Anne Learns to Pose Ch. 01


Anne Learns to Pose Ch. 01″What are you looking at?” Anne asked her husband inquiringly as she entered the room.She was tired after her shift at work, that combined with sleepless nights due to her baby were taking their toll on the couple. George raised the laptop screen to show her. It was online porn, pictures of couples and women. Their sex life had yet to recover from c***dbirth. She shrugged her shoulders and sat by him on the sofa. In the past they had enjoyed looking at this kind of site together. She had been ambivalent at first but she knew it always turned George on tremendously leading to great sex afterwards. As it became a more common feature of their love making she found herself becoming aroused and now looking at it herself was her own secret guilty pleasure. Tonight however she was just plain tired. The hormones and after effects of giving birth still lay heavy on her. She worried she was no longer attractive.”George,” she asked, “do you still think I am sexy?”He turned to face his wife. She was 34 and looked stunning. She’d quickly regained her figure after giving birth. She was slim, toned and pert with a bust that had increased but only to a C cup. However she lacked confidence and always had felt unattractive.”Hell yes darling!” he replied.”But the women you’re looking at are prettier than me, they have flatter stomachs and their faces are cuter,” she asked in a worried voice.”Your prettier sexier and better than all of them here! You know when we first meet I thought you could be a model and I still do” Anne settled down by his side, nuzzling against his shoulder while looking at the screen.”Her for instance,” she said, pointing at a thumbnail picture, “she’s cuter!””Not at all they are appetizers compared to you the main dish,” he proudly exclaimed.”Click on her, let’s see her better and see if you still agree,” she asked.She looked closely at the enlarged image and began reading the comments aloud. George had sensed a change in her since their son was born but had been unable to figure out what to do. In the past they had looked at together pictures but she had never paid attention to the comments, to be honest nor had he. He was pleased that he had got his wife to even look at porn, that had taken a long time and had never pushed further.”Nice!! A woman not afraid of her natural naked body…Beautiful..Such a Hot & Sexy Body!” she read aloud.He looked at his wife as curiosity rose in him. She’d never been interested in letting him take any saucy pictures (as she called them) of her. Like many men he had wanted to but never had the opportunity. Looking back he never knew why he said it but he did, “I bet they would say even better things about you! I would love to see your pictures posted here!”Anne quietly snuggled in to George and ideas began to bubble. Days went by as an idea began to ferment. They had promised to reinstate a date night as soon as things settled back down. That next date night life was about to change massively. They had settled their son and Anne had freshly showered. She came into the lounge wrapped in a towel where George was waiting for her. She stood in front of him still glowing from the shower and drew a deep breath.”OK let’s do it!” Anne announced to George’s puzzled face.On the table next to him she placed his camera and laptop.”I choose the pictures and no face!” she announced as realization dawned.Needing little prompting George picked up the camera as Anne opened the laptop.”I thought some like these,” she announced revealing some images from a website they had looked at together, “you will need to tell me how to pose to match them.”The poses were plain classic poses, some quite modest, nude but hands placed carefully to cover intimate areas, standing nudes with hands in hair hips pushed out. It became clear to George that his beloved wife had been practising in the mirror as she slowed moved from pose to pose. She looked strange, it was Anne but she looked happier than she had in a long time, more confident and with an inner glow. After only a few minutes she excitedly sat by him. They looked through the results comparing images on the camera with the ones on the laptop.”OK let’s try again,” George said.This time he asked her to move into the first pose. “That’s good but hand lower, good and push your hip out more. Nice now come onto your toes on your left foot, Ass out more! That’s great!” he ordered.It was strange but the more he ordered her the happier she looked. anadolu yakası escort It was like a new person was emerging from within Anne, new and exciting.”OK Anne come and sit by me, lets see how these look!” he said.Anne sat close to his side, nestling her body against him. She placed her hand on his leg squeezing gently as he flicked through the images.”Oh George, these are so much better! You have a talent, more…please!” Anne replied.George could hardly believe the change in Anne as she bounced up to pose further. She was loving this. Her face shone with delight and her body glowed. The more he ordered her the happier she looked and more relaxed she seemed. An idea formed quickly in his head.”OK Anne these are going to look great now let’s try a few more,” he encouraged.There was a comfy chair facing.”Face the chair, bend over, come up on your toes and push your ass out! That looks great. Hold it!” he said, moving closer.”Spread your feet, wider, a little more ass up, look over your shoulder, smile, now a hand on your ass,” he continued.George couldn’t believe it. She looked fantastic. His cock had been straining in his pants for a while now but seeing the moisture on the top of her thighs and taking close ups caused his cock to actually hurt in its desire to be released. Just as he put the camera down and lowered his shorts a cry came from their sons room. With that the magic evaporated, the moment was lost. Anne picked up her towel and went to tend to their son. As time passed George considered the evening, thoughts spun through his head, desires, wishes what ifs. They coalesced quickly into a stream of thoughts. This must happen again. This must be encouraged. Questions of how spun through his head. By the time Anne returned she had changed into her functional pyjamas, comfy reassuring and her way of saying not tonight. He knew she would fall asleep soon and the evening was over.For the rest of the night he uploaded the images to his laptop and began to edit them. He would make everyone perfect, make her look her best , make her pleased with how she looked. When she saw them he would stand his best chance of her letting him take more and actually post them.The next issue was their son, they needed time together, he needed to settle more, maybe even a babysitter.Life continued on as normal. Anne never mentioned that evening and George knew her well enough not to push. Fate took a turn in their favour when Anne’s mum announced she was moving back to the area soon and asked to stay over for a few nights as she had yet to meet her grandson. George saw his chance and as her arrival neared began to mention date nights and babysitters. He thought his words had fallen on deaf ears until that first evening. “You two need a break, why not let me look after junior tonight and you two can catch up on sleep! I will only be a room away!” she announced.To be honest they both looked like all they wanted to do was sleep so what happened next came as a complete surprise to George. As they settled in bed Anne picked up George’s laptop which was by her side of the bed.”You have taken some very good pictures of me!” she said with a naughty grin.”Thanks,” he grinned back.She opened up the laptop and showed him. His eyes widened and he felt his cock swell. It was the site they looked at together. On it was a profile, “Illinois wife” was the title of a blank profile. He opened his mouth to speak but his wife spoke first.”Yes, it’s going to be my page. I have even chosen some pictures to use. I have been looking at other people’s profiles and the things they write about themselves. They give their pictures titles. I have no idea what to write,” she excitedly said.In the pause as George collected his stunned thoughts as she clicked open a file containing three pictures.”I thought these as a start,” she grinned.Picture one was her standing with her arms classically masking any rude areas, her head twisted away and looking up. Picture two was from the back, on her toes hands in her hair, her pert ass proudly pushed to one side. The last the same pose but facing, head straight up.”Wow, these are fantastic! People will love these!” he proudly said.”So what do I write on my profile? What do I write under them? How will I know if people like them, want me to post more or what poses they like?” she asked curiously.This was so typical of her, she lacked confidence but since the first photos ataşehir escort she seemed to seek advice and guidance from him more. His hand which was round her strayed and began to gently rub her breast, as he turned to face her more he moved his other hand to her thigh.”Later!” she chided, “Profile first. Remember you started this, it was your suggestion!”George smiled this was a new game and he loved it! He thought for a minute then said, “OK your profile , write ‘Shy housewife 34 seeks requests for modelling!'”She nodded and typed away.”Now under each picture write, ‘Do I have what it takes and does anyone have any requests?’ There that should cover it!” he announced.Grinning she typed away uploading each picture with a quickening breath. Once finished she closed the laptop before turning to her husband.”Now let’s take care of you…quietly!” she giggled before pushing the duvet back and lowering her head.His cock sprang out from his shorts as her hands touched them. His cock was aching from watching his hot young wife finally post pictures of herself on the net. It had been a secret fantasy of his for a while and now there she was for all to see! He felt her soft lips wrap-around his hard cock as her tongue began to lap away at the tip of his member. He lay back trying hard to suppress a groan of pleasure. Anne had been so tired that their sex life was dimming and then when they did have sex it was brief. He kept his head raised watching in rapt delight as his wife’s head began to bob delicately up and down his aching member. Her hand gripped his shaft as she gently but firmly pumped his manhood, the other began to cup and gently massage his swollen balls. She pushed her tongue firmly against his cock as she drove her lips and mouth deeply onto him, gazing deeply into his eyes.”Oh my little, beautiful dirty slut!” he groaned in delight.She looked up smiling as her tongue flicked over his helmet. She spun around so her legs faced him. He was in ecstasy. She was different tonight, hornier, sexier, dirtier and he could not think of a better word for it but sluttier. She opened her legs, revealing a glistening wet slit. “Good, I want to be a good slut for you!” she grinned before her tongue returned to the tip of his cock.One hand returned to pumping his aching and throbbing cock while the other slipped between her legs and began to rub her own clit. She had never ever masturbated before him despite him asking her to. His cock began to twitch, it was all too much. He clutched her head groaning as his thick warm salty spunk shot into her mouth. Rather than in the past recoiling at this she buried her head deeply onto his cock, her tongue flicking all over. Her hand pumping more of his juices into her mouth her other hand now deep into a squelching pussy.”Mmmmm, now am I being a good slut?” she asked before returning to lick the last drops of cum from his oozing cock.He was spellbound, this was heaven, this was all he had ever dreamed for.”Can I cum please?” Anne asked.He looked up, confused as his beautiful sat with her legs spread and a small trickle of cum dripping down from her mouth.”Can I cum please?” she repeated.”Yes..sure,” he stammered in reply.She lay back legs wide apart as one of her hands dived back deep into her pussy, her wet fingers glinting as they shuttled in and out of her sopping hole, her other hand had used two fingers to spread her labia higher up and the middle finger was gently flicking her swollen clit. She was writhing in delight, biting her lip in pleasure and groaning gently. Suddenly her back arched and she seemed to stop breathing before her hips began to buck furiously against her fingers. She gasped deeply then with a wide smile looked at her husband passionately.”Thank you,” she said before drifting off into a deep sleep.Her husband felt somewhat stunned by the events but delighted .A wave of fatigue caught him and sleep overtook him before he had time to think anymore about the events.Morning came and life returned to its routines. While her husband was at work, when their son was asleep she would look at the profile they had started but this remained her private pleasure until a message came through. ‘I want to talk to the photographer… ‘, it began. She waited until he came home from work then showed him. She sat by him as he opened the message.’I want to talk to the photographer. I find your wife extremely attractive and I noticed that under her picture ümraniye escort she said asked for requests. Quite simply I would like to send requests over time for pictures and tell her what to post online. An online dominant relationship if you like. As a mark of good faith if you are interested I will send you a credit for your account to use as you wish ( you can upgrade membership with it).What I propose is that I send you a brief for a photoshoot of your wife, say 50-100 pictures to include her face, for each set I will pay $100. I will ask you to change your profile name and post pictures as I direct. The pictures will just be for my own use.Peter’Anne could feel her stomach knotting and unknotting. She felt like a young girl early on christmas morning, eager to find out what Santa had brought, excited, unknowing and yet also apprehensive incase he hadn’t left anything. Fear, excitement and a real sense of the unknown swept through her.George read the email. Paused then reread it and sat back. It was incredible. It was thrilling. It was scary. So many doors flashed open, so many different pathways beckoned. The posting was online titillation, erotic fun to enhance their sex lives, this however was quite different.That night they talked and talked about it. They needed the money but there were so many ‘what if’s’ for them both. It excited George and as they talked he realised that he could feel his cock harden. He had loved it when a new submissive side emerged from Anne but this was all so far outside anything they had ever considered any decision would be slow. That night as Anne slept after a tremendous sex session it hit him. She had been turned on, rampant, submissive, slutty, the ideal wife he always wanted.The next day as George was a work Anne considered the events. She felt confused by how events were progressing. She was clear that she was not posting on the site for business opportunities. In fact that was not something she had ever seen herself doing but when she received the “offer”, it was a bit overwhelming. Frankly she had never considered herself the sort of woman that men would pay to see. However her husband clearly liked the idea and she had to admit that the money was pretty good as well. As the ideas span in her head she had to accept that knowing that a stranger was considering paying for her to follow their instructions excited her quite a lot. It came as a shock but it was hard to deny the evidence. Quite simply she realised that her hand was inside her panties, stroking her wet slit as she was thinking it over! Somehow a remote stranger had caused her to rethink and redefine her sexual boundaries.When George returned from work Anne began to talk through her thoughts and worries about the proposition. The more they chatted the more a plan formed in his head. Anne would become his willing submissive, he through the intermediary of a stranger would act as a dominant master. But first they would need to establish trust with this client and perhaps a contract.That night George sent messages agreeing to go ahead giving his reservations.Within the hour a reply was received. It was brief but direct. It contained a gift of points which could be spent on the account to upgrade it several times over to premium. With this came the message, ‘The points are yours and a sign of good will, if you are happy to proceed use some to get a premium account. You will need this to change your username, I suggest Obsidia’ and a rewrite of your profile. You will refer to yourself as ‘the model’. You will list your location as Illinois USA and your age as 34 nothing else. I will choose pictures I want you to show on it and the captions to use.’George sat back from the computer, this was all such a rush but what happened next? He had been thinking about that problem a lot and had been browsing various online forums and usergroups in search of ideas. The crux of the problem was how to transfer money and make it real. This step would mean the anonymous benefactor would now be able to trace them. True it would work both ways but still this worried George. An idea began to form as he searched the internet for ideas. An online contract that the other party would sign and email back. A variation on a model release form with safeguards built in so they would never actually meet and that Anne’s name and real location were never revealed.Several days later after having time to think he sent the form which came back signed within the hour, within two hours George was staring at an online bank balance that had just received a deposit of $100 and an email for Anne’s first official shoot.My thanks go to an unknown stranger who I will forever know as Anne, who provided me with many details of these events which I dramaticized for you dear reader!

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