A Quiet Evening at Home? Ch. 02


She was sitting across from you, her angelic glow radiating from her body, like it always did. You saw her picking at her plate at dinner but didn’t see her eating much. You could tell something was wrong and that distressed you, you hated to see your sister unhappy. Dinner was hard to get through without you having a few naughty thoughts about her; since the day you two had sex months ago, she was all that was on your mind and you were almost getting to the point that you couldn’t cum without thinking of Samantha.

Just as dinner was coming to a close you noticed Sam looking at you intently. Not staring, but looking at you as if she was trying to tell you something. Everyone was eating banana pudding for desert and you watched her closely as she brought up a spoonful of the pudding and licked the spoon clean. You didn’t think too much of it until you saw her slightly flick her tongue on the very tip of it. You smiled to yourself, but not a big enough smile for anyone at the table to notice, even though that was unlikely seeing as everyone was chatting with each other and no one seemed to be paying attention to you and Sam.

A few minutes after you two enjoyed that little tease, you could tell what Sam was trying to tell you. She had reached forward with her foot and rubbed against your ankle several times, and if you looked closely enough you could see that same flame that had enveloped her entire being the last time you two were together. You looked around and noticed that everyone was almost finished with dinner and you knew that Samantha would be leaving soon. You didn’t want this night to end, you were already getting very turned on for her and you knew she must have been extremely aroused for you by then as well. A light bulb turned on above your head, and you excused yourself from the dinner table, saying you needed to get something from your room. Sam, of course, did the same not five seconds later, saying she needed to use the restroom. You went into your room and your sister followed.

You stepped in first and you turned around to watch Sam close the door behind you. She walked over toward you and she started to whisper something intelligible. Finally you heard all you needed to hear.

“Jake, I need you again.”

Bingo. Your sister wanted to fuck you again, you knew it! But she continued to speak…

“I know how wrong this is and I know that it’s not exactly the best way for either of us to get laid but Jake I need your cock again. I can’t help it, I’m not getting anything from John and god Jake I just need you so badly.”

You leaned in to kiss her. Your lips touched hers and your entire body shook. Neither of you had ever felt this electricity, this dire NEED to kiss someone. To touch someone. To fuck someone. Samantha pulled back.

“Jake… this… is… so… wrong…” she said between pecks that she couldn’t resist giving you. You seemed to get frustrated with her and you put your hands up around her neck and pulled her into you. You pressed your lips against hers tightly, passionately.

“Then stop kissing me,” you responded a second later when you pulled away.

“I… can’t,” she said, meekly. But you heard desire in her voice. She wanted you.

“We’d better get back,” you said, not knowing how else to break the silence. You headed for the door.

“Jake, wait!” she exclaimed, but not loud enough for anyone to hear but you. You turned to face her. “Let’s go to my place. John is at work. Please Jake? I need you so much. I… I can’t help it that I’m your sister, I just need you to fuck me again Jake, please!”

Well, of course you weren’t going to say no to this.

“Alright, Sam, but we’re ‘going for a drive’, okay?” you suggested. She nodded and you two left the room.

The normally short drive to her apartment was driving you wild. Your cock was hard in your pants and you didn’t care if Sam noticed or not, you were hot for your sister and you were going to fuck her again. She needed you, she was the one to approach you this time, so you couldn’t hardly imagine what this was going to feel like. How amazing this was going to be.

Finally you found the two of you pulling into the parking garage. The car descended and you started to become nervous; what exactly did she expect of you this time? Your mind started to race and you tried to think of how you could plan this out, how you were going to fuck her. You loved how it was last time, so spontaneous, but this time you had time to think about it and you wanted to make sure you two did everything possible to have a good time. Still dazed, you realized that you had already gotten out of the car when she parked and you two were heading for the elevator. Once inside, Sam took a glance around the parking lot before being completely satisfied that no one was there to push the button once it was closed. And the doors began to close…

Samantha’s kiss came unexpectedly. A fierce, quick, wild kiss; full of need and wanton pendik escort desire. You felt her reach her head up and pull your head to the side so you could kiss her. You easily followed her gesture and found your lips on hers not for the last time of the night. Her warm, wet lips instantly put you into a trance, she took you to this world where nothing but her lips and tongue were there. You leaned more into the kiss and parted your lips to touch her teeth with your tongue, telling her you wanted your tongue inside of your sister’s mouth. She responded by opening her mouth and taking the initiative by forcing her own tongue inside of your mouth. Delighted with her forwardness, you felt goosebumps form all over your body and her tongue just seemed to fit right, it felt right. You wondered why you and your big sister had never kissed before a few months ago.

The ding of the elevator only gave you two a millisecond to pull away and straighten yourselves up. The doors opened and thankfully no one was in the lobby. Seeing this, Sam pulled you back in close to her for a quick peck and shoved her tongue into your mouth, swirling her tongue around yours just once before pulling back. Your eyes met once she went back down and she licked her lips while smiling – she looked so cute when she was horny.

She grabbed your hand and the two of you walked to the end of the hall, where her apartment was. You noticed that while you stood outside of her apartment that you had started to sweat and you were actually beginning to become quite nervous. You weren’t sure why, but you knew it was probably because this forwardness Sam was showing was intimidating. But then, that’s what big sisters are for!

Finally inside her apartment, inside her bedroom, behind a closed door, you two could unleash your desires for each other. Before Samantha could move in to kiss you (like you knew she would), you grabbed the sides of her neck and pulled her up toward you rather quickly, letting her know that you were in charge. Your lips pressed firmly together and you felt the heat rise considerably in the room. Sam brought her arms up and wrapped them around your neck and jumped up on you, wrapping her legs around you, so that you had to support her weight. Oh, this was a position you remembered! Not really sure if you could hold her up and kiss her the way you wanted to, you walked forward as best you could with your sister in your arms and your cock hard within your jeans. You knew the door was behind her somewhere and if you just kept walking…

Slam! You pushed her up against the door, forcing her back into the wood, and momentarily knocking the breath out of her slightly… but she continued to kiss you. She had not even given a response except a moan. So, then, your sister liked it rough, eh? You suddenly felt very powerful and wanted to fuck the life out of your sister. If she wanted rough, you wanted to give it to her.

Her tongue was exploring your mouth deeply, feeling the roof of your mouth, your tongue, underneath your tongue, and your teeth. She slightly pulled away, licking your lips, and you took this opportunity to shove your tongue into her mouth. You did the same with her as she had with you: exploring every nook and cranny of her delicious mouth. Her mouth tasted like pudding, and you just wanted to eat her up. You wondered if she felt the same just as she pulled her head back slightly and tapped your shoulders, telling you she wanted down. Still kissing her, you shook your head. You didn’t want to put her down. Your cock was rubbing against her crotch and mainly her tight ass and you were in heaven. Your sister pushed up against the wall in your arms, ravishing your mouth; of course you did not want that to end.

Instead, you pulled her off of the wall and turned one hundred-eighty degrees so that you were facing the bed, and you walked her toward it. You carried her weight while letting her tongue swirl around yours over and over in an even circular motion and when you felt the bed at your knees you suddenly dropped her and she fell backward, landing onto the bed. Too startled to react, you lean over Sam and slightly pin her down with your weight, and you start to kiss and suck on her neck. You heard her breath start to come in slightly shorter intakes and she started to moan softly. She had one of her hands on the back of your head, sometimes resting there, sometimes grasping a handful of your hair.

You asked her if she liked it into her ear and she nodded with a simple, “Yes, Jake,” as her response. You smiled as you reached forward with your right hand and brought it to her pussy. You could feel the heat coming from within her, you could only imagine how wet her cunt was for you. You ran your middle finger between her pussy lips and then asked:

“How about that? That feel good?” into her ear.

“Mmm, yes Jake,” she replied, her voice shaky. You put your hand on her shoulder and çekmeköy escort realized that you two hadn’t even removed any clothing yet, and you couldn’t have that. You started to reach forward to unbutton her shirt, but she removed your hands and pushed you up, getting out from under you.

“What is it? Did I do something wrong?” you immediately started to ask.

“No, no Jake, you didn’t. I just wanted to…” she got up and went over to her stereo and turned on a sexy song. Immediately she started to sway her hips to the beat and unbutton her shirt. “… strip for you,” she finally finished. Your raised your eyebrows in shock, yet definite approval. She smiled a devilish smile at you and turned the volume up a bit more.

She walked over towards you, her first button undone, and pulled her shirt open a bit as she began to sway her hips again. She lowered her hands to her hips and started an even rhythm. You found it funny in an odd way that she was charming you, even though she was the seductive snake ready to strike. Her eyes locked with yours and you could see the lust burning within. She lowered herself to the music, still swaying her hips, but allowing herself to go down as low as she could and then come back up. As she rose up, her hands came up to her shirt and she unbuttoned the bottom one.

‘Oh no,’ you thought, ‘she’s going to tease me.’ You couldn’t decide if you hated this or loved it. You wanted to reach out and touch her, since you were sitting up on the bed perfectly in front of her now, but you didn’t want to interrupt the show your sister was giving you. So you were a good boy and sat still. Her hips began to seduce you even more, she had taken a small step forward and her hips were now rolling out towards you and then back away. Towards you, then away. You watched her body curve and bend to the music as she reached up from the bottom of her shirt and undid another button. You could finally see the smooth skin of her stomach and you just wanted to reach forward and run your fingertips around her waist and touch her. But you resisted and continued to watch.

She had three more buttons to go and she undid the next two, one from the top, one from the bottom. You could see, to your delight, that she was wearing a sexy black lace bra that just made your mouth water. She moved in closer to you and turned around. Her ass was probably about two feet from your face, and your jaw just unhinged itself it seemed. Your mouth hung open as you stared at Sam’s tight ass rotating, gyrating, and popping to the beat in front of you. You practically had to tuck your hands underneath your legs to keep you from reaching out and grabbing that hot ass, it was so sexy. You had never seen anything like this before and your cock was about to explode.

Just as you thought you had to touch her, you couldn’t hold back any longer, she brought her hands up to the waist of her pants and rolled the seam down twice, so she lowered her pants about 3 inches. If your mouth was hung open before, it was on the floor now. What you saw just at the top of her pants was the top triangle of a see-through black thong. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. You moaned aloud without even being touched.

You just stared at her ass, you couldn’t blink, you didn’t swallow and your mouth started to fill up with your saliva but you weren’t even paying attention to that. You just wanted her ass… you wanted your big sister’s ass. As if things couldn’t get any better, she reached her hand back, pulled it back towards you and slapped her own ass, turning her face to look at you as she did so. Your breath caught in your throat and you forgot how to breathe. You couldn’t believe what a whore your sister was being!

She laughed slightly at seeing you and turned back around, finally undoing the last button and allowing her shirt to come off of her shoulders, exposing her bra, chest, and stomach to you. You moaned again and looked her up and down, still swaying. You couldn’t believe it had only been two minutes or so but you didn’t want this to end. She smiled and turned once more, moving forward a bit. She knew just how to tease you, and she did an amazing job.

She reached up to the seam of her pants and started to pull them down… slowly. She rolled her ass out as she was bending over, she kept her knees straight and just bent down at her hips. You watched as her ass was exposed to you and finally you could see the string of her thong as she pulled her pants down. More, just a little more, and you could see her cunt. Oh yes, there it was, you could see that the thong was completely drenched, you could smell her musky scent and you finally felt yourself drool so you snapped back into reality and swallowed what felt like a gallon of your saliva that had collected while you were watching your sister.

Just as her pants were to her knees, you could not help yourself any longer. You reached forward and put maltepe escort your hands around her hips and pulled her ass towards you. You lightly bit down on her right butt cheek and kissed it. She had such an amazing ass. You heard her moan and she stopped moving, which you took to meant that she wanted you to continue. You reached one of your hands up and pulled the string aside so that you could lick down the crack of her ass. Your other hand came up and touched her soaked pussy, which you could not help to lower your head and lick at. Samantha tasted wonderful.

It only lasted for another second before she pulled away and finished undressing. She took her pants off and stepped out of them as she removed her bra and tossed it aside. However, you noticed her thong stayed on. You reached up to take it off of her, but she grabbed your hand.

“No, Jake, leave it. It’s so much sexier to have on a thong while you’re having sex, because it makes you feel like you can’t resist the person long enough to take off your underwear,” she said.

You slightly chuckled and looked at her. She was now standing in front of you, facing you, and you were standing as well. You looked down at her breasts and reached up to pinch her nipples, which were already hard, and she closed her eyes and moaned softly.

She allowed you to continue to pinch her nipples for a few more seconds before she said, “Let’s move onto the bed.” Of course, having no objections to that, you were pleased to hear her suggest that. Your balls were literally about to explode after that show. You decided that you wanted to make her cum before you did, like last time, and you knew just how to do that.

“Get on the bed, on your hands and knees, your ass towards me,” you gently ordered her. She giggled with glee and almost immediately was in position, waiting for you, what she thought, to fuck her. You smiled and got onto the bed behind her, and told her to scoot up a bit so that you would have room. She did and you got situated on your knees behind her. You told her to spread her legs apart and she complied.

You couldn’t help but to massage her sweet ass for a few seconds and giving it a nice hard slap. She responded well to this, she moaned fairly loudly, so you decided to do it again. You brought your hand back and you whipped it back down, slapping her again. You smiled when you heard her moan again. She wanted you to spank her, and you wanted to spank your big sister for being such a bad girl and wanting to have sex with you. You slapped her ass about five more times, each time getting a very nice response, even hearing her moan your name softly once or twice, before you stopped. You looked down at her ass and saw that it was slightly red and you smiled. You just punished your big sister, and you loved it.

Remembering what you were going to do before, you brought your left hand up to move her thong to the side and hold it there, and you lifted up your right hand to her soaking pussy. To your surprise, she was even more aroused than before, very much so! You held your hand underneath her pussy in a cup-like form, and you rubbed her clit fast with your middle finger. You were testing to see exactly how aroused she was. You instantly felt her pussy start to drip, her juices were dripping straight into your hand from inside of her cunt. You counted to thirty and almost had her cumming already. Excited to see exactly how much had dripped into your hand, you removed your hand from underneath her and saw that her juices were almost dripping out of your hand, she had been so aroused.

You crawled up to her, up beside her, and held your hand out for her to see. She blushed slightly and you put it in front of her face. Knowing what you wanted, and perhaps wanting it herself, she began to lap up her juices right from your hand. She licked and licked until your hand was completely clean, and then you reached down to kiss her. You tasted her sweet juices and wanted more. But you had to resist, you didn’t want to eat her out, you wanted to pound her! You broke the kiss and moved back in position behind her.

You still had all of your clothing on, but you remembered how Sam had said that it was sexy to leave it on, so you decided to just unbutton and unzip your jeans and simply pull your cock out from your boxers. You steadied yourself and grabbed Sam’s hips. Before you could even push forward to enter her, she had thrust her hips back at you and your cock slipped halfway into her cunt. She was tight, yes, but god she was wet for you. You both moaned at the same time and you felt her push back more. She wanted the rest of your cock in her pussy and you allowed her to have it, letting her thrust back one more time and you were completely inside of her.

The warmth and the wetness and the strength that her pussy was holding you by was just mind blowing. You hardly remembered what it felt like to be inside of your sister, but now you recalled exactly how everything felt. You started to pull out of her and couldn’t resist thrusting back into her when you were only halfway out. You wanted to fill her up again. When she felt you shove your cock into her, she moaned loudly. You pulled out again, all the way this time, and thrust back into her. All the way inside again.

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