Beth , Friends Ch. 2


As I related in Part 1, the women decided to make their walks and weekday sex activities a regular part of their routine. One day of the following week, Beth couldn’t wait to get me in bed and tell me what happened with the three of them that day. After our customary first fuck of the evening, she said that the three of them decided, while they were walking around the neighborhood, that fingers and tongues just weren’t doing enough for them. They made a plan that, when they finished their walk, they would go home, take a shower, change clothes, and drive to a “sex shop” in the city near us to buy some “marital aids”. Sam and I went there a few times before our wives joined us to buy “some good reading material and movies”.

Beth volunteered to drive — the store was about an hour away from where we lived. She said that, not long after they left, Tonya crawled into the back seat with Mary and they started to make out with each other. It had been three days since the women’s last get together and she guessed Tonya couldn’t wait until they got home. Beth felt a little left out and called back to them saying that she was a little jealous that she couldn’t join in so Mary volunteered to drive home if it was all right with Beth and of course it was. Beth looked back at them in the rear-view mirror and saw that they were lying down on the back seat with Mary on top of Tonya. They both had their tops pulled up by their necks exposing their great tits and were kissing each other and grinding their cunts together. It was all Beth could do to concentrate on driving, wanting to watch their every move, so she shoved her hand down the front of her shorts playing with herself and she stole furtive glances at the two of them in the back of the car. Beth said that she didn’t know if it was by design, but they continued to play around the entire ride without any of them cumming before they arrived at the shop.

Beth parked the car and the three of them rearranged their clothes and went into the store — all of them in a pretty excited state. She went on to tell me that when they went in she was surprised at how clean and bright it was inside, that she had never been in one before, and expected it to be dark and dingy with seedy perverts hanging around. They started to browse around and it wasn’t long before one of the store people came over to them and asked if they needed any help. Beth said that this guy was a hunk, just her type, with sandy-blonde hair and rippling muscles. It was obvious he worked out regularly. She said that both the guy, who later they found out was Frank, and the girls gave each other the once-over and then said ankara duşta veren escortlar that they were just looking, but would let him know if they needed help.

Beth said that they were looking for vibrators and dildos, but didn’t see any until they walked to the back of the store and saw them in a display case. Frank and another hunk, who they later found out was Phil, were standing behind the display case helping a customer. She said Phil was a carbon copy of Frank with darker hair. They started looking at the stuff in the case and, shortly thereafter, the customer left leaving just the five of them in the store.

They were asking Frank and Phil to show them different items making comments like, “This looks like Sam’s” and “This one’s even longer than Eric or thicker than Jack’s.”

The two guys were chuckling at their conversation and they started talking to each other. The guys told them that they were the owners, they had started the business about five years ago, and they were really doing well as it was the only “sex shop” for about 50 miles. They went on to say that they were both 30 years old and married, but had no kids yet. As they talked Beth noticed that Frank wasn’t talking to her face but had his eyes locked looking down the front of her top. She was leaning on her elbows on the display case looking at the wares. She didn’t let on that she noticed this, but did notice that he started to show a sizable bulge in the front of his shorts as they continued to talk. She knew that she was giving him a nice show especially when she leaned over further to look at an unusual looking dildo in the back of the case.

She asked Frank if she could see this item and he reached in and handed it to her. Beth said it was about nine inches long (she showed it to me after telling her story that night) with little knobs sticking out all over it including the head. The head of it was huge, a good four inches around, tapering down to about 2 inches at the base. Attached to the base was a small hose with a squeeze bulb at the end. Beth asked Frank how it worked. He told her that you filled it from the end with warm water, inserted it in an obvious place and, when you started to cum, you squeezed the bulb forcing the water through the tip to simulate a guy shooting his load. She said she could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter as he described its use. He said that it sold for $25. Beth realized that it was a lot of money for her to be spending, but was really itching to try it out and considered buying it.

She said to him, “I know this is not usually done, but is there any way I could try ankara fetiş yapan escortlar it out before I buy it?” Frank thought about it for a few seconds and said to her, “I’m sure that we can arrange something.” With that he told her to follow him into the back room which had a bathroom in the back of it and that he would show her how to add the water to the dildo. As they walked into the room she looked around and saw that it had a couch, table and chairs, and a bunch of shelves with excess inventory on them. They went into the bathroom where he started to show Beth how to add the water. She leaned up against him, as it was a small room, as he explained what he was doing. She said that all of a sudden she decided that she had to have this guy right then and there. Between fingering herself in the car and getting turned on by the toys she was at the boiling point and needed some relief.

She started to rub her braless tits against his arm, slowly at first, as he showed her how to work the dildo. As he finished filling it up he turned to hand it to her and said she was welcome to try it in here if she wanted. With that she noticed that rubbing her tits against him didn’t go unnoticed as he had a large tent sticking out from his shorts now.

Beth took the dildo from him and started rubbing it all over her tits and neck and said to him, “How about if YOU give me the real thing instead of this rubber toy?”

With that she leaned into him, grabbed behind his neck, and pulled his mouth down onto hers and shoved her tongue down his throat. She said his hands didn’t stay by his side for long as he reached under the bottom of her top and started playing with her sensitive tits as he returned the kiss. She said that neither one of them were interested in any lengthy foreplay, and it wasn’t long before they went back in the stock room and laid down on the couch. Her top was quickly off and he sucked her hard nipples into his mouth, one at a time, and rubbed his stiff cock up and down on her leg. He slowly moved down her chest and stomach toward her crotch and slowly pulled her shorts down as he licked his way lower and lower toward her steamy cunt. Beth could feel that her panties were soaked with her juices as he removed them and plunged his face into her sopping wet cunt. She said that, almost immediately, she had several “mini- orgasms”. Frank was really good with his tongue and then sucked her clit into his mouth as she rubbed up and down on his face. She was just about to explode when he stopped and stood up, slowly removing his shorts and underwear, his rock-hard cock springing into view. She said ankara iranlı escort she thought it was about 7 inches long and just about as thick as mine. She thought it was a real beauty and was anxious to have it fill her up.

She sat up as he stood by the side of the couch and slowly slid his member into her mouth giving him the same pleasure she had just received. As she took his tool all the way down and started sucking and licking his shaft, he leaned over and started to play with Beth’s beautiful tits, pulling on her nipples just like she enjoyed it. After a few minutes of that, sensing that he was close to shooting his load, she eased off his cock, stood up, and had him lay back on the couch. She then straddled him, pointing his cock at her hole, and slowly eased it into her hot snatch. She said that it really stretched her as the head penetrated her and she knew that it was a little longer than mine so she was in for a fun time. He slowly eased into her and continued to play with her tits. Beth got a little impatient after a bit and just rammed the rest of it into her by sitting down on his legs. She was hot as a firecracker and started to move up and down faster and faster as he rammed her faster and faster.

They must have been quite noisy because she looked up and saw that Phil, Tonya, and Mary were standing in the doorway watching them. Tonya later told her that they started to wonder why the both of them were gone so long, but soon heard why. Phil locked the door and put out the temporarily closed sign and they watched most of the action together. Beth could see that both of the girls had their hands down under their shorts playing with themselves and, with their other hands, were rubbing Phil’s cock, which was impressively tenting the front of his shorts.

Beth continued to ram up and down on Frank’s pole and watched as Mary left the others and walked to the couch, picked up the dildo laying on the floor, and started to stick it in Beth’s asshole. As she eased it into her ass, Beth said that she almost immediately started cumming and Mary shoved the whole length into her and rammed it in and out of her now thoroughly stretched bunghole. She felt like she was having a whole body orgasm and then suddenly Frank cried out that he was cumming and Mary squeezed the bulb of the dildo squirting the warm water deep into her bowels. She said that it was one of the most incredible orgasms of her life.

Without going into much detail, the five of them spent about an hour fucking and sucking each other to many orgasms. Beth said that Phil had a nice hard nine incher that stuffed her well that afternoon. Frank ended up giving her the dildo for nothing with Beth’s sweet ass being more than enough payment. They promised to visit them again soon.

As Beth and I laid back after I fucked her hard cunt again, after she finished the story, I realized that she truly now was a “slut-wife” and I loved it.

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