Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave – 9

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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave – 9Chapter OneIt started out as a very stressful weekend. My step-monster had stolen the money from the sale of my salon. Master had arranged to meet with her to discuss the problem. She had threatened to call the gossip magazines and out Master for being in the BDSM lifestyle.Master offered her $1,000,000 for her to go away and never have contact me again and to buy her silence. In order to get the money she would have to submit to Master for the next three days.This is Sunday, the last day of her submission. Master has had me me busy doing other things because he felt that I was too emotional with having to deal with her. She had been sharing my room and bed at night. I don’t know if it’s the things that Master has been putting her through or not, but she has been a changed woman. She has not been cruel to me. We have been spending time at night talking. Will we ever be close friends? I don’t think so, but I do feel some how, she better understands me now, and that makes me feel better.I’ve been talking with Master about this and he has agreed to let me participate in her last day of submission. I am excited, as I have not had much interaction with Master or Chloe this weekend. Master tells me that Max will be a part of it too. This makes my mouth and pussy water just thinking about his gigantic black cock. Master is first in my heart without question, but my inner slut comes out when I am near Max’s luscious chocolate fuck meat.Master has instructed me to have Gayle, my stepmother, ready at 7am this morning. She is to be naked of course with her collar, a medium sized butt plug and a simple blindfold. He also had her insert a butt plug in my sphincter too.I lead her down to the lower level and into Master’s dungeon. I place her on a raised area in front of the fireplace. I help her to kneel and to get into a kneeling presentation pose. She doesn’t need much help as she has been in this position many times in the past two days.I step back and look at her. She has really has been able to slip into her submissive role. Her body is displayed well. Her large pillowy breast are pushed out and swell with her every breath. Her legs are spread wide. Her labia is splayed, glistening with the early signs of her arousal. Her clit is beginning to fill with blood and is just starting to peek out from under its protective hood, like a budding flower. To me, she looks like the perfect submissive. Although I have a long history of issues with her, my body is responding seeing her this way. I want to kneel and service her needy pussy. But I’m sure to be punished for doing so. I’m saved by Max, Master and Chloe’s black bull stud. He strolls into the dungeon, looking like a bouncer at a club. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen him as he has been busy with his work. “Hey there baby girl”“MAXXXXXX”, I shriek when I see him.He breaks into the biggest smile that you’ve ever seen. It’s so infectious, I always find myself smiling like an idiot. I lose control and quickly run to him and leap into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He gives me a huge hug, as I snuggle into his neck. He wraps his big strong arms around me and I feel instantly safe and loved.When I finally let him go, we moves over to where Gayle is still displayed with her blindfold on. Now Max is a slave just like me and we are supposedly on the same level in our pod’s hierarchy, but from the moment I met him, I’ve felt very submissive towards him. Tonight, he is going to be in the switch mode, as he will be our Dom. The thought of this has my juices flowing. Gayle is growing inpatient having to wait on her knees. Max starts walking around her. She hears that he’s near. Gayle’s nostrils flare, as she must smell is rugged scent of fresh soap and sandalwood. He stops behind her, his large hands grasp her blonde ponytail and pulls her head back. There’s an audible gasp. “Amy, bring me a crop.”“Yes SIr.”I bring him a black leather horse crop with a terminal end that’s one inch wide. Max takes it and whips it through the air. Gayle jumps as the swishing sound is right by her. She can feel the rush canlı bahis of air go by. Max moves around to her front. He teases her nipple with the soft leather tail. Gayle bites her lower lip, as a shudder goes through her.Max taps her nipple several times, then once hard on the top of her breast. Gayles head goes back, but holding her position. Max starts to tease the other nipple. Gayle is squirming, in anticipation of the next blow. It doesn’t come at first. Max waits in silence, then brings it down again of her other breast. Gayle turns to avoid the pain, but the crop had already met its mark.Max reaches down with his big hand, softly rubbing her breasts. Cupping them, squeezing them. Gayle moans. Max steps back and lightly taps her inner thighs with the crop. First up one side then down the other. Gayle keeps her legs splayed open. The crop comes to her quim and Max presses it against her peeking clit, rubbing the leather tail against it. Gayle tilts her hips up, trying to get some friction to slack her need.Max flicks the crop up and taps her engorged bud. Gayle responds by trying to hide her sex, thus avoiding it being the next target. Max flicks the crop through the air, causing Gayle to jump. Max reaches down and runs his hands down between her legs, cupping her wet pussy. Gayle pushes against his hand. Max runs his large fingers through her slit. He uses her slickness to rub her swollen nub. Gayle is moans.“Amy come undress me.”“Oh yes Sir.”I grab the bottom of his tight black t-shirt. He leans down and I pull it over his head. I kneel at his feet. I’m looking up into his eyes, as I slip my finger in the elastic of his gym pants and pull them down to his ankles. He steps out of them. His big beautiful cock is bulging against the thin cotton briefs he’s wearing. I hug his bulky thigh and nuzzle his big fat dick with my face. We’re just a foot in front of Gayle. She’s fidgeting with anticipation. I squeeze Max’s shaft through the material, then lean in with my mouth and gently nibble the head of his cock. He groans with equal part pleasure and pain. I’ve seen Chloe, his Mistress, do this to him and know it gets him going. I see a spot of moisture in his briefs. My fingers grab the elastic of his waistband and pull them down slowly. His cock catches the edge of the briefs, and bounces up when it’s released. His big meaty shaft slaps him on the stomach. He fists his big black cock and slaps my face. Gayle can hears this, her other senses heightened by the loss of one through the blindfold.I stroke his cock with my hand. My hands look so small against the heavy girth of his tool. I use both hands to squeeze it, causing some pre-cum to ooze out the slit. I lean in and swirl my tongue around the head and lick it up.Still on my knees, I turn and lead him by his root to Gayle. I rub his fat cock on her face. Her mouth opens, but I just move it across her lips, teasing her and him. I tell Gayle, “open your mouth whore, and worship your new Master’s cock.”She whimpers and opens her mouth again. I take Max’s big black shaft and guide it into Gayle’s open lips. The soft lips stretch to take his giant cock. Her soft moans vibrate on his rod. Max slowly pumps into her waiting mouth.He pulls out to her whimpers. Fisting his ridged black cock, he rubs it on her lips again, then slaps her face with it. Gayle keeps her mouth open hoping to be filled again. WIth that, Max reaches down and removes her blindfold. When Gayle’s eyes clear, they go wide as she realizes for the first time that Max is black. “Stand up Gayle.”Chapter TwoGayle rises slowly. Max takes her in his big strong arms. His massive cock presses into her belly. She puts her arms around his neck. Max bends and pulls her leg up. He rubs his fat cock against her wet labia. He grabs her other leg and lifts her up, cradling her.I kneel behind her and grab Max shaft and guide it between her sloppy folds. He presses into her opening. Her fluids allow him to slip in with only some resistance. He slows to let her adjust to his size. While Max stood with Gayle cradled in his arms, he starts to lift her up and bring her down on his gigantic black cock. Gayle has her arms around bahis siteleri his thick neck as he bounces her up and down on his glistening shaft. Her sloppy pussy his leaking down his cock onto his big black balls.I lean in and lick her juices from his ball sack. His fat black dick is disappearing into her slit. I move up and run my tongue on the shaft while I cup his balls.They are both moaning into each other’s mouth as Gayle needy cunt sloshed with every stroke of his cock. Gayle is writhing on Max’s big beautiful specimen. Her head falls back, lost in the throes of the first wave of her climax. “Ohhh god that’s soooo good….”Her hips curl to him as she breaks over the ledge of her orgasm. Her breasts sway as he cradles her onto his cock. Lifting her up and down. When her body goes limp in his arms, he lifts her up and sets her down gently. “Kneel Gayle and clean your wetness from my cock.”She struggles to her knees and grabs his cock and shoves it into her waiting mouth. Her lips surrounds his fat black dick as she moves up and down the length. The door to the dungeon opens and in walks Master. He is wearing jeans with the first two buttons of his button fly jeans opened. His bare chest show off his rock solid abs. He moves to where Gayle is cleaning Max’s big black cock.He moves beside Max. I kneel next to Gayle and reach into Master’s jeans and pull his erect cock out. I open my mouth and wet his turgid rod. “Gayle, get into position #5.”She hesitates for only a second then moves to all fours, with her legs spread, head to the floor, back arched as to present her cunt and ass to Max. Resting on her elbows with her hands even with her shoulders and pointing forward Master.“Good girl”, as he grasps her ponytail and lifts her head up. She takes Master’s offered cock into her willing mouth, as Max rubs his shaft into her wet folds. He grabs her ass cheek as he fists his big black cock and presses into her wet and needy slit again. She moans around Master’s shaft.The two men are pistoning in and out of her holes. Their glistening shafts disappear into her body. Watching the taking of my step-mother is turning me on. She and I never got along, but seeing her submit to the Max and Master stirs something in me.Master removes his cock and strokes it while offering his balls, slick from her saliva to Gayle. She quickly takes the offered ball sack and sucks them into her mouth as Master fists his shaft.Max has her ass cheeks in each hand, spreading them as he continues to pound her needy cunt. He looks over to me and nods for me to come over.I crawl seductively to him. My dangling breasts sway. He takes a handful a my hair and places my face on the small of Gayle’s back. He removes his cock from her wet slit and feeds it to my waiting mouth. I suck his slick cock, tasting my step-mother’s tangy pussy juices.Then he removes it with a pop and pushes back onto Gayle’s cunt. She whimpers on Master cock as she is filled on either end. I lay on the small of her back and watch the rippings abs of Max as he takes his white slut.Max ouls out and gives me another taste of her sweet pussy, before returning to her slit. He smiles down at me.The two men are thoroughly fucking Gayle as she is spit-roasted on the hard glistening shafts. As she is rocked back and forth on their thick cocks, her dangling pillowy breasts sway to their ministrations.I kneel back watching them double penetrate my stepmother. Their thrusts became more earnest, as they ravished Gayle body. Her moans were muffled by Master’s thick cock but they signaled her impending orgasm. Both men looked at each other and nodded. All at once they both removed the throbbing cocks from Gayle. She whimpered as her body felt empty. Her mouth and pussy yearned to be filled again. Max was the first to speak, “kneel Gayle.”Chapter ThreeGayle kneeled up displaying her wet and swollen sex. Her breasts were pushed forward wanting to be touched. Her hands were placed behind her, submissively, hoping that the men would take pity on her and use her some more. She was almost there, and she needed to cum so bad.“Please Sirs, this slut is so close, “ she pleaded.“Amy, lay down and let Gayle crawl güvenilir bahis on top of you.”“Yes Sir.”I move quickly and lay beneath Gayle. Her spayed sex is lowered onto my face. I softly lick her wet folds before delving into her slit. My tongue works up and down her wet folds. She start to grind on my face, as she gets nearer to her climax. Master and Max get in front of her and are fisting their throbbing cock in her face. She reaches down grabbing my breasts to steady herself as she is rubbing her erect clit on my face.“Please Sirs, may this slut cum?”She is licking her lips as they stroke their cocks in her face.“Please Sirs…..”“Who are you?” Master asks.“Oh Sir, I’m your cun slut.” “My filthy cum whore.”“Yes Sir, I’m your filthy cum whore!”“Then cum for us you filthy cum whore!”At his words, she breaks over the edge, losing herself in the throes of passion. Her hips working her slit on my face. She grinds her cunt on my face, as I lick the length of her spasming pussy. Her breasts sway as she gets lost in her shuddering orgasm.Max is the next to follow as he strokes his cock onto her face. Jets of his thick sticky cum splash on her face. Ropes of jism spray in her hair, face and open mouth. Master is next, stroking his shaft, he releases onto her face too. His hot cum burns her face as it mixes with Max’s offering. She reaches up and smears the sticky fluid on her face. “Gayle lay down and Amy you position yourself over her face.”“Yes Sir,” we both say in stereo.Max moves behind me and offers two fingers to Gayle’s sticky mouth. She gladly takes them and wets them with her saliva. before he kneels and pushes them into my needy pussy. His thick fingers are splitting my sloppy folds, the sounds of my wet snatch give warning to my impending climax.Max twists his finger and curls them to hit my sensitive G-spot. I feel my stomach tighten and the sudden need to pee. I’m grinding on Gayle’s tongue as she is laving my erect clit as Max is finger fucking me.“May your slave cum Master?” “Yes you may.”And I break into a million pieces as my body is rocked by wave after to wave of spasms. I feel the walls of my pussy clench as I spray her face with my ejaculate. My juices now mixed with Max’s and Master’s. Max’s fingers continue to thrust into me, as I let loose another orgasm. Gayle is lapping my folds as I flood her face again.A shudder runs through me as I fall on top of Gayle. She wraps her arms around me. This is the first time she’s ever hugged me. I start to cry, lost in the emotions of our present and our past.I slide off her and she moves to my side, wiping my tears. The guys step back and let us have our moment. We layed there for several minutes as we both came down from the highs of our orgasms. Later, after we have showered together. She comes out in the great room to find Max, Chloe and Master waiting. She now has her clothes on that Chloe set out for her. She looks beautiful as always, but she appears to be a changed woman to me.She goes down the line and hugs and kisses everyone. She finally gets back to me, she takes my face in her hands and softly kisses me. She doesn’t apologize out loud, but I feel it in my heart. Master pulls her from me and takes her into his strong arms. He leans down and kisses her forhead. “Gayle your time is up and you are free to go.”He hands her a check for $1,000,000 and a CD case.She takes the check and asks, “what’s this?” holding the CD case up.“That is a video of your entire weekend. Its a recording of all your firsts you had this weekend. I hope it will remind what a filthy cum whore you are.”“Wow, my own personal porn movie.”“Yes, and it will remain private as long as my name remains out of the gossip rags, because if you ever decide to tell this story, they will receive a copy of this video from an anonymous source. And you will find that yours is the only face that can be seen in the video.”With that she turns to go. Its hard to tell whether her plans were foiled, but I’d like to think that it never crossed her mind. We follow her to the garage where Michael waits to drive her back to the airport.We are standing together, arm in arm, as she is driven away.“I think that will be the last time we hear from her.”I lean up, put my arms around his neck and kiss Master lips.“Thank you Master. I think she sees things in a different way now.”“I think so too, pet.”To be continued……..

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