A Milkmaid’s Tale Ch. 02


Well, I will have to admit that I never in a million years expected things to go the way they did after I first put those suction cups on my milky titties. Discovering that wonderful place in the woods where I could swim nude and masturbate to my heart’s content was just the beginning. Getting caught by Uncle Jack set something off in me that I really can’t explain. After our experience in the barn, I went back to bed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the day’s events. It all kept going through my mind like a broken record; over and over and over again. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got, and something very naughty popped into my mind.

Uncle Jack seemed to like watching me and getting off in front of me, and well, I kind of liked watching him too. I really wanted to do what we had done together, again. I couldn’t wait to sneak back out to the barn and milk myself again, but this time, I really wanted to do it from the start with my Unc there the whole time.

On that note before I forget, I want to say this to the wanker who made fun of the way I always call my breasts “titties” in the first part of this story: While this tale of two titties takes place in Arkansas, I was part of the high school foreign exchange student program, and spent eight months in Blackpool. I picked up a lot of phrases and words while I was over there. One of those words happens to be “titties.” So, if you don’t like the fact I call my titties, titties, then go wank to someone else’ story while you live in the basement of your grandmother’s flat.

Now that I have that off my milky chest, I shall continue. The morning after my experience with my Unc, it was a little awkward at the breakfast table. Neither of us really knew how to handle what had transpired between us and still act as though nothing had happened. We did make brief eye contact and exchange a few weak smiles, but it would definitely take some one-on-one interaction to figure out how we would act together from here on out.

After breakfast, I retreated to the barn to milk Elsie. All sorts of wild thoughts filled my head as I retrieved the milking machine from the storage room and plugged it in next to Elsie’s stall. How lucky she was, to have this thing strapped onto her teats every day and have them vigorously and thoroughly sucked! I glanced around quickly to be certain no one else was around, and lifted my sundress. I slid two of the cups under my dress and held them to my own milky titties.

There it was again! That incredible suction! I continued glancing around as I sucked my titties dry. I wanted to masturbate very badly, but I dared not. Not during the day at least; not in here! I would go out to the woods again, strip down and wander the woods clothes-free, enjoying the freedom of walking around without any clothes on. Then, I would diddle my love button until I came.

I removed the cups from my now-empty and deflated titties, and placed them all on Elsie’s swollen udder. They had left red rings on the ends of my titties, and I giggled at the sight before pulling my sundress back down. No sooner had I done that when the door to the barn opened and Uncle Jack walked in.

“Hey Babe.” he said with a smile. “Busy milking the cow, I see.”

I nodded in reply.

“Yes, Uncle Jack.” I said almost shyly.

It was the first time we were together, and I was trying to get over the initial awkwardness of what we had shared last night, so shamelessly and in contempt of the accepted norms.

“Have you milked yourself yet?” he inquired.

I nodded again.

“Yes Sir.” I replied.

“Good girl.” he said with a smile. “Let me see them.”

I lifted my sundress to reveal my limp titties with the red circles around my areolas.

Uncle Jack sighed, as he reached out and squeezed my empty titties, kneading them vigorously in his strong, working-man’s hands. I sighed as well, smiling as I let my own uncle fondle my deflated titties. Deep down inside, I knew it was wrong, but I was attracted to him and I was really loving the way his hands felt as he squeezed my istanbul escort titties firmly.

“That feels nice!” I whispered. “I wish I could feel you squeezing them while I cum.”

“I’d like that.” he replied. “I’d like to squeeze them while I cum too. I’d love to fuck you from behind, Eileen. You down on your hands and knees, while I slide my cock inside your cunt and fuck you doggy style. Then, I could reach underneath your chest and cup your dangling tits my hands while I fuck you until we both cum.”

“Mmm.” I sighed. “That sounds like it would be wonderful, Uncle Jack.”

“I’d love to fuck you right here; right now!” he whispered. “But I don’t dare. God, my dick is so hard for you, Babygirl!”

“I’m almost finished with my chores.” I said suggestively, as he let go of my titties and I pulled my dress back down again. “I was going to go walk nude in the woods and masturbate, but getting fucked would be even better!”

Uncle Jack smiled.

“I’ll be more than happy to make it happen, Eileen.” he said softly. “I’ve been attracted to you for a long time. I’ve fantasized about you sucking my penis and swallowing it, and me fucking you and getting you pregnant.

“When you were knocked up, you were so hot! I wanted to fuck you sooo bad, Eileen! I wanted you to ride me so I could rub your pregnant belly and squeeze your milky tits. I wanted to shoot my load deep inside your pregnant belly. I wanted you so bad!”

“I’ve wanted you too.” I admitted. “I was always afraid to say anything though, in case you didn’t feel the same way.”

“Well we both know how the other feels, so no more secrets, okay?”

“Okay.” I agreed. “Help me get this thing back in the other room so we can strip our clothes off and go for a nude walk, and then have a nice incestuous fuck.”

A few minutes later, we were on our way across the pasture to the tract of timber on the far side. My heart was racing excitedly as we neared the trees, and I could see my uncle’s pace quickening as well as mine. We entered the refuge of the forest and quickly darted inward. Once we were definitely out of sight, Uncle Jack spoke.

“Take your dress off.” he instructed.

I nodded and as I was told; just like a good, little girl. I pulled the dress over my head and hung it over a branch. I then pulled my panties down and stepped out of them as well, leaving me in nothing but my sneakers.

“Can you walk without your shoes on?” he inquired.

“Yes Sir.” I replied.


He began undressing as well, pulling off his t-shirt and slipping out of his shoes. He unfastened his pants and pulled them off along with his underwear, revealing his huge erection.

“I have to keep my shoes on.” he explained, as he put them back on. “But you look great, barefoot nude like that. You really turn me on Eileen.”

He reached out and began squeezing my titties once again, massaging them and causing brief jets of milk to squirt out of my pudgy nipples.

“God, you are so hot!” he whispered. “Take my cock in your mouth before we start walking. I want to see it buried inside your mouth.”

I nodded and dropped to my knees, taking my own uncle’s hard penis into my mouth and sucking on it greedily.

“Oh god, that’s good!” he exclaimed. “Stop, or I’ll cum right now in that wonderful, warm, wet mouth of yours. You’ve done this before, haven’t you, you naughty girl?”

“Yes Sir.” I replied, as I stood back up.

His cock was twitching, it was so hard. I reached out and grabbed it, pulling him toward me like it was a handle.

“Oh shit, that’s nice!” he burst out. “Lead me around!”

“Follow me to a special place.” I answered, as I pulled forcefully on his dick. “I want you to fuck me in the creek.”

“I think I know where we’re going.” he grunted, as I pulled him along by his penis. “You’d better let go or I’m going to spurt all over you.”

“No! Not yet!” I cried as I let go of his dick. “I want you to cum inside my hot cunt. I want you to maul my avcılar escort milky titties while you fuck me hard from behind.”

“Let’s run then.” he suggested. “Have you ever run nude outside?”

“No.” I admitted. “Just walking around. It feels free though.”

“Run ahead for a bit.” he instructed. “I’ll catch up.”

I took off running through the airy woods, leaping into the air and cavorting around like a little girl. I’ll have to admit, I felt even freer than just walking around totally nude. It was great! I was so horny! I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted to touch myself so badly, but just then the woods opened up and there was the quiet water hole in the creek bend.

I stepped into the cool water and waded out to the deeper middle, squeezing my titties and pulling on my stiff nipples, causing them to squirt erotically. Uncle Jack caught up and removed his shoes and socks, and stepped into the still water as well. He waded out to join me and we embraced tightly.

“This is my spot too.” he said with a smile. “Probably a lot of others as well. I love to jerk off in the water and watch my cum shoot out into the water in a milky cloud and slowly drift downstream.”

“I’d love to see that sometime.” I whispered. “Would you do it for me?”

“Of course, Babygirl.” he replied. “I’ll do anything for you, if you want me too.”

“Me too.” I said with a smile as I stood up in the waist deep water. “Right now, I want you to fuck me and cum in my cunt. Will you fuck me now, Uncle Jack?”

“Of course.” he answered with a smile. “Start walking upstream.”

“Why?” I inquired.

“You’ll see.” he said mysteriously. “You’ll love it though, I promise.”

We waded closer to shore, where the water was very shallow and much easier to walk through. We continued through the ankle-deep creek for a hundred feet or so, before I saw what my dear, pervert uncle had in mind for us. Off to the right, was a boggy area that looked like it flooded from time to time, drying out and then re-flooding, leaving a nice mud flat for us to play in! I turned to face him, and he was grinning broadly.

“Come on, Babygirl.” he urged.

We stepped into the muddy bog and sank into the soft, squishy clay soil beneath our feet. It felt wonderful; squishing between my toes and oozing over the tops of my bare feet. The consistency was not too watery, nor too dry, but almost like pudding. It was great! Uncle Jack grinned at me again and without warning, pushed me backwards!

I let out a yelp as I fell back into the soupy, pudding-like mess and landed with a loud “splock.” Uncle Jack laughed and dropped to his knees next to me, taking handfuls of gooey mud and smearing it all over my titties! I giggled back as he pulled me toward him and let me fall back again. This time, I was almost buried in the mud, and he gave me another order.

“Roll around in it.” he instructed. “Roll all around until you’re completely covered, and then get on your hands and knees for the fucking of a lifetime!”

I began wallowing around in the gooey muck, enjoying every minute of it. I was determined to come back here on my own and masturbate in this heavenly ooze by myself, but for now I was dying to have my uncle fuck me in the stuff. I giggled like a school girl as I coated myself in the orangey clay. It was all over me; my face was smeared and it was even in my hair!

“On your knees, Bitch!” Uncle Jack ordered.

I complied, and I felt his hard cock poke into my dripping wet cunt from behind. As promised, he reached underneath my chest and squeezed my titties firmly, pulling on them and causing them to squirt like white geysers.

“Oh fuck, this feels good!” he exclaimed, as he pounded my cunt and squeezed my milky mammaries.

“Oh, it does!” I squealed. “Fuck me, Uncle Jack! Oh god, fuck me so hard!”

He continued pounding my pussy for a few minutes, and I soon felt a wonderful sensation building up inside my cunt.

“I-I’m going to cum!” I burst out. “Squeeze my titties, Uncle Jack! Oh Uncle Jack, şirinevler escort I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too!” he grunted as he mashed my titties in his hands.

I could feel his warm semen erupt inside my cunt as he came, filling it with our family seed. He continued thrusting for several more seconds before pulling out. I turned to face him, and he was holding his dick in his hand. It was coated with cum, and I eagerly began to lick it all off. There wasn’t much left, as most of it was inside me, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Uncle Jack stood and helped me to my feet.

“Now THAT was a good, old-fashioned mud fuck!” he burst out. “I haven’t done that in a long time. I love to roll around in it like you did, and then lay on my back and jerk off, but this is so much better.”

“I agree.” I responded with a smile. “I loved it!”

“Come on, Babygirl.” he said, as he took me by the hand and led me back toward the creek. Let’s rinse off in the pool and head back to the house. Lunch will be ready soon.”

I could barely contain my excitement during lunch! My gaze kept darting to Uncle Jack, and he would frequently steal a glance at me as well. It was like we were actually dating and trying to keep it secret. I guess in a way, that was exactly what we were doing! Not dating per se, but we certainly didn’t want anyone else to find out what we were up to!

That night, I went to bed knowing full well that I would soon sneak out to the barn and share another wonderful sexual experience with my now-favorite uncle. I waited until at least an hour had passed since we all turned in, as we went to bed and got up at the same time time. It was a family thing because of the farm work we were all a part of. Once I was certain I would not be discovered, I left my room and crept quietly out of the house and made my way to the barn.

I carefully felt my way to the storage room and opened the door. To my surprise, Uncle Jack was already there, waiting on me. The milking machine was plugged in and just begging to be turned on. I was certainly turned on myself, and I nodded as Uncle Jack held the cups out for me. He switched the machine on, as I pulled my nightgown off and placed the cups on the ends of my swollen titties.

Once again, there was that heavenly suction! It’s difficult to try and describe, but the closest way to do so, is to liken it to a relaxing massage, except that the feeling is all inside my titties, instead of a muscle. It’s very similar though, plus there is a huge feeling of arousal. Coupled with an orgasm, it’s the best feeling on Earth. If you’ve ever had a massage or had your feet rubbed while you cum, it’s the closest way I can try and convey the sensation.

The milked pumped from my titties and I expected Uncle Jack to slip the other cup over his cock again, but he placed it against my pubes. Holy shit! My clit swelled up inside and came close to putting me over the edge. Then Uncle Jack made his intentions clear.

“While you’re getting sucked, I want you to do the same to me.” he stated. “Suck my penis and swallow my cum when I shoot off inside your mouth. I want a blowjob from my favorite niece.”

I nodded and happily took his dick my mouth, sliding my lips up and down the shaft of my uncle’s penis, I ran my tongue around the underside of his cock and used the tip on the nerve laden thread below his urethra. He sighed in pleasure, so I knew I was doing it right.

Meanwhile, the sensations I was experiencing were going over the top. My titties were tingling as they were being sucked dry, and my cunt was on overdrive. As my pleasure increased, so did the suction I was giving. Uncle Jack began groaning loudly, and just as my own orgasm crested, he shot his load in my mouth.

Spurt after spurt of succulent sperm filled my mouth and I swallowed it all, just like a good little girl should do for her favorite uncle. After all, isn’t that what family is for?

We cleaned everything up and put it all away, before turning the lights off and heading back to the house. We separated with a parting kiss, knowing that from here on out, we were intertwined in a way that most family will never get to experience or even understand. I love my uncle and my uncle loves me, and we don’t care what others may think. All that is important to us is how we feel about one another.

That ends my story of incest with Uncle Jack. I hope y’all liked it.

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