A Mother’s Love Ch. 06


I smiled at Justin’s playful words, as we looked down at our lovely Darcy. Her beautiful breasts were heaving with quick breaths, her nipples standing up like little soldiers, begging for attention. Her long blonde hair was tousled a bit and her green eyes were glazed and unfocused from the wine and the making out. I could smell her arousal and my own pussy was drenched with need. Justin was rock hard, and stroking himself slowly, as he gazed down at our playmate. He leaned down to kiss her softly, catching one of her hands and moving it to his cock. Immediately her fingers grasped him and began sliding up and down the shaft, taking on the rhythm he had started. I watched them for a moment, then leaned over and joined their kiss, sliding my tongue gently between their lips. I heard both of them gasp with pleasure, and Darcy’s free hand suddenly was caressing my right breast. Her touch was so soft and feminine, something I had never experienced, except by my own hand. I was even more aroused by the act, reached down between her thighs, stroking her pussy lips. Justin’s hand brushed by mine, and I moved my fingers to spread her lips wide for him. Immediately, he slid his middle finger up and down her slit and diddled her clit. She began thumbing my nipple in response, and stroking Justin even faster.

My son raised his head from Darcy’s and leaned over to kiss me on the lips as he played with her body. His mouth took mine and his tongue plundered the inside of my mouth. I could hear Darcy making little sounds of pleasure as he stroked her. I reached out with my free hand and joined her in stroking his cock. His kiss became deeper as he felt both our hands grasping him, urging him toward his pleasure. I heard Darcy cry out and realized he had slid two fingers into her pussy and had been fucking her with them, bringing her to her first orgasm of the night. He pulled back from the kiss and said softly to me “How about a taste of our sweet girl, Mom?”

In seconds I found myself kneeling between Darcy’s firm thighs, pushing them open as wide as possible. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and she was panting. I ran my hands over her breasts first, teasing her, then as Justin began sucking on her nipples again, I lowered my mouth and took my first taste of another female. I kissed her lightly on her nether lips, then deepened the kiss. A wonderful aroma wafted into my nose, and I dipped the tip of my tongue into her. I could hear her moaning with pleasure again, knowing Justin was playing with her as well. She tasted divine, sweet and tangy at the same time. Wanting more, I slipped my tongue deep into her and began fucking her myself now. I let the slippery muscle work over the cave of her womanhood and slide against her clit. I felt her hips move beneath my ministrations, and that urged me onward. I was determined to drink her nectar as it gushed forth. I grabbed her hips and ground my mouth and nose into her, lapping and sucking until finally I felt her orgasmic juices fill my mouth. It was heavenly! I drank every drop hungrily until there was no more and then I licked her pussy clean.

Sitting up, I looked over at Darcy, and saw Justin was kissing her again. Her nipples were very red and puffy, so he had apparently been paying them quite a bit of attention during my delicious treat. He felt me move and pulled back, smiling at me. I gave him a smile back and then leaned over and took Darcy’s mouth with my own, letting her taste herself on another woman’s lips for the first time. She responded eagerly, sliding her arms around me and pulling me close to her slender young body. I rolled to my side, pulling her with me so we were kissing and facing each other. I ran my hands over her back and down to her ass, cupping halkalı escort it and squeezing it, grinding into her. She returned the movement and her tongue massaged and danced with mine. I felt my son’s hands move between our bodies and he began to play with both sets of breasts. He caressed us together and manipulated our breasts so that our nipples were rubbing against each other. Darcy wanted to cum again, for she was squirming in my arms, trying to slide herself against my leg to stimulate herself. I parted my thighs and let her do so, and I began the same movement against her. We humped each other wildly, Justin’s hands moving all over our bodies, until Darcy cried out and I felt her pussy gushing against my bare thigh. That was all it took to drive me over the edge as well, and I called out her name as my nectar coated her skin. We released one another and fell on our backs, panting, only to find Justin licking our cum from our legs. He cleaned each of us thoroughly with his questing tongue, as we recovered, smacking his lips afterwards.

“You two are delicious!” He grinned at us, his hard cock jutting out proudly.

Darcy and I exchanged a glance and rose to our knees at the same time, our mouths descending softly on my son’s hard shaft. He moaned with delight at the feel of two soft mouths caressing him. She stroked his balls as well, while I massaged his ass, our lips and tongues moving on his cock the entire time. He put a hand on each of heads, urging us on, throwing his head back and closing his eyes. We began to take turns sucking on him. One mouth slid over his cockhead and downward, while another tongue caressed lower down the shaft, then we would switch. Justin’s fingers tangled in my hair and gripped, but not too hard. He was making certain not to hurt either of us. Lovingly we sucked him together, bringing him closer and closer to the edge of pleasure. At times we would even kiss around his cock, our tongues dancing as we slid them over him. This seemed to drive him insane with the pleasure. I was quite certain he had never had two women at the same time, and I found out later that I was right in this thought. The fact that one of them was his girlfriend and one was his mother had to be one of the hottest scenarios anyone could imagine. I knew what it was doing to me. That society found it taboo made it all the more sweet and erotic.

Justin stopped us from sucking him suddenly and pulled back just slightly. His voice was hoarse with lust as he spoke.

“I’ve dreamed of this moment for too long to pass it up now. Lay back, darlings, I want to cum all over your beautiful tits and I’m close now. Then we can clean each other up.”

We obliged him without a fuss, and he stroked himself over us, hard and fast, until a stream of cum began spurting forth. He coated both of our chests liberally, groaning almost painfully the entire time. When he had finished, he dropped down and sat on the bed, panting.

“Let me catch my breath, and then we’ll feast.”

True to his word, the moment Justin had stopped breathing hard, he leaned over, kissed each of us in turn and then pulled me over to join him in licking Darcy clean. What a pleasure it was to share my son’s cum with him, lapping every drop from her soft skin. I paid special attention to her nipples, as they were succulent as ripe berries to me. She was squirming again by the time we finished, but she sat up smiling a little.

“Casey’s turn now,” Darcy said mischievously, a twinkle in her green eyes, and Justin agreed.

They pushed me back on the bed and then I felt the joy of two young mouths working on my flesh, cleaning me joyously. Darcy licked taksim escort my nipples as thoroughly as I had licked hers and my son did his part as well. I was sopping wet again by the time they finished and in need of being fucked properly. They began to slowly tease my hungry body, kissing and caressing each erogenous zone. I had never been so thoroughly loved in my entire life. I could feel just how much each of them cared for me with each touch and kiss. I had closed my eyes to revel in sensation, but then I felt Darcy’s slender fingers parting my labia, spreading me, and then Justin’s cockhead was tapping at my pussy, questing for entrance. I moaned and that was all the encouragement he needed to slide in to the hilt. He began fucking me slowly at first, talking to me and Darcy.

“Look, Darcy honey. Mommy loves her pussy fucked, don’t you Mommy?”

“Yes, she does, Justin. Your Mommy has such a nice pussy. I like watching you fuck her.”

“Baby, I love to hear you tell me that. Why don’t you let Mommy eat your pussy while I fuck hers? Then you can suck on my dick while I’m fucking her.”

“Oh, I like that idea, honey. I think your Mommy likes the way my pussy tastes.”

“Do you, Mom? Do you like the way Darcy tastes?”

I managed to gasp out a “Yes” as the girl moved and settled herself on my face. As my son fucked me, I began sliding my tongue rapidly in and out of her moist cleft, and licking her clit. This was such an erotic feeling and I could just imagine what the three of us must look like joined together. The thought of that just made me even hotter, and I licked and sucked Darcy’s pussy even more quickly. I felt her gush against my mouth, but she didn’t move, so I began eating her again. Justin’s strokes grew harder and faster, and then as my muscles gripped him, he gushed deep inside me, claiming me again. Darcy’s orgasm followed a split second after ours. We all lay there on the bed gasping for air and I was dying of thirst. My wonderful son rose after a moment and left the room, returning shortly with a pitcher of ice water and three glasses. We drank together, and then sat back, sated for a bit.

I looked at Darcy’s sweet young face, and suddenly I felt guilty. Had we taken advantage of her? Had she really wanted to make love with both of us, or had it been the wine and her arousal that made her so pliable. I knew she was certainly over 18 and could consent to sexual play with anyone she chose, but I didn’t want her to have regrets or not want to have anything to do with us any longer because of the circumstances.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” Justin looked at my downcast face with concern, his arm around Darcy.

“I just. . .well. . .Darcy, should I apologize to you, sweetheart?” I caught her free hand and squeezed it. She looked confused.

“Why would you need to Casey?”

“Because of all. . .this.” I had a hard time looking into her eyes, and found myself focusing on our hands instead. I felt her squeeze my hand back in response.

“Casey, no. This was wonderful! I was a little surprised by all of it at first, but I don’t regret anything that’s happened so far. I hope you don’t.”

Now I was able to look her in the eye and she was smiling warmly at me. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and met Justin’s eyes with my own. He was looking at me with a look of intense love and then he turned that same look on Darcy.

“I knew you girls were going to love doing this. We’re all so good together. I knew we would be.” Justin gave a happy sigh and hugged Darcy to him.

“Pretty sure of yourself, eh?” She teased him, gently elbowing him in the ribs and he laughed.

“Yep, sure am. Why not? I have two of the şişli escort most beautiful women in the world to make love to.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, my son!” I joined in the teasing and moved over to sit at his other side. He set his glass down and put his other arm around me. “Hey Darcy, have you found all his tickle spots yet?”

She looked intrigued. “I don’t know, Casey.”

“Now wait a minute you two. . .” Justin tried to pull his arms from around us, but we attacked him, with fingers moving quickly. We had him helplessly laughing soon, but the tickle fight soon turned into a kissing and caressing session, and we were all over one another again. Far into the night we loved one another, sharing orgasm after orgasm, until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer and all passed out together in the bed.

When I awoke the next morning, I found myself cuddled up to Justin on one side. Darcy was snuggled against his other side and the two of them were sound asleep. I slipped out of bed, pulled on a plain white cotton nightgown and made my way quietly downstairs, where I made coffee, then moved to the porch to sit on the swing. It was beautiful and quiet there at the cabin. I found myself almost wishing we could just stay here and live forever, loving one another in our own way, far from prying eyes and wagging tongues. The cool air felt good on my face, and everything smelled fresh and clean. I sat silently drinking in the beauty around me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. From out of the woods came a beautiful doe. She was cautious, but unafraid as she moved along, stopping to nibble at a tender leaf here and there. I watched her calmly go about her business until some sound unheard by my ears made her head whip up and gracefully she leapt away into the shadows of the forest.

“Darn it.” Darcy’s soft voice sounded behind me, and I turned my head. She was standing in the doorway, her eyes still fixed on the swaying branches where the woodland creature had vanished. “I was trying to be quiet, but I guess she heard me. Wasn’t she beautiful?”

I smiled at her and nodded. “How are you this morning, dear?” I patted the seat beside me and Darcy joined me. I slipped an arm around her shoulders and she cuddled against me, sighing contentedly. “Did you sleep well?”

“Oh, yes, Casey. I slept great. How about you?”

“Very well, thank you, sweetie.” I hesitated, then asked “Still no regrets even now?”

Darcy looked up at me, her green eyes glowing. “Not one. That was such a beautiful experience. Thank you.” She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips, and I returned the kiss with enthusiasm. She tasted sweet and I deepened the kiss, knowing that we should go inside, but unable to stop. She moaned a little against my mouth, parting her lips even more, allowing my tongue entrance. I reached out and began caressing her full breasts, teasing her nipples to diamond hardness again, then I pulled her onto my lap, to straddle me. She whimpered and ground against me.

I broke the kiss and said softly “Oh, sweet little Darcy is hungry this morning for some more pussy, isn’t she? Does Darcy want Mommy to lick and suck her pretty pussy? Or shall Mommy suck on Darcy’s sweet tits first, and taste her delicious nipples?”

The girl moaned. “Oh, god, whatever you want. Please. . .”

I pushed her back slightly and bent to suckle her nipples through her long t-shirt. I could feel the wet spot on her panties growing quickly, as was my own. I worked my tongue in circles around her hard buds, making her squirm with delight on my lap. Vaguely I heard a noise nearby but I was so lost in what I was doing, I ignored it. Darcy had her head thrown back, allowing me full access to her tasty chest, and I began to push her t-shirt up over her hips. Suddenly another pair of hands joined mine and I heard a male voice say “Let me help you with that, shall I?”

I started and so did Darcy, for it was not Justin’s voice. This was a deeper and older male voice, and my eyes flew open, to meet the jet black stare of a stranger.

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