Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part 4


Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part 4″The volcanic eruptions in Iceland have stopped but the smoke still covers the skies over the continent. Flights out of Europe are still cancelled and the stranded passengers have been accommodated in hotels by the respective airlines. The forecast is for the skies to clear in two days, and normal flights should then resume.”Ashwathi was watching the news on the TV. She was keenly interested in the news affecting her husband’s flight. She had received a call from him telling her the same – that he would be stuck in London for another couple of days before the volcanic ash cleared out.Her vacation was not going as she expected it to be. Her husband was supposed to be here, right next to her. She was supposed to have a good time with him but alas, that wasn’t happening. She was having a good time alright but not in a way she had imagined.A pang of guilt would strike her every now and then. Ashwathi would freeze and contemplate her actions and the possible consequences but as the guilt subsided, she would recall the most intense, unbridled, passionate moments with James, her newfound lover. Perhaps her conscience was trying to justify her infidelity by recalling all those moments.She was seduced so smoothly and stealthily that she couldn’t herself believe it had happened. Just two days ago she landed in Goa for a mini honeymoon with her husband and in just one day she was in the arms of another man. And what a man!If the first night was amazing, the day after was far better. The hectic bout in the bathroom continued on to the bed. The deep, passionate kisses, the firm caresses to her soft body, his thick rough lips planting kisses all over her body from her head to toe. His rough, raspy tongue flicking her nipple and then the same tongue probing the insides of her waiting pussy.Impressed as she was with his stamina and staying power, she was also impressed by how much and how long she could take him. Before James she had only experienced the regular acts; the missionary, the doggie and an occasional cowgirl but ever since yesterday, her repertoire of sexual positions had grown exponentially. It was as if they were trying every position out of the Kamasutra!In the shower, her luscious heavy breasts were pressed against the cold, wet glass as she was taken from behind, the hot water flowing down her ravaged body. On the couch, she was bent over the armrest before being laid down on the seat. On the bed she was subjected to a plethora of positions; missionary, doggie style, cowgirl, spooning and all the variations that came along. And not just these; he took her standing, against the wall from behind and from the front. Her petite body was like a toy which he loved to play with.The marathon coupling main courses were preceded by the tasty appetizers. They ate each other hungrily! She grabbed the pillows, the bedsheet, whatever she could find as her legs clamped around his head. Her head tilted back as she writhed and screamed from the orgasms he gave her with the mere use of his tongue. Here too, James used his expertise and devoured her in various ways.Ashwathi reciprocated; engulfing his massive organ whenever she had a chance, and James gave her plenty of opportunities to swallow him. Whether it was lying between his legs or kneeling in front of him, she sucked his cock with the enthusiasm of a first timer and the urgency of a slut. She loved how he took control of her; grabbing her head and pushing it down on his organ. In a very short time she had mastered the art of deep throating his massive cock, and every time she took him all in he would grunt in wonder and appreciation. She loved his acknowledgement of her new skill and that encouraged her to muster on.The man was a sex machine; absolutely unstoppable! And he was turning her into a sex machine too. The only fuel that these two sex machines ran on was food and beer which was promptly left by the hotel staff outside their door. This was not just because of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hanging on the knob, but also because anyone who came near their room could hear Ashwathi’s muffled yet passionate moans and screams making it amply clear that they were not to be disturbed. It was always James who stepped out to take the food inside the room as Ashwathi was either lying naked in bed in post-coital bliss or was cleaning herself in the bathroom.The only rest they had was in the short breaks that they took after each session. The morning event was followed by a light breakfast of bread and scrambled eggs, interspersed with pints of beer. During their two-hour long siesta after lunch their bodies intertwined like lovers. The nap allowed them to recharge their batteries after a long and intense bout before lunch.Even the evening was spent in the confines of his suite. Both of them had taken long relaxing showers and were now lying in bed. Both had bathrobes on with their fronts open. He had a beer in his hand while she was holding a red wine. They spent the evening relaxing, sipping on their drinks, talking, kissing. It was just a matter of time before he had downed a six-pack and she held the empty bottle of wine in her hand. With nothing else to do for the evening, both of them lunged at each other.The rest of the evening was spent making love. A stark change from the ruthless, hectic fucking that they indulged for the entirety of the day. Light and deep kisses replaced the tight and hard ones, tight grips of the skin gave way to delicate caresses. There was not an iota of care for the world or time.She turned around, placing her knees on either side of James’ head and he pulled her down on him. The sixty-nine allowed both of them to pleasure each other’s genitals which they had come to love so much. She showered his cock with all the love and adAshwathition she could muster. Gentle stroking was accompanied by soft yet deep sucking of the large, mushroom like purple glans interspersed with long licks to the organ and rolling of his massive nuts in her mouth.Occasionally her sucking would be interrupted by her passionate moans as James expertly licked her flowing pussy. His mouth was latched on to her engorged clit while his thick thumb fingered her pussy and the index finger fingered her butt hole. In that delirious state Ashwathi would smile as he brought her to orgasm after orgasm but not cumming even once himself. She was beginning to worship this man and his phallus.He pushed her backwards and within a few moments, Ashwathi arched her back and gave out a long moan as he entered her. She kept staring at the ceiling fan that creaked and hummed above them. The monotonous humming of the fan made her dizzy.Her left hand was across his back while the right rested behind his head as he nuzzled her neck and licked her ears, all the time showering praises on her beautiful body. Her heels were placed firmly on his butt. His strokes were slow but deep. He would pull back almost all the way before pushing back completely in a smooth yet gentle stroke.He broke the kiss and looked at Ashwathi, his hips still working on her slight body. Watching her in that state of ecstasy worked like a d**g. Her ruffled hair, her delirious stare, her slightly open mouth turned him on beyond imagination. He lowered his mouth onto her soft, wet lips and kissed her, while his hips steadily started moving faster. She moaned in his mouth as the stroking got faster. She pushed the back of his head towards her, intensifying the kiss while her other hand roamed down his back and clutched his tight butt.The evening ended after several minutes of intensely passionate lovemaking. The passion hit a crescendo when he groaned and pushed his twitching cock completely inside her; spurting copious amounts of thick, virile cum inside her wet, waiting and fertile pussy. The twitching cock triggered Ashwathi’s orgasm and she arched her back, pulled him closer and allowed him to cum deep inside her just the way she had allowed him to do all day.The night was spent in each other’s arms, spooning; his flaccid cock snugly fit inside her butt crack. Her head rested on his bicep while his arms embraced her tightly as they slipped into a deep and well deserved sleep.Ashwathi had tiptoed out of his room early in the morning. She was wearing the same clothes she wore two nights ago when they went out. She went back to her room and collapsed on the bed and slept for another couple of hours.They had made plans to go to the beach and relax. Relaxation was necessary after such a hectic day yesterday. She had a full breakfast after a long shower and was now watching the news for any reports of the volcano.Her husband, Raghav, was still stuck in London and had called several times yesterday. She finally answered his calls. “Hey sorry, I forgot my phone in the room yesterday. I went out sightseeing all day and was too tired when I got home and just slept,” she lied to her husband.”The volcano has stopped erupting now but the flights won’t resume for another couple of days. I have spoken to my boss and extended my leave for a few more days, baby,” Raghav said.”It’s ok Raghav. I am sorry for being so rude to you the other day. I know there is nothing you could do… it was just nature taking its own course,” Ashwathi said. She couldn’t be angry at her husband now, especially after she had cheated on him.”That’s okay baby… I’ll be there soon and we’ll have a great time. So what sights did you see?” he asked.”Just the usual…beaches and churches,” Ashwathi replied, trying to suppress the smile on her face. The most consistent sight she had seen yesterday was the ceiling of James’ room.”Oh… we will see the other ones after I get there. The airline has checked me into a hotel so everything is okay here… no need to worry,” he said, and the call ended.Ashwathi kept the phone on the bed and stood in front of the mirror. She had just walked out of the shower just with a towel covering her body. She untied it and let it fall to her feet. She examined the visible marks of ravishment left behind on her body by James. Her chest was covered with hickeys and there were a couple of very visible marks on her neck. She turned around to see her butt was still pink from all the hard spanking she enjoyed receiving yesterday. She had taken a lot of effort to clean away James’ dry cum in and around her vagina. Her nipples were still puffy from being sucked all day.After carefully inspecting her body, she opened her bag and fished out a black bikini. She had brought it for her honeymoon and hadn’t worn it ever since. She had planned to wear it for her husband but now she was going to wear it for James.She put on the bikini top and the fabric hugged her breasts tightly. Ashwathi had grown a couple of sizes since her wedding but she had managed to keep the weight down in the right parts. As she slid the bikini bottom up her legs, she admired how smooth and unblemished her skin was. Apart from those areas that showed the results of James’ attention.She admired herself in front of the mirror. She twirled around a couple of times to check out her own beautiful petite body. She blushed at the thought of wearing a bikini for James, even though he had seen her completely naked and there wasn’t an inch of her body where his hand or mouth hadn’t been. She fished out a blue layered top and a pair of denim shorts and pulled them on. All this was meant for her husband to enjoy, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.James had stepped out of the hotel for a while to fetch an icebox and a few beers for their beach trip. Suntan lotion, massage oils and some snacks completed his list for the journey.When he got to the reception, he saw the woman they had encountered the other night – the hotel worker who had smiled naughtily at them.”Good morning Mr James. Here are your keys,” the receptionist cooed as she handed them over.”I know you’re having a wonderful time here at our hotel and I hope you continue to do so,” she said, flashing another naughty smile as she emphasised certain words.James was a little taken aback by her brazenness but he didn’t show it on his face. He thought she was just talking about the other night in the hall, unaware that she had heard their loud love making the morning after.”My name is Karishma and this is my card. If you need anything, please feel free to call.” She said as she handed out her business card to him. Her fingers brushed against his hand as she gently placed the card in his hand, and that naughty smile flashed across her face yet again, “Anything at all,” she repeated.James knew she was game, but for now, he was not yet done with his first prey. Without saying a word he walked back towards Ashwathi’s room.Ashwathi rushed to open the door when she heard a knock. She knew it was him. As soon as he stepped inside, she pulled him towards her, stood on her toes and kissed him. She just couldn’t get enough of him.As they engaged in their usual passionate kiss, his hands grabbed and squeezed her soft butt making her moan in his mouth.They broke the kiss and stepped back. James couldn’t help but admire her beauty. Ashwathi too was mesmerised by his sheer personality. He was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt; his dark muscular arms clearly visible. Below, he was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and flip flops.”Are you ready?” He asked and she nodded an enthusiastic yes.Within minutes they were off on the scooter heading towards the beach. Ashwathi had to sit close behind him, her hands wrapped around his chest as he rode the scooter. Her hands occasionally roamed around his muscular chest. Unknown to her, James was getting a hard-on under his pants just like he did during their first scooter ride three days ago.On the way to the beach, they stopped at a street-side market. Hand in hand they walked down the street catching the attention of all those who were around them. The men were jealous and so were the women! The men were jealous of James who was walking with such a gorgeous woman, and the women were jealous of Ashwathi because she was walking hand in hand with such a tall, dark and handsome man.It was not lost on anyone what relationship they shared; their body language made it clear. James was used to such stares but Ashwathi wasn’t. She had walked hand in hand with her husband but that relationship was socially legitimate and so it didn’t scandalise anyone. But this relationship, the one she shared with James, was scandalous, to say the least.She knew Indians are inherently racist even though they themselves are of coloured skin. The men were jealous but still scandalised because Ashwathi was walking with a black man and Ashwathi was aware the women were jealous simply because she was with a man who, as much as they might hate to admit, was better than their own. With that thought, Ashwathi’s initial apprehensions faded away and she held James’ hand tightly as she walked through the crowded street.After some trivial shopping, Ashwathi and James were back on the road. He parked the scooter in the parking lot and they started walking towards the beach.”I thought you were gonna wear a bikini?” James asked.”I am wearing it! Under these!” Ashwathi replied, laughing.”What’s the point of wearing it if you’re not going to show it off?””But there are too many people here…” Ashwathi replied nervously.”This is India baby… there are too many people everywhere.””B… But…””Ashwathi baby… you have such an amazing body. It needs to breathe… there is no need to hide it under layers of clothing… C’mon… relax.”Soon James coaxed her into taking off her shirt and shorts. They found a shrub and hiding behind it, Ashwathi took off her outer clothes, albeit reluctantly. She gingerly stepped out from behind the shrub and handed her clothes to James who promptly put them in his sack.He grabbed her hand and with his reassuring touch, Ashwathi’s shyness dissipated to some extent. They stepped on the beach and started walking towards a shack.Even here the scene wasn’t different to the market. In fact it was actually worse. The men openly stared at her. Some stared discreetly from under their sunglasses and some took off their sunglasses and gawked at her.Ashwathi was to an extent used to seeing men stare at her. It happened to her almost on a daily basis but this was different. She was half-naked, the bikini barely covering her essentials. Her bulging breasts, her flat stomach, her luscious butt and her shapely legs were all there for one and all to see.The initial reluctance and shame were slowly giving way to a certain degree of confidence. Ashwathi was apprehensive about all the attention she was receiving at first. Looking around she could see the effect she was having on all the surrounding men and the reaction of their women were giving her a tingling feeling, a feeling of superiority. She felt a rush like she had never felt before!She even saw some women scolding their men for gawking at her so openly. She found it difficult to suppress a giggle but walked on with her man. As if this wasn’t enough, James snuck his hand down to her waist and gave it a squeeze. Ashwathi jumped with an audible gasp but composed herself immediately.Walking in broad daylight with James in full view of everyone had her pussy wet, but the moment he squeezed her waist her pussy started leaking. She was glad that her bikini was black, for had it been some other colour the dark wet patch on her crotch would have been clearly visible for everyone to see.Her already high pulse rate was soaring now. She could feel and hear her heart thumping. The adrenaline rush, the erotic high was something she had never felt. Being the subject of everyone’s voyeuristic pleasure was such a massive turn on.Everyone had their eyes on her. Under her sunglasses, she discreetly glanced around to see that it wasn’t just the people walking around them that were staring at her but also those lounging on the chairs and those beyond, sitting at the beach facing shacks.All those Indian men and women must have also noticed the mangalsutra hanging between her ample cleavage. It would be clear to anyone that James wasn’t her husband. It was a rush she had never experienced before.James was enjoying every moment of this. He knew how conservative the people of this country were. He knew how scandalous it was walking with Ashwathi.Apart from her audible gasp and an occasional giggle, Ashwathi was quiet. But James knew she was wet down there. He too was caught up in the rush and was sporting a hard-on which was quite obvious under the tight shorts he wore.James decided to up the ante. He raised his hand high in the air and landed a flat slap on her butt cheek. This time Ashwathi yelped and everyone saw that. James didn’t take any effort to suppress his laughter. A visibly embarrassed and deeply blushing Ashwathi could do nothing more than take it silently.They walked half a mile down the beach and reached a shack. They made themselves comfortable on the wooden lounging chairs. Soon the beer arrived, and the first gulp of the refreshing drink made Ashwathi relax and slouch further into the chair.She could feel the eyes of every man present on her. She knew she was a beautiful woman and second glances were a regular occurrence, but this was a lot more than usual.James was his usual self, cool and composed as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Maybe because from the part of the world he belonged to, wearing a bikini on a beach wasn’t something out of the ordinary to him. But James was very aware that he wasn’t in the US. He was in India; a deeply conservative country and he knew that a gorgeous woman like Ashwathi in a skimpy bikini was creating a wave.They gulped down a couple of pints each and relaxed under the shade as the cool wind brushed through her hair. Ashwathi had never felt so relaxed. She closed her eyes, just listening to the waves crashing against the shore.It had been a few minutes since she closed her eyes when she heard James talking. She slowly opened them and saw a man sitting next to James, talking. From their body language, she realized that they knew each other well.She caught the man’s istanbul escort attention and both of them looked at her.”Hello… I am Jerome,” the man said. Ashwathi said nothing but smiled politely. He extended his hand towards her and Ashwathi reluctantly shook it.Jerome was a lanky guy. He too was black but a shade darker than James. Unlike her lover, Jerome had a head full of dreadlocked hair and a sparse stubble covered his cheeks. He smiled when he greeted her and Ashwathi noticed that the new guy had yellow teeth unlike James, who had sparkling white teeth. Jerome reminded Ashwathi of Bob Marley, but his voice was rough and deep.Like many guys on the beach, Jerome wasn’t wearing a shirt. He was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and flip-flops on his feet. His chest was covered with thick, black, curly hair which got sparser as her eyes went down. His legs too were skinny and his skin looked dry. He was a stark contrast to James. James was muscular, well-groomed and clean. Jerome was skinny and looked like a bum. Ashwathi wondered how they were friends.”Hey there… get a beer for ma friend aand his lady,” Jerome called out to one of the waiters.He got up and sat in the chair next to Ashwathi. Ashwathi was suddenly more conscious of her state right now with Jerome sitting so close to her.James saw the confused look on Ashwathi and said reassuringly, “We met last year when I was here. Jerome is a masseur and a real good one.””Where are you from, Jerome?” Ashwathi asked.”Kingston Jamaica.” he replied.That explained his funny accent, Ashwathi thought. “You’re a tourist too?” she asked.”Ya but I haav overstayed ma welcome,” Jerome replied with a grin.”Don’t report him to the cops!” James interjected and both men laughed. Ashwathi just smiled awkwardly.Like every man on the beach, Jerome was ogling her. The others didn’t make Ashwathi feel awkward because they were at a safe distance. Jerome was right next to her and that made her a tad uncomfortable.All three of them talked for a while and as time passed, Ashwathi got a little more comfortable and let down her guard a bit. The beer helped with that too.”The music here is too loud and irritating,” James complained, referring to the loud Eurotrash music playing in the background. It indeed was loud; loud enough to make talking difficult without raising their voices.”I have ma own shack down the beach. It’s quiet there. Wanna come with me?” Jerome asked.Ashwathi glanced over to James apprehensively. Was he going to accept the invitation of a stranger? He did.”Ya… That’s a great place… It’s quiet… Right in front of the water and comfortable. Hope you’ve got cold beer there,” James said.”Ya right mon… I haav it right der,” Jerome replied with his regular toothy grin.Ashwathi was apprehensive about going to this stranger’s shack but she was comforted by the fact that James was fine with going. She didn’t voice any objections and silently accepted the plan.James paid the bill and they started walking, just making small talk along the way. They soon had left the crowds behind them.Ashwathi looked back to see how far they had come. “Where is your place?” she inquired.”Right over that hill.” Jerome replied.She looked at James and he nodded back reassuringly.They walked to the end of the beach and reached a rocky hill. Jerome led the way up the hill followed by James. Ashwathi held James’s hand as he led her up the rough path.As they reached the other side they saw his shack. It was indeed a beautiful place. The beach was small, maybe a few hundred meters long and very narrow. High tides would swallow up the entire shore. The beach was nestled between the rocky hill and the sea.In the far corner of the beach was the shack. It was made of wood and raised on stilts to keep it above the rising sea. It had a thatched roof covered with dry branches from a coconut tree. Ashwathi couldn’t see anyone, which she found surprising being so close to the main public beach. She asked Jerome why.”The rising waters keep people away,” Jerome explained the absence of people. “It’s like ma own private property.”They carefully walked down the hill and started towards the shack. Ashwathi was in a way relieved that there would be no prying, hungry eyes on her here in this deserted area.They slowly walked to the shack. Its stairs were made of wood, just like the rest of the structure. It had an open gallery at the front where a few lounge chairs were kept. A couple of tables stood in front of the chairs. Beyond the gallery was a room which was covered behind a curtain. Ashwathi thought that was probably where Jerome slept.They made themselves comfortable on the chairs and soon were enjoying the sounds of the sea and the cold beers that Jerome brought out.Ashwathi, a little hesitant till now, relaxed as she made herself comfortable on the chair. The place was amazing. The sea was much closer, and the cool breeze of the sea caressed her near-naked body. She rested her head back against the chair and let out a sigh. It was pure relaxation.As she watched the waves crash into the shore, she was tempted to go into the water. The allure of the warm rushing water was too much for her to bear. She wanted to go in.”I want to go in the water. Will you come with me?” she asked James.”You go ahead. I’ll join you after finishing this beer,” he replied, showing her the half empty pint.She nodded and stood up. She walked past Jerome and then went down the stairs and started towards the beach.Both men sat in rapt attention, watching the petite Indian woman walk towards the water. Her ample buttocks swayed and flexed as she took each step forward. Her slender, beautiful waist swayed in time with her smooth straight Auburn hair. Their cocks twitched and they could feel their loins getting warmer seeing such a sexy woman in front of them.They were undressing her with their eyes, though nothing much was left for imagination; the bikini hiding only her pussy and her nipples. “That’s a fine woman, man,” Jerome said thoughtfully.”Umm…hmm…” James replied, sipping the beer but his eyes still drinking in the contours of her beautiful body.”She’s better in other things too…” James said, and looked at his friend knowingly.Jerome grinned, knowing full well what his friend meant. He knew about James’ adventures before this one.Ashwathi stood on the wet sand as a wave approached her. The wave crashed into the shore before fizzling out at her feet. The cold water gave her goosebumps all over her body. She slowly waded into the water till the waves reached her waist. She turned around to see where James was. She wanted him there in the water with her.As she turned around she saw the most beautiful scenery she could have ever imagined. The rocky base of the hill gave way to a luscious green hillside. The hill was covered with a thick blanket of trees and sitting cozily on the hill was the shack. It was straight out of a fantasy world and she drank the wonderful sight in with her eyes.James placed the empty pint on the table and got up. He looked down at his friend as he pushed his khaki shorts down before standing in his underwear.”I’ll see you in a while,” he said and winked.”I ain’t going nowhere, ma friend.” Jerome replied, saluting him with the bottle.James smiled, nodded and got on his way.Ashwathi was elated seeing James walk down the stairs. She waved to him and he waved back. He strode confidently, as always, towards her.Her heart fluttered watching her Adonis, the most spectacular specimen of a man walk towards her. Two days of sex with him had just whetted her appetite even more. His muscular chest, his bulging arms, those toned, sexy legs and the crown jewel that hid behind those tight jocks. The bulge in his underwear always gave an appearance that he had a boner, but she knew that the bulge was just his flaccid cock. His full erection would tent out obscenely.He waded into the water and in a few moments and was standing right in front of her. Her radiant smile couldn’t outshine the bright sun, he thought.She splashed water on him playfully and giggled. James too, played along and soon they were splashing water on each other. Their dripping wet bodies glistened in the sun. They continued playing in the water, gleefully splashing water on each other. Ashwathi felt as if her c***dhood had returned.James lunged forward and embraced her. Ashwathi tightly wrapped her arms around him in return. His hands moved to her butt and gave it a tight squeeze. Ashwathi moaned in his mouth as they kissed in the water. Their tongues duelled and their lips smacked as the two lovers kissed under the sun. His hands moved under her butt and in a swift moved lifted her. Startled, Ashwathi yelped but soon in an instinctive move wrapped her legs around his waist and continued kissing him. Grabbing her by the butt, her kissed her so passionately that she was lost in erotic bliss.Jerome was watching from a distance, rubbing his hard-on from over his shorts. He had seldom seen a woman so beautiful and so sexy and was envious of James.James was fully aware that Jerome was watching them. He broke the kiss and waved at him. Jerome sat up and waved back. Ashwathi was taken aback by James’ gesture. She wondered what he was doing? James beckoned him to join them in the water.”Why do you want him with us?” she protested.”I’m just asking him to come in the water. He is our host, isn’t he?” James replied. Without saying anything further he went back to kissing her. The kiss blew away any apprehension Ashwathi had, and she silently gave her approval.Seeing James wave to him, Jerome instantly stood up and raced down the stairs and into the water near them.He kept a respectable distance, not wanting to make Ashwathi uncomfortable and stop their act. Ashwathi was blissfully unaware that Jerome was standing near them. Her eyes were closed and lips were sealed with James.Jerome was busy rubbing his hard-on under the water. Seeing James caress and squeeze her supple butt in addition to their frantic kissing was a tremendous turn on. Without caring for his presence the couple, filled with lust, continued making out and that scene just stoked Jerome’s fire.Ashwathi felt a lingering presence behind her. She broke the kiss and looked back to see Jerome just a couple of feet away from her flashing his crooked tooth smile. She was a bit perturbed and before she could spell out her reservations, James pulled her back to kiss him.As her mouth latched onto his, she was lost in ecstasy and Jerome’s presence didn’t bother her anymore. Their lips smacked and tongues rolled into each other’s as their passionate make out session continued in the open.Above, their mouths were clashing against each other and below, their genitals were rubbing against each other over their underwear. Ashwathi could clearly feel James’ massive erect organ sliding against her waiting cunt.It was no surprise that Ashwathi was massively turned on and wanted more… much more. She wanted to stop and head back to their room where she would allow James to take her in any which way he wished.She broke the kiss and slowly whispered into his ear, “Should we go back to the hotel?””Naaa… What’s the hurry? We have a lot of time.” James replied.She was a bit disappointed because she was hoping for a different response, but she thought this wasn’t bad, kissing in the water.James slowly eased her down on the ground and they started walking back to the shack with Jerome following. Ashwathi was wet and horny and wanted more but she knew she’d get it in time. For now, she just went with the flow.After wiping off their bodies, the three settled down on their chairs with another batch of cold beers. Like before, Ashwathi relaxed again as the cold breeze flowed through her hair.”You live here permanently?” she asked Jerome.”No…Come by for a few months of a year and go back home,” he replied before gulping down a sip of beer.”Jerome is a masseur,” James interjected.”Ohh…” Ashwathi replied.”It’s more of a hobby. Helps me get by when I am here,” Jerome said.”And he is good at his hobby,” James laughed.”You should try it once,” Jerome interjected.”Ya, I will next time, for sure,” Neha replied. The sly smile on his face was discomforting and Neha felt it was time to leave. James though, was not interested in leaving so soon.”What’s the chance of us coming back? All of us will go our separate ways after this vacation is over,” James argued.”Yes, Neha. We might never meet again. And you don’t want to regret losing the chance of a great massage,” Jerome quipped.Ashwathi was clearly uncomfortable. Jerome, even if he was James’ friend, was a total stranger to her. Apart from that, she was not comfortable having a stranger massage her almost in the open.Ashwathi hesitated but the men egged her on. They did not literally chase her but broke her resolve slowly. One smooth line here, a couple of jokes there would be followed by an attempt to convince her to get a massage. To help things along, they also handed her a new pint of beer as soon as she ran out of the old one. James knew her tolerance for alcohol was low, and she would soon be tipsy.The men didn’t leave out any chance to touch her. The touches weren’t sexual or aggressive, but rather “friendly”. A light touch to the hand, a caress on her arm, gentle squeeze to the shoulder. With each touch, each laugh, they managed to make Ashwathi comfortable and shed her reluctance.Jerome was eager to get his hands on this tasty Indian tart but knew for that to happen, patience was the key. James could see his friend eyeing Ashwathi. He too was eager to make it happen.Ashwathi on the other hand was slightly turned on. Her make out session with James in the water had already done its job, and she was primed. Combined with the last couple of days of intense sex, Ashwathi was now insatiable.It wasn’t long before the men had successfully persuaded her and she found herself lying on her stomach on the lounge chair. Her heart was beating so fast and loud, she could hear it. She was trembling in anticipation. James was still seated on his chair a couple of feet away from her while Jerome had gone to the back room to fetch the oil.She turned her head to see James. He smiled at her and sipped his beer. Soon Jerome was back and kneeled next to the lounge chair. He took a generous amount of scented massage oil on his hands before slowly bringing them down to her back.Ashwathi shivered as she felt Jerome’s sticky cold hand on her naked back. Her trembling skin soon broke out with goosebumps as his hand slowly circled her back. She simply closed her eyes.Jerome’s hands slowly moved in circles on her back albeit gently. He would start with the upper back and then slid slowly down carefully skipping her bikini string on his way down before stopping just before her butt. He knew she was falling under his spell but was also aware that a hasty move could ruin everything.He could feel her goosebumps as his hands slid on her soft, smooth skin. Her sighs were audible. It was a clear sign she was enjoying it. After a few rounds of her back, Jerome slowly moved down, consciously avoiding her butt and starting from her upper thigh; his fingers stealing a few touches of her lower butt. He took his time, caressing and massaging her thighs and inner thighs, feeling the softness and the suppleness of her skin, enjoying this divine creation. Each of his gentle rubs, each careful caress was sending a shiver up Ashwathi’s spine. His hands were firm yet soft as he skilfully massaged her legs.Slowly moving down her legs, he spent a generous amount of time on her calves and then her feet before starting his way back up. Again settling on her thighs, this time his hands focused on her upper area, precariously close to her vagina. In between the rubs, his fingers would steal a caress of her mound.Ashwathi shuddered visibly as his thick fingers gently swiped against her vagina. The bikini was flimsy and was more of an excuse to cover her privates. She could feel even the lightest of touches against her increasingly moist pussy.Jerome was carefully reading her. Her sighs, whimpers and absolute lack of resistance was encouraging enough to move ahead. From her thighs, he moved his hands to her supple butt. He heard her inhale sharply and for a second thought she would object. He waited for a couple of seconds and on seeing no resistance, started moving his hands again.A new wave of energy had swept through Jerome’s hands as he went to work on her ass. He moved his hands expertly in circular motions, up and down and also took the liberty to squeeze and cup her butt. As he firmly squeezed and massaged her cheeks, he swiftly and expertly untied the string of her bikini but was cautious enough not to take it off. James was watching all this, sporting a massive boner under his shorts.After he had his fill of her ass, Jerome then moved up her back before massaging her shoulders and arms. Gently pushing on her side, he asked her to turn over. Ashwathi silently turned around. Her eyes were still closed. She was unaware that her bikini top string was loose and her bikini bottom was precariously positioned, barely covering her vagina. She was so lost in the sea of relaxation that she hadn’t bothered to look at herself.Ashwathi was now lying on the chair on her back. Jerome tipped the bottle over her stomach and out poured a stream of thick oil. It filled her deep navel and overflowed on to her stomach. Jerome worked the oil overflow over her taut midriff.James, who was watching, had sported a hard-on which was increasingly difficult to handle. He just wanted to pull his shorts down and release his monster out in the open. Not wanting to miss out on the action, James got up and walked to the chair. He took the bottle of oil and poured some of it on his hands.Ashwathi was confused when she felt two pairs of hands on her. She opened her eyes and saw Jerome standing near her. She raised her head to see James near her legs, massaging them. Relieved that it was James, she closed her eyes and again got lost in the sea of relaxation.As if dividing her body amongst themselves, Jerome moved behind her head and massaged her upper body from her stomach up, while James massaged her thighs and legs.Ashwathi was now thoroughly enjoying the attention she was getting with the two men expertly massaging her body. But apart from relaxation, she could also feel her body responding to the touches and caresses. In the past, she had massages but they were always by women. She had never felt an unknown man’s touch, and two men at a time? Never! She could feel her heart racing, her breath quickening and her pussy getting moist. The near erotic touches were turning her on.James, after massaging her legs, had moved up to her thighs and was inching closer to her pussy whereas Jerome was inching down from her shoulders towards her heaving chest.Ashwathi wasn’t unaware of the moves the men were making but her body simply wasn’t allowing her to stop them. Her breath quickened as their hands inched closer to her privates.James’ hands finally reached her mound. He slowly massaged it, moving his index finger in circles just above her pussy. Ashwathi squirmed as she felt James’ finger dig deeper, trying to pry open her legs. She resisted since Jerome, a stranger, was right next to her. If he hadn’t been around she wouldn’t have thought twice before opening her legs to James.Jerome now slowly moved his hands down from her upper chest to her cleavage. Her boobs were straining tightly against the thin fabric of the bikini. His hands gently started rubbing her cleavage mounds. Her chest rose as she inhaled sharply, reacting to Jerome’s moves.The men exchanged knowing smiles. They had her just where they wanted. A squirming and writhing Ashwathi, covered in oil with a bikini barely in place would arouse even a dead man let alone these two hot blooded breeding age men.As her arousal peaked her body started defying her mind. Her legs started giving up and slowly but surely, her legs parted just enough allowing James avcılar escort to sneak his fingers to her pussy.”Aaah…” Ashwathi moaned as she felt his thick fingers moving firmly over her covered pussy. The fabric was still wet and sticking to her skin so the cover of fabric was just a lame excuse.As James expertly started working his fingers, Ashwathi succumbed further, spreading her legs even more and in turn allowing James’ finger to further explore her nether regions.Jerome was now so aroused that he simply couldn’t focus on massaging her. He was watching them intently, so engrossed in the sight before him that he was moving his hands absentmindedly. Jerome explored further, his hands going deeper and deeper into her cleavage, the tip of his fingers going inside the bikini.Ashwathi was now moaning and sighing, resigned to the reality and rather enjoying it. Her legs spread wide enough for James to cup her pussy with his large hands. The firm yet smooth caresses made her moan louder.James grabbed the already untied bikini bottom and slowly removed it. He expected Ashwathi to resist but she didn’t. James then cupped her pussy again, his palm rubbing her engorged clit.”Mmmmmmmmm…” Ashwathi moaned as her lover caressed her pussy.That was the excuse Jerome needed to make his move. He swiftly pushed his hands under her bikini and scooped out her luscious breasts. Ashwathi opened her eyes wide and watched in awe as she realised what had happened.Before she could react, James brought his hand to her waiting clit and flicked it. Ashwathi drew in an audible sharp breath and her mind was flushed with waves of pleasure.Jerome knew he had to move quickly before she had second thoughts. He rapidly moved to gently hold her erect, puffy nipples in his fingers and squeezed them gently. It was a coordinated move by them both. James was fingering her clit and Jerome was playing with her nipples. Ashwathi had no chance. All she could do was whimper, moan, shudder and tremble.Suddenly Ashwathi gasped loudly and arched her back. She was reacting to two of James’ fingers which had slid deep into her pussy. That two of his thick fingers slid into her so smoothly showed him that she was wet and ready for more. James could feel her pussy throbbing against his fingers which were buried right up to the knuckles.Her beautiful breasts heaved and Jerome’s hands willingly held them. Cupping those beautiful handfuls of breasts he squeezed them, relishing their softness. Two of his fingers were squeezing and tweaking her swollen nipples. Ashwathi was now moaning and writhing in pleasure. She had never felt this experience. It was always just one pair of hands on her focusing on just one of her erogenous zones at a time but now there were two, both stimulating her in all the right places. The bliss was like never before.James slowly pulled his fingers out of her and put them in his mouth. Licking them in one smooth bottom to top motion, he devoured her juices and lubricated his fingers. He then slowly pushed his fingers back inside her waiting pussy provoking another gasp from Ashwathi. James’ fingers now started moving slowly in and out of her pussy. Ashwathi had closed her eyes and her hips matched his strokes as he finger fucked her. While his fingers were moving in and out, his thumb was gently circling on her clit. Above, Jerome kept himself occupied with squeezing her supple boobs and pinching her nipples.Watching a moaning, writhing woman in this state was a massive turn on. Both men were sporting boners which were dying to burst out. With each stroke, Ashwathi’s breathing got sharper. Her orgasm was fast approaching. James started fingering her faster and deeper making her moan louder. Her back arched and straightened as her orgasm fast approached.”Aaahh… Aaaah… James… please… aaahh…” she moaned, pleading with her lover to give her that orgasm. His palm smashed against her aching pussy and the slapping sound reverberated through the open room.”Aaah… aaaahh… aaaaarrrgghhh…” Ashwathi groaned, arching her back. Her eyes rolled backwards, showing their whites, and her mouth opened wide as her body spasmed uncontrollably as the orgasm swept through her.James stopped fingering his lover and watched her shake around violently like a fish out of water. Jerome was so aroused by the sight that he thought he’d cum then and there. Ashwathi opened her eyes after coming down from the orgasmic high, and an awe inspiring sight awaited her. While she was still cumming, Jerome had taken off his shorts and was now standing naked next to her, and the first thing she saw was his long, erect cock which was pointing straight at her face. It wasn’t as thick as James’ massive weapon but it was longer. Against his skinny frame, it appeared very large. Unlike James, Jerome sported a short bush of hair at the base of his penis. His balls though, like James’, were large and heavy.Jerome stepped forward so that his cock was now just an inch away from her face. Their eyes were locked on to each other. He took another small step forward and now the tip of his cock gently brushed against her lips. Another small step and it was firmly pressed against them. They were staring at each other as if to see who would break first. Ashwathi, though she was absolutely turned on, was still reluctant to accept his offering and Jerome, who was growing impatient, held on waiting for her to break.A few seconds into the staring match, Ashwathi’s will broke. His cock brushing against her lips, his manly, musky aroma and James’ expert cunnilingus finally defeated her resolve.She gently opened her mouth and Jerome did the rest. First, the head went in, and then he pushed some more. Instinctively she swirled her tongue around him. Jerome started pushing his crotch into her face, forcing more of his cock into her mouth, hitting her cheek. She could taste the salty precum leaking from his cock which she would promptly swallow in between his thrusts.James was feverishly sucking and licking her pussy. His hands moved from her thighs to her breasts and were now squeezing them hard. Ashwathi was lost in an ocean of lust. She had never experienced anything like this though she had fantasized about it. But never in her fantasies had she imagined the pleasure she was feeling at that moment.James was using all his oral expertise on her. He was mixing all his moves. From licking up and down her entire slit to licking her clit to licking her labia and then tongue fucking her pussy. His moves were having the right effect on Ashwathi who was writhing and moaning in pleasure, but her moans were muffled by Jerome’s cock.Ashwathi wrapped her right hand around Jerome, grabbed his butt and pulled him closer which gained a couple more inches of his cock into her mouth. Jerome’s butt was smaller than James’ but she did enjoy squeezing a handful. While her right hand was squeezing Jerome’s taut ass, her left hand was caressing James’ bald head, encouraging him to keep licking her. This was an out of the world experience for her.Jerome pulled his cock out and started playfully slapping it on her cheeks. Ashwathi instinctively opened her mouth and put her tongue out. Jerome slapped his thick wet cock on her wet tongue evoking the ‘plat plat plat’ sound. A few playful slaps later, Jerome slowly guided his cock back into her waiting mouth and Ashwathi promptly started sucking it.James, who was still licking her cunt, shoved a finger inside her making her moan. As his finger dug deep inside her, her orgasm started to build.”Hmmm…hmmm…hhmmmppff!” she moaned rhythmically as her orgasm started to build. James’ licking got faster, his fingering got deeper and Ashwathi’s blowjob got more frantic. Her hips started moving erratically as she came close to cumming.Jerome pulled out of her mouth fearing a nasty bite from the delirious girl. As soon as he was free, Ashwathi let out a loud moan as she reached the edge. A couple of seconds later her back arched again, her head tilted back and a long loud moan escaped her lips as the intense orgasm swept over her.As her orgasm subsided, her body straightened but the post-orgasmic spasms continued. Two strong orgasms in a matter of minutes. Though she had gotten kind of used to this wonderful feeling, she still marvelled at the phenomenon.She lay on the lounge chair, trying to catch her breath. Jerome and James stood next to her watching in amazement at their accomplishment. Ashwathi’s breasts were heaving as she inhaled and exhaled loudly. Beads of sweat trickled down her oiled body. She was a magnificent sight to watch.Jerome walked off to the back of the shack while James sat on the chair nearby. As her breathing normalised, Ashwathi opened her eyes and looked at James. His beautiful black body and his equally beautiful black cock were so alluring that she wanted more. She got off the lounge chair and crawled up to James. James’ cock twitched as he watched his woman crawl towards it, her face filled with pure lust, her eyes red and watery, her hair dishevelled and her breathing heavy; she indeed looked like a cock hungry slut.Ashwathi kneeled in front of him and her hands snaked out until they stopped on his thighs. She quickly lowered her mouth and caught the tip of his cock with her lips. Opening her mouth wider she pushed down, taking more of him inside her. James tilted his head a bit, watching Ashwathi gobble up her favourite cock. His hand rested on her head as an encouragement.She started bobbing her head up and down on his cock, listening to the slurping of her own saliva as she lubricated him. She stopped, popped out the cock before gently holding it by the base. She licked along its length from the base to the tip. She kissed and licked on the sides of the shaft before moving to the head. She locked her mouth on the head and sucked it hard, making him moan and lift his hip slightly. His reaction made her feel proud. She then lowered her head to his balls. She marvelled at those magnificent baby makers as she sniffed his manly aroma. She licked them thoroughly, making them all wet and shiny before popping one of them into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his nut, sucking on it. James threw his head back enjoying the amazing feeling. He reached behind her and finally untied her bikini top and let it fall to the ground. He reached under and squeezed her right breast.Jerome came back with a couple of beers and handed one to James. James stood up and Jerome stepped next to him. Ashwathi was now kneeling right in front of both of them. She held the two massive cocks in each of her hands. It was an unfamiliar feeling to hold two giant dongs at the same time, but she was enjoying it. The sight, the smell, the feel. Everything.Jerome pulled her head and she opened her mouth wide. A moment later she was happily sucking on him. The cock head was moving smoothly in and out of her mouth. Her hands reached behind and grabbed his butt. After every few thrusts, the cock would spew a couple of drops of precum which she relished and swallowed without hesitation.James was watching all of this with a smirk on his face and slowly stroking his own tool. Ashwathi was watching him from the corner of her eye. She pulled away from Jerome and moved to James and swallowed his thick cock. He held her head and started fucking her mouth. Bunching her hair in his large hand he fucked her face. Ashwathi felt like a toy in the hands of those two and she was loving it. James pushed her head slightly back, allowing her to gaze up into his eyes as his cock slid in and out of her pursed mouth.Pulling out she dug her face into his balls, licking and slobbering, making them all wet and sticky with her saliva before sucking on them, all the while looking deep into his eyes. She alternated between the two men, sucking and licking them, not taking a break in between moves. She did it as if this was the last time she was going to have sex.She stopped sucking abruptly but her hands kept jerking them slowly. Her mind was cooking up perverted ideas though her lips were shy to express them. Ashwathi pulled the men closer so that their cocks were just an inch away from each other. She gently brought her mouth closer to their dicks and opened her mouth wide to take both heads in her mouth at the same time, then started sucking them both. The men groaned in approval. Alternating between licking their slits and sucking on the heads, Ashwathi went to work. Watching her do that, their cocks spewed even more precum onto her waiting, and appreciative, tongue.She stopped sucking them and rubbed their dicks together. She immediately looked up to gauge their reaction but they didn’t seem bothered about it, in fact, their cocks twitched as they touched. Ashwathi slowly squeezed both cock heads and giggled when they oozed precum. It was like a little girl was playing with her fleshy toys. She opened her mouth and put out her tongue. The leaking tips rested on her tongue and squirted thick globs of precum which trickled down her throat.She closed her lips and sucked on those dark brown mushroom cock heads. Her tongue licked the undersides and her lips brushed the tops, making them squirt more into her waiting mouth.”She’s better than you said she was,” Jerome remarked, admiring her oral skills.That comment implied that James had told him about his conquest of Ashwathi, and this was all planned. But instead of feeling scandalised, Ashwathi felt proud of herself. Never had she been so desired, so lusted after. Even her husband never looked at her with so much unbridled desire.She couldn’t believe her complete transformation from a faithful wife to a cum hungry slut. From having sex with her husband to cheating on him. To having sex in a closed room to getting tagged team out in the open. And it only took two days for her life to be turned upside down. Never had she imagined she’d be having sex in the open in broad daylight with two huge guys. Fantasies were one thing but this was real. The shack didn’t have any windows and any passerby could see them without any effort. The thought scared and aroused her in equal measure.With such thoughts in mind, she went back to sucking their cocks with enthusiasm, bobbing her head and happily slurping.James pulled her up and kissed her. She raised her head and met his kiss. Their tongues duelled as they kissed frantically. He then sat on a chair nearby and pulled her in front of him. He cupped her right breast in his hand and lowered his mouth on it to suck it. Jerome followed suit and latched his mouth onto her left tit.Ashwathi threw her head back, enjoying a feeling she had never felt before – getting her tits sucked by two mouths at the same time. She was leaking profusely now. James’ hand slithered down to grab her fleshy butt while Jerome slipped his hand down to play with her clit.James moved from her breast to her neck. She tilted her neck allowing him to kiss and lick her delicate nape. He started from her shoulder slowly kissing his way upward, while Jerome gently rubbed her wet pussy. All Ashwathi could do was loudly moan.James moved Ashwathi to the lounge chair. She gently relaxed back on the chair and James moved his weapon towards her. She spread her legs to allow James to move freely between them. He raised himself above his beautiful slut, covering her tiny body completely with his massive frame. Raising her legs a little, she lined her waiting pussy with his erect cock.”Aaaahhh…” she moaned as his cock started penetrating her. In the last two days her vagina had gotten used to his massive organ and her now well lubricated cunt allowed her to take him inside completely with no hesitation. All his inches slipped in smoothly, his chest rested gently on her breasts, her lips lined up with his and her eyes gazed into his. She instinctively locked her feet on his butt and they kissed passionately.James started in his usual style; slowly and deep at first, waiting for her to get used to his girth before slowly increasing her pace in a staggered manner; his hips moving in a beautiful rhythm. All this while kissing her. He broke the kiss as he slowly upped his pace. His hips started moving faster and his strokes started getting shorter. Ashwathi’s moans were interspersed with passionate kisses.Jerome was standing near them, watching the scene unfold in absolute awe. Stroking his cock, he impatiently waited for his turn to get a feel of her amazing pussy.”Aaahhh… oh yesssss… aaahhaaa,” Ashwathi screamed as James’ hips bucked hard, rising and crashing into her loins. James was now in his element, fucking hard and fast, and Ashwathi loved it. A couple of minutes of relentless ploughing had Ashwathi delirious. James stopped and sat up straight. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders before bending forward and started where he had left off. With her ass slightly raised, his cock went even deeper into her slender body.James looked over to his friend who was waiting in anticipation. Both men smiled at each other and then James stopped. He disengaged and stood up, allowing Jerome to take his place. Ashwathi in her delirious state didn’t notice when Jerome kneeled between her legs. She looked at him with her half open eyes as he folded her legs at her knees and spread them wide. He placed his cock on her pussy and slapped it on her engorged clit. Watching her reaction, Jerome grinned and rubbed his cock along her pussy, coating it with a thick layer of her juices. He pushed half of his cock into her in one abrupt stroke. Ashwathi gasped and arched her back at the sudden invasion. There was only a couple of seconds of respite for her before he pushed the other half in, extracting the same reaction again from her.Jerome fucked her with a steady pace, just enjoying the warmth and softness of her pussy. The feeling was heavenly. His climax had been building up but he managed to control himself. He wanted to push this feeling for as long as he could.Ashwathi grabbed the sides of the chair tight as Jerome hammered her cunt. Her supple tits jiggled at each inward push. Her mouth was open, her lips were quivering and moan after moan was escaping from her mouth. Jerome brought his finger down to her clit and started playing with it, making her moan even louder. James was standing right next to her and stepped closer. Ashwathi glanced hungrily at him and with her right hand started jerking him off.As wave after wave of pleasure smashed over her, Ashwathi got her orgasm. It was a long and very hard one. Her moans stopped, her back arched, her eyes turned white as if she was a woman possessed. In the just three days her eyes had been opened to a new world of intense pleasure.Jerome pulled out just as Ashwathi tried to recover from her orgasm. He flipped her over and propped her up while James flattened the lounge chair and kneeled in front of her. With James’ thick black cock dangling enticingly by her face, she needed no invitation. She opened her mouth allowing him to slowly guide it inside. Jerome kneeled behind her, ready to go for another round. She looked back as Jerome spread her ass cheeks and slowly guided his organ inside her waiting cunt. Ashwathi closed her eyes as the feeling of fullness returned.A moment later the hard fucking resumed. Ashwathi held on to James’ cock for support as she sucked on it while Jerome held on to her hips as he pounded away. “Aaah… aaahhh… yeahaaaa… ummmppfff!” Ashwathi moaned in between sucking cock.Jerome’s heavy balls slapped against her swollen cunt with each long stroke. Jerome would pull out his cock almost to her edge before slamming it back inside her and extracting an a****listic grunt. “Mmm… mmm… mmm…” Her moans coincided with Jerome’s hard thrusts.All three of them had thrown caution to the wind that swept through that shack. Though the place was quite isolated, any curious trekkers could stumble upon their orgy but at that moment… who cared?Ashwathi was so occupied with her own pleasure and pleasuring the men that no other thought occurred to her at that moment; the men weren’t any different. James şirinevler escort had met this woman only a few days ago and Jerome just a couple of hours ago but here she was on all fours, sucking James’ cock and taking a pussy beating from Jerome.Jerome grabbed her hips tightly and started fucking her even harder. His crotch slammed into hers and that hard thrust pushed James’ cock deeper into her mouth.Jerome wrapped his hands in her long hair and pulled so he could fuck her harder. As her head was pulled back, James’ cock popped out her mouth. James promptly adjusted himself and re-entered her ravenous mouth.The sight was entrancing! A beautiful, delicate Indian woman, spit-roasted by two large black men on a lounge chair. Her hair bunched and pulled back, her eyes closed, long and loud moans escaping her mouth. Her butt cheeks red from the hard spanks Jerome inflicted on her ass. Two thick cocks ploughing in and out of her, one from her mouth and one from her pussy. She was being ravaged!As the men’s pace increased, her moans turned to screams. She stopped sucking James’ cock and with that out, there was nothing to muffle her inner a****l voice and she howled. Her body convulsed from the next extremely heavy orgasm. Her legs grew numb and she collapsed on the chair. Her body kept shaking and trembling from the orgasm. Her cheek was flat on the chair, her hair a total mess, her body drenched in sweat.The men watched mesmerized as Ashwathi still trembled from her orgasm. She was now curled up in the fetal position. She had never cum so hard.She was thirsty not just for more sex but also for water. Ashwathi asked for some but James handed her a pint of beer. Stricken with thirst, she gulped down the entire pint in one go and let out a huge sigh of relief.She had hoped to catch her breath for a few moments but that was not to be. James grabbed her hand and took her to the couch. He sat down, his heavy body making a huge thud as it fell on the old piece of furniture. He pulled her onto him and Ashwathi, without speaking a word, straddled his muscular thighs. She raised her body and aligned her pussy right above his massive organ which was eager to penetrate her. Though Ashwathi had been fucked hard and deep by James, it still wasn’t easy to impale herself on his cock. Wary of his girth, she slowly lowered herself on to him.”Aaahhhhh…sssssss,” Ashwathi sighed as the thick mushroom-like cockhead spread open her labia and eased its way inside her waiting pussy.She moved lower, taking a couple of inches in before stopping. She gyrated her hips, adjusting her tight cunt to his massive tool before slowly moving down again, taking another couple of inches. Slowly, inch by inch she took all of James inside.She now started moving up and down, albeit slowly, allowing her to get used to him. Both men watched this dainty girl with amazement as she rode James.She was an embodiment of beauty. Fair flawless skin, flowy dark hair, a face with sharp, yet delicate features. And a body… a body to die for.Ashwathi’s eyes were closed but couldn’t hide the tension and pleasure she was getting at that moment. Her hands were on his shoulders, while his hands grabbed her plump butt as they copulated on the couch in that shack.She opened her eyes and gazed into lover’s before placing her supple lips on to his. The kiss was passionate and intense. It wasn’t a kiss between two people who had just sought the pleasures of lust, but it was a union of two yearning souls.Jerome stood watching them with a tinge of jealousy. He too wanted more of this fine woman but was aware that she was, after all, James’ catch – his woman. James had been kind enough to share her with him and he should be thankful for that.Breaking the kiss, Ashwathi cupped her breasts and leaned forward to feed her ample bosoms to his waiting mouth. He sucked on them with all his heart and soul. He squeezed her boobs with his large hands, licked her areola; sucked, nibbled and bit her nipples. Ashwathi lovingly held on to his bald head as he ate her tits.Ashwathi glanced at Jerome, her eyes inviting him over. Jerome hurried to her side. Ashwathi slowly started gyrating her hips back and forth, sideways, picking up pace with every stroke. Her left hand rested on James’ shoulder for support while her right hand tugged Jerome’s cock. She leaned sideways and took Jerome into her mouth. He threw his head back as he felt the softness and warmth of her mouth.Soon they settled into a rhythm. James fucking her from underneath and Ashwathi sucking Jerome’s cock. It was beautiful and smooth; not a stroke missed or fumbled. Every upward thrust was met with a downward stroke; every inch into her mouth was met with a swirl of her tongue.James abruptly stopped and stood up, picking Ashwathi up with him. Though startled at first, she quickly recovered and locked her feet behind his back and her arms snaked behind his neck. Holding on to her ass, James pounded away.’Thap thap thap thap thap thap.’ Their loins slapped together, making the lewd yet beautiful music of lust. Mixed with that were Ashwathi’s unbridled screams of pleasure. James grinned and he went on and on and on.”Fuck fuck fuck!!! oooaahhh!!!” Ashwathi screamed, finally breaking her silence. Her screams only made him fuck her faster, which made her scream louder.Jerome, who was watching keenly saw Ashwathi’s eyes turn white and her body going limp as another orgasm struck her. When James finally stopped fucking Ashwathi threw her head back, still feeling giddy from that unbelievable orgasm.Still hanging in the air, impaled on his cock, Ashwathi looked into James’ eyes and whispered, “You’re so good,” and kissed him.Ashwathi slid down from James, and Jerome, who by now had grown impatient, moved quickly. He sat on the couch and turned her around so that she was facing away from him. He pulled her down, impaling her on his cock. She promptly started jumping up and down on him. Placing her hands on his thighs for support, she kept bouncing on his toy. She could immediately feel the difference between the two men. James with his impressive girth stretched her while Jerome’s unusual length reached deeper. She had the best of both worlds at that moment.Jerome pushed her forward, making her bow down which made her ass jut out. He spread her ass cheeks and observed her ass hole. He wondered if he could go there too. Her fleshy butt cheeks were in his hands as he squeezed and spanked them while she jumped up and down his cock with the energy of a teenager.”That ass man… that ass…” Jerome said of her butt appreciatively.”Mmhhmmm…” James concurred.Ashwathi couldn’t help but smile. Any other day, such a comment would have offended her but right now it made her blush.Her life had changed so much in just a few days. From being a committed wife to a black cock loving slut, being passed between guys like a joint; her transformation was swift and complete.”Come here. I want to suck your cock,” she beckoned to James as she straightened up.Standing in front of her, bunching her hair in his hand, he watched her suck his cock. Her mouth was latched on to his tool as she moved up and down Jerome’s dick.”Ummpff… mumm…” she moaned as Jerome landed hard spanks on her ass cheek.”Turn around,” Jerome ordered.She let go of James and skillfully, without taking Jerome’s cock out of her, turned around to face him.Placing her feet on the couch and holding his shoulders, she started bouncing on his cock. Jerome placed his hands in her hips supporting her.The familiar slapping sound returned as she jumped and bounced on his pole. Jerome stuck out of his tongue to lick her bouncing boobs.Ashwathi had been fucking Jerome relentlessly for several minutes now, but she had been going for at least half an hour, though nobody was keeping track of time. The men were getting a rest break and catching their breath when she was passed between them, but Ashwathi had no time to relax. She was getting fucked continuously; not that she was complaining.Jerome stood and picked her up with him just like James had. Ashwathi giggled, amused at how easily these guys were lifting her as if she was a doll.She thought Jerome too would fuck her standing and she braced herself, but he had other plans. He walked over to the lounge chair and lay down with her still on top of him, impaled on his cock.Once settled, they started fucking again; Ashwathi thrusting down and Jerome stroking up. Their movements were smooth with each stroke and thrust perfectly timed.She straightened up and gyrated her hips. She could feel his cock rubbing against her pussy walls. She was so overpowered by the sheer ecstasy that she closed her eyes, threw her head back and ran her hands through her soft beautiful hair.Holding her hips, Jerome started coaxing her to move faster. Resting her hands on his chest, Ashwathi started moving faster, back and forth. Till now her moans had been soft but now they started building up in volume; another orgasm was on its way.He pulled her down and kissed her. Their kiss was slobbery, yet passionate. Their lips and mouth got wet from the free flowing saliva. He squeezed her breasts and brought his mouth down to her breasts to suck them. Ashwathi slowed down her gyrations to help him suck her boobs but didn’t stop completely.Just like her mouth, he slobbered over her luscious breasts, making that vulgar slurping sound as he sucked on them one after another. “I love your boobs baby..” Jerome said in between sucking her breasts.”Mmmmmmm… don’t stop…” was all she could mutter.”Do you like being fucked like this?” Jerome asked her.”Mmmmmm…” she replied.Jerome thrust hard from under and asked again. The sudden thrust made her gasp loudly.”Yesss… yesss…” she hurriedly replied.”Haa… you want me to fuck you like that?” he teased her.”Yessss… fuck me… yess…” she mumbled.”Yeah, she likes being fucked like a whore,” James interjected from the side, stroking his cock.”Hold on bitch!” Jerome said before he raised his legs up and wrapped his hands around her waist and started thrusting from under.”Ohhh shit… oh yessss… oh fuck yessss…” Ashwathi hollered as Jerome fucked her hard.She raised her ass a bit to give him more room to fuck. Moving his hands down, he grabbed her ass as he kept slamming his cock into her. Ashwathi enthusiastically met each of his thrusts with her own. She slammed her pussy into his crotch, taking him deeper than ever.Ashwathi had witnessed James’ stamina first hand and that was a revelation, but now she was witnessing Jerome’s endurance which was unbelievably good.A regular guy could fuck her like that for maybe a few seconds before relieving themselves but these men could keep up with the pace for several minutes with no signs of cumming. They were like freaks of nature, and add to that their massive cocks? She was in heaven.What was even more surprising to the men was that Ashwathi could take it all and still wanted more. She was matching every stroke and every thrust with equal urgency.”Yess… take that bitch… take my cock, you fucking whore!” Jerome grunted as he slammed her cunt harder and harder.”Aaaahhh… aaahhh!!!” Ashwathi’s high pitched screams filled the air.Jerome went on for several minutes like that and stopped when Ashwathi had her umpteenth orgasm of that day. Even after so many orgasms back to back, every orgasm was equally intense if not more.Exhausted, she collapsed on Jerome’s chest. They could hear each other’s racing heartbeats. They lay together on the couch for a few minutes, gasping for breath.Ashwathi was slowly recovering from the latest orgasm when she felt a finger touch her other hole. She was too tired too look back and didn’t resist as the finger slowly breached her butt hole.”Ummmpphhh…” she moaned as she felt that thick finger move in an inch.She had experimented with anal with her husband and his much smaller dick, but that seemed so long ago. “Mmmm….mmmmmm….” Ashwathi sighed as the finger moved in and out.James had coated his finger with saliva before putting it in and he was occasionally spitting on the finger as it ploughed her butt. The pain and discomfort soon faded away and now Ashwathi was enjoying being anally fingered. Adding to that feeling, Jerome started stirring from under her body.Seeing this, James pulled out his finger and positioned himself behind her. Ashwathi instinctively tightened up, aware of what he was about to do.”Relax your butt… let loose…” James instructed, slapping her butt lightly. Ashwathi silently obeyed.She shivered as a thick glob of saliva fell right on her puckered hole and a moment later felt his cockhead touch her. Her breathing was now heavier in anticipation. Jerome stayed still, just watching and waiting for his friend to get in.”Eeeefff…” she squealed as she felt his thick cockhead breach her anus. Ashwathi clasped the futon as she felt a piercing pain. Jerome wrapped his hand around her waist to restrict her movement and any resistance.”I’m in… but fuck she’s tight…” James grunted as he pushed in an inch further evoking a groan from Ashwathi. Her head hung low, her chest heaved and her face winced. She felt as if she had now truly lost her anal virginity.James pushed in another inch and stopped, letting her get used to his size before pushing an inch further. Slowly and steadily he buried his cock inside her ass to the hilt. Ashwathi was now truly the tasty meat in a cock sandwich.Both men stayed still, buried inside her completely. They had done this before and knew she would need time to get used to the feeling. They had all the time in the world to wait for their fun.The throbbing pain in her ass faded away and her pussy started throbbing in anticipation. Her whimpers of pain were now slowly turning into moans of pleasure.Seeing her reaction change, the men started moving slowly. Ashwathi could feel their cocks moving inside her. She had never felt this before. She could feel each one move distinctly. She could feel their cocks rubbing against the thin membrane that separated her ass and pussy.The men moved alternately. Jerome would push in while James would pull out. They had done this before to many women and had mastered the art of double penetration.At first, Ashwathi was whimpering and cooing but as they changed gears, her whimpers turned to moans and her moans turned to wails. James bunched her hair in one hand while the other spanked her ass. Jerome got busy sucking and biting her breasts. The shack filled with the sounds of squelching, her moans, their grunts and the violent thrusting which made the lounge chair creak.For Ashwathi, every minute spent here was literally an eye-opener! And she was enjoying every minute. She was delirious, moaning and laughing in pleasure. Her mouth was wide open and drooling; sweat dripped off her body, especially from her head. Her face was flushed with blood and her eyes were half-open. She was the embodiment of pure lust, a complete black cock loving slut. She could feel the orgasm approaching like a freight train; it was going to be the biggest yet.The men were also getting closer to their edge. They had been fucking this gorgeous woman for so long and now their ultimate relief awaited them. They could feel from her tightening holes and her guttural moans that she too was racing toward the finish line. Their strokes got erratic, their grunts got more urgent, her wails grew louder. Any moment now!”Haaaaa…aaaaahhh….aaaahhh…ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk…aaarrggghhhhh!!!” she screamed as she finally went over the edge.”Aarrrggghhh yessss…..yessss….” Jerome grunted as he too orgasmed, slamming his cock into her and emptying his balls deep inside her spasming pussy.James was just a couple of strokes behind them and he also came with a huge grunt as he buried his cock completely inside her ass. “Aaaarggghhhh….fuccckk yeaaaahh…” as he blew his load inside her ass.Exhausted, Ashwathi collapsed on Jerome as he hugged her tight. After draining himself into her, James pulled out and stumbled back. His legs felt weak and he sat down on the floor.Ashwathi looked up at Jerome who was smiling back at her. She managed to smile back before kissing him. James too approached her and she kissed him too. It was a gesture of gratitude and happiness. She placed her head on Jerome’s heaving chest and fell asleep after a minute. It was going to be the best nap ever.=============Ashwathi woke up on the lounge chair alone. She sat up and looked around to get her senses back. Her whole body was aching but she wasn’t complaining. “James… Jerome… guys, where are you?” she slowly stood up and started looking for them.”Back here baby.” she heard James’ call from behind the shack.She followed the voice and found the men standing under a makeshift shower, cleaning themselves.”Wanna join us?” Jerome asked with a Cheshire cat smile. His stained, crooked teeth appeared from behind his smiling lips.Ashwathi smiled back and joined them under the shower. The men moved from washing themselves to washing her, not leaving an inch on her body untouched.”I’m starving,” Ashwathi said, “You guys really gave me a workout.””Ya… me too. I’ll make us a nice meal after the shower,” Jerome replied.”Ya… that will be good. We need it. But how about a protein shake for appetizers Ashwathi?” James asked and winked at her as he slowly stroked his erect cock.”Hihihi… yes please,” she giggled as she held both their cocks in her hand and slowly stroked their raging erections.”Help yourself, lady,” Jerome said, placing his hand on her shoulder and pushing her down.”Don’t mind if I do,” Ashwathi laughed as she knelt in front of them and proceeded to blow them under the open air shower.After sucking their cocks and guzzling their cum in the shower, Ashwathi and the men went naked into one of the rooms in the shack. It was a room between the bathroom and the lounge where she had been fucked a little while ago. There was a small kitchen with a stove and a few utensils at one end of the room while a rickety steel single bed occupied the other end.While Jerome got busy cooking them a quick fix meal, James and Ashwathi got busy on the bed. James knelt on the floor while Ashwathi was on the bed. Her right leg was off the bed with her foot on the floor while the left was spread on the bed. James was licking her clit and fingering her cunt while his other hand was playing with her breasts. After getting her sufficiently worked up, he mounted her.With her legs on his shoulders, he banged her. Jerome’s attention was now split between cooking and watching them fuck. After bringing her to an orgasm, James felt Jerome tap on his shoulder.”Can you watch the food for a while?” he asked.James nodded and got up. Jerome took his place and started fucking Ashwathi. He fucked her for a few minutes in missionary before switching to doggie style and banged her some more.The men switched again and James started fucking her from behind. A few minutes into that, Jerome came back to join them.”The food is ready but let’s finish here first,” he said as he knelt in front of Ashwathi and stuffed his cock inside her mouth.The duo fucked her hard on that rickety bed and worked up their appetites. They spit-roasted her for several minutes before James came in her pussy and Jerome in her mouth.After a hearty meal and a few beers, they continued their carnal activities. Ashwathi got to experience a full range of positions, but this time they jizzed on her face. This was something else new for her glorious carnal repertoire.As the sun set and the day came to an end, their orgy did too. Washing up after the day-long activities, she finally put back on her clothes, the ones which had been taken off in the morning.”Thank you, Jerome. It was great to know you,” Ashwathi said and kissed him on the cheek.”You’re always welcome back,” Jerome replied and slapped her butt.James and Ashwathi waved goodbye as they headed back to their hotel.It was late by the time they finally arrived. Instead of resting, they continued where they had left off.She was on her fours while James fucked her hard from behind. They were so engrossed in the sex, they failed to hear her cellphone ringing. Her moans, his grunts and the slapping noise drowned out the ring.A few seconds later, the cellphone stopped ringing and a message came into her inbox. It was her husband.’Hey, Ashwathi. I’m finally boarding my flight from London. See you tomorrow. Love you.’

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