A Little Courage Goes a Long Way


“I don’t know what to do though.” Sheryl confessed over the phone to her sister. “I mean, I. . . I don’t know. This is so odd. And weird.”

“Oh, come off it. So your son spies on you and tries to peek at you when you change your clothes. Really now, it isn’t all that bad. He’s just curious. What is he? Eighteen, nineteen?” Feeling odd not knowing her sister’s oldest son’s age.

“Yeah, nineteen.” Correcting her about his age. “Well it isn’t just when I am changing. He tries to peek on me when I am in the shower. Like, well, here. The other day I was showering and he came in and I knew he did saying he had to pee really bad. Next thing I know the shower curtain moves and I look down in front there’s nothing–“

“Ooh. Nothing? That little scamp!” Heidi laughed, hoping it would calm her down some with some inappropriate joking.

“Let me finish!” Cutting her off. “Well I look behind me and he was grinning before he hightailed it out of the bathroom. And also, and I hate this! He will walk right into the bathroom when I am peeing and look right between my legs. Though he can’t see anything, he can see the top of my hairs peeking out between my closed legs. Sometimes he walks in while I am wiping myself and though he cannot see anything but my hand between my legs. Still, it is awkward and weird! He tries to rub against me any chance he can get. Rubbing his hand or crotch against my butt as he walks by me in closed spaces like the hallway or in the kitchen; grabbing me by my hips sometimes instead of rubbing against me. Staring at my chest, and you know how developed we are in our heredity.”

“Oh, yeah!” Heidi giggled, looking down at her matured breasts, her cleavage running down and disappearing into her white undershirt out of view. “So what, though! At least you know he isn’t gay, right? He’s interested in women. Just, you know, his mom!” Sending out another light-hearted messing around joke hoping it would again get her to calm down and chill out about it.

“How can you be so calm about this!? It’s not right!”

“Oh, forget all that!” Heidi jumped in now, ready to have her say in this. “He’s a developing teenager on the brink of adulthood. Don’t worry if he is wanting to peek in on you. And also it is a nice compliment for you by having a young man so interested in seeing your body. Honestly sis, when was the last time you got fucked and still felt it the day after?”

“What on earth does this have to do with Riley?” Part wondering why does have to do with her son and the other part of her not wanting to answer that question since it has been a while since she has had sex outside of her fingers and toys in her bottom dresser drawer.

“Ok, well do you get turned on being the object of a young man’s fantasies?”

“What!? No! Oh, God, no! I don’t!” She lied. She does, she just doesn’t feel comfortable acting on it.

“Bullshit!” Heidi knew her sweet sister is lying about not getting turned on over it from her constantly saying no. “You do and you and I both know it!”

“Whatever.” Sheryl muttered, knowing Heidi now knows and turning red with shame and embarrassment over someone else, actually family, knowing her dark secret.

“Don’t worry about it. Rob used to do the same thing with me.” Stopping right there. Letting her words settle in her sister’s mind.

“What!?” Sheryl almost dropped the phone upon hearing how her sister had gone through the same thing with her own son. “Jeez! Why didn’t you just say that and then tell me what you did to get him to stop?”

“Because it would’ve been boring had I just gave the solution and leave it at that. Besides, I had to see if you enjoyed the attention or not before I gave the advice. And, well, since you do enjoy the attention I can give you the solution I did to get him to stop.”

“Well, what is it?” Asking, holding the phone closer to her ear now, heart racing, little bit of nervous sweat now beading on the back of her neck and forehead.

“I let him jerk off in front of me and either cum into a tissue or on my breasts.”

“What!” Shocked, feeling completely frozen, thinking of her nephew who is only a couple years older than her own son, jerking off in front of his mother — her sister — and cumming in front of her or on her. “What the hell!”

“Yeah. I know, I know. At first it was kind of odd but after a while it didn’t feel so odd and it really became fun. Quite the entertainment for the week.”

“I can’t believe I am hearing this.” Brushing her blonde hair behind her ears, hearing her heartbeat speed up. Picturing her nephew Rob jerking off in front of his mother before shooting hot, gooey cum all over her chest. Though picturing Heidi in a white low cut undershirt kneeling in front of Rob. Rob stroking his dick in front of her, a smile on her face, her eyes looking up at him with an approval of allowing her son to sully her with his cum. And right before she says something to keep him going before he freezes, face twisting in forbidden pleasure, hand still wrapped around his engorged halkalı escort dick, then a long stream of cum splattering all over her chest. Slowly seeping down her breasts, even between them, getting her shirt wet from the remaining shots of cum.

“Sheryl! Hey! You with me?” Bringing Sheryl back to reality from her deep thought of her sister getting cum shot all over her chest, big smile on both her and her son’s face ear to ear.

“Yeah.” Shaking her head, feeling her heart racing, pulse getting stronger to where she can feel the blood pump. And biggest thing is her feeling wet between her legs and getting hotter as she replays her nephew and sister doing such an act. Her thoughts of her sister and nephew slowly turning into her and her own son. “Sorry. Just really hard to take all of this in. I never would’ve guessed you would do something like that.”

“What can I say? I mean, I didn’t want to scold him and make him think sex and interest in women is wrong. And besides it gives him confidence to be with women more comfortably. At first he would shoot his load all over my face and hair and, yeah, a whole mess just because he couldn’t hold his load off. Now he’s like a pro.” Laughing at the thought of the first time Rob was allowed to jerk off in front of her. It wasn’t ten seconds of seeing her topless before he made an awkward face, shut his eyes tight and shoot his load blindly all over her blonde hair and petite, round face. Barely at all hitting her tits as it was supposed to be. “Just imagine he would have done that with a girl from school or something. Good God, he’d be eaten alive the following day or after the weekend when he gets back to school. You see where I am getting at here?”

“Yeah. I guess I do. I don’t want him being embarrassed and ruining chances with girls from school. God knows how they talk, and how some love to share the news with everyone else even though being told not to do so.”

“Just do it and give me a call in a couple of days, ok?”

“Yeah.” letting out a heavy sigh.

“Just do it! Bye. Love you.”


The next day while Riley is at school all Sheryl can think of is finding out her sister conducts in a incestuous relationship with her son by letting him jack off in front of her. Could it be all that bad? she thought to herself, vacuuming the living room carpet. Deciding to take a break and try and clear her mind of all this craziness she decided to take a break from cleaning the house. It is hot anyways, she thought.

Taking some orange juice and pouring it into a small juice glass. But hesitating on drinking it quite yet, she reached under the cabinet in the corner pulling out a bottle of vodka. Mixing some in with her juice. In seconds the glass was empty and filled back up again with the same concoction. Five glasses later, less mind boggling thoughts later, and best of all, less straight lace Sheryl to think of anything but how mind jumping happy she is! Feeling the warmth of the vodka hit her stomach causing some little heat ripples coursing through her body.

“Whew. Been a long time I can tell since I had some of you!” Sheryl told the bottle of vodka, taking a drink from it before capping it off and putting it back in the cabinet.

Unbuttoning her blouse and taking it off leaving her in just a bra. Quickly noticing how far her breasts push out leaving quite a bit of soft cleavage exposed, especially if she is to bend over. Her shorts, her comfortable shorts she wears around the house, elastic and really short. Letting the vodka take over she took hold of the back and pulled up on them exposing her plump lower butt cheeks. Doing a mock wiggle of her butt she felt them shake left to right.

“Just like the girls on TV.” She said to herself with a smile of self satisfaction, slapping her butt on the side before pulling her shorts back down over her cheeks.

Looking at the time she noticed Riley should be getting back soon and the vodka’s still in effect she knew this would be a evening he won’t soon forget. Continuing her cleaning she tried hard to pass the time quickly.

Finally! Sheryl screamed in her mind, still dusting the coffee table off she had cleaned earlier but she had this planned since after fifteen or so minutes of drinking the vodka.

“Mom, I’m home!” Riley yelled into the house, putting his bag down next to the door.

“In the den finishing cleaning up!” He noticed a difference in her voice, but figured she’s probably tired seeing she had cleaned the house today.

Walking to the den to at least get a look at her before he went up to his room to do his homework and all, he froze in the walkway to the den, just staring. Bending over enough to see down a sports bra that showcases her breasts so much her dusting the table is causing them to wobble back and forth to which ever direction she is wiping.

Sheryl does have a great body for being in her late thirties and having had a child. Plump in all that right places taksim escort on top of it. Her medium length, silky straight blonde hair flowing beautifully down past her shoulders ending evenly and straight across side to side. Ample sized breasts. A cute little chubby tummy that helps make her body look all the more soft and beautiful, especially how they help accentuate her hips, butt and legs. All around her body is a fit; but plump to be soft to the touch and filled out in all the right places.

“Come here, son. Give your mother a hug! I missed you today, I hate vacations when no one is here and I have no idea of what to do.” She said with a smile, open arms and leaning in a little bit so he can still have a pretty decent view.

Walking up to her, slowly, unsure of what this is or why. But seeing that she meant it and waiting, her eyes showing she is for real. For having been so uptight lately she sure is. . . I don’t know, he thought. But a chance like this, what she is wearing, not passing this up at all!

Embracing her, feeling her body wrap around his and his wrap around hers. He felt her breasts up against him, and — holy shit! he felt, feeling her push her pelvis into his crotch!

“Mmm. Yeah, make mommy feel good. Hug me, sweetie.” He felt how warm her body is figuring it is just because it is hot outside and with her cleaning all day. But no complaints. Just baffled.

“Umm, mom?” Pulling back some but still keeping his arms around her and still touching her from the hips down.

“What?” She asked, leaning in a little more letting her breasts brush against his body.

“You ok?”

“Never felt better!” Pulling him back to her, her breasts pushing against his body, and running her hands down his back she squeezed each side of his butt with both hands.

“Whoa! What is going on?” What he has always dreamt about and desired, he is unsure of what to even do despite all the scenarios he’d perform in his mind while masturbating.

“Calm down, honey.” Rubbing her hands over his butt, squeezing and massaging it, rubbing her crotch up and down against him. Leaning in she whispered, “How would like for me to strip while you jack off in front of me?”

The vodka holding a strong effect on her and allowing her to continue on despite her knowing how completely wrong this is. “What you say I get comfortable and. . .” getting down on her knees in front of her son pulling her shirt up past her breasts and over her head. Her bra-clad breasts looking firm, high and very bountiful in the white lace flower-pattern bra. Soft looking. Her cleavage looking softer the way they shadowed disappearing into her bra; pushed together with the bra holding them up, yet at the same time slightly hanging from being so full and big. Visions he had always dreamt of, masturbated about, and now sitting on the couch while his mother kneeling in front of him causing her to look up at him and him looking down to her. What in his mind is telling him he is in control if he played his hand right.

“Let me help you out of those, son.” She said, quickly unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts, and pulling them down to his knees along with his boxers. Her eyes widening at the sight of her grown son’s dick. It was partially flaccid when she first pulled them down, but upon exposing it and the first brush of her hand touching it it’s hard as it can be. So long and thick, she thought, eyeing it up and down. “How would you like to jack off for me? I have seen you peeking and everything else you do to just try and get a glimpse of me. Well, here I am!” Leaning back and pushing her breasts out towards him.

Without saying a word afraid he will ruin it by talking and bring her back to the moment where she sees clearly what it is she is doing with him, he quickly took hold of his dick and began stroking his cock. Watching with a smile while still leaning back Sheryl shook her shoulders back and forth to let her breasts in view above her bra to jiggle some for him. That getting him to stroke his cock all the more and at a quicker pace. His mind blank not even thinking about anything just looking at his beautiful mother and her wonderful bra-clad breasts.

“You like me doing this for you, my son?” She asked, leaning forward, placing her hands on his knees and lowering her head an inch away from the head of his dick. “I’m rather enjoying it. Gives me quite a relief and a thrill.” She whispered.

“Ohhh.” Feeling her breath hit his cock, making him shudder with delight.

Pulling back, smiling at him, “Oh, you like that, huh?”


“Well come on and cum on mommy’s chest!” Squeezing her arms inwards making her breasts to push together and push forward. “You can feel them if you want. Just keep stroking that big cock of yours though. I want to feel your cum all over me!” The vodka really kicking in now, her sight slowly getting a little distorted. Still able to see alright though, just her judgment, it seems cloudy yet so nice and clear what it is she needs to şişli escort be doing.

“Oh, mom. What is this all about, anyways?” Finally finding his voice, reaching down grasping a breast from the side stroking his cock with his other hand without missing a beat. He’s quite surprised with himself. Being able to hold out this long without shooting his load all prematurely and all the horror stories he heard about.

“I don’t want you afraid to be around women like this. So I’m letting you do this and then when you get a girlfriend of your own one day you will be comfortable and not all nervous and shit. . .” Shit!? Oh, wow! She never said such a word around him like that. Such a dirty word coming out of her mouth. Without noticing he squeezed her breast hard upon hearing the forbidden word escape her mouth echoing in his mind outward. Stroking faster and faster. “Honey? You ok? You dazed out on me.”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine.” And without warning, between the vulgar word, stroking his dick and mauling her breast. Before he knew it he shot a load of cum without warning. Fuck! he screamed in his mind, shit! Where the fuck is the warning? he kept screaming at himself in his mind; his disappointment showing on his face. His cum continuing to shoot out over his mother’s chest. And face, from his mental yelling, he jerked his cock up and shot some cum onto her face.

“Oh, wow!” She exclaimed, rubbing her eyes where he had shot some in, luckily she closed her eyes before it hit. Wiping the cum off with a finger and opening her eyes, a big drunken smile went across her face. “Did that make you feel better? Not having to sneak around and just think of me, now you had me, felt me, and came on me.”

“Oh, yeah! That was great!” Still holding his cock. It hasn’t gone completely down but it’s firm and still pulsing.

“Good! So would you like for me to stay like this for dinner and rest of the evening? Of course I’ll wipe the cum off of me. I’m just talking about me in my bra and I’ll go and put some jeans on. Those tight ones I have. You know, the ones you always check my butt whenever I wear them. Yeah, I know about that, too! You’re not as sly as you think you are.” Letting out a little laugh covering her mouth with her delicate hand. Pulling her shorts off to give him a glance at her in her matching white lacy panties before heading to her bedroom to get her jeans. Before that she tossed her shorts at Riley.


Later that night after Riley had gone to bed he masturbated furiously over the events that happened earlier that day with his lovely mother. Sleeping soundly, his mind still on her in her bra and jeans, the cum he splashed her with, and the feeling of her bra covered tit.

Down the hall in Sheryl’s bedroom she is on the phone talking to her sister about what had happened. By now her vodka state of mind has went away. Only a little bit of guilt set in with her, most of all pleasure and a wet pussy settled in. Rubbing her pussy in little circles while moving up and down over her plump, fleshy lips feeling the inner sides rub against her fingertips each time she slides up and down in her circular motions. “Ohh, shit! You should have seen his eyes when he came all over me Heidi!”

“So tell me about it! Don’t just lie there and rub your pussy thinking about it. Out with it.” Heidi once again calling out veraciously her sister’s secrets.

“What?! I. . .” Finding it no use to argue. She’s right. Like always when it comes to this kind of thing. Hell, it’s her that got her to do it in the first place. With a little bit of help of vodka. “Ok. Your right. I am rubbing my pussy. About two steps away from hurrying to my drawer and pulling out my foot long thick friend and shoving it right inside of me!”

“Mmm. Yum. You dirty little slut and your toys. But stop stalling and get to it. How was it with your son and getting his cum all over you?”

“Great! Oh, my god. He was doing so fine until something and next thing I know no warning or anything! He just blows his load all over me. He stops paying attention and next thing I know I get two other shots of his cum all in my face. I mean all over!”

“Oh, shit! How’d he take it?” Heidi asked, pulling her nightie bottoms up and her panties down to her knees.

“I could tell from his face he was upset about it. Afraid he had ruined it all or something. But I complimented him and went around rest of the evening in just my bra and these jeans he likes me in.” She accounted to her sister, sliding two fingers inside her warm, wet pussy hole. Feeling her soft insides wrap firm around her two fingers. “Oh! And I did this thing where I talked close to his dick so he could feel my breath against his head. I think that really drove him crazy!”

“Ooh. That’s new. I’m just used to taking the whole thing in my mouth. By the way, what’s he like?” Heidi felt her pubic hair under her fingers, sliding through the soft hairs to her wet pussy lips. Feeling her wetness while rubbing up and down between her pussy lips. Thinking of her sister getting splashed for the first time by cum of incest actions.

“He’s huge! I mean, you know, not all unrealistically big. But you know thick and long. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it after I took his shorts off. Oh, my! I thought about taking it in my mouth just to see how much of it I could fit in my mouth!”

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