Amy 2


Amy 2We really didn’t talk about it Saturday all day. But it was all I could think about all day long. That night when we got in bed I didn’t bring it up once. We ended up having really good sex and after it was over Amy laid in my arm next to me. I kissed her and then told her she wasn’t near as swollen or wet as the night before. Amy didn’t say anything and I said the teasing really gets her worked up. Amy giggled and said it is fun teasing someone and maybe it does get her going. I told her it was a definite possibility. We laid there silent for a while and I said I was going to have Tony come over Friday for the game again. I said we could order pizza and drink a few beers while we watched the game. Amy said ok and then told me not to leave her alone with Tony.I chuckled and asked her if she wondered if she would be able to control herself alone with him. Amy giggled and said Tony was the one with control problems. I laughed and said that Tony probably went straight home that night and jerked off a lot. It made Amy giggle a lot and I told her she needed to tease him again. She said it might not be a good idea so soon to do it to him again. I told her I would be there and would make sure it didn’t go any farther than last time. Amy said there was no way she would let him touch her kitty and I had to protect her. I told her I loved how worked up she was and it was awesome to fuck her afterwards. Then I kissed her and smiled and said if it means he touches her kitty then so be it. Amy sighed and said she didn’t think it would be a good idea. Again I told her I would be there to make sure nothing happened. Amy giggled and said I better make sure she doesn’t get ****d. It went through my mind how one of her fantasies was getting ****d without being hurt. Just her getting forcefully fucked with no v******e. The next day I got everything planned and that evening I told Amy I had to run down to my car. I went right to Tony’s apartment and he was home and I told him I had a plan. I quickly explained it to him and went back home. Then the next day at work I asked a friend to call me right about 8pm Friday. I told him my girl wanted me to do something I didn’t want to do and he would get me out of it. He agreed and I had my plan all set. All I had to do was wait until Friday night to see what would happen. All I knew was I really wanted to see how Amy handled it and how far it would go.Friday night Tony got there about an hour before the game that started at 7pm. He brought a fifth of whiskey and said he had a game to play during the ballgame. He brought three shot glasses with him and poured out three shots for us. Then he said we should drink a shot for every homerun hit by the Tigers during the game. Then he said we should drink a shot now just in case they didn’t hit a homerun during the game. When we picked them up he said we had to drink the whole shot down at once and take a drink of beer right after. We did and after Amy drank her shot she made a funny face and said she didn’t like whiskey. After drinking some beer she said that made it easier to drink the whiskey. We ordered a pizza and watched the pregame until the pizza came.When the pizza came we were just sitting down and Tony said another shot was in order. So we did the shot and beer chaser again and I noticed just ten minutes later Amy was giggling a lot more as we talked and ate pizza. The game was getting ready to start and she got up to get us another beer. I went with her in the kitchen and kissed her and whispered it was time to tease. She giggled and whispered for me to protect her tonight because she was already feeling drunk. I told her I would and when we went back out tuzla escort she told us she had to get more comfortable. She wasn’t gone for long and she came out with some pajamas on. They were almost sheer with a button down top and short loose shorts. I could faintly see her nipples and could tell she had no panties on since I could make out her little red bush.Amy sat down next to me and took a big drink of her beer and giggled at me. The Tigers batted first and I was happy when they hit a solo homerun right away. We drank another shot and Amy giggled and said if it happened again she was going to be plastered. Soon as the Tigers were out I got up and said I would be right back. I went to the bathroom and took a piss. I quietly came out and walked out of the bedroom and I could hear them in the kitchen. I made some noise and they came out and Amy had a funny look on her face. Tony said it was his turn to empty the tank and he took off to the bathroom. Instantly Amy whispered at me that Tony already played with her kitty in the kitchen. I told her I wouldn’t take another piss until he left. She giggled and said I better not because I needed to protect her.Right at 8pm my phone rang and I got up to answer it. I talked like I had to go in to work to help with a problem. I went and told Amy and went to the bedroom to change my cloths. Amy followed me and said that Tony had to leave and I told her I would try to get rid of him. I went out and told Tony I had to leave for work for a few hours and he instantly said he was going to watch the rest of the game and keep Amy from being lonely. Her eyes were big and I went into the kitchen and she followed me. I whispered I couldn’t tell him to just get out and she would just have to keep him under control until I get back. I said it would just be a couple hours and she stomped out and went to the bedroom and shut the door. This worked better than my plan and I opened the front door then shut it. Then I hurried to the extra bedroom leaving the door slightly opened.It was a while and Amy finally came out and now she had her thick and long terry robe on over her jammies. She had it tied closed and went and sat on the couch. Tony waited a few minutes and soon they were chatting and Amy seemed more comfortable now. She finished her beer and went to get another one and said she would bring one back for him. When she came back in with the beers Tony stood up and took his and set it down on the coffee table. Tony said she looked a lot better without the robe and Amy didn’t say anything. Then he took her beer and set it down next to his and then started untying her robe sash. Amy stopped him and he then kissed her and her hands let go of the sash to stop him. Tony said if she just took off the robe he wouldn’t bother her again. Amy told him she wasn’t comfortable without it without me there. Tony again said he would be a gentleman and untied the robe and slipped it off of her.When he handed it to her she set it on the couch arm and sat down on the couch and Tony sat back in the chair. I wondered if anything was going to happen and they seemed to be talking and Amy was giggling again. Then Tony got up and sat on the couch next to her and she started getting up. He pulled her back next to him and kissed her long and deep. His hand went to her thigh and she grabbed it and tried taking it off. Tony stopped kissing her and turned and took the sash out of her robe. Amy tried getting up again and he pulled her back down and tied her hands together in front of her. She told him that wouldn’t stop her and he raised her hands and slid his head between her arms which had her hands around his neck.Tony smiled at her and tuzla escort bayan soon as she started to say something he held the sides of her face and kissed her long and with passion. I was surprised to see it looked like she was returning it and then he expertly pushed the coffee table away from the couch with his foot while kissing her. Then he was kissing her neck and unbuttoned her top as Amy told him I could be back any minute. He kissed her a long kiss again while his hand opened her top and caressed her little firm tits and hard nipples. When he stopped kissing her he told her I wasn’t going to be back for a few hours. When he moved over and pulled her legs apart she told him she was going to scream as he got to his knees on the floor between her legs. Tony ignored that and started sucking on her nipples while his hand slid down between her spread legs until it was down her bottoms and his fingers inspecting her slit.Amy was squirming around best she could while she was begging him to stop. After another long kiss while his fingers worked her pussy Tony told her she was very wet and it was telling him not to stop. Then he smiled at her and said he had to taste her pussy and after a struggle he was sliding he bottoms off of her and tossed them aside. Another long kiss and Tony moved down with Amy begging him to stop as he kissed her tits and then stomach. Tony was smiling at her as he slowly moved her struggling legs onto his shoulders. When he moved his face towards her now open slit Amy was trying to struggle and got nowhere with it. All she could do was try to push his head with her hands now and she suddenly stiffened and I knew his tongue was in her slit.I watched him working on her pussy with his tongue and his fingers with Amy begging him to stop. Then I saw her mouth drop open and her eyes fluttered as she gasped and panted. It seemed like she wasn’t fighting as much and she asked him what he was doing. Tony moved up between her arms again and kissed her while his fingers were working in her hole. Then he smiled and she was squirming different now and he asked her if that was what she meant. Her mouth was open as she shook her head yes and he asked her if that was the first time someone rubbed her G-spot. Amy whispered yes and Tony asked her if she liked it and Amy asked him to please stop in a whisper.Tony ignored her and kissed his way back down and sucked on her clit and pussy never stopping his fingers. I noticed now her legs rose up just a little off his shoulders as he worked her pussy gently. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back with her mouth wide open. Then I noticed his other hand was sliding his shorts and boxers off. Once they were off he kissed his way back up her body until he was kissing her lips never stopping his fingers. It looked like Amy was really getting close to cumming and then Tony rose up a little on his feet. That was when I saw how big his cock was and it looked huge. It had to be 3 or 4 inches longer than mine and a whole lot thicker. Right away I didn’t think there was no way he was going to get that thing into Amy’s tight hole without hurting her. He stopped kissing her and just stared at her face while he took his hand from her pussy. Amy opened her eyes and then whispered he had to stop now because he got to taste her.Now Tony had his cock in his hand and Amy had no idea his shorts were off. Soon as he started rubbing it up and down her slit her eyes went wide open and Amy kept begging him no. Tony ignored her and lined his giant cockhead up to her little hole and pushed forward as she stiffened up beneath him. He stared at her with a smile and I was amazed when the head seemed escort tuzla to go in without a lot of work. I watched her eyes flutter when he pulled it back out and her mouth flew open wide. Then he pushed forward again and I watched him sink in about halfway this time as Amy’s feet started quivering on his shoulders with that entry. When Tony stroked again with just half his cock she gasped loudly and then a soft oh my god left her lips. He stroked her with only half his huge cock about a half dozen times and she exploded with an orgasm jerking all around best she could the way he had her pinned to the couch.Tony grinned big as he watched her cumming on his cock that was only halfway in her pussy so far. It was a very intense orgasm and lasted a long time before the jerking slowed down. Soon as it did he pulled back a little bit and slowly slid his huge thick cock in and I was shocked when his pelvis was locked to her pelvis. I couldn’t believe Amy’s tight little hole stretched open enough and she was deep enough inside to take all of it already. When Tony pulled back and then started to fuck with his entire cock she exploded under him again. This time he never slowed down as she struggled with her legs jerking while she was softly wailing. He just kept fucking her with a steady rhythm as she was cumming for the second time on his cock. Amy was gasping and softly saying oh my god over and over again when her orgasm slowed down this time.Tony fucked her pinned to the couch for a while and I could tell it was really feeling awesome to Amy. Then he was kissing her and grabbed her ass as he picked her up and stood up the rest of the way. With her hands still tied together Amy held on the back of his neck as he lifted her up and down with that thick cock sliding in and out of her slick hole. Her eyes were closed as her face was pointed to the ceiling and mouth open wide as she gasped and moaned. Suddenly Amy kissed him as he kept bouncing her on his hard thick cock. Her legs wrapped around his body and she moaned loudly into his mouth while he fucked her that way for a couple minutes. When he stopped bouncing her he turned around and walked around the coffee table and into the bedroom.I knew this was my chance to leave now without Amy seeing me. But I just had to watch a little bit more and slowly went out. Suddenly I heard a long groan come from the bedroom and could tell it was Amy. I got to the bedroom and peeked in and saw them on the bed and her hands weren’t tied anymore. Tony was on top of her with her hands holding his ass cheeks as if to pull him in deeper with each thrust. Amy now had her legs up high and spread out wide as they kissed while I watched Tony’s ass moving up and down as he was fucking her wide spread pussy. Then they must have stopped kissing as I could hear Amy moaning out and gasping from his thrusts. I was mesmerized watching my girl getting what looked like the fuck of her life in front of me and she loved it. It only took a few more minutes and I watched her legs start shaking hard in the air as Tony was starting to fuck her harder. There was no mistaking when she had another orgasm under him again.Then I started to worry he was going to finish so I quietly went to the front door and left. I looked at my watch and it was 9:37 as I made my way down to Tony’s apartment to wait for him. The plan worked better than I imagined it would and just worried about how Amy was going to be after it was done. I couldn’t believe I actually did that to her and now I felt guilty about it. But I had a raging hardon sitting there as I waited for Tony to get there. I just kept replaying it in my mind and got up to get myself a beer and sat back down at the table. I kept looking at my watch and when it was after 10 I started to wonder if he was fucking her a second time. Then at 10:14 the door opened and Tony walked in with a huge grin on his face.

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