Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. I

Ass Insertion

Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. IBecoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene and Karl pt. IIt was last year in summer, when I was at the Aegaen coast in Turkey for vacation. I had split up with my girlfriend and had some stress with my studies. It was one of those times, in which everything seemed to go wrong, so that I needed some vacation to relax.I wanted to be alone, didn’t want to meet anybody, I just wanted to enjoy the loneliness and relax – till I met Helene. She was an older woman, who I met at the beach. And she was the hottest sexy granny I have ever seen! No, she was the hottest lady I have ever seen! She was a real beauty, with beautiful huge tits, a big bubble butt to die for and a smooth and tanned skin. But she also had a nice personality, she was funny and talkative. Fortunately she was also from Germany, so it was easy to talk with her. I don’t know, how old she was. As I asked her once, she just smiled and said “Honey, you seem to be a gentleman and gentlemen don’t ask women for their ages”. She was well-kept, but I suppose she was between 60 and 65.I met her, as I sat on the beach and watched the sea. fethiye escort I was absorbed in thoughts, as she sat next to me. She smiled and asked why I was so thoughtful and I told her why. She said “Sexy guys shouldn’t waste their time by being worried about anything”. It felt good to hear that 🙂 We had a long and nice conversation and talked about all sorts of things. And there was sexual vigor in the air, of course 😉 I knew that she liked me. And I liked her… no, I LOVED her 😉 She wore just a yellow bikini with a thong and that looked so hot on her tanned and smooth body. Her tits, her ass, her lips, her curves… she was just perfect. She told me that she liked hairy guys and that it was a pity that most of the young guys nowadays shave their bodies. Sometimes she touched my hairy chest, my hairy legs or my shoulders. But I didn’t touch her; if I had done that, I would have fucked her immediately 😀 I wanted to bury my face in her big and round tits, I wanted to caress and kiss them softly, I wanted to take off her thong slowly, lick her pussy and bang her hard. It’s really hard to describe, how hot she was. And I’m escort fethiye sure that no guy in the world could resist her. But she was not slutty. Not the kind of those old women, who desperatly try to chat up young boys. She was a real lady and I liked that.First I invited her for a meal, because I’m a gentleman 😉 But then, I wanted to fuck her, of course 😀 After the meal, we took a walk at the beach and talked a little bit, before we went to her vacation house. I was looking forward to fucking her, my cock was extremely aggressive 🙂 But as we arrived there, she stopped at the door. She said that she was not alone on vacation. The first thing that I thought was that she was married or had a boyfriend. I had fucked married women, but I don’t like that so much. Then she said that she was on vacation with her gay boyfriend and if I wanted to fuck her, I also should fuck him. At the first moment I had a shock, because I was straight and have never had the idea to fuck a man! I am a liberal and open-minded person, neither religious nor conservative, so I have never thought that gay sex is “disgusting” or a sin. But I fethiye escort bayan just never had the idea of fucking a guy. And I was surprised, because I knew that she also wanted me! She kissed me often and caressed my hairy chest and my back during the walk at the beach. And she told me that she hadn’t have sex for a long time. I couldn’t believe her. I said “ you’re so hot that it is impossible that you didn’t have sex for a long time. You could get EVERY guy in the world, every young boy in the world would do everything to fuck you.” She laughed and kissed me, then she answered “Oh my honey, maybe there are many boys, who would like to fuck me. But most of them are afraid to fuck an older woman. They think that this could only exist in porn or in their fantasies.” I still didn’t belive her, but I didn’t say anything.I asked her why she wanted me to do that. She said that she wanted to do a favor for her friend, because it was hard for an old gay to find a good-looking young stud. And that she always wanted to have a threesome and watching a young stud pounding an old man’s ass. That was strange, because I had never met a woman, who likes to watch a guy fucking another guy. But I had never met such a beautiful granny, so she was a special person :)I didn’t decided immediately and said that I wanted to think about it….(to be continued in part II)

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