Ana wants something huge and hard


Ana wants something huge and hardSaturday morning, I woke up and rolled over, to find my sweet wife’s side of the bed empty. It was still very early, as I looked the watch it was just eight o’clock. Very, very early for a lazy Saturday indeed.I looked through the window and saw Aaron, the black guy who cleaned our pool, doing his job there. He was alone; but I was expecting my lovely Ana would be around and sucking on his hard black cock. Ana was not there.I went downstairs, finding my sweet babe was there, sitting alone on the couch, wearing just a long t-shirt. She was focused reading the newspaper, while she fingered her swollen clit…The sight was totally hot and sexual. I could see the lust in her eyes. Anita wanted to see me get off as much as I wanted to see her.I began to stroke my dick, as Ana smiled at me and resumed rubbing her pussy lips. I felt like I was going to cum very soon, so I relaxed and enjoyed the sight of my sensual wife playing with herself. Her eyes were glued to my erection as she touched herself. With her free hand, she played with her tits, pulling at her nipples. When I saw she was starting to tense up, I stroked myself esenyurt escort more urgently.Ana suddenly groaned and threw her head back; so she let me know that she was having an orgasm. She whined and bucked her hips; her breathing became erratic while she had such a wild climax…By the time she finished, it was all I could do to keep from unloading my semen all over the carpet. Ana breathed deeply and looked down at me.She motioned for me to get closer.My sexy babe then put her legs on either side of my hips and pulled me to her until our groins almost touched. My balls were sliding against her swollen pussy lips as I jerked off. When she touched my chest, I could not take it anymore. I grunted loud and hard, as I released my entire load onto her belly. Anita smiled and giggled in delight as I shot ropes of cum onto her body.When I was done, I fell backwards onto the floor. Ana laughed and she smeared the sticky cum on her nice tits and her belly. She rubbed it around on herself and scooped up a finger full of salty semen to taste it.She asked me if I was ready to fuck her as she deserved. I looked at her, while I was avrupa yakası escort still breathing so hard and said I was not…Ana gave me a disappointed look and then she asked if Aaron was already working at the back yard. I just nodded a weak yes, knowing where she was going to.My sensual babe giggled, warning me that if I was not able to fuck her, a well hung young black would do it for me… I stayed silent and then my slutty wife ordered me to get Aaron there inside.I called the black boy. He came in without his t-shirt; his hard torso was sweating profusely and his dark skin glistened as he stared at my wife there, with her legs wide spread and her fingers up her exposed cunt.Anita explained him that her hubby was tired enough to fuck her; so she needed a huge and hard replacement to get her horny cunt well satisfied.Aaron looked at me and I just nodded my head a yes.The young black guy stripped of his trousers and a massive hard thing popped out. Ana giggled, saying it looked as hard and nice as usual…So, I confirmed my slutty wife had been fucked by this lucky nigger anadolu yakası escort before.Aaron moved over her and made my wife to get on all fours on the couch.He looked again at me, but I stayed there in silence.So the guy grabbed Ana’s hips and buried himself into her hot and soaking wet cunt. My sexy wife gasped loud as she felt the brutal intrusion.She gave a loud moan and begged Aaron to fuck her real hard; no mercy.The guy just obeyed her and began pounding my wife’s cunt with all his power. Ana just moaned and screamed in both pain and pleasure.She came twice, grunting and crying in tears, while the black man pushed his hard cock even deeper with each brutal thrust.Just as her second climax subsided, Aaron tensed his back and he groaned wildly, staying still while he pumped his full load of semen deep in my sweet wife’s womb.He dismounted from Anita and again he looked at me.Ana said the young guy deserved a good cleaning of his wonderful cock and I should show my appreciation to him, by fucking my wife as a real married bitch deserved…So, I dropped to my knees and took his dripping cockhead into my mouth.I licked and sucked on him, until his black cock was ready again to perform a bit more action.Ana smiled as she saw the black snake alive again and she got on her back onto the couch.Aaron moved between her spread thighs and put Ana’s ankles over his broad shoulders and teased her pussy lips with his growing cockhead. This time, while he pushed forward, Aaron did not look at me…

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