After the collapse


After the collapseThe following is a work of original fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental.It must have been a couple of months since the great market collapse that was brought about, in part, by the massive earthquake that destroyed much of the west coast of North America and the important trading cities of the Orient. Like most people, I had been sort of laid off. Told by my employer that work would only be provided on an as-needed basis until there was a clear indication that markets had been restored.I was fortunate to be older, single, and comfortable in a home that I had fully paid off. My savings, while diminished, were sufficient to keep me going, at least for a few years. Others that I worked with, were not so fortunate.I was sitting at home one day, going through some papers, when the phone rang. It was Lisa, who had worked as an analyst with the company. After the usual small talk, she asked if she could come and see me. I quite liked working with Lisa, and assumed that she wanted to ask me for a reference or something, so I quickly agreed. She said she would be round within the hour.About an hour later, I saw her late model mini-van pull up my long driveway. The garage to my house is in the back, so she was able to park her vehicle discretely away from sight, and she came to the back door, not the front. Despite the rigours of the past few months, Lisa looked great. She was always a knockout – a curvaceous body on a petite frame topped with fire red hair and cascaded over her shoulders when she let it hang down. On this occasion she looked as though she was headed to a very formal job interview, so my suspicions about the letter or reference seem founded.I invited Lisa in, and asked if she would like something to drink. “Do you have any whisky”? she asked? I really could use something to calm my nerves. I was about to suggest that drinking before a job interview was not exactly the best plan of action, but decided against the fatherly lecture. I found a bottle, and poured us both a glass and then led her into my study. She decided to perch, almost like a little bird, on one of my bonded leather chairs. I relaxed into my easy chair. “So, how the k**s and Rob?” I asked. I saw instantly that this had set off a nerve, as tears began to well up in her eyes.”Rob left” she said, “but the c***dren are fine”.I moved over to hug her, and comfort her “I am sorry, I had no idea. Do you want to talk about it?””Yes” she mumbled, looking down at her shoes, “that is really fethiye escort why I am here. Rob didn’t just leave me and the k**s, he really left. He drove his car off the Highway 27 bridge and left me with nothing. No insurance. Just a pile of debt. I’m 27. Independent. The economy is crap, and I need to provide for my family. I know I could make some money continuing to try to find work as an analyst, but I need to make a lot of money, fast.”I didn’t know what she was going to propose, whether she was going to try to sell me d**gs like so many other people were doing or suggest that we try to rob a bank!She stood up, and walked towards the fireplace, and unbuckled the belt from her raincoat. She let it slide off her body and fall into my empty armchair. She was now standing in front of me in the most amazing set of lingerie and stockings. “I’ve decided that the only way I can make the kind of money I need to make is to become a prostitute. And if society is going to frown on that, then they can just fuck off, because they made this whole fucking economy!” At this point she burst into tears, and I stepped up to comfort her.As the buried her face in my shoulder, I could feel her tits, rock hard pressed into the tight brassiere, against my chest. I tried to find a place to rest my hands in a comforting way, but found that it was either her bare back, or her scantily clad ass that I wanted to grab.After a while, I got up the nerve to ask her why she had come to see me. She told me that it was because I had always been so nice to her in the office, and had really been the closest thing that she had had to a mentor. She admitted that she knew nothing about what it would take to become a prostitute, and was quite scared at the prospect. I think she either was looking to me to talk her out of the idea, or guide her through it. Given the circumstances that we all found ourselves in, I thought that her plan could have some merit, and that the latter option seemed intriguing.I pulled back from our embrace, and suggested that we continue this discussion in my bedroom.———————-I won’t lie to you, I have always wanted to fuck Lisa. She just has one of those bodies that is put together well, and she takes care of herself. I would often run into her coming back to the office after a lunchtime workout, and get hard thinking about her hot body in tight spandex. She was the kind of gal who always wore the very best she could afford, and the very best for getting noticed. This meant platform escort fethiye heels that would not only elevate her stature but also make her ass look fantastic. Skirts with high slits up the side and blouses with plunging necklines that might seem slutty, were it not for the fact that they were on the body of a mother of two and wife of a dentist. Well, ex-wife now.But now, I no longer had to worry about my imagination, as my dream was now standing live in front of me. I asked Lisa how she would like to proceed. She asked me if I could provide any suggestions on what sort of fees she should charge. I told her quite plainly that I did not frequent prostitutes, but that I did have some ideas. I suggested that she should consider having a price in mind for a blowjob, regular sex and anal sex. Anything more than that, should just come under a “whole night” package.She laughed a bit at my suggested prices, as she thought that she could have easily paid off her husbands debts for him if only he had paid her whenever they had sex. From what I could gather about their marriage, although he was constantly requesting sexual favours from her, his sex drive never quite eclipsed hers.I didn’t have to give her any instruction on how to be sexy. She already had that covered. She just needed to become more comfortable with another man. Seems she had never strayed from her marriage bed, and had been a virgin on her wedding night, nearly 8 years ago. I suggested that we begin with a blow job, and explained that this would make me rock hard for other things.She applied a fresh coat of ruby red lipstick, and then pulled my rigid member out of my pants. She knelt in front of me, giving me a gorgeous view of her cleavage as her tits were pressed together and bound tightly by a combination of wires, padding and black lace. I almost lost my load on her cleavage as she began to lick my cock with her tongue. It sent shockwaves through my body knowing that the object of my office desires was now here in my bedroom sucking my cock.At one point, and without breaking stride, she reached back and undid her bra, then slid it off her tits. She had a gorgeous set, even without the benefit of “lift and separate”. Probably a large c-cup, and with dark nipples. I reached down to caress them as she continue to caress my balls and lick my shaft. “Be careful” she said “I’m still nursing Timothy”. This almost made me lose my load! I have never been with a woman who was lactating. She pulled back, and smiled at me, “that made you harder, fethiye escort bayan I could feel it. Let’s move on to part 2″. She led me over to the bed, and peeled off her panties and garter, leaving only her stockings. She undid the bands that held her hair up, and if cascaded down over her shoulders and almost covered her breasts. Her bush was neatly trimmed, but it was obvious from the patch above her mound that she was a true red head.She lay back on the bed, spread her legs apart and exclaimed “how much am I supposed to be charging you for this?”I just smiled, and replied “my consulting fee should just about cover it”.My cock slid into her wet pussy easily, and it was clear that she was just as turned on by this as I was. I thrust my cock deep inside her, and my god she started to orgasm, tightening her pussy around my shaft. I could not help but increase the speed and intensity with which I fucked her. After all, it had been some time since I had had had such a delicious body to play with in my bed. She eventually flipped me onto my back and straddled me, thrusting herself down onto my shaft as she played with her tits. At first I thought she was just rubbing them to keep them from bouncing but I began to notice that she was in fact trying to milk herself. As she worked a bit of cream in to her nipple, she would expell it in an arc across my chest and towards my open mouth. At this point she started to orgasm, and shudder quite violently on my pole. Apparently it had been some weeks since she had last had such an orgasm. I too finally lost control, and shot a giant wad of my spunk deep inside her. She gyrated on my cock a bit more, and then we both collapsed in a heap of sweaty bedsheets. Once we caught our breath, she admitted that she didn’t know if she could really go through with the prostitution thing. I told her that she was excellent, and that she could make any man very happy in bed, and that it would be well worth the price. She agreed, knowing full well that she could easily command the prices that we had discussed.”It just” she began, “well, its just that I only now started to ovulate again after having Timothy, and I would have to go back on the pill and all, and that wouldn’t really be great for the k**s. Or, I supposed I could just fuck guys who have been snipped, like you, or have a strict condom rule. I should probably have a strict condom rule. I hadn’t thought about that”.I chuckled to myself, although my heart was racing at the possibilities. “Yes, you probably should have a strict condom rule, at least until you know that the guy really has been snipped. Or until you are sure that he is clean. As for me, I am as clean as a whistle, but I must confess, I have never had any surgery of that sort”.

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