A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 02


This story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!

Welcome to chapter two of A Sibling Survival Story, I managed to write the whole thing in one day thanks to a change of plans! So sit back and enjoy!

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“You sure you got everything Kait?” Said Ben while collecting the remaining pieces of the tent before they would be heading out.

Kaitlin sat on a rock nearby, she rolled her eyes and sighed. “Christ Ben, this has been the third time that you asked me the same question, YES little brother, everything is in the backpack so stop asking!”

“I rather ask it too many times instead of finding out that we lost something later along the way.” Responded Ben a bit more aggravated.

Kaitlin ignored him and looked away towards the sea.

“Jesus, it’s like a dice roll with her each and every day. Why can’t she act like last night? She was calm, friendly and… Cute.” Thought Ben to himself.

After a couple more minutes of making sure they had everything they finally were up for exploring the island further. Ben took the tent and sleeping bag while Kaitlin carried the backpack with their supplies.

They both looked at the dense jungle like area in front of them, now that it was sunny and bright again they could decide where to enter and start their journey. The left side seemed more open and less covered with vines and trees. Ben and Kaitlin looked at each other and nodded, confirming that they had the same idea.

“I’ll take the lead little brother.” Said Kaitlin with confidence as she stepped forward and trailed off.

Ben quickly followed her as she darted off towards the jungle.

“You sure, I mean, I don’t mind walking in fro-” Tried Ben to say before Kaitlin turned around getting more annoyed.

“Ben, we’ve been in the same scout class for years, we learned the same things and earned the same stupid badges. I think I can handle myself, okay? Now follow me and can it!” She said before turning around again and walking off.

Ben decided to give it a rest, when she acted like this there would be no way to convince her otherwise. Still, for someone reason he felt the need to protect her, to make sure that if something would go wrong that she would be the one ending up unharmed. But he knew she could handle herself, easily, she had always been a role model for him.

And so the siblings moved through the first part of the jungle, the sound of the sea and seagulls were traded in for the ambience of the jungle and all different kinds of its inhabitants. They indeed made the right choice to follow the left side as it was easily traversable, you had your vines, bushes, height differences and other obstacles but it was do-able for them.

“Ben look!” Said Kaitlin out of nowhere.

Ben stopped dead in his tracks and followed his sister’s finger that was pointing at something.

It was to the right of them in the more overgrown part of the jungle, up in a tree were three monkeys simply chilling and staring in the direction of the siblings. Two bigger ones and one that Ben assumed to be a newborn tracked their every move.

Kaitlin looked back at him and smiled. “Aren’t they just cute?” She said with her girly voice.

“Like I said, like a roll of a dice.” Thought Ben again, seeing the other side of his sister appear once more.

“Yes, let’s hope it stays with their cuteness. I think we won’t be so cheery if an angry boar or whatever shows up on our tracks.” Responded Ben.

“Mpff… Way to ruin my happy thoughts little brother… Anyway, let’s continue, shall we?” She said before moving on.

Ben followed suit, since the backpack covered her upper body he had to resort to watching her juicy, jiggly ass in front of him. It certainly took his mind off the walk and the heat they were bombarded with.

After a half hour of travelling through the denser part of the jungle they managed to find a more open spot along the way. It was less overgrown and easier accessible but the downside of it was that the burning sun had no problem shining through.

“How about we take a short break in the shadows over there.” Asked Kaitlin as she removed the backpack, revealing her glistering, sweaty back to her brother.

“Yeah sure, I think we both can use some refreshments.” Answered Jake as he too laid off his equipment.

Just when Kaitlin was about to grab a bottle of water she froze.

“Kait? Something wrong?” Asked Ben as he watched his sister closing the backpack again for some reason.

She threw it over her back and turned her head to Ben. “Follow me, quick!” She said to him before she darted off again. This time faster than before.

“Goddamnit Kait, wait!” Shouted Ben at her as he quickly picked up their other stuff. He followed her as best he could, she was way ahead of him across the open area before taking a left turn into the jungle once more.

Ben pendik escort turned left when he reached the same spot where his sister had turned left. He could see that another open area was on the other side of the small part of jungle his sister’s presumably ran through.

He quickly maneuvered himself through the small streak of jungle before ending up at the other side. “Kait? Where are yo-” Before he could finish his sentence he got hit in the face by a splash of… Cold water?

Out of reaction he dropped their equipment and started to rub the cold water out of his eyes, in the background he could hear his sister’s all too familiar giggle.

After rubbing his eyes, he could see his sister standing in a small, but pretty deep stream of water that ran along the side of the streak of jungle they just went through. Her backpack laid on the opposite side of it.

Before he could speak he got hit by another splash of water followed by the same girly giggles.

“Oh you’ve down it now, you minx!” Shouted Ben with a smile as he joined his sister in the small stream of water to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Kaitlin yelped as her brother returned a huge splash of water that covered her from head to toe. Instead of a bottle of water the siblings had found something else to cool and hydrate them.

Their playful water fight lasted for a little bit before both of them sat down next to the stream.

“Kait, how the hell did you know that there was water here?” Asked Ben as he wrung the water out of his soaked tank top.

“You know, that’s why they called me eagle ears instead of eagle eyes at the scouts.” She giggled. Kaitlin then adverted her eyes to her brother’s naked torso and noticed how muscular he looked, she felt her body tense up for a second, it had been awhile since she saw him like this.

At the same time Ben was staring at his sister’s chest too, her bikini was wet which made her voluptuous breasts stand out even more as the fabric clung around them.

Kaitlin looked away first and saw her brother staring at her chest, usually she would have snapped at him but for some reason she remained quiet this time. After a few seconds she started to talk again.

“So yeah, when I was about to pick our bottles out of the backpack I could hear the stream of water very quietly, I wasn’t hundred percent sure but it seemed that my intuition was right.”

Ben snapped out of his stare and quickly looked up at her with a smile.

“Well, thank god for your super hearing then Sis! You probably know what we must do now, to rank up our survival rate.” He said to her.

“Uhu, we follow the stream. See if we can find its source. Usually, things of importance grow fairly close to water so we could have that advantage as well.” She answered before taking a sip of the water. “It’s clean too!”

“Alright, so, five more-minute break time?” Suggested Ben.

Kaitlin nodded her head. “Sure, but after that I’m leading again, seems that you need your big sister to survive this mess.”


The long walk along the stream was a lot more pleasant then what they went through before. The burning sun was hot but the water next to them gave them the opportunity to take a break or cool off every time they wanted to. The jungle was less dense along the stream so they had no problem traversing further.

“We’ve been walking for an hour or so now, it amazes me how big this island actually is.” Said Kaitlin.

“Yeah… Well at least we found a source of water for us, that’s the most positive thing that happened to us so far so let’s keep our spirits up and hope for more good things to come.” Responded Ben.

“I wonder what Mom and Dad are going through now… I can’t imagine how they must feel…” Said Kaitlin again.

“Uh… Lost I guess, just how we are! Knowing Mom, she’s probably on the line with the military and what not to demand them to search for us.” Responded Ben again, hoping to bring their spirits up a bit more with humor.

He could swear he heard his sister snicker after what he said.

After another half hour or so of walking along the stream they came to a new open part of the jungle. To the left of them was a large open area with big rock outcrops that covered the end of it. Ben suddenly stopped which got the attention from his sister.

“Something the matter?” She asked as she wiped the sweat from her forehead away with her hand.

“Yea… It seems… Come on Sis, follow me.” He simply said, this time him taking the lead.

Kaitlin sighed but didn’t complain or anything, she knew her brother was serious when he was like that. She followed him towards the rocky outcrops in front of them, which seem to grow bigger and bigger the closer they came to them.

“I fucking knew it!” Shouted Ben all of a sudden and stepped up his pace, he grabbed Kaitlin’s hand and pulled her with him.

“Eek!” Yelped Kaitlin as her brother pulled her with him. For some reason she started çekmeköy escort to blush, feeling his warm hand around her own.

As they came even closer Kaitlin could see why her brother took her here.

“Holy… Shit…” She said, taking in what she saw in front of them.

“You take the words out of my mouth Sis… I think we found our place to stay.” Said Ben as he pulled her closer to him.

In front of them stood an old but still in good quality, expertly made wooden shack. It was the size of a small garden house, it was built so that it stood under the rocky outcrop, preventing rain or heavy sunlight from hitting it.

Together they entered the shack through a simple self-made door, heck the whole thing was self-made, it seemed that the person or persons who build this knew what they were doing.

The place had a musky smell to it and it seemed that the previous owners had gone away head over heels. They could still see inside but at later parts of the day they would need to make a fire or something to illuminate the shack.

To their surprise they could see that there were a couple of objects that resembled furniture. A wonky but acceptable small table. Two small but wide blocks of wood that looked like makeshift stools. A small, wide frame in the corner of the shack what looked like outer edges of a bed and finally, a circle of rocks in the middle of the shack, a place where fires could be safely started.

“This is… This is incredible, maybe there are more people on this island together with us!” Said Kaitlin excited.

“Mhmm… I doubt it Sis.” Responded Ben. “It seems like this place hasn’t seen people in quite a while now.” He then picked up one of the stool like pieces of wood and shoved it in front of the open door.

“Right, this way we can easily see inside of the shack for a while without the need of a light source.” He then removed the large bag with the tent and sleeping bag in it and placed them next to the bed shaped wooden frame.

“I’m gonna take a look outside, explore our surroundings a little bit, see if I can find some useful stuff for us lying around.” Said Ben to Kaitlin.

“Then I’m going to a look around this shack, who knows, maybe I will find some other hidden away stuff that could help us.” Responded Kaitlin as she placed her backpack on the wonky table.

Ben opened the backpack she just laid down and took out the pocketknife. “You might as well give our supplies a place in here, separate our stuff so it’s more organized.”

Kaitlin turned to him, looking quite annoyed. “Oh what, I’m going to have to be the housewife all of a sudden Ben? We just found this place for Christ’s sake!” She said sternly.

“Oh come on Kait! Can you just… Just be happy once in a while? It’s not like I ask you to make me a five course meal, okay?” Responded Ben, more serious than ever.

Kaitlin again was shocked when her brother showed his more serious side to her, just like the day before he managed to calm her down.

“Sorry Ben… I’m sorry, okay? I know I should be happy.” She said to him quietly.

Ben sighed and walked up to her before giving her a hug. “It’s okay Kait, I know this mess isn’t our usual cup of tea, routine of the day stuff for us but we gotta stay strong together, alright?” He whispered to her, calming her down even further.

Kaitlin hugged him back and held him tight. “I know… I won’t let it happen again Ben, we gotta, no, we are going to get through this together.” She whispered back.

After a couple of more seconds they let go of each other.

“Alright, I’m gonna take a look around the place, probably collect some wood for the fire. I’ll be back in a bit. If something happens just shout.” Said Ben as he walked outside.

“Sure, you do the same when something happens. Be careful little brother.” Responded Kaitlin.

And so the siblings went their own way for a bit, Ben searching their surroundings and Kaitlin the mysterious shack.


In a short period of time Kaitlin managed to give their supplies a place in the shack just as Ben had suggested her to do so. She kept the empty backpack and the tent in one corner of the shack. Their food and water supplies were on the wonky table and so was the small flashlight. She had zipped open the sleeping bag and laid it between the wooden frame in the other corner of the shack which seemed to fit perfectly.

“Alright, now that’s done I can take a closer look around this place, who knows, maybe I can find something that we haven’t spotted before.” Said Kaitlin to herself before she started to look around.

At the same time Ben was outside, close to the water stream collecting branches of wood with the use of the pocketknife, He even managed to spot a few coconut trees that he could probably climb into.

He looked back into the direction of the shack and had to agree that they sort of hit the lottery ticket with this place.

“Finally something good happened to us, I hope maltepe escort we can stay on this same pace and eventually get out of here.” He said to himself before returning to cutting off branches.

Back in the shack Kaitlin managed to take a quite good look at it, outside at the back of it she found a small, self-made box with a lid which contained, you guessed it, a couple of self-made tools. There was a hammer, a small rake and a small spade all made out of wood. To her surprise she also found a still sharp looking handsaw and boxes of nails.

Currently she was exploring the inside of it further and eventually managed to find another, smaller box under the table, shoved against the wall of the shack.

“Well what do you know, another point for Kaitlin the explorer!” She praised herself.

This one had a lid as well. She took the box with her and plopped herself down onto the sleeping bag she had laid out for them to sleep on later. The sun was at such an angle that the light illuminated their ‘bed’.

“And what do we have here?” She said to herself again as she opened the little box.

The first things she found were small pieces of black crayon, but after taking a closer look she found out that they were made out of charcoal, they looked like pencils.

After that she found two old looking batteries that seemed the right size for their compact flashlight, hoping that they would still work, or at least have some power left.

The last item she found looked like a book, she carefully took it out and noticed that it indeed was some sort of book. The outside of it was very dusty so she had to blow on it to clean it a little. The numbers two-thousand-and-sixteen appeared in the upper right corner.

“This book has been from at least two years ago…” Said Kaitlin to herself before she opened it.

The first page had a lot of text written on it by someone with a very pretty handwriting. She placed the opened box next to her and laid back on the sleeping bag to read it.

This is the diary of Joanna Sterling, in this diary I will be writing everything I have experienced on this island, together with my brother Alec. If someone manages to find this, then I hope you will treasure it in case of us not being able to do so. We’ve been on this island for far too long and it has changed us drastically, emotionally as physically. I hope you will understand what you will be reading if you decide to do so, and to not judge us by any means. If you find, and I hope not, yourself(s) in a similar situation as us then you will do good to read through all of this. I have pointed out several things that could aid and help you.

Kaitlin gulped as she had read through the first paragraph, she quickly flipped through all of the pages and noticed that the piece of text she had just read was probably entered later into it. The way it had been written gave it away and it was less faded than the other entries below it.

Every entry was written per day it seemed, this way Kaitlin could make out what happened and at which times.

“I can’t believe another pair of siblings were, or are on this island, it’s just so… unbelievable. Is this place cursed or something or is someone really pulling the plugs around here?” She asked herself in her thought’s.

Day one to two looked awfully similar to what she and Ben had experienced themselves. They both woke up at the beach and found supplies and what not, also the same message was applied to their crate of goodies; ‘Survive, and find yourselves…’. It seemed that the two of them had spent an extra day at the beach instead of going through the jungle right away like she and Ben did. It told Kaitlin how the two of them spend time with each other, comforting themselves to keep each other strong. After reading that part she felt some sort of jealousy washing over her, it looked like the siblings in the diary were close, very close, similar how she and Ben were when they were younger.

At day three things started to change.

Day 3

Alec and me managed to find a perfect place for us to attempt to make a sort of base. It’s shielded by these heavy rock outcrops that hide us from the rain and burning sun. Close to it is a stream with fresh water and behind the rocks are plants with berries we could eat, thanks to my biology studies I knew that they weren’t poisonous or bad for us.

Kaitlin took a mental note of what Joanna had just described about the berries, with a bit of luck they should still be there. She then continued to read further.

We started building the shack Alec had in mind right away. I’m so glad that I have such an incredible handy brother! We helped each other where we could, I’m not as an engineer as he is so I took up the task to gather us fresh water and food which he really appreciated. That handy little saw and nails that came with that crate we found really saved the day, it was a field day for Alec and he was so determined to make sure that we were going to be okay. He told me several times that we would get through this together and that he would make sure that nothing ever happened to me. Hearing him say that felt so… Romantic I guess?

Again Kaitlin felt another ping of jealousy running through her body, Joanna described her brother as some sort of god and it was clear that she loved him very dearly.

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