A Strange Occurrence Ch. 01


*** I tagged stuff to come, so there is no surprises.*** Enjoy


Jin leaned against the soft pillows of his girlfriend Lily’s bed staring into the living room. Lying exactly where Jin was allowed the most wondrous view a man could have. Lily’s mother. Linda. Right around five shortly after school got out Linda got to cleaning the house, and until Lily got back from debate club Jin sat alone in her room waiting for her. After six years of dating Jin had become part of the Wilson’s family. Coming, and chilling in her room was considered natural a few years ago.

Everyday Linda would watch as Jin came in, and went to wait for her daughter. The first time it happened was a complete accident. Frank her husband was coming home, so taking a shower had seemed like a good idea. Shave, clean, and do all those grooming items she had to hopefully turn him on. Praying that he would get hard, and fuck her. These times were rare for her, and even when she did take care of herself she often was left alone for some sort of work he had to do.

When she got out thinking she was alone. She didn’t bother walking around in nothing more than a towel. Entering the kitchen she began her dinner chores, cleaning up the kitchen, prepping the food, and preheating the oven. Bending over to put the pan of chicken in the oven the bottom of the towel rose with the arching of her back. Revealing her pussy, and ass to whomever was behind her. Not knowing that Jin had walked in at the moment. There was no rush to cover herself, and Jin got a lengthy view his girlfriend’s mother’s pussy.

Jin’s cock had reacted immediately flexing inside his summer shorts. The thought of coughing, or alerting, or saying something completely evacuated his mind. Had any sense existed in his eighteen year old head he would have been to take some steps into the hallway, coughed, and pretended like he didn’t see anything. The porn addled mind of an eighteen year old told him this was how all those cheesy porno’s started.

Linda crossed into the living room holding a bottle of wine, and leaving Jin standing in the hallway with a raging erection. Jin came at another cross road. One was beaten, and sure. The other was far less traveled, and his english teacher always talked about that damn Robert Frost poem, and always suggested taking the road less traveled. Really the public school system was to blame for the path he chose. Jin followed Linda into the living room, and sat down across from her as she poured a glass of wine.

“Oh Jin, jesus, on a stick you scared me,” she reeled back into the couch clutching at the towel.

“Hey Linda. You didn’t need to dress up for me.”

“Ha ha, so funny. You are a quiet little mouse aren’t you. How long have you been sneaking around uh,” Linda realized that if he had come in when she was starting the food he could have seen her who ha. Taking a deep swig of her wine she winced.

“I sort of just got here. Maybe a minute? Why, were you up to no good?”

“Well I need to get dressed,” a minute would have been enough time she thought. To her surprise the thought of him seeing her didn’t bother her as much as she thought it would. It was weird, and creepy, but she wasn’t repulsed. Jin was a good looking boy. A legal man she added in her thoughts. How Lily landed him was always beyond her. Star of the football team he was considerably hotter on the popularity scale. Debate club didn’t typically attract the prettiest of girls. Taking another deep swig she pondered if she should stay or go, and found herself on a fork in the road.

“Linda you’re like family. I mean you aren’t family, but I think we can be honest, and casual around each other. I mean my mother is naked around me all the time. I’m used to it by this point,” moving closer to her motioning for her to stay.

“Your mother walks around naked?” Linda couldn’t believe it. Frank always walked around her daughter naked, and that was always strange to Linda. Maybe it actually was a normal thing.

“We all walk around naked. My dad, me, my mother, and sister. It is no big thing really. We are family so it isn’t weird,” Jin was being honest. It wasn’t weird. They had just grown up use to that, but Linda wasn’t family. While sometimes he would get turned on at home, this was something else. Something he didn’t shut off.


“Yeah, I’ll walk around naked if you would like. If it would make you feel more comfortable? Or I could match you. A towel!” his deep blue eyes flickered at her. Jin loved her green eyes with small black specks. They were so vibrant compared to Lily’s.

“I don’t think that is necessary…”

“So you don’t mind sticking around,” he jumped a bit, and Linda almost laughed out loud at the excitement of the boy. Running his fingers through his hair he looked at her continuing, “I like the view.”

“Are you hitting on me Jin?” Swirling the wine before her face she glared at him accusingly over the rim of her glass.

“Maybe a little playful banter, nothing unkind I swear.”

“You do realize halkalı escort that i’m your girlfriends mother. That means I’m the same age as your mother. Making me old enough to be your mother…Do you see where i’m going here.”

“But you’r’nt my mother. Like my mother, but not my mother. We can have playful, harmless banter can’t we? I mean it is fun.”

“Fun? You just want to see me sit around in my towel. Hoping for a peak,” she teased leaning forward giving Jin a small peak at her deep cleavage. The short giggle after words, had her realize she was flirting back. It was fun. It made her feel good to flirt with another human being. It had been such a long time.

“I wouldn’t be opposed. I mean you are pretty hot Linda.”

“Shut up.”

“No I swear. Whenever you show up to my games, and walk up with Lily. All the guys in the locker room talk about how hot you are and stuff. High school footballers do not lie in the locker room when it comes to women. Let me tell ya. If you are hot, and they so in there. You are hot.”

“What do they say,” she blushed. Whatever it was there was no way it could be good, but the dirtiness of it was turning her on. Twisting her thighs together she leaned forward eagerly giving Jin another peak, and encouragement to keep talking.

“I’m not sure you would want to hear it. I mean it is locker room talk.”

“I’m a grown woman. I can handle it,” once more she leaned forward squeezing her breast together this time, as she pouted her lip at him. One of her signature moves when she was younger. Now she felt slightly silly doing it, but his lustful reaction was clear to her that he loved it.

“Mostly stuff like what we would do to you if you were in the locker room. Butt stuff, breasts, mouth, trains, dp, bukkakke, you know the normal locker room stuff,” while speaking his face brightened, and his voice dropped. Linda felt this was so cute. What harm would come of some playful banter?

“What is a train, or dp, or bull cake?” she laughed her high cheek bones covering her eyes as she rolled back in her seat. Jin could make out just the tips of her inner thighs peering to get a peek through her hands, and calves.

“OH, Jin are you trying to take a peek down my towel?”

“Maybe,” he grinned, wide and goading.

“Promise to keep a secret?”

“What kind of secret?”

“The kind you can’t tell anyone. Not even your football friends, or Lily. Only you, and I could know.”

“I promise Linda Wilson. I will tell no soul as long as you desire me to. I will tell no one of what you are about to say, or do.” he added staring like a bull in heat.

With a giggle she pulled her towel back giving him a quick flash of her tummy, and freshly trimmed pussy.

“Thatiswithoutadoubtthebestsecretanyoneevertoldme,” he blurted out scrambling to find his jaw.

“I thought you would like that,” she took another sip of wine.

“Linda you’re…You’re beautiful. I hope you hear that everyday.”

“Yeah me too,” she murmured.

“What you don’t hear that everyday? I’m sorry, but Frank is a fool,” the way his chest puffed out like he was defending her honor made her take another swig staring at him quizzically.

“You know. Would you like some wine Jin?”

“Really? I’ve never had wine before.”

“Yeah. Since we are like family. I had my first wine glass with my father when I was your age.”

“Well then sure. I’d love one.”

“Okay but you have to tell me what those things are that you mentioned you boys talk about in the locker room,” she poured a generous glass for Jin, and refilled her own.

“Um you sure? They can get pretty dirty.”

“Didn’t I say I was a big girl?”

“You did…”

Noticing his attention she bribed with, “Tell you what if you tell me, and I’m not freaked out you have to even the score, and start matching me in clothing.”

“What? That is one sided. What do I get if you are freaked out,” his lustful gaze was right at her breasts, and he couldn’t even help but stare longingly.

“I’ll flash you for 20 seconds.”


“What is this an auction?” they took a swig together, and both swallowed loudly.

“Fine 30 seconds you perv.”


“Alright then spill, and prepare to lose that shirt!” she giggled, and his laugh met hers.

“So i’ll start with the most calm one, and work my way up. DP is double penetration. Typically you get two guys with a girl. One guy fucks you in the ass, while the other one is in your pussy,” his words with quick, as his eyes flashed over the white towel covering the tan flesh of Linda.

“Sorry buddy. No dice. I actually find that kind of hot. I love when Frank puts a toy in my ass, and then fucks me, or vice versa.”

“Mrs. Wilson that is fucking sexy. What piece of clothing was that again?” he said eagerly. Jumping to his feet he threw off his shirt before even waiting for her reply.

Linda noticed the flex of his abs. Jovial olgun escort showing off. Though to be honest Linda found it kind of sexy.

“So you never did a real dp?”

“What with two guys? Heavens no,” she flung her arm out to match her words of hell no.

“That is still really sexy. I’d love to see that.”

“Calm it down there tiger.”

“Sorry. Ready for the next one? It gets worst.”

“I was born ready!”

“Okay a train. Is when you get say a locker room of men to gather around a woman. Say you. Then they take turns fucking you. One after another. Dumping his load, and moving on.” Linda could feel her pussy twitch at the idea of a room of hot guys taking turns out her sore body. Linda loved sex. There was no such thing as enough, and she always feared the only way she would be satisfied would be some kinky shit like that. It was her go to porn. When she did watch porn.

“I believe that is a pair of pants,” she grinned.

“No way. Really! You are pretty cool Mrs. Wilson,” swiftly he bucked his pants to the ground standing in just his briefs. Pointing out was his hard cock. Linda brought her hand to her mouth when she saw the size of it. It wasn’t a godzilla. At Least 7 or 8 inches, but it was how thick it was. It was like a flesh covered water bottle was staring at her, with a prominent head ridged even against his underwear. A drop of precum wetting where the tent tipped. Linda never had anything that thick in her life, not even a toy.


“Yeah the boys always make fun of me for it. They call me Thor. Lily was really the only girl to ever be able to take it.” So that was why she had caught him. Taking another swig of wine her mind she let slip some of it.

“So that is how she got a hunk of a boy like you.”

“Mrs. Wilson. You think i’m hot?”

“Well I mean since we are like family. I should be honest right?”

“I believe in Honesty. Yes I do. Honesty all the way,” he garbled, which pulled a giggle from her slightly drunk lips. Pouring another glass for both of them she continued.

“I think that you are considerably more attractive than my daughter, and that is a monster of a cock. So I imagine anyone who could take that thing would be worth keeping around regardless of how they looked.”

“Are you saying i’m only with your daughter cause she can take my cock?”

“Am I wrong?” she glared at him over the rim of her glass. Daring him to lie.

“No. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. She is a lucky girl to be handling that thing.”

“Would you like to?”

“Lets not get ahead of our self now. You got one last one. Linda knew what all three were, but watching him blush as he explained these raunchy sex acts to her was really turning her on. What was wrong with playful banter, right?

“Okay. Bukkake, is when you get a crowd of guys. Crowd around a reall hot lady. Such as yourself, and they just cum on her for hours, and hours. Just as much semen as they could blast on her. Even when they already cummed. They sit there jerking it waiting for another load.”

“OH My,” she feigned, “that is insane. People really do that?”

“Yeah one time we got Rachel. One of the cheerleaders to come in. She said that if we played a perfect game against our rivals she would blow each of us in the locker room right after game. We never played so amazing in our lives.”

“I remember that game. We were waiting outside for almost two hours waiting for you. Was that what you were doing! You dog! Tell me all about it!”

“Well I mean she just came in took off her outfit kneeled in the center, and said ok who is first. Coach was in the office, and our qb rushed over pulled his shit right out for her to suck. We lined up after that. Each of us taking turns cumming on her face…OH MY MRS. WILSONS whatareyoudoing?”

“Hmm? I have to flash you for thirty seconds remember. I figured I’d just enjoy your story a bit. You don’t mind do you?” Linda towel lay forgotten on the couch, and her fingers pinched her nipples, as her hips thrust against her hand. Staring at his broad chest Linda bite her lip as a quiver sent a spasm in both of her legs. Jin’s cock bobbed in the sky, and she licked her lips nodding at him to continue.

“Well fuck. Okay. Well It gets to be my turn, and I pull it out. She practically faints right there, and does her best to take it down her mouth. She barely gets the very tip of it in her mouth, and she says fuck it, bends over, and decides maybe she could take me in her pussy. While rocking on my cock she calls out for someone to put a cock in her mouth, and our coach does so. She is so out of it by this point she doesn’t even realize coach is shoving this long cock down her throat. Her hips are rocking against my cock, but we aren’t making much room there. So she just grinds against me using her pussy lips like a hand cradling my cock while our coach is shoving his cock so far down her throat I thought it was going to touch şişli escort me. All around the room guys are jerking off. She is pulling coachs dick out of her throat she would turn to swallow a load, and then turn back to trying to take all of coach’s dick. Finally I spurt onto her back, and the crowd murmured how hot it was,” With Linda openly masterbating in front of him Jin couldn’t help but to stroke his own cock.

“I’m sorry do you mind?” pulling his shorts down his cock bobbed in front of her thick lips. Precum spilling out of the tip. It took everything for Linda not to dive lips first onto that thick juicy looking cock. Suck up all that precum he was offering, “It was just getting so tight in there.”

“No that is fine. Continue.”

“Well they turn her over, and position her so one guy could her pussy, one in her ass, and coach in her mouth. That was coach’s mouth. I mean by the time I left she just kept begging for it to come back whenever a guy used her to dump his cum. I heard she stopped letting anyone cum in her mouth after I left. Her pussy, and ass was fine. The mouth was his,” Linda breasts swayed with her constant jiggle, and Jin couldn’t help the small amount of precum that shot out. Landing right on her nipple. Brown, and wide like a fluffy pancake.

“Shit sorry. I can’t control my precum that much. It just shots out.”

“Like a rocket I might add. Jesus. You painted me,” she giggled. Squeezing her chest together creating a small river of semen, “I think that is more cum then when Frank does it for real.”

“Really? You should see when I cum for real. That is a joke compared to that.”

“OH? Is that an offer?”

“Would you like it to be?”

“I think I might. Try not to get it on me this time.”

“I’ll do my best…Can I touch em?”


“Your breasts…It would help me cum.”

“You cheeky devil you,” she teased. Standing over him she sat on his lap his cock trapped between their stomachs, “Squeeze away.”

JIn tugged at her nipples, and quickly latched his mouth onto her round nipples. Licking as if she might pull him away at any second. When she didn’t he slowed down the pace, and really started to enjoy the softness of her flesh. Everything was so much more soft than with Lily, and it was amazing. It was so comfortable. He could feel himself getting lost in his sensations. The bottom of her breasts was rubbing against his cock, and his hips started to grinding against her.

“So you said she was grabbing your cock with her pussy lips right?”

“Yeah,” he said with an airy sigh. Scratching at her back. The arch of her spine sent his tongue dancing over her stomach.

“I’m trying to picture that. Was that like this?” she pulled back so that her pussy was bare with his cock. Pressing in she slowly squeezed upwards, and then back down.

“OH MY GOD. There is a god. You are so fucking hot Mrs. Wilson.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. Does that feel good?”

“Yes. It feels fucking amazing.”

“Hey where are your manners?”

“I mean. Yes, It feels amazing,” pulling off his cock. She stared sternly at him.

“It feels amazing, what?”

“Ma’am?” she edged closer to his cock waiting for him to catch on. Drool was seeping out of her pussy onto his thighs. For some reason she felt like she needed to be in control. No she enjoyed being in control. This boy wasn’t going to dominate her like her husband attempted to do. No. He was her toy.

“Yes, It feels amazing ma’am,” he guessed hoping that was what she wanted to hear. Pleased she pressed back down on him, and pulled up his hips following her pull.

“So while we are here. Why don’t you tell me what you, and my daughter have done,” she commanded. Without thinking he replied.

“Well. We’ve fucked, 69, threesome, foursome, anal, and some roleplaying,” she pulled back waiting for him to catch on. Quickly he added ma’am praying with his eyes that was right. When she continued he made a note to add that to the end of every answer.

“Three some, and foursomes with my little girl?”

“Yeah the first time was a foursome. Me, and my best friend took our girls out to the beach. We started fucking on the boat out in the open, and everything. When he suggested we swap. I said hell yeah, and the girls didn’t totally object. By the time it started we were all really into it. After that Lily loved setting up threesomes, and foursomes pretty much whenever she could, ma’am.”

“Would you like to eat my pussy Jin?”

“Yes, ma’am, very much so,” he nodded eagerly, and when she pushed down on his shoulder he took the hint diving between her thighs. Linda sipped her glass of wine from the table as her daughter’s boyfriend’s tongue lavished over her pussy. She could get use to something like this.

“Hmm, yes like that. Swirl your tongue around the clit a bit more,” Linda’s back arched as she felt the heat from her daughter’s boyfriend’s tongue.


“No talking. More licking,” Jin understood. Swirling his tongue up, and down her pussy he did his best to do as she asked.

“A bit more to the left…Yes…YES…FUCK!”

Had they paid more attention the two of them in the throes of their orgasmic bliss would have maybe heard her husband Frank enter the house. Maybe the dropping of the groceries would have been heard. Even the intake of breath as Frank watched some young man between his wife.

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