A Work Fantasy


A Work FantasyIt’s a hot summer day as I’m cladding a wall in a north london garden. It’s the home of a wealthy young married couple, very contemporary in style with an open plan living area leading out via huge folding doors to a courtyard garden which I’m transforming from a cold white box to a warm wood clad enclave. The couple are almost comically attractive. A former model from eastern europe with long straight flaxen hair, endless legs, and a tight body honed by her (equally attractive) personal trainer. Her husband is some form of city worker (no idea what, not a world that interests me) who is powerfully built, handsome, with a very strong presence. I’m left to my own devices whilst they are at work, and work on in the blessed shade of courtyard, lost in the job. It’s still hot, in spite of the shade. I’m soon down to just my shorts, no underwear, and the occasional breeze wafting up the loose legs is a welcome relief. About midday the husband comes home early, in a visibly good mood, and comes out to check on the progress I’m making. I’m going over what I’m doing, explaining why things are being done in such and such an order whilst continuing to measure and mark drilling points on a 4 meter length of framing timber on the ground. This inevitably involves me being on my honkers, shuffling alongside the timber, knees by my shoulders as I lean in to mark and drill. I can feel him watching me work, and it’s a feeling that always has made me feel a bit uncomfortable, so I turn around in order to distract him with some overly technical details of what I’m doing in the hope he’ll get bored and go away (you can’t really tell a client to just feck off after all, tempting though it has been in the past). I turn round, still in a crouching position, and his eyes dart to the space between my shorts and thigh just for a second before fixing me with a sort of inquiring look I was not expecting. I’m taken a bit aback, not sure how to react, and even less sure as to whether or not I just imagined it. I’m also acutely conscious of the fact that I’d been having idle thoughts of fucking his wife just before he arrived, and what with the heat of the day my semi tumescent penis is lying in a fairly visible fashion. He shifts his weight slightly, and I can see that I’m not the only one suffering from heat horniness. I can feel his eyes running down my sweat soaked torso as he takes one step forward, and I get a urge to do what I haven’t done since uni come over me. He’s started undoing his trousers and in one step he has his cock out, thick and long, curving up from low slung balls. I think to myself, kadıköy escort what the fuck, you only live once and Holy Fuck!..this thing was a monster! A circumcised monster which was now suddenly right in front of me, so I grasped it’s shaft and rubbed my thumb over the slit and down the back of the glans. A bead of milky dew appeared and as I pulled upwards a little spurt came out and ran over my fingers. I didn’t look up, just fixed on the cock and then closed my lips around the head and took it to the back of my throat. He came then, I could feel the spunk filling my mouth, some escaping to run down his length. I got up, spitting out his sperm, one hand on my own cock now, and look at him. “You want to fuck my wife, don’t you? You and every other fucker I’ve met…Most don’t get this far though.” This last is delivered with a smirk. His face is a little flushed and his breathing rough. I wasn’t aware that I was being tested, but I was horny and still am. He grabs my cock and starts pulling on it, placing the tip of his own softening member against the tip of mine. I’m stepping out of my shorts as I feel a flood of warmth and I realise he’s just let loose a little piss against me, a if he’s seeing how far I’ll go. (German Ex was the last to be into that kinda thing) He’s also reached around my waist to grab my ass, and seems to be moving in for a kiss, so I put my hand on his throat and stop him. “No Kissing, big turn off. And yeah, I do want to fuck your wife.” (A twitch of his cock) I speak quietly, but forcefully, “I’ve been watching her ass move in those tight leggings, and I keep hoping to get a glimpse of her pussy lips as she’s walking.” (He’s getting hard now) “And then I think about what it’d feel like to just walk up behind her one day and put my hand right down the back of them and slip a finger over her clit as I pull her over to the table, kick her legs apart, and pull those pants down.” (fully erect again)”and then you’d fuck her.” It’s a statement, not a question from him as he walks backwards into the room.”No, I’d bury her face between her cheeks and suck on her clit till she came.” The image is getting me close to the edge. After the initial flush of horniness I’m not turned on by the thought of sex with a man, but a man and his wife is a different thing, and I’m hoping she’ll be home soon. He stops against the couch, and I move so that my cock is against his, I’m two inches shorter but a bit thicker, and I start to slap his shaft with mine, “you thing she’d like this cock, üsküdar escort huh? how’d she like to see this when she walks in the door? Does she know her husbands a dirty cunt?”He’s undressing as he replies “She knows, and she likes your ass and your accent. She wants to see me sucking cock.” With that he moves to go down on me, an I move round so that my back is now against the couch. Now I’m happy to suck the very odd cock and play around with them, but men going down on me has never been my thing. So when I hear the door open I’m more than relived. In fact it fires me up quite a bit, and as I hear her heels click across the marble floor I start to really get into the idea of being discovered like this. I grab his head and start to fuck his mouth as the heels get closer, and then she walks around the corner and sees her Husband kneeling between my outspread legs, my cock thrusting into his mouth, and me with my shoulders against the back of the couch, looking at her….She was in a light green linen dress, buttoned all the way down the front, bare legs, 4in heels, hair down, no makeup and utterly stunning. Her face showed no reaction as she dropped her handbag to the floor and folded her arms to take in the scene. Just looking at her standing there was almost enough for me, but when she shifted slightly with one leg forward, the undone lower split in the dress revealed the leg as the sun shone through from the side. I shucked forward off the couch so that I was crouching unsupported and held his head still while I fucked his mouth, looking right at her impassive face. I stopped moving as I came, mouth open, hands now sliding down his back.Still no trace of reaction as he gets up and turns to face her. All she does is look down briefly, then up at us again, lightly clear her throat, and walk slowly towards us, arms still folded. She walks right up to her husband, takes his face in her hands and kisses him, gently at first, then progressively deeper. I’m still recovering, but the sight the two of them becoming more and more aroused is affecting me. She breaks away from the kiss and turns to me, still pressed against him breathing through her open mouth. I move in, and kiss her. I can taste myself on her as I feel a hand brush up my side and around my back and all three of us are in an embrace of hands and mouths and tongues. It feels like there are no sexual division of gender at all and everything is pure sensation. Her dress falls open at the breast, revealing a flesh coloured light mesh bra, the nipple straining against the material. My mouth tuzla escort is upon it in an instant, and she turns with her back to her husband. I can feel her hair enveloping me as she bends to watch me tease her breast free of it’s cup and lift it to my mouth again. Her open legs are either side of me and I can feel her dress being lifted from the back, so my hands roam up the back of her thighs to meet her man’s as he’s running a hand down the back of her panties to cup the vulva. I work the underwear away from her, and down past her knees before returning to find that his cock has taken the place of his hand. I take hold of it and start to rub it between her lips. It’s making wet sounds now and she is starting to breath heavier. Her dress is loose and open so that I can see down past her breasts and stomach to where my hand is manipulating his penis. I kiss my way up her neck and stand straighter, my cock now caught under her crotch and I can feel his sliding against it as her pussy is starting to flow. Her hips are moving and now she gyrates so that the head of his cock is nestled at the entrance. Then she lowers herself down. I can feel her thighs quivering all the slow way down his length. She has her hands on her thighs, body arched and head thrown back. He starts to fuck her slowly, his hands moving up her back to her shoulders. one moving to her mouth, which I am now kissing. I can feel his slow strokes against my cock, but this pulls away as she bends forward, breaking my kiss and starting a new congress with my cock. Her mouth feels warm and soft and it’s going to be too much to bear so I pull back to watch for a second. I walk around to the rear and lie on my back, sliding under to watch his cock fuck her, his balls tight in his scrotum. I reach up and start to play with her clit, which is prominent and erect. I then grab her hips, which are starting to buck now, and reach with my mouth to taste her. Now she goes a little wild, fucking back on his stem hard as I minister to her clit. His cock slips out and I quickly take it in my mouth before guiding it back in. It,s slick with her juices, which are running freely from her with every thrust. She’s pushing back at him faster now, and it’s harder to keep on her clit so I slide further up between them again to suck and nip at her tits. He’s fucking her hard now, a fast irregular rhythm that forces cries from her as he slaps against her. I’m reaching for his balls and I can feel her dripping on my arm as the pace gets faster and harder when she suddenly jerks forward and ejactulates, soaking me, him and her dress. Almost before she’s finished, hes back in, arms under her shoulders to lift her upright and he thrustd his fuck up into her, My own cock now nestled against his anus. He comes in her, holding steady as his seed spurts outof him. I can feel the spasms unser my thumb, and then he pulls out and moves back, letting her slick open pussy rest on my cock…..

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