Answer For Monica


Answer For MonicaI went through my regular routine of getting ready to go out. Shower, facial, fingernails, toenails and gotten a Brazilian wax. I wanted to look great for tonight. I know how many men are going to be there and all eyes will be on me. I love the feeling of being the center of attention, makes me wet just thinking about it. I love cum and cock, so it was a natural thing when I came across Bukkake. I get as much as I want of both!!I got to Mark’s place feeling so incredibly sexy. Mark’s wife greeted me with a huge smile and kissed my cheek. She and I’ve gotten to be close, since I’m a frequent center for his parties. She’s a gorgeous woman, and is the reason I got into this crowd. But that’s a different story.As soon as I got to the back ‘waiting’ room I stripped down. I opened my bag and grabbed the pink bottle of baby lotion. As I spread the smooth lotion all over my body, I felt goose bumps rise along my soft skin and my nipples grow hard. I love the feel of lotion; much like I love the way cum feels against my skin.I heard a light knock at the door, and soon saw şişli escort bayan Mark’s familiar face. I quickly hopped up and followed him down the hallway. He sat me in the middle of the huge hall, but I saw no one, just Mark and me. My heart sank and I looked at him quizzically, he nodded and smiled then turned towards the other side of the room and opened the far door. A rush of low murmuring flooded the hall. There were all the men! Mark led them into the room. I felt my blood flow faster and my pussy grow wet. Ohhhhh yes, here comes all the cock, I thought. I licked my lips u*********sly. Once the last man filed into the room, all eyes were on me. I instantly began to play with myself. Getting off on the knowledge I was going to be wearing all that cum! I slipped my fingers down to my smooth pussy and began to rub around my already swollen clit. I kept my eyes on all the naked men, watching their cocks stiffen as I finger fucked myself. I squirmed in my chair, my fingers dancing around my clit, slipping in and out of my tight hole. I squeezed tightly around meciyeköy escort bayan my finger, coaxing my climax to peak, each pair of eyes felt like fingers stroking all over my body. I felt the warm tingling begin deep within me and my moans began to grow louder. My grunts and pants mixed in with my moans. I kept on. My fingers were a blur to all the men standing there stroking their cocks just a few feet from me. I loved knowing that I made all those men hot. I know some were just getting hot on the idea that they were going to spill their load onto my soft skin, but I still think I’m getting them all hard and ready to spurt!My body began to quiver as I felt my juices start to flow. My orgasm flowed throughout my body causing me to shake so much I almost fell out of the little chair I was sitting in. As I worked my fingers slowly over my clit, calming myself down my climax subsided. All those cocks were still pointed at me. I slipped my hand up to my mouth and sucked my fingers dry. Mmmm I love the taste, whether its female juices or male cum, I can’t get enough!As şişli escort I brought my hand back down, I noticed the line had already been formed and there was a throbbing cock inches from my tits. Mark stroked hard and fast, his face a bit red with the effort. Right before he came I saw his balls tighten, then felt his warm gooey cum hit my tits. I squealed with delight. Pretty soon I felt several splashes of cum hit my body in various places. Each cock emptied its load and coated my soft skin with thick spunk. As more men aimed and fired, the cum came to life. It shifted and oozed along my skin as I moved my body. I could feel it drip from my chin and onto my ample breasts, sliding down my cleavage to my flat tummy. It was alive. Man after man answered my yearning for more cum. Much to my dismay it was down to the last man. He grunted and came in my hair. I began to rub all that wonderful cum into my skin and worked my tongue around my mouth. Any place I could lick, I did. I didn’t want to waste a drop! After I had rubbed it all in, I stood up and walked back down the hallway to the small ‘waiting’ room with my heart racing. I loved those parties, always had me feeling like a gitty little school girl after it was over. as I got dressed I thought, “Monica, you couldn’t have found a better way to have all you love in one sitting.”

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