A Little R&R


A Little R&RA woman I have been friends with for the last four years invited me over to hang out at her Apt. She had a friend over, and I had it in my head the friend without the boyfriend would be there, and I might possibly hook up with said friend. I brought a fifth of R&R and even shoved a few condoms in my pocket, just in case. When I arrived, my heart fell. Her single friend wasn’t there; alas, it was the one girl that had a boyfriend. I wasn’t that upset, I just thought, maybe. So, I broke out the bottle and we started drinking anyway.As the afternoon progressed, I sat on the back porch with the two women, and we were all laughing and having tuzla escort a good time. I found myself secretly lusting for the girl anyway. My friend thought it would be cute if she pulled the lace on the gals bikini top, and out came the tits! She quickly re-tied the top, and my friend again pulled the lace. Rather than being angry, the Gal just went with it, and threw the top to the ground. I then voiced my approval, and wanted this girl really bad. It didn’t help that she kept singing the lyrics, “I want you, to want me to fuck you.” over and over. LOLI was just tipsy enough to just come right out and ask her if she sancaktepe escort would sit on the couch with me. My other friend suddenly disappeared into her bedroom, where her boyfriend was sleeping, and it was just me and a woman, I had just met the day before, madly kissing and pulling at each other’s clothes. I had just turned 42 and this girl was just 22. I was so pulled in to her youth and passion, that without asking began the process of undoing her pants. She then violently pushed my hands away, and pulled them off herself!Then began the next several minutes hot sex! (for me) I slowly plunged her depths, and üsküdar escort in no time came right in her pussy. Yes, I brought condoms, but this was sort of sudden and out of the blue. We both fell asleep, and tenderly held each other; and, BAM! Suddenly she wakes me with a, “You have to sleep on the floor. This is where I am sleeping tonight!”. I realize that its hours later; so, after laying on the floor for about half an hour I got up, and went home.The next day, I called my friend,and asked about the girl by the wrong name. She just thought that was hilarious. I asked the obvious question about the possibility of the friend getting pregnant, and I was told no to worry; she takes her own precautions. I then spent the rest of the day thinking I had a new girlfriend, but the next time I saw that friend, she was with her boyfriend, and she acted like she didn’t know me from Adam. Oh well, I can live with that.

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