bad girl Jade gets shagged at party by loads of la


bad girl Jade gets shagged at party by loads of laHi I am back after a long absence. Here is a dirty story about me getting fucked at my sisters’ mates’ birthday party. So we got there and I was wearing this sexy black dress that barely covered my tits and arse (Emma was in a nice dress too). Anyway the house was packed Id say 75 % of people there were lads. This Tracy girl knew what she was doing for her birthday. I tried to dance but I am not very good and I didn’t like the weird mix of chav and westlife music. After I knocked back a vodka martini I went after a lad called Craig who was 19. He snogged my face off and his tongue felt great as I sucked it and him mine. He was feeling my arse and I was his and then these other lads got behind him in a line. One after the other the lads lined up taking turns snogging me and feeling my arse. Some tried their luck by either feeling my tits or putting a hand up my dress and fingering me a bit. I loved it as each lad had his way with me and it felt great as they had their hands all over my body. Craig then had his turn again and he then took me upstairs. We went into the girls parents room. Anyway he threw me on the bed and got on top of me. I took his shirt off and then he then got me out of my dress. He then pulled my thong off and I lent back against the head board as he buried his face in my twat. He then licked my cunt and fingered it a bit whilst I moaned loud, the neighbours knocked on the wall. After this he sucked my tits and snogged me again. He then worked his way down to my cunt again and licked and probed my tight wet slit with his tongue and fingers. He then stood up on the bed and I took his dick in my mouth sucking him hard and fast deep throating him licking his balls at the same time and I was fingering myself whilst doing this. This lad Craig was well fit, shaved head, pierced eyebrow, sixpack bostancı escort well hot. He then fucked my face good. after this he had me on all fours as he licked my arse out and my pussy going back and forth between my arsehole and pussy. I then got a condom out of my handbag and put it on him and he then fucked me hard doggy style. He fucked my tight slit hard and fast pounding it as he felt my tits. He ragged my cunt faster as I moaned louder and louder in pleasure as this stud just fucking banged the shit out of my tiny tight wet snatch. He then put me on my back on got on top of me and put his cock deep inside me. We snogged whilst his dick banging my cunt. He then lifted my legs up and bent me back. He then drilled my tight cunt with his cock like it was a jackhammer. My cunt wrapped around his hard throbbing cock as he pumped me hard and fast making my tight twat his own. I then rode him for a bit. He felt my tits as I rode his cock grinding my pussy into his hard dick. He then came in the condom in me whilst I was riding him. He snogged me hard and said wait here. He went out of the room whilst I knocked a vodka martini back. He came back in the room about 5 mins later with 8 lads. I was sat there naked my legs spread open vodka martini in one hand smoking in the other and said “come on then lads come and fuck me” Well after this I finished smoking put condoms on them all as they striped off. I knocked back another vodka martini (i brought about 20 condoms as I was well prepared for this, I knew Tracy would fill her party with horny lads) and then laid back on the bed. The lads then took it in turns one would fuck my cunt as I was either bent over the bed or on all fours and the other lad would have me suck his cock. The lads who weren’t pumping my tight wet cunt or getting sucked off would get wanked as sancaktepe escort well whilst some played with my tits. They all took turns so all of them got a go at giving me a good seeing to. It felt great as these fit lads were pumping my pussy hard with their dicks. I had one cock after the other in my pussy whilst I sucked the lads off who’s turn it was for blowjobs whilst they waited there turn to fuck me. I had some of the lads cocks in my hand as well so at one point I had two cocks in my holes so mouth and pussy and another cocks in both my hands as well wanking. I then got on my back and slid down to the edge of the bed. They took turns fucking my pussy whilst pouring beer on me and licking it off. At one point I was too loud moaning and so they put there hand over my mouth with one hand holding me down with the other as they banged me as the neighbours were banging back They then all came one after the other on my face, tits, in my mouth. After this I got cleaned up and dressed, I went down stairs and had another drink. I then got on top of a lad who was sat down on the armchair. I put my tits in his face and he just went into overdrove sucking them. He got his dick out and pulled my thong to one side and dropped me on his cock and I rode him bare on the armchair taking his large cock up my twat which had taken 10 cocks already. This other guy just whips his cock out goes around the back of the armchair and puts it in my mouth. Then Craig appears and pushes him off and the lad is that pissed he just falls over. Craig then puts his dick in my mouth as I ride this other lads cock. I am riding this other lads cock hard and fast his balls slapping my arse as they bounce up as he bounces me up and down on his hard dick. Craig then cums in my mouth and I take his load. This turns the other lad on and he then zeytinburnu escort pulls his cock out and cums on my belly. : I then had more to drink and had a little dance. I got Tracy and said loud.” this birthday girl needs a kiss” me and Tracy then started snogging in the middle of the room and everyone watched. The other girls well some looked turned on and some shocked but the lads cheered. I then got her on the couch and pulled her skirt up and her knickers down and fingered her hard and sucked her clit in front of everyone which she loved. I buried my head in my sweet pussy and she had his fingers in my hair pushing my head into her wet cunt. I fingered her hard and fast and made her cum. After this I drank more and the rest is hazy. I do remember it in bits. My sister and her mates filed in the blanks for me. I went to the toilet and there was a lad in when I opened the door pissing. I just got hold of his dick after he had finished and wanked him a bit. I then sat on the toilet and i remember this bit its really dirty. I sucked him off on the toilet taking his dick down my throat, my nose rubbing on his belly while I took a piss. It was a drunk piss too so it went on for ages, stopped and started again. He came on my face and his cum felt so good. Next this other lad came on and I would not move off the bog. I shouted “its my turn my toilet fuck off and piss in the sink” The lad who wanted the toilet took my advice and pissed in the sink whilst I sang Dancing Queen badly which I could hear downstairs (sadly someone turned off this the only decent song that played all night). The lad who had pissed in the sink picked me up off the toilet he sat on it with his dick out and he put me on his dick and he fucked me hard. I rode him on the bog hard whilst he sucked my tits and kissed me. His hard bare dick pumping my pussy as he sat on the bog. I was facing him and he sucked my tits a bit. He did this for it seemed ages. I then got off him and he came on the bog floor. I remember going back and drinking more. The next thing I remember was Emma and this lad taking me home. I remember going up to my room then the next thing I woke up naked with a massive hangover.

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