A Mother’s Tale


I was 38 years old, the first time my sons and I fucked. My husband had passed away 15 years ago and I had raised two twin boys on my own. I didn’t have much of a social life, between work and the attention that my boys craved I had no time for dating. I had gone out a couple of times in all those years but never had a steady relationship. Something about being a single mother always scared off the men that I had been seeing. It really didn’t matter much to me though; I had never been one of those women that craved a lot of sexual attention and mostly preferred to do it myself when needed. Which to tell the truth wasn’t very often, only about once a month would I have to masturbate and I always did it quickly with not that much enjoyment. It was always more of a chore to do this but if I didn’t I’d never be able to get to sleep.

When my boys turned 18 I began to date a man from work on a regular basis. The boys didn’t need me at home as often and I didn’t need to worry if they’d be all right. I could always tell that my two children never really liked the fact that I was out with someone other then them and I would never bring him home with me on nights that we would have sex. We would go to his place or to a hotel room. He was a charming man, standing around six-foot tall with dark black hair that was graying at the temples. His face had the roundness of a boy and his eyes were crystal blue. When he looked at you it was though he was looking into your soul. He reawakened my sexual desire and I was so happy about that. When we made love, and that was just what it was he never just fucked me, he knew exactly all the right spots to touch me and drive me insane with passion. It was the first time that I had enjoyed any type of sexual experience since my husband died. I was beginning to think that I was falling in love with this man and had made it a point to talk to my boys about it.

My boys, Tommy and Adrian, had always been Momma’s boys. They had always been very protective over my since they were tots and had never wanted my attention drawn from them at anytime in their life. Even then being as old as they were they would still crawl into bed with me to sleep if they had had a bad dream or were anxious about something they had to do in school the next day. I had never minded them doing this and would lay there with them, their arms wrapped around me tightly until they fell asleep, then I would move from the bed to the couch or go lay down in one of their bedrooms to fall asleep myself. It was so on the night that I was going to speak to them about the man I was dating that they both had climbed into bed with me. I probably should have been more conscience of what I was wearing as they grew older but had been laying with them for so long that I never thought about it. That night istanbul escort I was feeling pretty sexy so I had put on one of my satin teddies before laying down to read my novel not really thinking at all that they would come in to lay with me. I had planned to read a chapter or so then put on my robe and go to each one of their bedrooms separately to speak to them.

As I lay there getting more and more into my book, I heard my bedroom door open and they both walked in wearing nothing but their briefs. I found this to be odd because most of the time they would not allow me to see them in just their underwear and always yelled at me if I so happened to open their bedroom doors while they were changing. I put down my book and watched as they both came to either side of the bed. They were handsome young men, having the same deep auburn color of my hair, piercing green eyes and build of body like their father. They were tall and muscular from the sports they played and I heard many girls swoon over them as we would walk down the street or in a department store. I was very proud of my boys and it hit me then that they would soon be leaving for college. They had both been accepted into a school many miles away from me and with the thought of this I began to cry.

They both hurriedly came to me, wrapping their arms and legs around my body and putting their heads to my breast. Adrian asked me what was wrong and I told them how I had just now thought about the fact that they soon wouldn’t be with me and I’d be all alone in this house. Tommy chuckled and asked about the guy from work. He said that I wouldn’t be lonely with him around. I caught the sarcasm and pain in his voice as he told me this and reassured them that no one could ever take the place in my heart for them. That they would be mine always and forever and no one would come in between the love I had for them. With that said we were all quite for a minute but it was an uncomfortable silence. Something I had never experienced with them before. I started to notice the way they were laying on me and how I could feel their cocks growing hard.

I tried to move, to get them to loosen their grip on me and to get away from their hardness, which was making me uneasy. They held on to me tighter and I could not get out of their grasp. Adrian looked up at me and with a gleam in his eyes that I had never seen before he asked me if I could feel what I did to them both, if I could tell how aroused I made them. I tried to tell him that it wasn’t my fault that I was their mother and they should not feel that way about me. I wanted them so badly to just go back to their rooms then and to leave me alone. Tommy told me then how beautiful I was and how badly they both wanted me avcılar escort especially when I’d wear the things I was wearing now. I looked down at myself and saw how the teddy clung to my breast, how the lace revealed my nipples and I could feel how the hem of it only came down right below my ass.

I became very embarrassed and tried to apologize to them. Tommy interrupted by saying how they had saved themselves for just this occasion. They wanted me to take their virginity. He then told me how they had been with girls and how they would let them suck their dicks but never would they fuck them. Adrian began to tell me how they two would sit on one or the others’ bed and jack each other off while talking about fucking me or how they would perform oral sex on each other. As they were telling me this I began to feel my juices bubbling up in my cunt. I was getting hot listening to how they would bring pleasure to each other while talking about me. I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t right, I had to quite. These were my sons and I couldn’t give them what they wanted.

With all these thoughts going through my head I felt one of their lips began to lightly brush my neck. My eyes closed unwillingly and I began to moan. Both of them began to kiss my neck, cheeks, lips, and breast. So very light were their lips on my skin and I felt my body begin to flush all over and grow hotter with each touch. I placed my hands on each of their heads and gave in completely. I returned the kisses that they were bestowing on me. I returned their caress, bringing my hands down slowly over their backs, down around their hips to gently massage their cocks and balls over their underwear. Their hands moved down and as one rubbed my hard clit the other placed three fingers in my dripping pussy and began to fuck me. My own hands began to massage them hard with more urgency then before. My breath became shorter while my moans grew louder and longer. Though they were going so very slow I was already going to cum. As the orgasm hit my body I began to scream out how good my sons were making me cum and how much I loved them for it. As I began to calm down I opened my eyes and looked up at them. They were both smiling down at me, their own faces red with desire at what they had just done to their mother.

They moved from me and took off their briefs. I looked at both of their organs and gasped as I saw how big they were. I knew that they father had been very well endowed but my sons were bigger then he had been. They both chuckled at my astonishment and moved back towards me. They came up to my head and kneeled over me. Their rods only inches away from my mouth. I brought my hands up and started to stroke them both. I sat up further on the bed and began to lick Tommy’s cock. şirinevler escort I took my tongue all around the head, moving in slow circles then turning my head to do the same to Adrian. I teased them with my tongue making their ecstasy grow. After doing this for awhile going back and forth between the two, Tommy grabbed the back of my head and put my mouth to his cock. He told me to suck it, that he had had enough of my playing. He plunged his tool into my mouth and began to fuck it hard. Holding onto my head the whole time, pumping his hips hard to get deep into my throat.

As he fucked my mouth Adrian moved down and spread my legs. He crawled up between them, placing the head of his cock on my clit. He started to move his maleness over my flower. He did this for only a minute before slamming into my all to willing cunt. My moans of passion were muffled by Tommy’s dick. I sucked down harder on him as I wrapped my legs around Adrian’s back to bring his cock deeper into my throbbing twat. With every thrust of Adrian’s dick I felt myself coming closer to another orgasm. My body began to shake and I felt the gush of my juices shoot out onto my son’s rod.

He pulled out after I was done cumming. Tommy did the same and they told me to move for a second. Tommy lay down where I had been and motioned me to get on top of him. I mounted him and slowly guided his cock into me, feeling every inch of him sliding into me almost made me cum again. He grabbed my shoulders and brought me down so that I laid flat against him. I felt Adrian move up behind me. I became scared. I realized then what he was about to do. It had been forever since I had had anal sex and Adrian was not experienced in it. I tried to pull away telling him I’d teach him how so that he would not hurt me but they would not listen. Tommy wrapped his strong arms around me as I felt Adrian begin to push his dick into my tight asshole. He did it fast and hard and I whimpered as the full length of him was shoved into me. He stopped and let me get used to it. As the pain subsided I began to rock back on him. With my movements telling him I was fine now he started to gently pull himself in and out of my ass while Tommy began to move underneath me.

The feeling of both of their cocks filling me up drove me to the brink of insanity. I yelled out for them to fuck me harder. As they both slammed into me the first wave of the best orgasm I have ever had hit me. As my body shook and all of my fluids were released in gushing flows I felt both of my sons begin to cum too. The feeling of them both exploding into me, filling up both my ass and my pussy with their jism made me sick with passion. I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted them to keep fucking me but they were spent at the moment. We laid together as always with me in the middle and them on either side of me calming down. Our breath and heartbeats slowing down. I looked at them both as they fell asleep happily. After that night Tommy and Adrian never left me. They went to a local college and I dumped the man I was seeing. I didn’t need him anymore. My sons were more then enough to satisfy me from then on out.

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