Adult Theater Sexaholic


Adult Theater SexaholicThis is a collage of some of my kinkier visits involving my favorite pass time.As I walked into the room I noticed there was a hallway that went both ways. There was a wall extending perpendicularly from where I stood that separated the two ends of the room. At the far end each direction was a large screen, the one to my left showing a gangbang flick and the one to my right showing a some what kinkier flick. The hallway to the left was almost blocked with guys standing (some facing one another…gosh I wonder what they were doing) so deciding not to fight the crowd I turned right and headed the other way. As I found a seat I noticed several guys with their dicks out of their pants stroking as they watched the movie. I decided to join them, but instead of pulling my dick out of the leg of my running shorts I went much further and slipped my running shorts completely off and sat back to relax. The movie was a hot one and I was soon sporting a nice piece of wood. Just as I was getting a good rhythm going this woman in a very short leather skirt came in (by herself) and sat down right next to me. Now anyone that’s been to adult theaters knows how unusual that is, but I’d seen it happen before so figuring she knew where she was at, I continued wanking away. Unlike some of the older, seedier adult theaters this one had plenty of light and there were lots of places to sit so I assumed her choice of seats was a conscious one and an indication she liked what she saw. We both kept stealing glances at each other…me checking out her gorgeous long legs (the skirt she had on barely covered her panties when she sat down)…and her checking out my package standing proud and tall. Neither of us made a move though. Then the movie changed to a scene with a shemale sitting in a chair sucking a big dicked guy’s swollen cock as he stood beside her while she/he was getting her own dicklette sucked by a lovely naked woman. I almost busted one at that point and had to stop stroking for a moment. When I again looked over at the lady next to me SHE had pulled out this HUGE cock and was looking my way and sort of waving it at me. In the past I would have ignored HER or moved, but lately I’ve decided not to limit my options so I leaned over (we were sitting on a leather couch) and slowly took that big fucker into my mouth and started sucking as much of it as I could, which was only about half of it. Believing I could do better I decided to get a different angle. I slipped off the couch and knelt between her legs. That did the trick as I was able to take more of her pleasure pole into my warm hungry mouth and it was soon sliding down my throat. I was thoroughly enjoying having her big cock in my mouth (I hadn’t sucked any size dick in months). In fact I was enjoying it so much that my own suck stick was dripping pre-cum without my even touching it. [I think it’s a true indication of how much I enjoy sucking cock that I get and stay hard and leak pre-cum the whole time I’m doing it. It must sound strange if not ridiculous to any guy who has never sucked another guy’s cock, but it feels so…so right. There’s nothing else like it. Orally pleasuring a woman’s pussy is a wonderful experience…they’re so tasty and juicy and sensitive. But nothing compares with sucking a nice hard cock.] A while later (with me still on my knees nursing on the cross dresser’s pleasure pole) this guy about my age came in and sat down next to us (where I had been sitting), pulled out his big dick and started jacking off, but he wasn’t watching the movie…he was watching us. By that time I’d been on my knees for quite a while and the hard floor was starting to have its affect so I asked the ‘lady’ if she’d mind moving over to make room for me to sit for awhile. She granted my request, but to my surprise she moved toward the new k** so she would be sitting between us. I rose up and sat next to her and lightly stroked and fondled her monster dick for awhile. She then reached out in both directions and started stroking us. Next thing I know she leaned over and quietly suggested to me that if my knees had recovered I should get down between them and take turns sucking them both. My knees hadn’t fully recovered, but it sounded too good to pass up so I knelt between them…but not before I decided to slip off my tank top as well (being the blatant exhibitionist that I am)…leaving me completely naked except for my tennis shoes. I then pulled off the k**’s shorts and the lady’s panties as well so I had unobstructed access to their whole package and got to work worshiping both of their pleasure poles. Now this whole time guys had been coming and going and the word had obviously spread about the show we were putting on so it was now our end of the hallway that was packed with spectators. This of course didn’t bother me one bit…like I said I’m a blatant exhibitionist and one of the things I especially like is having guys watch me service a pair of beautiful cocks. Like I said earlier I hadn’t had a cock in my mouth for what seemed like forever and chicks with dicks had become one of my hot buttons. So I was in kinky sex heaven…naked in a public theater pleasuring a hard young stud with a big dick on my left and a passable cross dresser with an even bigger dick on my right. I was lost in my own world most of this time, going from one delicious suck stick to the other, but I do remember looking up and seeing 3 guys in a semi-circle getting their dicks sucked by another hungry cock slut. This guy was on his knees letting the 3 guys take turns grabbing his head with both hands and literally fucking his face like a pussy. One of them would piston in and out of his mouth until he was about to shoot and then pull out so the next guy could face fuck him. After a while, the young stud I had been seyhan escort servicing decided he needed some cock to suck too so he and I positioned ourselves on either side of the cross dresser and took turns sucking on that gorgeous hunk of man flesh. He’d suck the top several inches while I worked over the balls and then when he deep throated her I’d move on down and lick all around her tight hole…then we’d switch places. One time when he was on his way down to lick her balls he hesitated and we worked out a rhythm so we were both stroking one side of that monster dick with our warm wet mouths, but the sucker was so big our lips never touched. While we were doing this another guy come over, kneeled between her legs and started licking all around the sensitive head and sucking the top several inches while we continued to stroke back and forth along that long thick shaft with our mouths. This evidently almost got the cross dresser’s nut because she let out this low guttural moan, said she wasn’t ready to come yet and asked us to change things up. So me and the other young stud got up and kneeled on the couch on either side of her head and let her suck our dicks while she leaned back and relaxed as the other guy continued to nurse on as much of her dick as he could swallow. After we all enjoyed this new position for a while I decided I was ready for a change so I gathered up my tank top and running shorts and walked over to the cum slut kneeling nearby and joined in the group fucking his face. I was all amped up so I fucked him real hard and fast, literally pistoning my cock in and out and positioning his head so I could slide down his throat. Whenever I got close to pumping my load I’d slow down and leisurely stroke in and out of his mouth or pull my cock out to rub it all over his face while he licked my balls. As I was doing this I was also watching the hard cocks all around me being sucked and stroked and sucked some more. It was a hot fucking scene that almost got my nut several times. But like the crossdresser I wasn’t ready to come yet either so I decided to take a break for a while and reluctantly slipped my running shorts and tank top back on (I’d rather have stayed naked) and left the theater…walking out into the main store. As my erection started fading I realized that I needed to piss really bad so I found the bathroom and did my business. I also took the opportunity to clean up some by washing my saliva coated cock as well as my face and hands. Feeling somewhat renewed I decided to check out the arcade area as I’ve acquired a fondness for those little booths with their gloryholes offering anonymous blow jobs and the occasional fuck. [I’ve wondered on occasion what their allure is for me since I couldn’t really expose much other than my dick. It certainly didn’t do much for my exhibitionist side…unless you did like some guys that left their door open and let anyone that wanted to look in to see them stroking their meat. Maybe I’d have to try that some day…it did sound like fun, but it didn’t happen that day. I sometimes also think it might be the anonymity…not knowing whose cock you’re sucking or who’s sucking you. I remember that’s how I got started sucking cock myself. So it’s probably those fond memories of newness and excitement that draw me back to those little booths…or maybe it’s the opportunity for a few quick helpings of ‘tubesteak milkshake’. I’d noticed that some guys cum really quickly when they’re getting an anonymous blow job. It must push a lot of guys’ fantasy button.] Anyway, getting back to the story, after cleaning up in the restroom I stopped at the display case at the entrance to the arcade and checked out what was showing. The place had a really good selection of all kinds of kinky shit…from straight to gay to bi to tranny to bdsm to public exhibitionism (girls strutting their stuff in public) to gang bangs to you name it. [My personal favs have become the tranny gang bang and the public exhibitionism movies.] After checking out the display case I walked around and checked out the ‘lay of the land’ (if you know what I mean). I noticed a guy in one of the many short hallways that was standing outside the booths and openly stroking his exposed hard prick. I also notice that whenever someone approached him, he’d crouch down and lick his lips…offering his mouth to anyone that was interested. I thought about giving him something to suck on for awhile, even fleetingly considered kneeling next to him so we could tag team some lucky stiff, but decided to pass. So I found a booth to my liking and proceeded to strip naked again…except for my shoes (the floors in these booths are invariably coated in sperm and who knows what else). I then slipped some money into the machine and got comfortable on the leather loveseat. This arcade had the best kind of machines…the ones that had a main screen and 4 smaller ones that scrolled through all the channels…and there were over 100 channels. That allowed the less experienced to watch the full gamut of human sexuality without having to consciously choose to watch the kinkier shit. That’s how I had begun to expand my horizons. As usual I started out with a good blow job movie…one with 2 or even 3 girls working on one big tool while the guy just laid back and soaked it up. I liked to stroke and imagine it was me up there on the screen getting serviced so royally. After teasing my stiffy for awhile I looked over and saw this long black hose come sliding through one of the gloryholes into my booth. This guy wasn’t even hard and was already hanging 8 or 9 inches onto my side. Being an equal opportunity cock sucker I got busy on that beautiful hunk of meat and swallowed as much of that fucker as I could. After I got it nice and hard he tufanbeyli escort pushed his big hairy nutsack through the hole as well so I sucked one of those beauties into my mouth while I stroked his shaft that was slick with my spit. He seemed to really like that and was soon moaning and leaking pre-cum. So I gathered up his juices, slicked up his miniature baseball bat size tool some more and got both hands busy stroking up and down while rotating my hands in opposite directions. I had that technique used on me once and it seems to work on even the toughest studs. Whenever some more of his juicy precum would bubble out I’d use it to relubricate the shaft or I’d sometimes lick it up as I slipped the head back into my mouth. Eventually, one of the times I slipped it in; I felt the head swell and was rewarded with my first LARGE portion of man juice for the evening. Mmmm…so yummy. Although I thought about going back to stroking my meat while waiting for more cocks to suck dry, this guy had given me quite a workout and my time on the machine had expired so I collected my things (without bothering to put them back on) and staggered out of the booth. When I stepped out into the hallway I was confronted with an audience of several appreciative fans (evidently the noise we’d made had drawn a lot of attention and a small crowd had formed). Not expecting anyone to be right there and thinking I’d walk around naked for a bit showing off my firm young body, I was startled and almost turned around and went back into the booth. [It seems I’m still a little shy (strange combination don’t you think…shyness and exhibitionism?)] But then I thought ‘what the hell’ and took a bow before starting to walk away. The guy I’d observed earlier openly stroking in the hallway was in the group and he took my momentary hesitation as an opportunity as he dropped to his knees and started sucking my semi-wood. It had been awhile since I’d had my suck stick a warm mouth and it felt really good so I let him have his fun for a while. Then a couple of other guys came over and started nursing on my nipples…that always gets my blood boiling (I’ve got really sensitive nipples that seem to have a direct link to my cock) and I was soon hard as a rock and aggressively face fucking the guy’s throat. He was experienced and very good and I could tell he really wanted my load badly…so when he slipped a finger up my asshole and started massaging my prostate while swallowing me to the root (while the other 2 guys continued sucking on my sensitive nipples) I said ‘fuckit’ and let myself go crashing over the edge, slipping into that other world while I hoses down his insides with a huge load. After that mind-blowing orgasm subsided my knees got weak and I almost fell. My audience had to support me for several minutes while my cock sucker continued to nurse on my deflating shaft, making sure he got every last drop. Once I got my senses and balance back I put on my clothes, thanked the guys for a wonderful orgasm and headed for the bathroom to clean up again. As I walked away, the guy that had swallowed my load said ‘no, thank you’ to which I had to turn back and smile. After cleaning up, I started to leave, but decided to relax in the theater for awhile instead. So I found a comfortable couch on the other end of the twin theater arrangement and did just that…relaxed. I must have nodded off for awhile because when someone sat down next to me…it startled me. When I looked over I realized it was a couple that had sat down…and it was a very sexy woman that was sitting next to me. I mention that because normally if a couple sits right next to a guy in places like this they usually sat with the woman in the ‘protected’ position on the other side of her man. So as those thoughts were swirling around in my head I straightened myself up a bit and started discretely checking them out. I was quite impressed with their appearance…she was wearing a short red spandex dress that hugged every curve (and she had them in all the right places) while he had on a pair of khaki shorts, boat shoes and a white short sleeve silk shirt. They looked like they had just left a yacht or country club cocktail party. I thought to myself, man-oh-man if these 2 want to play, I’m up for whatever they’re into. But I’d learned the hard way that you had to let the couple set the pace. If you didn’t, you were likely to scare them off. So I relaxed and watched the movie…just as they were doing…although I did squeeze my Johnson a few times just to let them know I was willing to play. We must have sat there for 10-20 minutes…just watching the movie. Thank goodness it was a good one with lots of beautiful people doing lots of delicious looking things to one another. Eventually, I sensed the ice had started to melt a little and I noticed her lean into her man and drop her hand into his lap. He then put his arm around her and started working the strapless top of her spandex dress down a little at a time. This woman didn’t need straps or anything else to hold up her dress other than those firm jutting breasts. I could see that her nipples had gotten hard and she had started to squirm a little in her seat. That was evidently her guy’s cue because the next thing he did was reach over with his other hand and pull her dress down to below those lovely breasts…completely exposing them. He then looked over at me and motioned for me to move closer and gestured toward her breasts. So I slid closer and started rubbing her luscious melons and lightly teasing her swollen nipples. After enjoying my touch for awhile she whispered something to her man to which he nodded in the affirmative. She then leaned over and undoing his fly…slipped her hand into his khaki shorts and extracted his manhood yumurtalık escort which she immediately took into her warm sucking mouth. I was conflicted by that maneuver because while it was a beautiful think to watch her lovingly coax his tool to its full impressive hardness, it almost completely eliminated my access to her lovely breasts. This was a great disappointment to me…but the disappointment didn’t last long. He soon slid his hand down her back to the bottom of her dress and pulled it up until it was around her waist…putting her gorgeous bottom completely on display for all to see…especially lucky me. At that point this beautiful, sexy, full-figured, yet firm-bodied woman was wearing her spandex dress as nothing more than a waist belt. She then made the next important maneuver in their little dance…she simply raised her right leg. Then she bent it at the knee which completely opened her lovely, dew moistened pussy for my unobstructed viewing and access. Well I’d been to this party before (although not often enough) and wasted no time in taking advantage of my good fortune. I was on my knees on the floor in a heartbeat with my face all up in her wonderful aromatic hoochy. After I got her juices flowing even more I started concentrating on her stiff little nubbin’ as best I could while I slipped a finger or two in and out. She must have realized I was struggling for the right access because she let go of that big hunk of meat she was sucking on and sat back up and spread her legs even wider, allowing me to slide in front of her. I then put my arms under her legs and pulled her forward to the edge of the couch. Her man, realizing he no longer had access to her warm sucking mouth, repositioned himself in a kneeling position on the couch next to her head so she could continue polishing his knob. We danced like that for a while…me worshiping her pussy while she nursed on his beautiful cock. Then she started moaning more loudly…grabbed my head and screamed her way through a violent orgasm…drenching me in her juices and almost suffocating me in the process. Eventually she released my head, allowing me to catch my breath and then looked up at her man and said ‘please fuck me…fuck me hard…I need your cock inside me’. So assuming that was my cue to get out of the way I started to get up, but instead her man motioned for me to lie on my back on the couch facing his way and had her lay on top of me face down so we could 69…or so I initially thought. He then got behind her and slid his big dick into her well lubricated pussy, but not before he slipped out of his khaki shorts and handed them to one of the appreciative onlookers sitting nearby. [The guy that accepted custody of his shorts took the opportunity to give his cock a suck or two.] Taking his shorts off accomplished 2 things…it allowed him to slam deeper into her hungry snatch and it allowed his balls to slide back and forth across my face. Hmmm I thought…what could that mean??? As I said earlier, I’d been to this dance before and I was fairly certain that it meant he wanted some of my attention. So I moved my head up a little and started licking his shaft as it stroked back and forth into her flowing honey pot. Plus, whenever he slammed in deep for a moment I took the opportunity to lick and suck on his low hanging fruit. This seemed to give him even more ideas and soon he was sliding completely out of her pussy every so often and sliding that delicious hunk of meat into my mouth for a few strokes…then back into her pussy for awhile…then back into my mouth for awhile. Once he slid into my mouth with such force that he slid right into my throat…which he seemed to like a lot and liked even more when I started humming to make my throat muscles vibrate [another trick I’d learned on the receiving end]. That sequence continued for several minutes…then he resumed fucking her really hard and fast with tremendous force until she climaxed again with another violent orgasm. While she was coming he stayed balls deep inside her and kept moving around trying to maximize her pleasure. I know because I was trying to suck on his balls and had a hard time keeping one in my mouth. When she was done shaking and quaking he slipped out of her as she slumped forward like a spent rag doll. I then climbed out from under her and slid onto the floor where I assumed the kneeling position…waiting for Act 3. It didn’t take long for that curtain to rise as he sat back down and pulled my mouth onto his red, swollen, suck stick. This guy was a real stud…a sexual athlete…and he knew it. As I worked him over with my mouth and hands, he slid forward on the couch and motioned another guy over to help me get him off by licking the underside of his nutsack as well as in and around his little puckered hole. Then another guy was motioned over to suck and bite one of his nipples. When that didn’t get him off, another guy was motioned over to work on the other nipple. When even that didn’t get him off, he had us all kneel in a semi-circle while he stood in front of us going from mouth to mouth and then groups of mouths. Having us suck him while others slid between his legs to lick his nuts and/or spread his ass cheeks to tongue-fuck his asshole. Eventually we were finally able to get him over the edge and when we did he howled like a man possessed as he shoved his mighty weapon back down my throat and unloaded directly into my stomach. After he fell back onto the couch his woman stood and thanked us all for helping pleasure her man. I still remember her exact words. She said ‘I really appreciate all your help, especially yours young man [pointing to me]. As you all learned tonight, getting my man off can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. That’s why I agree to these games of his. Tonight was like a night off for me.’ With that they straightened themselves up and walked out of our lives…never to be seen again, but also never to be forgotten. As for me, I’d had enough as well and headed back to my dorm where I slept like a baby. In fact, I slept so well and so long that I ended up skipping my classes the next day.

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