Ana picking up somebody at the bar


Ana picking up somebody at the barAna picking up somebody at the barI came home from office very late that Friday evening.In the kitchen I found a note from my sweet Ana, telling she had gone out with the girls, including her girlfriend Helena, for a girl’s night out.Knowing Helena was there with her made me real nervous; I knew that devilish bitch was a bad influence for my nice Ana.I relaxed on my favorite sofa and had some glasses of bourbon as I watched a film. About midnight I was almost fainting; so, I woke up from the sofa and headed to the main bedroom.When I was climbing the stairs, I heard Anita’s voice giggling in the main entrance. She sounded as she had several margaritas in her veins…She was not alone: somebody was there besides my sweet wife, because I heard her to ask her partner to be quiet…I thought it could be her girlfriend Helena, but then I heard a man’s voice.They went to the guest room and left the door open. tuzla escort I approached, curious to know who was there with my sweet wife…I sneaked from the door, hidden by the hallway darkness and I saw Ana on her knees. She was sucking a giant black monster cock of a perfect stranger black man…After some minutes I could not resist anymore and cleared my voice, telling:“Hi, honey…are you enjoying yourself??”Then Ana looked up and said the black man was Alfred. They had met in the pub and he shared her taxi to our home…It seemed that he was sharing a lot more than the taxi!! Alfred kept his eyes closed as my wife sucked him. He did not even looked at me or say a simple “Hello”Ana had taken her dress off and she was laid out in just a tiny little thong.Her beautiful nipples were hard and pointing upwards.Suddenly Alfred took off his huge piece from Ana’s mouth and pushed her on the bed, on all fours. Then he pulled her thong to one side and tuzla escort bayan placed his giant fingers into her wet pussy lips. Ana was soaking already, as he was rubbing her clit. I saw her shuddering with the excitement. He finally pulled her thong off her sweet body. He knelt above her with his cock in his hand and he parted her pussy lips with his thick head.He slid it up and down getting her ready for it. Ana was now panting heavy and telling him to do it… she wanted it bad. Alfred then pushed forward a little bit his head inside her cunt and that magnificent black serpent started to disappear inside my sweet Ana’s body.She started moan and scream as the black man was going deep on her.Suddenly Ana told him that she wanted me to fuck her arse. Thus, she would be ready later to take this black Mamba up her asshole, after I had stretched her…Then Alfred pulled out and Ana turned over and offered up her arse to me; her sweet pussy escort tuzla juices were enough lube for me to stick my hard cock in her rosebud. I entered her and I had about ten minutes sodomizing her, until finally I filled her anus with my warm seed.Ana cried when I pulled out; but soon Alfred took a position behind her, ready to fuck her asshole in doggiestyle again. He placed his thick red head at her rear entrance. My own cum was dripping out from her asshole and running through her nice legs. Alfred pushed his head through my cum. He pushed hard and within a second he was balls deep in my wife’s asshole…Ana started screaming with joy as she was dripping cum from her holes. After fifteen minutes pumping her anus; Alfred yelled he was cumming.My wife asked him to fill her pussy with his semen; so, he pulled out and rammed it again up her wet pussy and he cum deep inside her.Then he withdrew his still hard cock from her pussy. It was dripping a mix of his own cum and Ana’s fluids…Ana cleaned his dripping cock with her sweet tongue and Alfred told her that they should do this again soon… but it would be better if I was not there as a witness…

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