Am I A Sl*t ?


Am I A Sl*t ?Am i a slut ? I did it with him for my pleasure so i need you to tell me.It was a usual lazy afternoon until i got a text from my lover, who is 37, text was “my friend is throwing a house party wanna go?”I replied “what kind of party ?”He sent me a photo of the invitation, it was surprising how only 4 – 5 couples were invited and for them the person had sketched an invitation. There was a strange thing written below the invitation “Get your ladies, please”I called michael right away, he was dating my lover’s friend. He said that the boys had to dress like a girl to please their lovers and all the man in the party, this party was strange to me as my lovers doesn’t like to share me with anyone, last time i kissed a man he was mad at me for a week but then i was happy and excited so i did not pay much attention to that thought.I got up took hair removal cream and removed my leg hair and butt hair just like my lover likes it, then took a bath till the time my lover came home with a pretty flowery dress for night and couple of panties and heel, he said “honey fast we are gonna be late”I replied “i’ll be out in a min, place can you select a pantie?”I came out cleaned my body, wore the white pantie and that dress and wore a nice perfume and i was all set to go, he came into the room and said “omg you look so pretty” We stared at each other and he said in a soft voice “i want you i want you now!”He slowly opened his zip and pulled his dick out, i turned around and pulled down my pantie, we didnt speak much except each other’s name. He was done in 10 mins and i cleaned my face and we left. As soon as we entered his house we felt like we were in a completely maltepe escort different world, every man had a boy dressed and sitting on his lap, my lover doesn’t like to show off, he went to the kitchen to get some drinks. I saw my friend and started talking. I noticed a handsome man of around 40 age starting at me from the moment i entered. He started coming closer and closer he tried couple of time to put his hand inside my dress and inside my pantie, i was looking for my partner who was nowhere to be found.I had a lot of drinks, i was looking for ladies WC as we were girls for the night and hence we were not allowed to use men WC, as i was approaching towards WC i sensed that man following me, i pulled down my pantie and sat to pee, he opened the door and said “i like you, do you wanna sleep with me?” i pulled up my pantie giggle and left. I couldnt find my partner anywhere and i wanted him badly, i saw that man leaving and i asked him “can you give me ride home ?” he said sureHe opened the door and we left, i slowly put my hand on his bulge and chest, he did not look at me, then i said why don’t you take me to your home instead? He took a u-turn and we reached home in no time. As soon as we entered his house, he took me in his arms and kissed me“Come here honey mmuh”It felt so good to be in his arms, i then allowed him to put his hand inside my pantie, and he did some good stuff with this hands inside my pantie. I was feeling awful but same time i was wondering what has he hidden under his underwear so huge.He took me to his living room, he dimmed the light. it was a romantic lighting and i couldn’t bahçelievler escort stop myself, i hugged him from behind, he turned and kissed me all over my face. Slowly i started unbuttoning his shirt, his body order was turning me on an on, i kissed his nipple and rest my face on his chest and said “i want to be yours tonight”He removed my heel and threw it away, while i was kissing he unzipped my dress and there i was in my white pantie in his manly arms. His grip on my body was getting tighter and tighter,With one hand he was squeezing my tiny ass and with another on my face.I kneeled down slowly and put my face on his bulge, it was warm, big and smelt good. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pant, the sound of unbuckling his belt freaked me out but the curiosity held me back. I pulled his pants down, his dick was resting in an orange underwear with a few drops on his underwear, i wrapped myself to his legs and he patting my head, i was feeling safer than ever then he said “suck me “I pulled his underwear and and his dick popped on my face like a snake, it was huge and thick, it was the thickest cock i have ever taken. He wasted no time and held my head with his hands and pushed head toward his dick, i sucked that yummy dick, it was tasty and delicious. With my sweet mouth i sucked him and he filled my mouth with his cum and he asked me to swallow it.He stopped and started looking around, i thought he was done but i was screaming in my head “fuck me, i want more”. It turned out he was not done, he was looking for a chair to sit and take me over his knees to spank, a big smile stuck on my face, adana escort then i heard commanding voice from his mouth “come over you bitch”That controlling voice drove me crazy, i went on his knees he started spanking “phat”His thick hands were perfect for my tiny sluty ass, after 2-3 spanks the power was doubled now it was hurting, i bit my lips to absorb the pain. After making my ass full red, he whispered in my ear “from now whatever i do please don’t mind” He threw me on the ground and asked me to beg him to fuck meI begged “master please give me your dick”“Please fuck my ass”“Please please”He then took my legs and put them behind my head and trying to put his dick, his dick was really big i could feel every inch of it going inside me slowly, i stretched my ass more wider, i wanted all of him. My ass could only take about 2-3 inch of his fat cock. I could see his face wanting control on me and he could see my face to be controlled by him.I said “fuck me hard baby”“Oh yes i love that dick, mmmm i love it”I was moaning.. With every minute my moan was getting louder and heavier. Anger on his face was getting higher with my moan.He said “i will fuck you like it’s your last fuck”And then with his full strength he pushed his dick inside me and gave my ass good 5 shot with dirty words and anger on his face. I loved when he wanted me so badly, his desire of having me showed me his manliness and his anger. His manliness bring more girliness in me. With every inch of his lovely cock going in my voice was becoming weak yet i wanted him more, i wanted his whole dick, i wanted him to take me in his arms and fuck me all night.“Say my name you slut” “Oh danny fuck me” i said softly I could feel his warm cum splashed inside my ass. He pulled his dick out and splashed his rest of the shot on my face, it was thick, creamy and it was all over my face. He gave me a nice lovely after sex kiss and we dressed. “It was nice meeting you” i said He replied “are you free tomorrow evening ?”“I will let you know”

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