An Unexpected Treat! part 1


An Unexpected Treat! part 1I laid in bed, smiling to myself, as I listened to the familiar sounds of my very pregnant wife, and our daughter, sexually pleasuring each other, again. In the pre-dawn darkness their bodies were barely visible, nothing more than two intertwined shadows, as they lay atop the bed’s covers, but this was now such a common occurrence, I knew exactly what they were doing, and could see it in my minds eye. They were performing their daily “Mommy/Daughter” mutual masturbation session.I also knew enough not to disturb them. After all,this was Their ‘Special Time’. I would get to play with them later. I could wait. Hell, I had all weekend, and I knew that if my wife, Tammy, didn’t take care of my lustful needs, our daughter, Mandy would be more than happy to oblige! Shit! That girl almost gives better head than her mother does! Plus,she always begs,and I do mean BEGS, Me to fuck her up the ass when Tammy is eating her sweet,bald little pussy out! ***It’s still hard for me to believe that two months ago, we went from being a typical, nondescript fa mily, to something very,very different. And We owe it all to Tammy’s psychologist.Thank You Dr.Willis!You see, Tammy had been feeling a bit down, and when she found out that she was pregnant again, she really went into a blue funk. So, after a call to her sister, for some friendly advice, she got Dr. Willis’ phone number and made her first appointment. Long story short…after seeing Dr. Willis for four months,Tammy came home one night,called Mandy and I into the living room, sat us down, and proceeded to explain what the doctor said we needed to do to be a “Happy,Healthy,Fully Functioning, Fami ly Unit”.I don’t know who’s jaw dropped further,Mine or Mandy’s. I looked over at our daughter and noticed the confused expression on her cute,little face. She really didn’t understand what her mother was saying, and at her age why should she? I on the other hand…”Tammy? You do know what You’re saying,right?” I asked.”Of course,Dear. And I must say that I agree! I Love the idea about being our fam ily’s milk cow! And who better to teach our own chi ldren, about the joys of sexual pleasure, than their own parents? The Dr. says; ‘Just because your Parents weren’t overtly affectionate, does not mean that You have to follow in their footsteps!’ Besides,We All Love Each Other Anyway, so what’s wrong with Really Showing It?!” She laughed and reached out to tossel Mandy’s blond,curly hair.I had never seen,or heard, Tammy this so gung-ho about anything before. Hell, She was more excited about the upcoming prospects, than she was when I proposed marriage to her!”Baby,the suggestions are all – um – well and good but, what about… You know?” I asked and nodded my head in Mandy’s direction.”Oh,please. That won’t be a problem at all! Mandy,Honey, do you understand what Daddy and I are talking about?””N-not all of it. I don’t know what some of those words mean.””Well,that’s OK, you’ll learn quick enough. Oops,I almost forgot, Mamma bought you a present!” I watched as Tammy opened her purse and took out a small,brown paper bag,which she handed to Mandy. “Go on. Open it!”Mandy looked over at me and I just nodded my head,yes. She reached in and took out a bottle of coconut flavored,edible lube.I thought my heart would pound out of my chest,when I saw that!”I know how much You like coconut custard,Baby.”Mandy looked even more confused than before. “What’s this for?” She asked.”You squirt a little bit of That on This.” Tammy reached into her purse again and presented Mandy with a dark blue velvet covered box, that was almost the same size as her hand. After opening the box, Mandy just sat there staring at it’s contents until finally asking “What’s this?”Inside the box,resting on top of a bed of white,fluffy cotton was a small,bright pink,flexible plastic finger. It was about one half of an inch thick, and three inches long, with a cord attached to one end that was wrapped around a remote control.”Mamma?””That’s Your new toy,Honey! It’s a very,very special kind of toy. It’s a ‘Magic Tickle Toy’!” Tammy giggled.”But before I show you how to use it, Mamma wants to take a bath.” With that said,Tammy stood up and slowly began to strip her clothes off,putting on a show for Mandy and I. When she was totally naked, Tammy sat back down and opened her legs, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to us. “See,Mandy? My pussy looks just like yours,only bigger! bakırköy escort Do you want to touch it?””Oh,Yes Mamma! It’s looks all shiny! Should I get naked too, so You can touch mine?” Mandy almost shouted. “Come On Daddy! Take Your cloths off!”Well?” Tammy said,staring me directly in the eyes,daring me to join in on the fun. “Be a good boy and take your clothes off!”When I just sat there,not moving,Tammy got up and took Mandy by the hand.”Come on, Baby Girl. Let’s go take that bath. Hurry up,Dear! Oh, and don’t forget to bring Mandy’s new toy!” That’s when Tammy leaned over and I heard her whisper “Mandy,Honey…You’re going to Love this! But I want you to remember two things,ok? Number one: This has to be kept a secret! You Must Never,Ever Tell Anyone Else About What We Are Doing! OK,Honey?””Yes,Mamma. It’s a Super Secret! I’m a good secret keeper! What’s number two?””Your Daddy Really to get his cock sucked!””What’s a cock?”I heard Tammy’s laughter echoing down the hall as they left the room. My clothes made a trail behind Me, as I followed them. ***I must have fallen back as leep,because the next thing I knew,the sun was just topping the trees and I was alone in bed. “So much for Me getting ‘Morning Head’!” I said to myself.After hitting the bathroom and performing the morning’s three S’s,I headed down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. That’s when I found the note.”Mandy and I have gone to the City. We Girls need to do a little shopping! Be Home tonight! We Love You!””Well,shit! Guess I’ll hit the stream and do a little fishing!” I said to the cat. “Hold the fort down,Killer!”The creel was full with my limit of brook,brown and rainbow trout before noon,and I was walking the trail back up to the house when I had to stop and take a piss. Wouldn’t you know it? Just as I had my cock in my hand,my cell phone rang. Normally,I wouldn’t have brought it with me but, with the girls being gone and all…sure enough it was Tammy.”Honey? I think the car’s dead. We were driving along the parkway, when there was a loud grinding sound, and the car shuddered to a stop. A nice man came along and pushed it the rest of the way onto the shoulder of the road, but Mandy and I had to call a tow truck. We’re going to be at Ed Schultz’s Garage. He said our transmission is fried!””God,Tammy! Are You Both OK?!””Oh,We’re fine. But Ed said that the car won’t be fixed till later tomorrow afternoon. He’s driving into the city for parts now. His wife,Linda is Such a sweet,young thing! She insisted that Mandy and I stay in their guest house tonight. No charge! She’s even fixing us lunch!” Tammy giggled.”Ed’s a fine young man. I’ve known both of their fa milies my whole life. Hell,I’ve known Him since he was a baby! Are You sure? I can be there in about an hour!””Oh,no bother! Linda Insists we stay! She doesn’t get too many chances to visit with ‘Women folk’ as she calls us. Carol? You should see her with Mandy. They’re so cute together! Mandy told me she wanted to play ‘Tickle’ with Linda, so I came outside to call You.” “Tammy! Mandy can’t! What if she…””Oh,tut tut,Dear. Linda’s alright. I can tell. She won’t say a word to Ed. Besides,if she opens her mouth to anyone,I’ll just show her the photos I took with my phone as she held Mandy in her lap and was feeling her up! Silly thing thought I wasn’t looking! Honey,these pics are so fucking hot! Wait till you see the one where Linda’s middle finger is buried two knuckles deep and she’s using her thumb on Mandy’s clit! Mandy is squeezing one of Linda’s tits and sucking on the other one! I’ll send them to you in a few minutes. We’ll be fine and I’ll call you tonight! Love You!”And just like that,Tammy was gone, and I was left with a silent cell phone and a fist full of hard cock! So much for taking a piss!***The fish were cleaned and in the smoker,the beer in my hand was ice cold, and the bowl of weed was phenomenal! It was a good time to kick back,relax and check out the photos and the new video Tammy had made and sent me. She was right too. The pictures of Mandy and Linda were hot! But the ones they took of the three of them,while Ed was gone,were even hotter! Personally,I think Tammy’s big,round pregnant belly is one of the sexiest things on earth! And imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that Linda is almost as far along as Tammy is! Shit,I didn’t even know that she was preggers!I particularly liked the photo beşiktaş escort where Tammy and Linda are laying on their sides,in the sizzorfucking position, and Mandy’s sweet, smiling face is poking out from between their pussies, as she winks at the camera! I was looking at that one, again, when I heard someone walking up the gravel driveway.It was Allen. Allen Marx,the neighbor boy from the next farm down the valley. I swear,that boy always reminds me of a scarecrow when he wears those damned oversized t-shirts and cutoff jeans shorts. Why the sudden change from the bib-overalls? I wondered.”How Ya doin’,Son? How’s your Folks?” I called out to him.”Fine! Everyone’s fine,Sir. How are Mandy and the Mrs.?””Oh,They’re OK. They’re not here at the moment,if You were looking for Mandy. They’re gone for the night,I’m afraid.””I know! That’s why I’m here!” He said as he stopped in front of me. “Mom saw your car at Schultz’s Garage. News travels fast around here,as You well know! Not too many secrets!” Allen was smiling at me. Allen’s a good looking k id. A couple of years older than Mandy,long brown hair,skinny , and just entering the “Gangly” stage. I’ve known him since he was born,and I happen to like him better than most of the people I know. He’s a Good k id! But that doesn’t stop some people, in certain circles that is, from talking shit about him, because of his hair and the fact that he’s such an artistic boy. Small town rumors and people running their mouths is all that it is, as far as I’m concerned. They should mind their own business. I judge the person and make my own decisions from there. That’s one of the reasons Mandy is home schooled.After reaching out and ruffling his hair, I said “Well,Allen,what can I do for You?”He looked over to where I had been sitting and saw the bowl of weed and my beer.”Gimme a beer?” He laughed.”They’re in the cooler. Go on,if you want one,you’re welcome to it! But if you get drunk,it didn’t happen here! Ya got that? So,what does bring you here?”To my surprise he actually went over to the cooler and got a beer. Then he reached down, picked up the bowl and lighter, and took a hit of the weed, before I could stop Him or say anything! I had to laugh when he reached for the chair and quickly sat down.”Huh?” He said.”Allen. Why. Are. You. Here?”A few moments later he said, “Oh yeah, Mom passed by earlier and saw you had the smoker going. She wants to know if You were smoking any catfish.” he giggled. “Rowr! Or are you just getting them stoned! Rowr!”It was my turn to laugh.Now,the only way for Allen’s mom to know that I had the smoker going, was for her to have driven the half mile up my drive to the house.”When was she here,buddy?” “Oh,She said she stopped by a couple of hours ago,to see if you knew about your car being broke down. We don’t have a cell phone,ya know? She said you didn’t answer the door when she knocked. She wondered if things were OK,because y’alls truck was still here. Dang! That’s some good stuff!” He laughed and pointed at the bowl. “Yes. Yes it is! Why didn’t she just call me when she got home? I’ll be right back,Allen. You! You,stay right where you are.” I told him.”Fine by Me!” and He waved at me as I went into the house.***”OK,Allen,here’s the plan. I spoke with your mom. Don’t worry,I didn’t rat you out for drinking the beer,so calm down. Now,how would you like to hang out here and go catfishing later tonight? I cleared it with your folks and You can spend the night,but only if you want to,and then I’ll drive you home tomorrow, when the fish are ready.” “Cool! Your wife let me stash my fishing gear in your barn last week. She also called the school and pretended to be my mom, when she caught me skipping classes. You got a pretty cool wife,Sir! Nothing at all like my mom, She’s Way too much of a Tight Ass!” “I know all about it. Tammy told me when it happened. That’s what gave me the idea. And quit calling me “Sir”. My name is Carol,and you know it is. I’ve told you umpteen times that you can call me that,so use it.””OK,Carol.” Then he started giggling and mumbled “‘OK Carol’,’O.K. Corral'(giggle) Um, Carol,can I ask you a question?” I could tell that He was nervous about something, because he drained the beer and got another one from the cooler after I nodded my ascent.To put him a little more at ease,I relit the pipe,took a hit and handed it to him.”Look,Allen,I’ve known you your whole life,right? beylikdüzü escort I let you hang out with Mandy, even though You are older than she is,right? Before your Mom got a divorce and re-married,I was the one who tracked your father down and knocked his ass out when I found out he gave you the black eye when you were five,right?” Allen sat there nodding,yes,to all of my questions and flashed me a huge smile when I mentioned knocking his old man’s lights out.”OK,then. What is it? I’ve always treated you like a member of my own fam ily. Hell,I’m probably breaking a thousand laws just by letting you drink my beer and smoke my pot,so go on! Speak up,already!””But, it’s embarrassing!” He mumbled and then took a hit of the weed.”So?””Do you think I’m Gay?” He blurted out.”I never gave it a thought,Allen. Does it really matter?” I asked him and sat down on the cooler so we could talk face to face.”Would it matter to you? I mean,if I was gay? Mandy teased me about my pants getting a lump in them last week,after You came home and asked me how my day had gone. I didn’t know what to tell Her! It just happened. It just started happening and I don’t know why! Look!” He shouted and stood up,pointing to his crotch. “It got hard again when I walked up the driveway and saw you! It almost went away when you went inside but, as soon as I saw you come back outside,it got hard again! Doesn’t that make me gay?” Tread lightly! I told myself. Virgin territory here.”Allen. I don’t think that makes you gay. I bet you get hard other times as well. Don’t you?””Um-hm.” “When? Why don’t you tell me? Maybe I can help.””You won’t be mad? No matter what?””Not at all. No matter what! Now, spill it.” I joked and patted his shoulder.”I got my first hard-on about a month ago. Mandy was bending over right in front of my face when we were playing marbles,she wasn’t wearing any panties and I could see Everything! Everything! And her ass smelled like coconuts! I looked away,because I was getting embarrassed,and when I did…I’m sorry! I saw Tammy standing in the kitchen,she was rubbing lotion or something all over her tits, and she was naked!”I tried not to smile. I knew what they were doing to this poor boy. Seems those girls of mine like to break the rules. Either that or they know something I didn’t.”It’s OK,Allen. Mandy does have a sweet little ass and pussy,doesn’t she?” He nodded Yes and stared at me in amazement. “As for Tammy? Well who can blame you? She’s fucking Hot! That’s One Sexy Mamma,isn’t she? She was probably just changing into something comfortable and didn’t think that you could see her.” I stood up,rearranged my own throbbing cock,without really thinking about it,and took out a six pack of beer from the cooler. When I sat back down Allen was moaning.”What’s wrong,buddy?””My Dick Hurts!” He yelled! “That’s what’s Wrong! What do you think? Just thinking about Mandy and Tammy…then You making me tell you all about it? I can’t stand it!””Allen? Stop and Think about what You are telling Me? Mandy and Tammy are both Girls! See? Girls!” I laughed.”But I also get hard whenever I see, or even think about You,too! I can’t look at our two stallions any more without my dick getting stiff, and it hurts all of the time!” He had gotten up and was walking around in circles,waving his hands in the air,while ranting.”Does anyone in your fam ily make your dick get hard? One of your si sters, or your Mom maybe?””Are You k**ding me? I have to think about Them so I can get soft enough to pee in the mornings!””Allen? Take off Your pants.””What?!””I said. ‘Take off your pants’. You’ll feel better. Look. It’s getting dark,there’s no-one else around and it won’t bother me at all. In fact. If You take your pants off, I will too.””But if I take my pants off,you can see my dick! And then you’ll laugh,just like the boys at school, because it’s so small!””I Can Guarantee You that I Will Not Laugh. What if I told you that I want to see what your dick looks like? And think about this, Allen. If You take your pants off, and I can see Your Dick…When I take My Pants You can see My…”I caught him as he fainted.As I carried him into the house and made our way to the bedroom, the phrase “Light as a Feather,Stiff as a Board!” kept going through my mind. Only this time it had a totally different meaning.When Allen came to, he was naked and laying on my bed. “Mmmm,this pillow smells like Mandy’s ass.””It should. I fucked her,while she was laying on it the day before yesterday.””You Fucked Mandy?!””Yep! I sure did! She Loves it,too! Know what She Really Loves? It’s when I Fuck Her Up The Ass and Cum In Her Mouth! Guess what,Allen? I think You’re going to Love It,Too!””Oh,God! I Know I Will!”End Part One.

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