A saturday afternoon.


A saturday afternoon.This is the story of an afternoon at my friend’s house. It was Saturday, he was only until Sunday evening and I went to him early in the afternoon. He lived near me, in five minutes of walking I was already excited. I walked into his house, he was already naked, the cock hidden in the thick fur, his big hairy balls, I was ready. I undressed my little cock was hard, he made me go to his mother’s room. From the drawer she took panties, bras and black stockings. Then from the closet he took a camique and a skirt. We went to the bathroom and gave nail polish. I started with my feet, at the end I had nails of a nice red color, then he helped me with the nail polish on my hands. When the nail polish dried, I put on lipstick, for the eyes we did not know how to use makeup. I wore my panties, bra, my skirt and shirt. I was completely dressed as a woman. And how I liked it. We started our game, he was the master and I was his slut. We went into the living room and poured him whiskey, while he drank I stood near the table at his orders. He wanted another one, then he ordered kadıköy escort me to drink too. The alcohol was starting to take effect, and I don’t know where it would take us. Then he wanted to go to the bathroom I was behind him, I took his dick in his hand and helped him pee. Back in the living room, he sat down and I got down on my knees in front of him and started touching his dick. With my other hand, I touched his balls, then I gave them a tongue-in-hand shot. I liked to feel his hair on my tongue. I lifted up and passed my tongue from his belly up to his nipples. I caught one in my mouth and then sucked it into the other. It was the right time. With my tongue I went on his neck and up to his lips. At this point he opened his mouth and I could put my tongue inside, We kissed for a long time with great passion, We went to his room. She made me bend forward, lifted my skirt to see my ass covered by her mother’s panties, moved them to one side, felt her hand on my buttocks, then opened them and pointed üsküdar escort her finger at my hole. He played for a few seconds then tucked him in. It turned me on. He moved his finger in and out. When I was finished, he ordered me to undress. I improvised a kind of striptease, slowly took off my shirt, then lowered my skirt and pulled it up, he sat on the bed watching. Removed the skirt I started with the bra, even here with slow movements. I finally stayed in panties and stockings. My little hard dick popped out of my panties. I went to him, raised his legs, his hairy ass in front of my face. With my hands I spread out his buttocks and my tongue immediately went to his hole covered with black hair. I licked his hole even by putting the tip of my tongue inside. I loved the smell and taste of his ass. I lowered him and took his balls all in my mouth. I sucked them up to hurt him, then I finally got to his dick. I kissed the tip and made it disappear into my mouth. I started the blowjob, using only my mouth, the hands with the red nails were tuzla escort on his balls and on his chest to tighten the nipples. I left his dick, stood on the bed next to him and rested a veiled foot from the socks on his mouth, and he immediately licked him and sucked his fingers. As I liked, I couldn’t stand it anymore. On my knees above him, with my hand I took his dick and carried it to my hole. Slowly I sat on top of it. I could feel the hole dilating to let him in. I sighed when he went up to his balls. I stood still, I loved to feel full by him. My ride began, first slowly and then to increase. I leaned over him looking for his mouth, my slightly open red lips welcomed his tongue that was looking for mine. My mouth was covered by his tongue and his ass from his dick drilling me. I really felt like his slut. I lost the sense of time, He detached from my red mouth, a sign that he was coming. I put myself with my back upright to have his dick all in, a pelvis blow was the sign that the milk was coming. I encouraged him with loving and sweet words. He stood still, the orgasm was over. I got up and brought my ass closer to his face, pushed his abdominal muscles and his hot milk began to drain from my open hole on his lips. When even the last drop came out of my body, with my tongue I cleaned his mouth out of his milk and swallowed. We were lying in bed waiting to regain our strength to make love again, but I will tell you this later.

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