A Stable Family

Group Sex

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


A Stable Family

“Mmmph, oh…”

Helena groaned and rolled her hips back onto her father’s cock as he ground into her, breasts heaving for lost breath. His softening cock slipped from her even as she whined, the dragoness gyrating her hips and lifting her tail up even higher as if that would be enough to entice her father back into her.

The cougar, however, was spent – at least for the moment. Panting softly, black lips lifted from his teeth, he leaned into the barn wall, tucked into the comparative privacy of the wash stall on the end of the row of indoor stables. Dust and straw tickled his nose and his whiskers quivered as Ropes held back a sneeze, tan tail lashing the air. But he was not agitated in the slightest, but rasping a soft purr as he reached for his dragoness daughter, all red scales and beauty.

It didn’t matter that his wife was back in the ranch house, probably reading, while he fucked their daughter. Helena purred and threw him a sultry look, paws groping and squeezing both pairs of breasts, the yellow scales covering them making one of her most feminine features stand out in striking definition. The mane of like-coloured hair running down part of her neck highlighted the effect, yellow and red coming together in as stunning a combination as they always had with her mother, but there was something altogether more alluring about his daughter that Fyr simply could not match up to.

“Come on, Helly,” he chuckled softly, letting her come into his arms with a soft mewl, nuzzling at his neck. “You know we can’t hang out here forever. They’ll start wondering where you are eventually, even if she’s used to me going off on my own from time to time.”

The dragoness pouted prettily and folded her arms, although she only managed to cover one pair of breasts.

“Hiss doesn’t care, dad, he just lives to annoy me. And mom won’t care if we’re out longer, she’ll just think I’m with you.”

The cougar frowned minutely and shook his head. It was one of the first flickers of concern for their activities that Helena had seen from him, though she could not feel the same, naked from head to toe with his cum trickling lewdly down her inner thighs. Shuddering, she ran her paws down his chest, nuzzling and nipping playfully at his throat. No, it was much more fun to not play by the rules, to enjoy themselves regardless of what society would tell them was right or wrong.

Cheating didn’t come into it either when it was all within the family, right?

But Ropes had his mind on other matters and disentangled his daughter from him gently as the horses nickered softly further down the aisle.

“Alright, Black, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

He spoke soothingly to the dark stallion, an inky black as fierce as a night sky devoid of stars, and the beast snorted, pawing at the ground.

“Helena, they need feeding,” he said firmly. “Whatever we’re doing, whether this or other chores, the animals come first. You’ll remember that, won’t you?”

Helena rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“Dad, it’s not like I want to run this ranch one day. You’ll be around for ages yet, both you and mom. You’re not going to be passing it off any day soon and I don’t want to live out in the middle of nowhere!”

“And you’ll change your mind after you’ve seen what it’s like in the city, living there permanently, if you do make it over.”

“Of course, I am,” she shot back, brushing off any chance in the back of her mind that she might not have achieved her dream of moving from the country. “That’s not the question, but I thought you’d want to take the chance to spend as much time with me as possible before I’m gone.”

The cougar smirked.

“Oh, Helena, I’d love to spend every minute of my time with you, as long as I get to be buried in your sweet cunny for hours on hours on end…”

Grinning, the dragoness wiggled her buttocks at him, tail swishing languidly from one side to the other.

“Now that’s more like it! You feed…” She bent over sinuously at the waist, showing off for him. “I’ll get things, um…tidied up here.”

She was clearly putting on a show, tail lifted to show off the messy creampie of her sex and Ropes made no qualms about enjoying the show as he tossed flakes of hay and dropped in the pre-prepared feeds for the Quarter horses stabled on site. They were good, strong mounts for getting them about the ranch, but he’d never expected to end up with a stallion on site, preferring the calmer temperaments of geldings for work. But Fyr hadn’t been able to bring herself to geld little Black and so he’d grown up into a fine stamp of his breed, strong and agile and an asset to the ranch. It was only a shame he couldn’t go out with the other horses, but they were quite sure that he enjoyed his stud duties with visiting mares nonetheless.

Running anadolu yakası escort his paw down the length of the stallion’s face slowly, Ropes cast his eyes over his daughter, a low growl rumbling from his lips. Black snorted distrustfully, following his gaze and swishing his tail as if he expected the cougar to be responding to danger, but there was nothing there but the dragoness, pussy still slick and wanting with her father’s cum.

“Something got your attention there, boys?”

Helena chuckled, shooting them a sultry look as both stallion and cougar stared at her, seemingly transfixed. And then she too paused, looking over the stallion that had been in her life for years with a new, hungry light in her eyes.

Oh, the thought was wrong, but she wanted it all the same. And Helena wasn’t one to let the taboo nature of something stop her in her tracks, the dragoness reaching for ever-increasing heights of debauchery with a wicked thrill in her father’s arms. That, of course, was not the extent of her sexual activity, but the stallion looked like a mythical creature in the dim light of the barn, head lifted as he chewed a mouthful of hay and seemed to cast his speculative eye over her too. Helena shivered. Perhaps he was assessing her suitability to be his mate, if temporarily, too. Or maybe he just smelled the thick aroma of Ropes’ cum on her, a well-bred female that was clearly still very much ripe for the taking.

She was on the edge of giving in when the equine nickered, stretching out his neck to her as his upper lip wobbled agreeably. It was the flick of his tail that did it for her though, the dragoness lost to the notion of just what that colossal shaft of his could do for her.

Helena grinned, her father moving around her to collect his clothes from where she’d draped them over a bale of straw. Well, if her father wasn’t up for another round just yet, maybe she knew someone with an even bigger cock who would be up to breed her!

“Hey, dad…”

The cougar shrugged back into his denim shirt, front hanging open as he left it draped loosely from his shoulders.

“What, darling?”

“Have you ever wanted to see a horse cock in your daughter?”

He started, whiskers twitching.

“Now, Helly,” he said slowly, though there was a fresh light in his pale eyes, devoid of pupils, as his tentacles bobbed curiously on either side of his head. “You know a stud stallion like Black, or even one of the geldings, will be a lot bigger than me. I’m not sure if you can handle something of that size.”

The dragoness smirked and rocked back on her heels, tapping the side of her muzzle.

“You didn’t say no. You didn’t say no outright, dad.”

Shaking his head, the demon cougar’s lips twisted as if he was trying to seal away a smile behind them.

“Do you not think I’ve been your father for long enough to know that you’ll do it whether I tell you not to or even agree with it?”

Although his tone was stern, the cougar’s eyes danced and a tentacle flitted out to stroke her cheek. Without thinking, Helena leaned into it, lips parting obediently when it nuzzled over them to take the tip of the tentacle into her mouth and suckle softly. She moaned around it and Ropes shuddered, the barn taking on a darker, sultrier quality as heat spread through her loins, excitement and anticipation building, woven together like a vine and the host plant.

But her attention was not for her father at that moment in time and Helena pranced away, leaving his tentacle moist with her saliva and a smile on her lips as she took in her new stud of the evening. Darkness filtered through the high windows, bats flitting by the rafters as they made their way out into the night of hunting, but she paid them no mind as she let herself into the stallion’s stable, confident in her movements around him. It was hard not to be comfortable around the stud after working with him for so long, even with her father and mother guiding her, over the years. And Black knew her too, whickering softly as he butted his head softly into her shoulder.

“Hey there, pretty boy,” she murmured to Black, letting him sniff her paw. “Fancy some fun? I know I’m not like those mares we’ve let you at lately, but, I promise you,” she grinned, “I’m tighter!”

Whether he understood or not was beside the point as the stallion dropped his head sharply to her neck, snorting and whuffing as if he knew exactly what the dragoness had been up to. Acting in a fashion most unlike a stallion, he licked her scales, evidently liking what he found there as he lipped her hip and nuzzled her crotch, accidentally flicking his tongue out just in time for the fleshy appendage to tease her throbbing nub of a clit.


“I take it you like him then?”

Ropes leaned over the half-door, a smirk playing across his lips. His daughter groaned, eyes half-lidded as smoke curled from her nostrils, the stallion finding something he liked in the sweet tartness of her sex. He snorted heavily and shoved his head more urgently against her, tail lashing and flicking as if he was out in the ataşehir escort field at the height of summer, swatting away flies.

“Oh, he’s amazing…” Helena breathed, fighting to get words out between her moans. “He’s…so strong and big… I never looked at him this way before.”

Her father grinned and opened the door, sliding the bolt back with a rasp of metal on wood.

“Bring him out here then, he’s ready for you. And I’ve set something up here that’ll make it easier.”

Shakily – why was she trembling so terribly all of a sudden? – Helena clipped a lead rope onto his halter and slid the leather around behind the stallion’s ears. Snorting, he pawed at the ground, kicking up wood pellet bedding, and she reprimanded him without thinking with a quick flick of the rope.

“No! Don’t do that!”

He knew the command and yet Black shoved his head into her again, his attention on something more that the dragoness could provide for him in her current state. But it was not until she led him from the stall, shaking pellets from his tail, that she realised that the stallion had not been entirely unaffected by her situation and perhaps too what her father and she had been getting up to.

His cock hung hard beneath his stomach, jerking up to his own belly as if to masturbate. Helena gulped hard. Although she’d seen his cock before, she’d never really paid it all that much attention other than to make a face and cluck her tongue at the stallion’s irritatingly one-track mind when he wasn’t working, for he had the capability to run as a proper work horse if only he kept his brain between his ears. The pink and grey length twitching and throbbing, however, told her quite clearly that the stallion wasn’t thinking about work at that time unless it was concerning his stud duties.

“My…” She murmured, momentarily lost for words. “You’re bigger there too… Never really…”

She didn’t hesitate though, dropping the lead rope as she folded to her knees. The hard concentrate beneath her scales didn’t bother her as she nuzzled up the length of that glorious shaft, licking and kissing and suckling every inch of pliable skin she could reach. His balls begged attention too and she lashed her tongue softly over each of them in turn, Black’s orbs full and heavy and churning with cum that she yearned to taste.

Helena shivered. Would he be more potent than Ropes? And, whereas anthros, of course, could get one another pregnant, could a feral horse do the same to her? Not that that was going to stop her, but the dragoness whined and lapped adoringly over the huge cock before her, tail lifting and flagging as if she wanted to be filled right then and there. He was massive, larger than even her largest toys, but nothing, not even her father’s concern for her wellbeing, would stop her from taking every last inch of his cock.

“Come on, Helly, unless you’re chickening out,” Ropes mocked her playfully, directing her attention from the horse’s thick shaft. “You wanted to take this, didn’t you?”

“Mhm,” she murmured, distracted by the length she was intent on taking into her mouth, at least for a little while, before he claimed her pussy. “This is… Oh…”

She gulped the unflared tip of his cock into her maw and moaned around it, the tip of her tail flicking in concentration as she eased her head down to the medial ring, lips just barely brushing it. Even with her long, draconic muzzle, it was a stretch and Helena’s eyes rolled lustfully back into her head as she wrapped her slender tongue around the length of cock, the stallion grunting and nickering above her.

“Good boy, there’s a lad…”

Ropes patted the stallion’s neck gently, waiting none too patiently for his daughter to be done with preparing the already hard and eager stud for his duties. Black, however, didn’t seem to mind the attention one bit as he pawed and jigged a hoof in the air, his long mane spilling beautifully down the arch of his neck. Releasing his cock from her lips with a lewd slurp, Helena gasped, eyes simmering with lust as she could not help but reach between her own legs to rub and tease her clit, more of her own arousal than Ropes’ cum gleaming on her pussy lips.

Turning her gently towards the arrangement of straw bales – enough to allow her to take the stallion with a little bit of quick improvisation – Ropes grinned and winked, bopping his daughter on the end of her snout with a tentacle.

“You ready, darling?”

Nodding meekly, Helena crawled onto the bales of straw that he’d set up for her, laying her chest over the highest one with her legs spread apart. Black tossed his head and threatened to rear, only kept on the ground by Ropes’ firm paw on the halter.

“Steady now, boy, come on now…”

Helena braced and held her breath, tail up and over her back. Hooves skittered on concrete and then he was on top of her, the muscled work horse grunting as he sought out her entrance. There was no foreplay for her, bar what sweetness her maw had provided the equine with, but Black was about to give her the ride of her life. Pressing her cheek to the straw, Helena ümraniye escort sucked in a breath just in time to brace, the stallion thrusting and jabbing as he tried to ram into her.

But he couldn’t aim – she wasn’t a four-legged mare of his kind! He snorted, pressing Helena’s tail painfully up over her back – too far! – and Ropes intervened quickly, grabbing the stallion’s cock with an expert paw to direct it to just the right spot. The tip caught and then the horse was in, scooting his hind hooves forward with a pleased flick of his tail as he crammed half his length into the cougar’s tight daughter.

The dragoness moaned, unable to help herself. His cock thrust in as if he’d been made for her pussy, although his initial, grinding jabs hadn’t been the most pleasant. Her heart warmed with how quick Ropes had been to help her out, but that was as far as the cougar went when it came to handling the horse’s shaft, leaving the rest to Black. And Black was only too keen to make sure his strange new female was well bred and well seeded.

Nickering and giving a strange sort of grunt that seemed to reverberate up from his barrel, Black nipped sharply at the dragon’s shoulder and worked his hindquarters, tail proudly flagged and lifted for the attention of anyone who cared to take note of his display. For he had a fertile breeding female beneath him and everyone deserved to know just how much of a stud he was! Helena groaned and clenched her teeth, the stretch and strain of taking such a large cock so deep making her head spin, but she could do not but relax and grip onto the twine in the bales, hoping that they would remain steady beneath her as the stallion thrust brutally and shoved them across the concrete a few inches.

“How good does he feel, darling?” Ropes smirked. “You always were a bit of a size queen when it came to toys…”

Helena was too wrapped up in the stud on her back to answer. His stomach vibrated lightly against her back, the straw itching her breasts, but none of that mattered to the lustful dragoness, intent on her pleasure. Her pussy stretched into a lewd ‘O’, sealed tight around the horse’s cock as he rammed in, driving into her with sharp, jabbing thrusts that hardly seemed to draw back very far at all before ramming in once more. For the stallion was indeed reluctant to give his breeding ‘mare’ too much freedom lest she make a bid for escape before he was good and done with her, teeth sinking lightly into her shoulder just to make sure she would not so easily get away.

Grunting, Helena pushed into his teeth, the flicker of pain mingling with pleasure as his cock reached places inside her that no anthro cock ever would again. The tip rammed up to her cervix, wedging in as deep as he could possibly go and the stallion wasted no time at all in thrusting and grinding into her, humping in those short, driving equine thrusts that would bring him to orgasm speedily. For a prey animal, speed was of the essence, but that didn’t mean Helena couldn’t enjoy his brutal fucking while he was on top of her.

The dragoness cried out, oblivious to her father watching her with the biggest smile he’d worn in weeks plastered across his muzzle, tentacles weaving into one another in their excitement. Black didn’t care for her comfort or pleasure, but his cock thrust over her G-spot with every stroke, clit pressed into the touch of the straw while he claimed her. There was nothing the dragoness could do, already in such a state of need, to be fucked to orgasm with the scent of sweat and virile male flooding her nose.

Her head rolled back and she screamed as he slammed in with the hardest stroke yet, stars erupting in the inside of her lowered eyelids. A leg kicked out, but the stallion was not dissuaded from the task at hand (hoof?), fucking her with what would have been renewed determination if he’d been an anthro and capable of such thought. He grunted, her pussy clutching and squeezing and sucking at him as if to draw his shaft deeper, tip flaring and betraying the flood to come. But Helena could not have expected him to cum as much and as hard as he did.

The first spurt of hot seed splashed into her a moment before the stallion neighed loud and proud, tail flagging as his balls swung up to her crotch. As he filled her, those massive orbs bounced off her scales and Helena pressed her snout into the straw, clinging to the bales and scraping her claws roughly through them just to retain some sense of herself as wave after wave of climax swept through her with a similar force to the tidal wave of cum flooding her pussy. Of course, that was probably an exaggeration but, to a dragoness experiencing her first fucking from a hot stallion, she may have as well been filled to bursting point.

Her cunny couldn’t possibly hold every last drop of his cum and it oozed viscously from her strained pussy lips as the stallion rested on top of her, recovering his energy before dismounting. There was no ceremony or love in his release of the dragoness, teeth leaving a loving imprint in her shoulder as he slipped back, all four hooves once again landing on the concrete. Although her head spun, Helena had the presence of mind to grab the dangling lead rope and stop him from making his way off elsewhere as his drooping yet not soft cock hung below his stomach. Helena shuddered, chest heaving as her tongue hung lustfully from her maw, his cum drooling from her messy pussy as she tried to squeeze down on nothing.

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