A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 02


After recovering from our orgasms, Sarah and I set about cleaning things up. We were both still naked and I still had the plug in my ass.

“No need to put the enema can away,” Sarah told me. “Mary Ellen has an appointment tomorrow morning. Just change the tip.”

“Mary Ellen Davis?” I asked, very interested.

“YUP, she comes in every other Monday for an enema and cellulite wrap.”

“And you give her the enema? I would think Dave (her husband) would be happy to do that for her.” I should say that Mary Ellen is in her early forties, very pretty and never had children. Dave was a very lucky man. The vision of her naked, on her hands and knees, with a six inch enema tip in her ass, stirred life back into my spent dick. “Does she do the Jinglou balls, too?”

“Usually Ellen gives her the enema, but since she’s not here, I’ll do it.” Sarah was wiping off the table; her tits swaying. “She says she is too embarrassed to discuss it with Dave. I know she bought a set of balls last month, but how she uses them, I don’t know.” Sarah saw the surprised look on my face. “What?”

“I don’t know. Seems odd that a woman would be too embarrassed to let her husband give her an enema, but will let another woman do it.”

“You’d be amazed at the women that come in here either for an enema or the potion. I think Ellen is turning half the women in town into enema junkies. We sold two dozen sets of balls in the last three months. Just like me, they all claim their husbands aren’t quite as attentive as they used to be.” Sarah bent down to pick up a cleaning rag. Her pucker was still quite red and dilated from the ass fucking; putting a bit more life into my cock.

“I never would have guessed.” I suddenly wished I had wired a hidden camera into the room when I built it.

Sarah walked over to me, placed a hand on my semi-flaccid dick and her other hand found the protruding end of my butt plug and gave both a couple of tugs. “I never would have thought you were such an istanbul escort ass slut.” She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Aren’t you missing the game?”

“I’ll catch the second half.”

“How much longer you going to keep this in you?” She gave another wiggle to my plug.

“You told me I was a couple hours behind you and those balls.” I smiled. “I’m not expecting company, so I’ll leave it there as long as it feels good. Why?”

Sarah gave me a wry smile. “Just curious. Why don’t you go home. I’ll finish up here.” Sarah gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for wait you did for me today, George. I really needed it.”

“My pleasure.” I gathered up my clothes and headed for the door. I stopped just before leaving and looked back at Sarah in all her naked glory. I made the short walk back to the house, naked, plugged in and getting horny again.

* * * * *

The game was well into the third quarter and the Patriots were kicking the Charger’s butts. After I heard Sarah’s car head down the drive, I decided to take a shower. The butt plug still felt very wonderful in my freshly cleaned rectum, but the protruding end made it impossible to sit down, so I swapped it for a more conventional one.

As I stood in the shower, I could help but think about Mary Ellen and the others getting enemas within just a few feet of my home. I caught myself mindlessly stroking my cock to life with a soapy hand. I stopped before spewing my cum on the shower wall. Might just as well make a day it.

I had just settled down with a beer, when the driveway alarm alerted me that I had company. “Shit,” I said out loud. I grabbed a robe and looked out to see who was coming. I set the robe down and met Sarah at the door.

“Forget something?”

“No, but I was halfway home and just decided I didn’t really want to go home. Do you mind having company for a while longer?”

“No, not all. Come in. Want avcılar escort a beer?”

“Sure. Hey, where’s your plug?”

I turned and bent over, showing her the end of the plug buried between my cheeks. “Kind of hard to sit down with the other.”

We sat in the living room, drank a couple of beers, watched the rest of the game. Between plays, Sarah filled me in on all the trials Evan had put her and Tommy through. Though I was still naked and plugged in, Sarah’s sad tale kept my dick deflated.

When Sarah finished talking, we sat silently for many minutes. Sarah drained her beer bottle and began twirling the empty beer bottle in her hand. She finally broke the silence. “George, what’s the kinkiest thing you ever did?”

“I don’t know. I guess most people would consider getting tied up and fucked in the ass with a strap-on or cucumber pretty kinky. Then there’s having a double ended dildo up my ass while you or Ellen impaled on the other end.” I smiled, “Since I call that fun, I don’t consider it kinky. Why?”

“You ever fuck a woman in the ass, while she had a twelve ounce beer bottle stick in her pussy?”

That got my attention! “Sounds fun and kinky.”

“Do you know I have never had a real cock stuck in my ass?”

“Really!” I was surprised.

“Nope, never. And I’ve made love to lots of objects, but never a beer bottle. Feel like making history?” Sarah was standing up and stripping before I have a chance to answer. “You get some lube, I’ll clean this bottle.”

A few minutes later Sarah was lying on the floor, her legs in the air and I had half a tube on KY on my hand and was greasing her cunt and anus. She didn’t have to do anything to me, I was fully erect.

I inserted the neck of the bottle into her pussy. “How are you going to hold this in?”

“You’ve got to turn it around.”

I looked at the bottom of the bottle. “You sure?”

“Just take your time.”

I flipped the bottle around şirinevler escort and pressed it against her lips. Sarah reached down, grabbed the sides of her slippery cunt and spread herself open. A few seconds later the bottle was buried into her chasm all the way to the base of the neck. Once she got used to the presence of the large invader, she began rocking on her hips. “Fuck me with it, George. Fuck me hard.”

I obeyed. I pulled the bottle halfway out then stuck it back in. Her hips raised and lowered meeting each thrust. I placed two fingers against her anus and on one of her upward thrusts, both fingers penetrated her sphincter, elicited a very loud moan. Within seconds we attained a rhythm, the bottle in her pussy and the fingers in her anus where moving in unison. All at once, her pelvis raised high off the floor and she was screaming. Her pussy clutched firmly about the bottle and her sphincter was cutting off the circulation to my fingers.

Sarah rolled over onto her belly. “Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!”

Sarah’s hand replaced my hand on the bottleneck. I positioned myself behind her. I one easy push my dick was plunged to it’s full length into her quivering back door. I could feel the girth of the bottle through her vaginal/anal wall and her hand against my scrotum.

I didn’t have to wait long for her to settle into the double intrusion, she began driving herself onto my cock. Seconds later she was coming again and screaming for me to cum in her ass.

Sarah feel forward onto her belly. The beer bottle still in her spasming cunt and my seed spilling from her gaping rectum. Spent as well, I laid next to her and gently rubbed her back. Every few seconds, her body would shudder as the massive orgasm subsided.

* * * * *

We had showered and dressed. Tommy called and said he was on his way home.

“Thanks again, George.”

“You’re very welcome. What would have happened if we had been drinking a magnum of wine?”

“Now that’s kinky. ” She kissed me on the cheek. “Our secret?”

“You know it.”

As Sarah drove down the driveway, I couldn’t help but think about what a fool Tommy was for not realizing what an adventurous and horny woman he had. I also thought I’d go over to the spa and figure out how difficult it would be install a camera.

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