AIRTIGHTAlan responded to our ad and he really appealed to us. One thing led to another. When he wanted to bring his older cousin with him when we met, we were so hot to party with him we decided to live dangerously and agreed. So, I had seen my wife naked with other men before. I had seen her sit on other men’s laps before, too. She likes facing me when she sits on other men’s laps like that. She wants me to see it all when she lowers herself down on another man’s hard cock. She likes how hot it makes me.But this time it was different. Alan, the horny black stud sitting in the chair beneath my naked wife, fingering and fondling her ass, wasn’t the only black stud in the room. His cousin, Devon was standing right beside me, watching too, his thick black penis as stiff as young Alan’s (and mine). “Go ahead and fuck’er, man,” he told his cousin. “Get that white pussy!”I was trying to watch my wife impale herself on Alan’s big prick and watch Devon stroke his big tool at the same time. My eyes darting back and forth continuously. It was a titillating smorgsborg of erotic sensual stimulation the likes of which I’d never felt before. The lust in that motel room was smothering. It was like I was one of them…like I was getting that white pussy too. And the look in my wife’s eyes everytime she lowered herself down and took all of young Alan’s sizable black cock inside her was enough to make anybody’s dick hard. I could see the little orgasmic tremors in her eyes as she impaled herself again and again. I could see her pleasure. And I shared her pleasure, showing her that my dick was just as hard and I was just as aroused and excited as everyone else. Devon said it all, when he moved up beside the chair, brandishing his rigid black cock illegal bahis like a sabre. “I want some, too!” he panted, trying to pull my wife’s head down to his throbbing member. Riding atop Alan’s deeply embedded shaft seated on his lap, her head was too high in the chair to accommodate Devon’s desire to stick his dick in her mouth.Thoughtfully, young Alan shifted forward in the chair until his ass was at the front edge. When he extended his bent legs, everything was lower. My wife’s mouth was suddenly accesible and Devon wasted no time filling it with his black dick. “Suck it, baby” he groaned as she w****d her lips around his thick rod and started doing them both at the same time. On the one hand, I had a perfect, close as I wanted to get, view of Alan’s dark cock stretching its way into the depths of my wife’s snug vagina. On the other hand, I raised my eyes and had a perfect, close-as-I-wanted-to-get view of Devon’s big tool forcing its way into her open mouth. The best of all possible worlds and I squeezed it for all it was worth. Then, like any red blooded wife watching voyeur, overcome by the sensual thrill of it all, I masturbated myself to a hasty orgasm. Before anyone else, of course. But my spent cock was instantly re-energized when Alan said something about anal sex. Devon hastily agreed, noting that she could still suck him at the same time. It was more or less their doing. They both withdrew from her. Alan started greasing up her butt and his thick cock with some ointment they had. Avoiding direct eye contact, my wife and I were both silent, submissively complying.Man – was that ever something. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. I shot off watching her wriggle her butt down on his thick black cock. When illegal bahis siteleri she finally got the whole thing inside her anus, I couldn’t believe the tiny puckered ring of his butthole had expanded enough to accomodate all that dick. She was sweating and seemed uncertain as she tried to move atop him, but the wanton look of primal desire streaming from her eyes in her eyes told me how horny and aroused she was. She had the wild look of an a****l mating and she offered no resistance as Devon pushed his black dick back into her mouth. As she began to suck on Devon’s stiff cock, she managed to lift her hips slightly and then lower them back down, beginning the ritual fucking motion inherent to woman on top intercourse. Alan helped her, gripping her hips, lifting as she did and pulling her back down, filling her stretched colon with his thick cock again and again.I saw her orgasm coming as she stiffened, releasing Devon’s cock with her mouth, and started hammering her ass down on Alan’s big cock faster and faster. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” she shrieked as she climaxed and gyrated her buttocks against him whorishly, holding his big cock deep inside her as she orgasmed, slumping over, moaning and whimpering like a bitch in heat. When she raised back up, Alan’s cock was still buried deep in her ass. At Devon’s insistance, she resumed sucking his cock and wiggled herself down on Alan’s still rigid and fully inserted organ.When she stretched out atop him and raised her legs, I could her stretched butthole and Alan’s thick cock buried within it. I could see her giving Devon head at the same time, sucking his black dick like it was a yummy fudgesicle. Then, Alan said, “Air tight! Air tight! Make her air tight!”I knew he canlı bahis siteleri was talking to me. I stared at my wife’s pussy, saw his black cock moving in and out of her stretched anus beneath it. I saw how wet she was. And, I had never wanted to fuck her more in my life. Perhaps because of the big, black dick in her ass at the time, her recently stretched pussy was surprisingly tight as I plunged my rigid tool into it. She convulsed violently as I buried it inside her, cumming with what became an almost continual climax as she serviced all three of us at once.I could actually Alan’s big dick moving in her ass as I pummeled her pussy. The thin membrance seperating vagina and colon was like a condom between our thrusting cocks so I know he could feel my cock in her pussy the same as I felt his cock in her ass. Shortly after I sealed the third hole, making my delerious happy wife AIRTIGHT, everybody started cumming.Devon first, frantically urging my wife not to stop… to keep sucking… to swallow it all. Then me, deep in her pussy with their cum still in’er, with Alan’s big cock still hammering away at her ass.I was almost finished ejaculating, when I felt Alan’s cock exploding in my wife’s ass. I knew he was cumming because I could feel every spurt. Thru the thin membrane seperating our cocks, I could feel everything, every contraction, every thrust. The sensation catapulted me to another orgasm or something. Despite just climaxing, I started shooting off again like I had never even climxed the first time. I’ll never forget the feeling of his black cock pressed against my cock inside her… the feeling of him fucking her while I was fucking her.AIRTIGHT became a kinda code word with us after that when we spotted two black guys together. It was a way of teasing and titillating each other at the same time. And whenever we found one another in the same frame of mind, we’ve arranged something to make the memory of AIRTIGHT real again. It works, too. It really works!

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