Another out of town experience (True Story)


Another out of town experience (True Story)This is another true story when I was out of town working again….I was sitting here at work and decided to post an ad on craigslist offering a full body massage. The ad stated that the massage could be a very innocent massage or a very sensual/erotic massage; whichever you prefer. With that said, the following is what happened…..I received a reply to my ad and we chatted back and forth for a couple days via email. The lady replying to my ad asked for a picture so I sent a picture and she replied back with one of hers. She was a very beautiful black woman with a big booty. I guessed she was in her mid 30’s. After some chatting over a couple days she decided to come to my nice RV for her massage. Upon arrival, I saw a very beautiful black woman wearing a tight dress and hills. She came into my RV and we chatted for a bit to break the ice and for me to make her feel comfortable. She asked if I was ready and I said sure. Told her that I would lay a towel on my bed and set another towel on the bed for her to d**** herself. She entered the bedroom and I shut the door behind me as I let her get undressed and comfy. She said she was ready so I opened the door and saw her laying there on her belly and naked. I asked if she would like me to d**** her with the towel and she said that no towel was needed. I crawled upon the bed with the coconut scented baby oil and began massaging eyüpsultan escort her shoulders. She commented that she like my touch so far and we chatted a bit as I worked on her shoulders and back. She commented several times on her massage and said that I made her feel very comfortable. Told her that I was happy she is comfortable and that I would not want her to feel any other way. I continued massaging her back and spent quite a bit of time on her back and slowly worked my way down to her big sexy booty. As I was massaging her booty my finger tips would slowly creep their way to her butt crack and slightly graze the outside of her pussy lips. Once I lightly rubbed her pussy lips she let out a slight moan. This was a sign that she was very comfortable so I continued with the massage and allowed my fingers to get closer and closer to her butt hole and pussy. She spread her legs slightly which gave me a great view of he hairless pussy. I continued with the massage and worked my way down her legs. When my hands would get back to her inner thighs, I would allow my fingers to graze her pussy lips. I noticed that she began to get wet as her pussy was glistening with her pussy juice. I continued to massage her legs and would work my way back to he booty and up her back.After about 30 minutes of me massaging her back side I had her roll over so I could sultanbeyli escort massage her front side. She rolled over and I saw that she was completely shaved. She had such a beautiful black pussy and that her tits were nice and firm with very erect nipples. I began massaging her breast and she continued with the moaning as her nipples grew even harder. I continued to work my way down her toned stomach and would slightly graze her pussy lips as I continued the massage. She parted her legs to allow me a better view of her pussy as well as to massage her pussy. By now her pussy was soaking wet and she reached over to grab my cock. Once she grabbed it she told be to remove my shorts and I did. Once my shorts were off she grabbed my cock and began sucking it. She immediately deep throat-ed it and continued to do that as I rubbed and fingered her pussy. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked for a condom. I got a condom and she put it on me and told me to fuck her black pussy. I did not argue with her and crawled between her legs. I began teasing her pussy lips with the head of my cock and she said to “quit with the teasing already and fuck me”. I obliged and slowly slide my hard cock into her tight, soaking wet pussy. As I was slowly making my way all the way in her she began moaning very loud and told me “please fuck me now and beat my pussy up”. aksaray escort I began to fuck her harder and harder and she squirted all over me. She was moaning and panting as I continued to fuck her harder and harder. She told me “please roll over and let me ride you”. I rolled over on my back and she climbed on top. She began riding me while I watched her beautiful black pussy swallow all of my cock. It wasn’t long and she squirted all over me again and collapsed on top of me breathing heavy. After she caught her breathe she said “that was awesome but we are not done”. She got up to get her phone and told me to take pictures of my cock inside her black pussy so she could send to her husband. We swapped positions as I began fucking her again and started taking pictures. We fucked slower than before and I took several pictures of me in her. She grabbed the phone and sent them to her husband as I continued to fuck her.I felt as I was fixing to cum and she said she wanted to taste my cum so I pulled out and she removed the condom so she could suck me. Her oral skills were amazing and it didn’t take long until I blew a huge load in her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but it was a bit much for her and quite a bit leaked out of her mouth. She wiped her mouth with her hand and rubbed my cum on her pussy. She said she was going home and make her husband eat her pussy now. We both got dressed and swapped numbers because she wants to come back before I leave town. She left and text an hour later that her husband ate her pussy with my cum on it. She stated that next time she wants me to fill her pussy full of cum so she can have him lick it out.I should be seeing her in a couple weeks so I will let you know how that turns out. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

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