned the ‘favour’ with a friend of hers for me….But thats for another time!

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