A Seduction of Daddy


I stood looking in my full body mirror. I catalogued my appearance starting from my size 9 feet to my very long hair.

I am tall, 5’10. I have very long well defined legs. My bum is firm and round and my hips are kinda heavy making my waist appear smaller than it actually is. My tummy is tight and trim. I have very large breasts that sit just right on my chest. I have a beautiful face with hazel eyes that are green one moment and grey or brown the next. My bottom lip is slightly fuller than my top one giving me a sexy pout. I have a cute nose. My hair is silky and the colour of sable.

I am a very beautiful girl and I discovered early that men want to fuck me. I get hit on all the time and guys are always telling me I’m hot or sexy. I never really paid that much attention to my face or body before that but once my eyes were opened I could see what they meant.

I guess you could say that my discovery of my body coupled with the constant attention I received made me a little slutty. After the first painful time I learned to enjoy sex although there was always something missing for me. I was soon to discover what it was and how much better it gets.

See married men in my opinion are usually desperate. They long to do things that their wives won’t do. They also have the experience to please a woman and make her toes curl. Where young men rut, husbands make love. This was what I had been missing.

I am a very, very bad girl. I love to fuck married men. Ever since I turned 18 I have been addicted to sex period. It took me awhile to realize that my slutty ways were really caused by needing a man of my own. One man in particular.

It all started when I was babysitting for my next door neighbours, Mr and Mrs French. Mrs French was a very pretty lady. She had brown hair cut in a short bob. Her eyes were a shade lighter than her hair. She was a little bit plump and baseball was to help her get fit. Mr French was an athletic, average looking man. Mousy brown hair, blue eyes, tall and lean. I was not in the least bit attracted to Mr French.

They have two little boys that needed supervising while they each played in their baseball tournament. Normally they played ball on separate nights but the odd scheduling conflict did occur. This was the first time they had asked me to sit for them.

It was an unseasonably warm June evening and instead of babysitting at the house, Mrs French thought it would be a good idea if I watched the kids at the park. I agreed that it sounded fun.

Due to the heat the city had opened the splash pad at the park where the tournament was being held. I grabbed my bikini and a towel and hopped into the French’s waiting vehicle.

Once there Mrs French kissed the boys and left to play ball in the field at the other end of the park. Mr French took the boys into the change room and got them in their bathing suits. I ducked in to change real quick and met them out on the pad.

I saw Mr French’s eyes pop as he took in my skimpy bathing suit. I watched him as he got his reaction under control. I was intrigued. The boys and I played and splashed in the water. My French watched us almost the entire time as his field was right near the water park.

As evening turned to dusk we got cold. We dried off and put our clothes on over our suits. The boys headed for the tire swings and jungle gym. I followed at a sedate pace. That’s where Mr and Mrs French found us. They took us out for ice cream and dove home. Mr French paid me and I headed to my house.

Two weekends later I found myself sitting again. I wore a pair of baggy cut offs, a loose fitting T-shirt, and flip flops. Mr French was going to the bar to watch the fight and Mrs French was going for drinks with her girlfriends. They would both be drinking and both be home late. That was okay with me. I just had to cross the driveway.

The boys and I ate supper, played games and before long it was time for bed. I tucked them in and went down to the Den to watch tv. That’s where I was when Mr French came home.

Now I would never have stumbled onto my discovery about married men if the French’s didn’t have the playboy channel. Bored, I channel surfed until I hit upon a real sizzling porno. Fascinated, I watched it, looking over my shoulder every so often for the boys in case they woke up. I was very horny and wet by the time it was over!

I was really worked up and decided to masturbate. I pulled my shorts down and my top up. I pulled and twisted my nipples as I stroked my pussy. Before I could get off I heard someone coming in. I changed the channel and fixed my clothes.

It was Mr French. He was pretty tipsy. He asked how my night went. I watched as he withdrew my money and handed it to me. Then he crowded me into the corner and tried to kiss me. At that moment I was hot and horny so I let him.

His trembling hands travelled over my body. One hand went up my shirt to cup my breast, the other slid down my pants. When he felt my wet pussy he moaned. His tongue slid bakırköy escort in my mouth. He tweaked my nipples hard. Mr French started talking real dirty to me. Normally I hate that but in this case it felt right. I hadn’t been with someone else’s husband before. It felt real slutty.

He wasn’t much to look at but his cock was wonderful. As I eagerly pulled it out I stared at its perfection. It was real long but not overly thick. Suddenly I wanted it in every hole just like in the porno I had watched. It felt so dirty, so wrong, so good to be snaking Mr French from his wife, in his house.

I let him fuck me in my mouth. At first he was gentle but I put a stop to that. I told him to use my face like a pussy. I felt his cock jump in my mouth. He fucked my face hard then. He moaned the whole time. “Oh baby… It feels so good…The Mrs won’t take cock in her throat. She says its for sluts.” He fucked my throat raw. I loved it.

Then he bent me over the couch. He forced his long cock in my tight hole real hard. I was so wet by this point I was leaking down my thighs.

He felt so good. He took me hard and fast.

After I orgasmed he pulled out. I begged him to fuck my virgin ass. I grabbed my purse and handed him my lotion. Mr French was trembling. “Oh baby… I love to fuck ass. It’s so tight, so hot. The misses won’t do it though. She says its dirty and does nothing for her.”

He worked his way into my tight untried hole. At first it hurt. I was starting to change my mind when he began to pump me. He fingered me as he fucked my ass. I felt so turned on! He brought us both to an orgasm.

Mr French kissed me some more. He thanked me and asked if we could do it again sometime. I told him I’d think about it then I dressed and went home.

Once home I showered and hopped into bed. I dreamed of taking Mr French’s cock in front of his wife. It felt so real that I woke up soaked. I couldn’t wait to do him again.

The French’s were not the only family I babysat for. That night the Carlson’s called for a last minute babysitter. They lived further away and wanted me over night. I babysat pretty regularly for them. Mrs Carlson picked me up.

Mr Carlson was really good looking. He had a hot body and I suddenly wondered why I hadn’t really noticed him before. I did now.

Mr Carlson was in the shower and Mrs Carlson was trying to zip up her dress. She called me into her bedroom. From where I was standing I could see Mr Carlson getting out of the shower. His straining cock jutted out of his body hard and proud. I was mesmerized. I zipped Mrs Carlson and went into the kitchen.

Suddenly I was hungry for Mr Carlson’s cock. I was plotting ways to entice him as they appeared, ready to go. They kissed their infant daughter and six year old son and left for their party.

I played with the kids. After dinner I bathed them and put them to bed. I was bored and restless so I cleaned the house and did the laundry. The whole time I tried to think up a way to get Mr Carlson to fuck me. I was slightly depressed that I couldn’t come up with anything when he came through the back door.

I was standing at the folding table folding little baby sleepers. I looked over my shoulder. “Hi Mr C… Why are you home?”

He smiled at me as he walked toward me. “I came back for something” he said. Curious, I followed him into the kitchen.

Mr Carlson went upstairs and came back with a paper bag. I watched him with huge eyes. This was my chance but I didn’t know what to do! I swallowed hard. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” My voice cracked as I spoke. I cleared my throat.

His eyes flew to mine. “Sure. Everything ok?” He seemed concerned. I rushed to reassure him. “Yes. Yes everything is fine. In fact it’s okay… Just forget it.”

I chickened out.

He walked real close to me and put his hand on my shoulder. His other hand grabbed my chin. He made me look at him. He stared into my eyes and I swear he read my thoughts written there. I was wet and trembling.

I watched his eyes fill with hunger. Without any encouragement from me he took out his cell and called Mrs Carlson. “Hey Donna, the baby is awake and fussing. I’m going to stay and settle her down. No don’t come home. Relax, have fun. I’ll be back as soon as I get her to sleep. Ok… See you soon.”

He put his cell on the table and devoured my mouth. He pulled my hips in hard against him and ground his hard cock against me. He broke our kiss. “It seems my sexy babysitter has finally woken up. I have wanted you for so long but you seemed so innocent, so disinterested. I get a ragging hard on every time I think of you.”

With that he led me to his bedroom.

I was so thrilled. I wanted this so bad. I tried to reach for him but he stopped me. “Let me unwrap my package” he said. “I have waited so long to open it…”

Mr Carlson slowly stripped me naked. He pulled my shirt over my head. He kissed me and suckled my breasts beşiktaş escort through my lace bra. “I love your huge tits” he whispered. His hands undid my shorts. As he pulled them off he licked and kissed my tummy.

He stood and stared at me in nothing but my bra and thong. I was so turned on. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet. I watched him race out of his clothes. He had a gorgeous body. His cock was nice and thick. It wasn’t real long but I wanted it all the same. I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. It tasted so good. I looked up at him as he slid his cock into my throat. I gagged. He pulled out of my mouth. His pre cum dripped on my face. He smeared it with his head all over my lips. He slapped my face with his cock. Then he he slid into my mouth again.

“Oh fuck your so sweet and sexy. Suck my cock baby… Take it all.”

I sucked his cock with enthusiasm. Licked the underside of his head and pumped him with my hands. He rocked his hips into my face trying to get deeper. I laughed. I was so delighted to be sucking his cock. I put extra effort into making him cum. I swallowed all his spunk.

Then he dragged me to the bed. He pulled off my panties and bra. He stood over me wanking his semi stiff cock. Kneeling between my legs he feasted on my cunt. I kept my pussy bald. I loved to rub my soft hairless lips.

He seemed to like it too. He licked my pussy lips, every so often slipping his tongue into my slit and getting my clit. He sucked my bud hard while he finger fucked me. I came on his face.

I wanted his cock in my pussy. I begged “Mr C take my pussy and fuck it hard… Then fuck my ass!” He groaned.

He slammed his cock into me. He filled me just right. It was so good. I loved the feel of him slamming into my pussy. I loved my large tits bouncing. Their weight and size really made them jiggle when I was fucked this fast. His mouth occasionally sucked my nipples.

He had amazing stamina. He never slackened his pace once as he pounded me. His voice filled my ears as his cock filled my pussy. “Oh yes baby… Fuck you feel so good… I wanna cum in your tight pussy baby girl…”

I loved that he was a married man. I loved that he was fucking me in his wife’s bed. It felt so bad, so slutty. I couldn’t help it. I whispered “fuck me with Donnas cock Mr C… Feed me her baby making cream. Fill my pussy with her seeds. Make me cum on her hard cock…” He came hard, crying out as he shot his load into me.

He laid on me for a minute. Our breath mingled as he kissed me. “I gotta wash quick and get back to the party baby. But when I get home that perfect ass is mine.”

That kept me horny all night. Mr and Mrs Carlson came home around 2pm. I pretended to be asleep on the couch. I waited, my pussy pulsing and dripping. Eventually He came down. I let him ‘wake me up’.

He was not gentle as he fucked me. I egged him on. My legs were on his shoulders as he rocked into my body. He was ruff and I liked it. He slipped out of my cunt and found my tight asshole. Well lubed by my pussy juice he fucked my ass. He groaned. He fucked my booty like it was his last time.

Finally spent we kissed. “I’m going to fuck you like this every time you babysit for me baby.” I was thrilled. We sucked face for a few more minutes and he snuck back to bed.

In the morning he drove me home. I sucked his cock the whole way.

Now I was sure that I wanted to fuck married men. The powerful feeling it gave me, the illicitness of it, the slutty deliciousness made me horny just thinking about it. I started surfing the net looking for anything I could find on affairs. I was willing to seduce a married man but had no idea how. There was tons of stuff online from written stories to pornos. I got a thorough education fast. Now I just had to pick a man.

I continued to suck and fuck both Mr Carlson and Mr French as well as Mr Davidson the single dad I baby sat for. I was getting it on a fairly regular basis but instead of satisfying me it only filled me with a deeper insatiable hunger. I was becoming a real cock slut.

I was completely disinterested in single men and guys my age. Because I was still in school I had a pretty limited circle. As a student I really wasn’t around many men. I decided to try to seduce one of my teachers.

Mr Myers was my middle aged, married, English teacher. Even though I had picked him I was real nervous. I had lots of experience with men but zero experience actually seducing someone.

I waited until I had his class last on my rotation. At the start of class I asked him if he had time to see me after school. I explained that I was struggling with my thesis and needed help. He asked me if I had been to see my student buddy or student resources. I said yes. That I was stuck more on what he wanted and expected than structure. He agreed.

“Come to the English office at 4pm”

I sat and pondered my approach. Mr Myers was a very handsome man. He was just beylikdüzü escort taller than I standing at 6 feet. He had dark brown curly hair and medium brown eyes. He had a thick chest and a small waist. From what I could tell he was pretty well endowed.

I picked him solely because I often caught him staring at me. He was a very quiet and serious man. I wasn’t sure but I thought he was at least minimally attracted to me.

Class ended and I went to my locker. I sprayed myself with perfume. Checking my hair and make up, I dropped off my books and headed to the English office.

I knocked on his door and waited for a reply. I was a little early. The door opened and an angry male shoved passed me. “Good luck with him” he said in a pissed off tone.

I peeked around the corner and watched Mr Myers put away some papers from his desk. He looked up and without smiling he said “come in.”

I hesitated. He seemed so serious. It was intimidating. Suddenly I thought ‘what if I have misread his body language? What if he’s pissed off? What if he reports me?’ I got scared.

Mr Myers came around to the door. He took my arm and pulled me into the room. He shut the door behind me. I could be mistaken but I thought I heard the lock click.

He sat me in a chair. Instead of moving around the desk and sitting in his chair he sat on the desk right beside me. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at me.

“Hello young lady. What can I help you with?”

I looked up at him. He had a dangerous glint in his eye. Like he knew why I was really there and he was waiting for me to lie to him about it. I swallowed hard!

I got up and stepped back from the chair. Mr Myers stood and followed me. His eyes never left mine. I backed up, he pursued. I turned to leave, he pressed me into the door.

He stood so close behind me I could feel his heat radiating off of him. I had my palms pressed against the door. I stood so close to it my nipples hardened as they grazed the cold wood.

Both his arms slid up under mine as he pressed himself against me. I could feel his hardness firmly rocked against my bum. I sighed.

Mr Myers whispered in my ear “What do you want sweetheart… What do you really want?” I closed my eyes as desire kicked me in the gut. I picked up my courage and whispered back “You Sir.”

My whole body tingled as he nuzzled my neck. His warm hands slid under my shirt and he undid my bra. He cupped my swollen nipples and squeezed. I felt wetness leak out of my pussy. I turned his arms.

He looked in my eyes. “Are you sure?” I knew he needed an answer, that nodding my head wouldn’t be enough. “Yes.”

His lips captured mine in a searing kiss. His hands held my breasts while his thumbs rolled my nipples.

I was restless. I didn’t want a romantic seduction. I wanted a hard solid fucking but Mr Myers had other ideas.

He lifted my shirt up over my breasts, taking my bra with it. He squeezed each breast so that my nipples were protruding. He licked first one, then the other. Then he sucked them hard, rubbing his tongue over and around each nipple. He lavished my breasts with attention for several minutes.

My womb answered his hungry suckling with deep spasms that made me very wet and very horny.

My head fell back and I moaned.

He moved us over to the desk and bent me over it. Pulling my pants down he reached around me and played with my pussy. I heard him rustle his pants and his zipper come down. I felt his cock find its way to my tight, wet, hole. He entered me real slow.

His hand never left my cunt. He pinched and rolled my clit as he fucked me. The hand on my hip pulled me down on him harder and harder as he slid into me real slow. It felt amazing but I wanted it deeper and faster. I whimpered.

I couldn’t help myself I rocked back into him forcing the pace. Finally he responded. Holding me still he slammed into me. Our breathing was hard and fast. Fucking sounds filled the small room. The heavy smell of sex clung to the air.

He shot streams of hot cum into my pussy as he orgasmed. It triggered my release.

Mr Myers pulled out of me. He fixed his clothes and let me stand up. He pulled up my pants and pulled my shirt down. Then he did up my bra. “Come with me…” he said.

I watched as he unlocked the door. I followed him out of the office, through the hall and out of the empty school. When he opened his door I got in his car.

He drove straight to a motel. “Wait here.” He got out and went into the office. When he came back he opened my door, helped me out and took my hand. We walked to our room. He unlocked the door and gently pushed me in.

Once inside he stood before me. His eyes pinned me still. “Are you still sure?” It was a warning not a question. His eyes were dark and hungry. This time I could only nod.

He stepped toward me and started removing my clothes. His eyes took in every detail of my body. When he had me naked he stood back and looked at me, taking me all in. Then he took several steps back.

“Come to me and remove my clothes.”

I gulped. I had never taken a mans clothes off before. It felt very intimate but so sexy and so powerful. First I pulled his tie off. It was red. I wrapped it around my neck. It tickled my nipples and made them hard.

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