Aunt Christine


Aunt ChristineI was coming home in the summer of 1958 from a night out with my buddies. I was 16 and horny as a toad! I was a virgin and had a constant hard on. My parents were on vacation and my Aunt Christine was staying at the house to make sure that I didn’t get into trouble. She was a surprising choice because she supposedly had a checkered past. She liked her booze and her men. We lived in a duplex so we always used the back door. As I walked past the living room window, movement caught my eye. I stopped, looked through the window, and saw people wrestling on the couch. After a closer look, it wasn’t people and they weren’t wrestling. It was my Aunt and a man. My Aunt Christine was laying on the couch in a bra and half slip, while a man was on top of her with his head between her legs. I focused in and saw it was Stanley, an usher in the movies and he was performing oral sex bursa escort on my Aunt. His limp cock was in his hand and my Aunt had a look of frustration on her face. A closer look gave me a good shot of her hairy pussy. She also had big tits. My cock went to instant boner. Apparently, they had been drinking and Stanley couldn’t get it up. I decided i would go inside, play dumb, and maybe get a better look at my Aunt’s cunt. I used my house key to open the back door and tiptoed in the kitchen. I peeked through the door and saw that no fucking was going on. I then decided to take a chance and entered the room. Both my aunt and Stanley jumped up off the couch and looked at me very suprisingly. I saw that Stanley had a big dick, but it was as soft as putty. My aunt covered her pussy and I saw nothing which pissed me off! I said that i was sorry that i interupted and headed upstairs bursa escort bayan for my bedroom. After about 10 minutes, I heard Stanley say goodbye and heard the front door close and my aunt locking it. I then decide to go downstairs and see if i could fuck auntie. Hell, she was frustrated and probably drunk. My hard 10 incher might make her forget about the i****t. I stripped to my boxer shorts and went downstairs. My aunt was sitting on the couch, smoking a cigarette and drinking some Seagram Seven. She looked at me and asked how I was doing? Her eyes stared at my now erect prick, pushing thru the boxers. I said i was fine and could I have a drink. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. Her breasts pushed at the bra and the half slip rose to her thighs. She poured me a drink and brushed my cock when she handed it to me. You have some package there she said. I thanked escort bursa her and told her how good she looked. I meant it, too. We chugged our drinks and I poured her another. This time, I brushed her tit when I gave it to her. She smiled at the cheap feel so I proceeded to take my shorts off. My cock was so big and hard it could cut through glass! She smiled and asked if she could have a taste? I said yes and she started to suck my cock. I started to play with her boobs and she reached back and unhooked the bra, exposing her beautiful huge tits. I sat down next to her and while she blew me I played with her pussy under the half slip. She was very wet and moaned as I fingerd her deeper and deeper. Then she stod up and removed the slip and said she wanted my hard cock in her wet cunt. She laid on her back and spread her legs showing her clit and juicy pussy lips. I kissed her bush and then buried my cock in her cunt. I fucked her hard and deep. I came, shot a load, and continued to fuck. You can do that when you’re 16. We fucked all night but thats another story. Aunt Christine became my favorite aunt that night.

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