A Moment In Time


The light burned dimly from the dark nightstand next to the bed. The glow cast soft shadows across her face as she slowly finished her glass of wine. Her sticky lips left a soft smudge of pink on the empty glass. Her tongue danced seductively on her lips as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the lingering fruit of the wine.

He smiled gently as he removed his tie and sat himself on the edge of the bed. He appreciated the shadows that her breasts cast from the bedroom light. Her perfect skin melted into a seductive crease that grew into two breathtaking mounds, hidden behind the smooth silk of her blouse.

She blushed as she noticed his admiring stare. Quickly she regained her composure and smiled mischievously and slowly slid to her lover. She placed her hand softly on his thigh; the cool wool of his pants gave a small charge as she slid her hand slowly higher. She moved her face to him, smiling and slowly pursed her lips. Lightly their lips met as they closed their eyes.

His breath was lightly scented in mint as she breathed deeply. The cologne he wore pierced her smell as it filled her lungs. She pressed her lips harder against his. He stroked her back and she arched closely to him. Her breasts rose with each breath she took, pushing harder into his chest. Their lips parted and she could feel his tongue slowly enter her mouth. The tips of their tongues danced a delicate ballet. Slowly they encircled each other and twisted into a passionate kiss. Her lips sucked his tongue as she slowly backed off his rigid tongue. She smiled while he slowly removed the remainder of his tongue.

She closed her eyes when she felt his warm breath upon her neck. Her perfume pierced his smell driving him forward. She could feel her eyes rolling back under her lids as his lips moved lightly from under her cheek to the bottom of her neck. She let out a soft moan as she felt herself becoming moist. He gently placed his hand between her legs and she instinctively spread her legs the tiniest bit just enough to invite him further. He moved his hand slowly up and under her skirt. His fingers stroked her pussy through the soaked panty. Gently he started from the bottom of her, slowly reaching her hardening clit. He could feel the folds in her lips through the thin material.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” she heard herself murmur.

She felt herself slowly falling back into the bed, though it was actually her lover lovingly lowering her onto it. He continued to kiss her neck as his fingers slowly removed her blouse. One by one the buttons fell away exposing her milky breasts that lay hidden behind the flimsy black bra. Her breasts rose and fell with each inhalation. She could feel her nipples tingling while he removed each button. His face nuzzled her breasts though the silk of her blouse still separated him from her rosy treasures.

When he unhooked her bra, the snap seemed to pierce the silent passion that they played in. Her breasts were released from the tight grasp of her bra. She playfully tossed it away and smiled wickedly at her man. She slowly moved her hand up his leg until she reached his cock bulging through his pants. She smiled when she felt that is was already hard. She slowly stroked it through his trousers between her ring and middle fingers.

“Wait…you’ll have your chance,” he smiled at her, while removing her hand.

Again he focused on her heaving breasts. Up and down he ran the tip of his tongue over her growing nipples. The pink of her nipples blended into his probing tongue and became one. He surrounded her nipple with his lips and lightly sucked. She arched and pushed her breast farther into his mouth. Cupping and squeezing them he sucked wantonly on them.

She moaned, enjoying the sensation of his lips on one of her nipples and this hand gently squeezing her other one. Instinctively she opened her legs and pulled him in closer. “Mmm,” she murmured, as he increased his fervor.

He sat up and removed his shirt and let it slowly fall to the floor. Though she had seen him without clothes before, she let out a small gasp. He never ceased to amaze her. She reached up and touched his chest. With her index finger she traced small circles around his nipples. Suddenly she pinched one and he grimaced. She grinned and sat up and gently kissed the wound that she inflicted. The tip of her tongue lightly touched his nipple and she then engulfed the rest. Her hands melted into his back and ass beckoning him closer. One hand massaged his ass through the wool trousers the other could not wait and quickly dove under the material and stroked his bare skin.

She loved that the skin of his ass was as smooth as it was on his chest. She could almost feel a charge as she slowly ran her lips over his chiseled chest while her hand stroked his ass. She gave it a gentle squeeze and then lightly bit his nipple.

He lovingly urged her to his face as he kissed her again, each time, becoming more passionate. Their tongues again attacked each istanbul escort other with a burning desire. She buried her tongue deep into his mouth while his swirled around her inviting her ever deeper.

She felt his fingers gripping the waist of her skirt, tugging it quickly away. She moaned as she felt the warm air touch her bare legs. She lay exposed on the bed only hidden by the tiniest bit of satin. She squirmed and beckoned him closer. She admired his bare chest that ended in the neatly pressed trousers that were becoming increasingly wrinkled.

He moved closer and she slowly unbuckled his belt. With a quick jerk she snapped his belt off his waist. She grinned seductively. She unbuttoned his trousers and slowly unzipped him. The grating of the zipper seemed loud enough to waken the neighboring hotel guests. Like a banana, she peeled the edges of his trouser away exposing the bulge only hidden by his tight briefs. She moved her face to his bulge and slowly nuzzled his hardened penis.

Though covered by the cotton of his briefs, she slowly mouthed his cock. Her lips felt the roughness of the cotton as she mouthed the sides of his sword. Up and down she stroked his cock. She gently cupped his balls and massaged them lovingly. He responded by softly stroking her hair.

She tugged his trousers down struggling to get them off, while not losing too much contact with her newfound toy. She smiled as she saw him lying on the bed with only his briefs on. She loved the outline of his crack as he slowly turned away to lower the lights slightly. She surprised him when he turned back and she quickly pulled the last reminisces of clothing off of him.

She licked her lips hungrily when she noticed the sticky signs of his precum. She lowered her mouth to his now fully erect cock. She stuck her tongue out and brought it to the tip of his cock and with a flick took the precum off it. She could taste the salty, yet tangy and sweet taste of his juices. Again she lowered her tongue to his rock hard cock, only this time she swirled her tongue around the head of it like a lollipop.

She then put her lips on the head of his cock and slowly took him partially into her mouth. She enjoyed the fullness in her mouth. She momentarily released it and rolled her lover on to his back. He smiled knowing that for the moment she would be in charge. He stretched his arms above his head and relaxed.

Slowly her head rocked back and forth. She felt the veins of his cock on her lips like small shock waves. She liked feeling his shaft followed by his head as she teased him. She ran the tip of her tongue down the length of his cock and then kissed his balls lightly. She took one in her mouth and slowly ran her tongue around it. They were fully engorged and she enveloped both of his balls, while stroking his shaft with her hand. She was in control.

She released his balls from their warm torture and quickly replaced her hand with her hungry mouth. Slowly first, then with a quickening rhythm she sucked him. He could feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat. Ever deeper she continued to engulf him. With her free hand she began to run her fingers on her pussy. His nearing orgasm was filling the room with anticipation.

As his cock went ever deeper, her fingers ran deeper into herself. The panties kept her hand in a tight bind with her pussy. Together they danced, her hand and her mouth. She moaned, she was so close, but needed him to come with her. Her eyes were tightly shut, fighting back the coming eruption.

She could feel his breath quickening. He was near. She kept her mouth on his cock but now added her free hand on to his shaft. Her hands matched frantic strokes, one on his cock, one on her pussy.

He groaned.

She screamed.

Their world went black.

He violently erupted into the back of her mouth, sending wave after wave of cum. His sticky, salty juice filled her mouth. Though her world was in a state of orgasm his release only added to her fervor. She hungrily sucked every drop he could give her.

Her orgasm caused her to suck him even harder. She gushed on to her hand. Her explosion sent white-hot sparkles through her closed eyes. Tiny tears escaped from the corners of her vaulted shut eyes.

Slowly she opened her eyes and they focused on her lover. His chest was moving up and down taking in deep breaths of oxygen. Obviously, his orgasm was as amazing as hers was. She realized that she was still sucking him and that he was still erect. She smiled devilishly as she nibbled on his purple head. She admired that her lover was able to stay hard for so long. She always looked forward to these couplings knowing that they would be long and wild.

Gently he removed her from his cock and tugged her to his face. Her breasts warmed his chest as he placed a light kiss on her lips. Surprisingly her nipples were still hard and pushing into his chest. He avcılar escort liked that she was still very aroused.

He kissed her neck and she moved her head to beckon him to continue. He ran his lips from her shoulders to her neck. She could feel his hot breath painting her skin. She felt his hands slowly tracing down her side. Slowly they reached her hips and then began to massage her ass. Gently they massaged then he would push deeper. One hand would occasionally tease her and lightly brush her still covered pussy.

He smiled that she was completely drenched and he knew that it was time to remove the last of her clothing. He rolled her over and put his hands under the waistband of her panties. He slid back and slowly peeled the tiny bit of material off of her.

He backed away slightly and admired the picture before him. His lover shyly was lying on her back on the bed. Her legs were softly together hiding her womanhood. Her nipples were still erect and beckoned to be loved. Her hair, though now a little less neat, was lightly spread upon the sheets. He moved forward.

He gently spread her legs and placed a soft kiss on the inside of her knee. First her right knee, then her left. He stroked her leg and ran his hand from her knee, to her thigh and down to her ass where he would give a light squeeze. It seemed to go on for days she thought as she writhed on the bed. His light touch was bittersweet as it created great arousal for her, yet it also made her long greatly for release.

Slowly his mouth crept closer to his goal. He was creating an intimate torture for his lover. He discovered her inner thigh was particularly sensitive this night and lightly ran the tip of his tongue over her leg. As he moved closer he could smell her sweet feminine scent. It engulfed his senses and filled his lungs. He wanted more and fought his animal instinct to bury his cock into her pussy, to just release his cum deeply into her. He waited patiently; he wanted to watch her explode in ecstasy.

He moved his lips to her pussy and stopped. He smiled and gently blew on her. He knew that this always made her squirm and this time would be no different.

“Oh God!” she pleaded, “don’t stop now! Please suck me!”

The tip of his tongue slid slowly across the edge of her pussy’s lips. She convulsed as though a shock went through her body. First up the right lip, then down the left his tongue slowly danced. She shivered and licked her lips in anticipation. His tongue flicked at the bottom of her pussy while his hands slowly slid under her ass to grab hold. He squeezed firmly and drew her in. Up the right side, down the left.

He then flattened his tongue and laid it across her engorged lips as though licking an ice cream cone. Slowly at first, he then picked up his pace ever so slightly. She loved the feeling of her entire being enveloped by his warm tongue. It tickled his tongue when he reached the small patch of hair that lay above her moist treasure.

He gently spread her lips so his tongue could penetrate her a little deeper. He marveled at the moist pinkness that lay in front of him. He wondered why he took so much pleasure in tasting this forbidden fruit. He noticed the tiny droplets that lay on the tips of her hairs. He wondered if that was from her pleasure or from his zestful licking he was giving her. The drops sparkled in the dimness of the bedroom.

Again he licked, each time going deeper with his tongue. She loved his tongue; it felt like a small-hardened cock entering her. Yet, it was different. She could feel her lover’s breath lighting a fire on her pussy. His damp tongue mixed with her erotic juices. His tongue would curve in her and touch places that only he could taste. The tiny taste buds massaged the lips and walls of her pussy causing her to grimace in ecstasy. She had many lovers, but he was making her forget all of them with this lashing he put forth. Her hands ran through his soft hair and pulled him deeper.

“Mmm!!!” she whimpered, “Ooo, yes…”

His tongue now enveloped her rose bud. Her world was her clit and his mouth engulfed her planet. She began to writhe on the bed. She was the dam and he held the key to the waters that she held back. He flicked his tongue quickly on her clit. She groaned.

Her eyes quickly glanced at her lover and she noticed he was fully aroused again. She smiled briefly. She could see his cock hanging down in the pale light. She closed her eyes and waited for the impending storm.

“Please,” she whispered. She wanted so badly to suck on her lover when her orgasm came. She wanted to feel his hardness against her tongue while her world shook.

He understood her pleading and positioned his cock above her face. She immediately started sucking him like oxygen. He grimaced; her mouth was so warm and danced so violently on his shaft. He could feel her lips reaching his head and her lips mouthing the edge of his head and then sliding back down şirinevler escort his cock. His cock was her possession and she sucked it greedily.

She reveled in her ecstasy when his cock twitched from the lashing she was giving it. Her hands moved to his balls and began to massage them. They had grown immensely and she could hear her lover groan when she touched them.

The lovers rolled so they were side to side. His tongue was magic on her engorged clit. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. First quickly, then lovingly he would caress her button with his tongue. He could feel her heat emanating from her body. She was on fire. He could tell she was close. He quickened his pace and with one hand gently started to massage her breast. She clamped her eyes shut and released his cock.

“Aaahhh!!!” she screamed and grabbed his head and pushed his tongue deeper. “I’m coming! Don’t stop! Ooo, I love it!!! Aaahhh!!!”

She shook as his tongue danced on her clit then rammed deeply into her. Her hips bucked as he hung on tightly. He would not let go. She pleaded for him to stop, but he continued his oral torture. The sensation was too much for her and she began to whimper so slightly. She could feel small tears from the corner of her eyes. Her pleasure was all she could feel; wave after wave of cum she felt. He continued to tease her clit then plunge deep into her pussy. He loved drinking the nectar of the goddess. She arched her back as to give her lover complete control of her pussy. He accepted and continued his oral domination. Her orgasm seemed to last a lifetime. Suddenly she dropped in a heap. The earthquake had ended.

He slowly moved his way up her body. He kissed her belly button then suddenly dipped his tongue in. She smiled weakly. He then nuzzled her breasts. He kissed her nipples and she giggled. She tugged him to her face and gave him a sweet deep kiss. She could taste her womanhood on him, but it only added to her satiated desire. She drove her tongue in deeper into his mouth.

She reached down and discovered his cock still at attention and she began to stroke it. His cock shivered as she slowly massaged it. Their tongues still danced together as she kept her lover aroused. Her thumb lightly brushed the tip of his cock and spread the tiniest bit of precum. She knew that soon they would be ready.

He broke their passionate kiss and ran his lips on her neck. She arched her neck and invited further exploration. His nose gently drew a line on her throat and was soon replaced by his warm tongue. He kissed her gently and with one hand began stroking her breast. With one finger he placed it on the tip of her nipple and slowly gyrated.

She sighed and could feel the familiar wetness return. She smiled and thought how odd it was; she was fully soaked from her amazing orgasm, yet it still seemed like she was wet again, though already wet. She let out a small giggle and continued to stroke his shaft.

His hand had now slid down to her pussy and was getting her ready for the finale of their lovemaking. She could feel her desire heightening and her grip on his cock had become ever so slightly stronger. She took her hand and gently pinched his nipple. He flinched and his finger hit her clit sending shock waves through her body. She was ready.

She pushed him on to his back and with a devilish grin she sat up. She straddled him and looked down at the man that was, for tonight, her possession. His hardened cock lay upon him and she seductively grabbed it. She bent over and gave its head a quick nibble. He smiled and stroked her thighs. She rose and gently placed his cock’s head at the tip of her pussy lips. She slowly rubbed it up and down. She licked her lips and looked into the eyes of her lover.

She stopped and put the cock at the entrance to her inferno. Ready she lowered herself on to his shaft. She could feel her lips and entrance spread. In the heavy silence they could hear their hearts beating, their lungs slowly inhaling. She gasped as she lowered herself on to him. Though thoroughly aroused she felt the familiar discomfort as his cock found its place in her. She could only slide midway down his pole before stopping. She bit her lip and grimaced. A twinge of pain rifled through her and she slid herself upward.

“Mmm…babe you’re so hard…” she heard herself mutter.

She again made her way down his beckoning cock. She could feel her lips forming to the shape of his manhood. After several trips up and down his cock she could feel her pussy relaxing. She could feel the ocean of wetness they had made. She rocked back and forth, occasionally arching her back to rub her clit on his cock.

He reached up and pulled her down to suckle on her firm breasts. He feasted on her nipples flicking his tongue quickly on one then the other. With his hands he gripped her ass. His right hand slipped to the edge of her pussy and his fingertips languished in the erotic rain that had come. He moved his hand to her front and gently massaged her hardened clit. She moaned, “Oh God!” and rocked harder. Her body twisted in ecstasy and she began to slam down hard on him. His body arched to match her violent gyrations.

She could not believe it when she heard herself screaming, “I’m cumming again! Oh God, it feels so good! Don’t stop!”

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