A Mother’s Perversion


This story was requested by a submissive woman reader who fantasizes about her son abusing and then fucking her. I hope she likes it – and you do, too!


My mother came into my room, staring at me with heavy eyes, and my heart sank.

Since my marriage broke up, I’d moved back in with my mother. I’d tried to resist temptation, but it was useless. I knew that what we did was wrong, but it was like a drug, alluring, enticing, addictive …

She moved towards me slowly: her thin, red, almost transparent blouse that barely reached her hips, was completely unbuttoned, hanging open over her ripe, heavy breasts – apart from that, she was naked.

She pushed the blouse back with her left hand, completely baring her breast, and clutched it, crushing it mercilessly, pinching her nipple, rubbing her palm over it, lifting it her mouth and sucking it, and I saw her teeth tugging at her nipple.

I ran my eyes over her lush body, lingering on the thick triangular bush of pubic hair at the base of her slightly curved belly, and she put one finger in her mouth, sucking it, and then slipped it between her legs, watching me, knowing that seeing her touching herself always aroused me.

Then her hand moved behind her back, and she slapped her bottom with all her force. I saw her bite her bottom lip and wince with pain, and my cock jerked involuntarily.

She slapped herself again, and then once more, and then she came closer to the chair in which I was sitting, until she was standing directly in front of me. She slowly slipped her blouse of her shoulders, leaning forward and thrusting her naked breasts towards me, offering herself to me and looking at me pleadingly.

‘Please, Master,’ she whispered

I hesitated for a brief moment, and then I touched her cheek, and she flinched in anticipation. I didn’t disappoint her – I slapped her face, hard, and her eyes lit up. Then I slapped her left breast, equally hard, and then back-handed her right breast even harder. She gasped, and slid to her knees in front of me, and I kissed her brutally.

She pushed herself between my legs, working her wet open mouth on mine, and I reached down and gripped her left halkalı escort breast, crushing it even more fiercely than she’d done, pinching the nipple tightly between my forefinger and thumb, twisting it, pulling it, my tongue deep in her mouth.

I wound the fingers of my left hand in her hair, tugging it unmercifully, dragging her head back, and then I released her breast and slapped her face again. Tears sprang involuntarily to her eyes, and I slapped her face once more.

I reached down and slipped my hand between her legs – her cunt was dripping wet, and I pushed my fingers deep into her vagina, gripping her painfully, and then I withdrew my fingers and forced them into her mouth.

She sucked her juices from them eagerly – saliva glistened on her chin from our kissing wetly, and I smeared it and the remainder of her juices over her face.

She knelt up, rubbing her breasts against my face, and I bit them savagely, knowing that my teeth would leave marks on them for days.

I was still twisting my fingers in her hair, and I used it to drag her across my thighs. Her bottom was glowing red from where she’d slapped herself, and I slapped it even harder. I left my hand there, and caressed her soft yielding flesh for a moment, and then I slapped her again. I alternated slaps and caresses for several minutes, and my mother started to moan softly, squirming on my lap, and I saw her biting her hand, and spanked her again.

‘Harder, darling – please!’ she breathed.

Once, when we’d been fucking, I’d spanked her bare bottom playfully, but more forcefully than I’d intended. She’d caught her breath and begged me to do it again, and, well, since then one thing had led to another.

I fondled her quivering bottom, stroking her naked shoulders with my other hand, and then slid my fingers between her soft cheeks, probing until I found what I was looking for, and pushed one, and then two, fingers into her.

‘Oh, yes – do my bottom, Master!’ she cried.

I withdrew my fingers, and slapped her reddened backside violently.

‘When I’m ready, cunt!’ I rasped.

I slid my hand taksim escort under her body and kneaded her breasts roughly for a few minutes, until eventually I pushed her off my lap and grabbed her hair again as I stood up. I dragged her to her feet and kissed her violently, running my free hand over her body and between her trembling legs, and then I hauled her over to the bed and flung her down onto it. She lay on her back, fingering herself, watching me hungrily as I tore my clothes off.

Her knees were bent, and her legs parted, and she reached for me. ‘Fuck me, darling – I – I can’t wait any longer – I want it so badly!’ she pleaded hoarsely, and I laughed grimly.

‘When I’m ready, you bitch! You started this, and I’ll finish it in my own good time!’

I sat on the bed beside her, pushing her legs wider apart, and slapped her cunt, and she cried out. I slapped it again, and then found her clitoris and pinched and pulled it for a while, and then I slapped her again. Her lips were swollen, and she raised her hips to me, writhing, as I punished her cunt pitilessly.

I rolled her onto her stomach – her bottom was bright red from the beating I’d given it, and I slipped my fingers between her cheeks and pushed them into her again..

She whimpered softly. ‘Put your cock in there, darling! I must have it – please!’

‘Not yet, cunt! I told you!’ I grunted, and lowered my head to bite her bottom ferociously. I bit the backs of her thighs, and when she turned over I bit her belly and the insides of her thighs, and then I bit her cunt and clitoris as she bucked and thrashed wildly.

I knelt over her, slapping her breasts with my cock, and rubbing it against her face and lips. She opened her mouth excitedly, and I let her suck me for a few minutes.

‘Make me good and wet,’ I said, and she took me deep in her mouth, sucking me and licking me, and then I turned her on her front again and dragged her up onto her knees. She knew what was coming, and used her hands to part her cheeks, offering her bottom to me.

‘Thank you, Master!’ she breathed.

I eased my cock into her, reaching under her to torture her şişli escort breasts with my hands while I fucked her bottom, my balls slapping against her.

She was whimpering, jamming herself back against me, and I fucked her steadily for several minutes, and then I pulled out of her.

‘No, darling! Put it back – please! Finish me, dearest!’

I ignored her pleadings, and slapped her again. She collapsed onto her face, sobbing, her hand between her legs, and I rolled her onto her back. I slapped her face, and then her breasts, and then I parted her legs and climbed on top of her.

I pushed my cock into her: her face lit up, and I saw tears rolling down her cheeks as I started to fuck her. She was already in the throes of an orgasm – her body was glistening with perspiration, and her skin was slippery to hold. She was gasping for breath, her breasts heaving – she forced herself up to grind them against my chest, and I kissed her roughly.

She was shuddering uncontrollably, and suddenly she went limp, and I knew she’d fainted. I waited until her eyes flickered open, and then I continued to fuck her, harder and harder.

She clung to me, digging her nails into me, ramming herself up to meet my thrusts – I’d had years of practice, and I was able to hold back for what seemed like hours.

I loved seeing her like this, her hair plastered over her face, her body jerking spasmodically, her eyes staring wildly, her head thrashing from side to side, and then I let go.

I let my semen spurt into her for a moment, and she screamed, and then I withdrew my cock and let my semen spurt over her body and face. She opened her mouth, trying to catch it, smearing it over her face and breasts and licking her palms and sucking her fingers, and I let her fondle my cock until it started to soften.

She squirmed sensuously on the bed, and I touched her face – this time she didn’t flinch.

She smiled at me weakly. ‘Oh, God, I love you, my darling, and the things you do to me,’ she whispered.

‘I love you too, mother, my wonderful submissive bitch, my lovely cunt, my beautiful slut – I can’t resist you, and you know it, don’t you?” I said softly.

I knew that soon I’d need to piss, and that I’d take her into the bathroom, and piss on her body, and into her mouth, and then we’d shower. Perhaps we’d have something to eat, naked, and then we’d start again – it was going to be a long night.

My mother knew it too, and smiled at me: ‘Next time, tie me up, and use the whip on me, Master…,’

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