A New Beginning Ch. 01: Erudition


Author’s Note: The following story will be a rather long narrative, in a series. Nothing in this series is fully as it seems, so please bear with me until the end. It’s my dream to become a full time novelist, so I’ll be writing further chapters of this, and another story.


Life was always complicated, it seemed like many events in my life were tests. My name is Jules Stevenson, my mother apparently loved reading Jules Verne novels. I’ve always been brilliant, I would see answers around me where others didn’t even see the questions. Questions about my destiny plagued my parents minds as I grew up, although I always knew what I wanted to do. From a very young age I wanted to expand the frontiers of human knowledge. By age sixteen I had graduated from MIT and was on the fast track to a high paying career in a laboratory outside of L.A.’s city limits. By the time I was twenty I had my own lab and was dating an intern at the facility.

Celeste, who later became my wife was enchanting. Her family was from France but became citizens in her highschool years. Long, blonde hair went down to her shoulder blades and she has bright, green eyes that seemed to dance in my mind whenever she smiled. For a long time, life was good for us. She got a well paying job in human services at the laboratory and I had several patents for my inventions with the company, so money was never a problem. That didn’t stop Celeste from leaving me however, she said the fire went out of our marriage but I really knew that she was having an affair. Still though, I gave her a generous amount of settlement money and in return, I got to have custody of our fourteen year old daughter, Amélie.

Amélie was always more like me in personality. Oh, her mother was intelligent, but looking back on our marriage made me realize that Celeste used her intelligence to be manipulative. My ex-wife often would turn conversations to her benefit, and had a way of convincing people to do things they would rather avoid. Our daughter Amélie had Celeste’s beauty and charm, but she used her beautiful mind to understand the world around her, much like myself. By the age of eighteen Amélie had already spent one year at a prestigious college for botany, she always had a love of things that grow and need to be nurtured with time, what I didn’t know however was that she was also studying to learn how to alter plants to make them better vegetables and fruits for planting.

When my sweet Amélie left for college a year ago, I was proud but lonely. My work was lenient enough that I could start doing most of my work from home, and that was when I started working on -the- project. The one project anyone famous will be best known for, for the rest of their lives. This invention would send my name down in history forever. You see, I was developing a technology that would make moving cargo by freight or plane obsolete, people could ship items or even themselves in moments from one part of the planet to another. Folding space would be my ticket to immortality.

Ever since the divorce I hadn’t dated much, Amélie urged me to go out there and date again, she worried too much about me. Then again, after the divorce I had custody over her and we always were close, to be honest though I was always worried about her dating. I know that most fathers are worried when it comes to the boys that their daughters end up dating, but Amélie was gorgeous. She inherited her mothers beautiful body with luscious DD breasts and a beautiful ass lending her a lovely hourglass figure, add to that her mothers beautiful blonde hair and my electric blue eyes. Sometimes I wished she inherited my black hair because her golden hair seemed to grab the attention of anyone she was around. Summer vacation had arrived for Amélie and with her rigorous college routine she was going to be coming home in a couple of days to spend her summer home relaxing with me.

We had made plans of what we’d do, we’d start spending just a month doing nothing but relaxing by the pool to start. Then, we’d spend the rest of her summer break going to Hawaii, New York, and finally Paris to take in all of the sights and relax. We never had much chances to take vacations together, she took her education seriously as I took my work seriously. Amélie thought she would have to twist my arm to convince me to go on this vacation but truth be told, I had been planning to do something like this with my daughter for years and now was the perfect opportunity. I was close to finishing my work and this summer would also be a celebration, I would no doubt get a Nobel prize as well as a vast fortune for my work. I decided that I’d finally be able to take things easy for once and probably spend at least a decade spending time with my family and relaxing. All of this is why it was crucial for me to get my research completed before Amelie came in a couple of days, all I had left was a few last calibrations and some final testing to perfect my system, all of which I planned on doing tonight.

That’s why I found myself in my private laboratory in the house, it was a fairly large home, but inherited. My grandfather bakırköy escort was a stock broker and gave the home to me as a wedding present, over the years I had turned a room in the east wing into my lab. It was beautiful, something like a dome with glass windows all along the walls and ceiling, with several purple and red leaved trees blocking the sunlight from making it unbearably warm. Early on in our marriage Celeste wanted to claim this room for herself but I convinced her that it would be of better use with my work, I needed a place at home that not only could I work but feel at peace, a place to work in comfort.

My lab at home was actually better equipped than my laboratory at the company as some of the devices in my home were actually designed by myself and were better in form and function than most commercial lab equipment. I’d spent the whole morning and early afternoon preparing for the final test, and it all came down to this moment of truth, soon everything would change. I flipped the switch just as I heard my Amélie calling out to me from the front door, “Dad, I was able to catch an earlier flight!” The machines fired up and the test cylinder disappeared successfully, I looked into the camera feed for the other part of the house where cylinder should have arrived but nothing was there.

A deep sigh left my lips as I realized I might as well take a break for now to welcome Amélie home, I could figure out what went wrong later, but that didn’t stop my mind from going through calculations and variables while I went through to the front of the house. I was in my own little world when I kicked a suitcase, looking down I saw all of my daughters things sitting on the floor. Even the clothes she was apparently wearing as I even found a black bra and panties in the small pile.

I froze in abject fear for what felt like an eternity but was only a few minutes most likely and after my few moments I began to call out to her and search through the house to no avail. I eventually found myself on a balcony on the third floor which was set up with a telescope for star gazing, I looked through it and my mind reeled as the images before me. Cars crashed into other cars or lamp posts, clothes and personal items abandoned on the sidewalks or in the road, and in the distance I could even see a radio traffic helicopter crashing to the ground, sans pilot or passengers.

This justified my fear when I saw my daughters possessions on the floor, I’d made seemingly everyone in the city disappear, possibly even the whole world. Days, weeks, and eventually even months began to pass as I went over everything. I had no clue how to bring them all back but I got an idea for the moment on how to bring my daughter back for now. She was my priority anyways. I’d realized that the power source from the machine with my final testing settings had caused the problem. The device was powered by energy found in the atmosphere: radiation, radio waves, even cosmic energies.

I could bring my daughter back by sampling the energies left in stasis where her clothing was. Everyone had been transformed into a type of energy and sent into a sort of pocket dimension, a plane just beneath our own, and time would stay standstill for them until brought back. The only downside to this process is that I could only bring back one person at a time for now, a long and grueling process considering the whole world seemed to be gone. In all these months there had been no new broadcasts of any kind, no search and rescue, and no signs of any life including animals.

I found myself in remorseful solitude yet again, the only thing that seemed to drive me forward now was a desire to save my daughter, but now that my permutations and calculations were all completed I was hesitant to flip that switch yet again. It was only natural, given the last time that I did I made all life but myself disappear. The only thing that prevented me from joining all other life on the planet was the fact that I had shielded my console area in case of such a mistake. Early experiments made random objects disappear and reappear in unprogrammed locations. I’d try to move a test cylinder and my coffee mug would disappear only to reappear inside the wall, or in another case my computer chair appearing in the water of the pool. I’d dedicated most of my waking time for the past five months though to solving this one small issue, saving one person, and my daughter would be the one to benefit first.

She was the light of my life, the only good thing to come from my marriage to Celeste and so I summoned my courage and my wits and activated the machinery and set it to bring her back. Everything came to life around me, machines hummed and lit up and as soon as it was done I ran and left the safety of my laboratory to the hallway, looking for any sign of Amélie.

Naked, bewildered, and totally gorgeous stood Amélie, perplexed and looking around worriedly. I ran up to her and embraced her before she could even say a word, it not even clicking in my mind that I was holding my very nude eighteen year old daughter tightly against beşiktaş escort my own body, though my penis did register this fact as it hardened when I held her naked flesh tightly against my own body, her ample bosom pressing to my chest.

Tears fell in streams unbidden from my eyes and she finally spoke, “.. Father? Where are my clothes and my suitcases?”

I pulled my head from her shoulder and looked into her eyes and she could see the joy and relief in them and on my face, “You’ve.. been gone, everyone’s been gone for almost half a year. It’s been five months, I’ve spent.. all this time trying to figure out what went wrong and how to get you back.”

Amélie looked even more confused at those words, “You.. did all of that? Is that what you were working on?”

A frown came to my lips and I nodded, ‘Unfortunately, it was an oversight. I thought my new technology was completed, I discovered a method of folding space for instantaneous travel. The tests had been very promising the month before that happened, my final calculations actually interfered with the power source though.”

Amélie seemed to be taking this all in well enough and after a few minutes of considering everything she finally spoke again, “Well, you must be exhausted. I know how you get and you’ve lost a lot of weight, you need a good meal. I’ll go get dressed and then make you dinner, it looks like it’s getting late outside anyways.”

Relief washed over me, seeing my sweet Amélie again was like a dream. Of course, lately my dreams of her had become somewhat sexual and romantic. All of my focus on saving her, Amélie’s natural beauty, my love for her, and my situation had made her the center of my masterbatory and romantic fantasies and dreams lately, and so I went to the den and started a fire and found myself falling into a Corinthian leather reclining chair, a deep sigh leaving my lips as I heard Amélie scuttle off to her bedroom.

I must have looked like I felt, a mess, she was right. I’d been practically starving myself and overtaxing myself, working almost all hours of the day in my lab and frankly I was growing tired of that room. After a half hour later she came into the den wearing a white silk robe and she went to the bar and poured two glasses of whiskey and she gave me a sexy little smile that reminded me of her mother, back when things were good between Celeste and myself. Amélie handed a glass and gracefully sat in the recliner beside me, “I don’t think any police will mind if I join your for a drink, I think we could both use one. Are… you going to be able to bring them all back?”

I hesitated to respond for a few moments but finally looked to her, “Eventually, yes. I know that I can, but it might take a couple of years to figure out how to reverse the whole world at once. In the short term I can bring a few other people back, but not too many. A small community, I was thinking actually. If I try too many, it will just take that much longer to solve the larger issue.”

Then her next words blew me away, her electric blue eyes staring into my same brilliant blue eyes, “I’m glad, but I wouldn’t mind waiting a couple of months for you to bring others back for the community. We did have plans to relax together and .. I had something to discuss with you, dad. This has been bubbling up ever since yours and mothers divorce, I saw what she put you through for years, and cheating on you? You never deserved that, you were always the best father and husband and always lavished her with gifts. I came to appreciate your dedication to family and to your work, and I came to admire you as a man. I had something of a daddy crush, but over the years it’s grown stronger. I wanted to spend that summer seeing if you could possibly feel the same way.”

I knew what she told me took a lot of courage for her to say, and I knew she meant every word. Our bond ran very deep and I knew she believed in me and my work, she knew I could get everyone back but for now what she seemed to want most was me. I felt that familiar stirring in my loins that she roused earlier and my heart skipped a few beats when she gave me a sultry and seductive smile as she tilted her head to the side and said, “I think I actually know my answer though, I felt how hard you were in our hug. I always had a feeling you might have a nice dick, it felt pretty damn nice, but I didn’t get a good enough feel through your clothes.. maybe I could get a better one now?” and she winked, her lips grazed against my neck and nibbled my flesh,

God I was in heaven. I reached over and grabbed her robe, opening it so that I could grasp her DD breasts crowned by her pink, silver dollar sized nipples. My hands massaged her breasts carefully at first and her hands found the zipper and buckle of my pants and opened them and she quickly fished out my cock. Now, I’m not a porn star by any stretch of the imagination but I’m no slouch either. My penis may not have been extremely large but it was seven inches long and very fat, the girth being the best part about it, or so I’d been told.

All of this was unbelievable beylikdüzü escort to me, sure I had fantasized. Many fathers do, though few would ever admit to that fact. Still though, here his daughter was, fondling and stroking my dick. I blinked my eyes open again as I felt Amélie kissing her way down my chest and she gave me another of those bedeviling smiles that told me exactly what she had planned. I grasped the armrests as her grip on my shaft became even firmer, Amélie’s pretty pink tongue extended and fluttered against the crown of my dick.

That same wonderful tongue ran down along my shaft and slid back up so that she could lick at my urethra and collect the pre-cum that had only just started leaking. Within moments I felt the warm breath from her lips hit the head of my dick and without missing a beat, Amélie’s lips wrapped around my cock and her mouth slowly engulfed my prick, but what soon stunned me even more was when I saw and felt all of my shaft disappear into her throat. Damn, my daughter was a hell of an experienced cock sucker, she didn’t show any signs of gagging as she started to go to town on me.

My mind swam in pleasure from my daughters intense, fiery passion for me and her sheer skill. I’d become to wrapped up in my own pleasures that I had forgotten to continue to tease my daughter, with her bent over the armrests I had a difficult time reaching her breasts so I ran my hand down along her back and pushed the robe completely off of her body with her help. Finally my hand reached her luscious, heart shaped ass and squeezed her left cheek before giving her rear a firm slap which made my mynx of a daughter squeal in surprise and delight and the spanking and a shiver ran down my spine as her throats noise sent delicious vibrations through my cock.

Suddenly that struck me with an idea and I gave Amélie a firm slap over the lips of her pussy which I knew would hurt a bit but also send pleasurable vibrations through her moist canal. I delivered several more swats but stopped once her slit became sopping wet and I let my thumb stroke over her clit while two of my fingers started to thrust into Amélie’s tight canal. She wasn’t a virgin any longer but she really did feel tight and I guessed that she hadn’t had many lovers, certainly none with a dick as thick as mine.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long, I was already close to orgasm and so I warned Amélie and she only redoubled her efforts, her head bobbing faster and faster against my crotch, her tongue swirling around my shaft and pleasuring my frenum and glans like a master and her incredibly rough sucking finally drew me over the edge. My dick twitched as hot and sticky, thick white globs of spunk began to shoot into my baby girls mouth, she was careful to let it shoot out against her tongue when I finally reached my orgasm. Pleasure seemed to sear my mind, and I couldn’t believe that I was actually blowing my load into this blond vixens mouth, my own daughter.

I centered my attention on Amélie’s clit now as my orgasm continued for what seemed like ages and I stroked her clit in small circles. All good things come to and end though, as did my orgasm, and Ame’s found herself pulling my dick out of her mouth so that she could show me the cum collected on her tongue before she dutifully and without hesitation, swallowed the lot. Her eager tongue soon seductively began to lick the cum from my still hard shaft and head and when she was done she just grinned up at me, “That was better than I imagined, I’ve wanted to suck your cock for years, I used to imagine sneaking into your room while you slept to suck you off.”

I brushed my fingers through her golden locks of hair and smiled lovingly as I looked into her eyes, “You’re an angel, darling, you’ve always been the best daughter I could have hoped for. You saved me after the divorce, brought me out of my depression.”

Amélie stood, her golden hair cascading beautifully behind her shoulders, her nude form in all of its glory before me and she stepped before me and said, “Then let me save you one more time father, let me bring you back from this hell you have been in.”

Her thin wisps of blond pubic hair curls were shaven and trimmed to appear like a small arrow pointing the way to heaven and Amélie’s crowning pink nipples stood erect at her arousal as my daughter slipped onto my chair. Amélie reached down and grabbed my swollen member and brought the head to the beautiful pink lips of her femininity and she slowly fell upon my cock. A sweet cry escaped her lips and a groan left mine as I felt my unprotected dick push into my daughters lovely cunt.

God her pussy was indeed tight, tighter than any I’ve ever felt before, her walls clenched my dick and the wet and liquid heat of her vagina seemed to stroke my cock as if it were begging me, enticing me to go further and defile my gorgeous daughter. Her lithe body began to rise and fall against me and I let my hands slide up along her thighs to over her hips, and finally my hands were cupping Amélie’s breasts and were massaging her large globes hungrily. My lips came up to Ame’s left nipple and I nibbled on her nub of flesh, sucking upon it while my hips rose and fell against her own bucking body. We were like newlyweds who had never before touched one another, lost to the passions and carnal bliss of finally becoming one with the one person we loved most in the world.

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