Between Roommates: Sharing a Girl


Brook is a tall, beautiful police officer from Montana visiting a friend in San Diego. Very much a modern woman who knows what she wants, she hasn’t had sex in 19 days and is climbing the walls. She meets Lance, the consummate player, in a bar. Lance is a handsome Navy SEAL and used to scoring, and dumping, any girl he wants. Brook is no easy score, and she throws Lance off his game. She is lucky to discover that Lance also has a hot roommate named Paco.



It’s the evening after Lance and I hooked up, and I can’t bear to wear the outfit I wore to the bar again. Mini skirt, mid-drift top, and fuck-me heels just don’t work during the day. Lance is still asleep from our afternoon fuck fest, and I don’t feel right digging through his drawers to find a t-shirt. I wonder if Paco’s still around.

I wrap a towel around myself and wander down to the living room. He’s hanging out watching a game.

“That’s quite an outfit.”

I have to giggle. “Thanks. Lance is passed out and I could use a t-shirt. Do you have one I could borrow?”

“Sure, let me grab you something.”

He comes back with a soft red t-shirt. I go back to the bathroom to slip it on. Paco’s on the short side, and I’m tall, so this shirt hits me at the top of my thighs. And Lance has my thong. So I’m naked underneath. But I’m pretty sure I’m covered.

I’m getting bored with Lance sleeping all the time. I remember I told Paco I’d clean up the kitchen after breakfast so I head in there. He has already cleaned everything up. I’m going to give him grief for that.

I head back to the living room and give Paco a soft punch on the shoulder. “I told you to leave the kitchen, I’d clean it.” I flop down onto the sofa.

“You seemed kind of busy.” I see him glance at my crotch. Oh shit, I’m not sitting very lady-like, and I’m commando. I’m sure he’s getting an eyeful. But maybe he deserves it for that little comment. I move my thighs apart another half inch, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

He had caught me cooking breakfast naked, when I didn’t realize Lance had a roommate. So I tease him, “I’m never too busy to get naked and clean up a kitchen. Or cook in it, for that matter.”

He laughs, “Yeah, I noticed.”

“Speaking of cooking, it’s almost dinner. Are you getting hungry?”

“I could eat. What do you like?”

He had told me his mom taught him to cook TexMex dishses. “I would love to try something your mom taught you how to cook.” I think to myself, ‘If he says tacos, then we’re doing this naked, in honor of my friend Alex, who’s always sending me taco emojis when I hook up.’

“I’ve got stuff for tacos.” I double over laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“Paco, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we’re going to have to cook those naked.”


She’s serious. She wants us to cook dinner naked. I’m not sure where this is going, and it has been way to long for me to be naked around a beautiful woman just for kicks. I’m going to end up slicing my dick off.

“How about you be naked, and I’ll do the cooking?”

I can see the wheels turning in her head. “How about strip cooking. We’ll both cook, but every time one of us drops something on the floor, the person who drops something has to take something off.”

She’s wearing one thing: my t-shirt. And I know how to make tacos without making a mess. I’m winning this game. “Deal.”

We go into the kitchen, and I start showing Brook how to brown the meat and add seasonings. While I’m stirring, I have her pull out the cheese. She opens the bag to pour cheese into a bowl, the seal on the bag pops, and we have shredded cheese everywhere. She looks down and stares at the cheese covering the floor and the tops of her feet. She looks back at me, grinning from ear to ear. “Shirt off.”

I lose all concentration on the meat while she reaches to the hem of my shift and slides it over her head. I didn’t get a good look before because I was trying to be a gentleman, but this time I’m shamelessly gawking. Her body is toned and fit, tall and imposing. My cock is knocking into the stove and I suddenly see the reference to tacos. She is a dish, and I am very, very hungry.

I can hear the meat sizzle and pop, just like the air, and move it off the burner. I get out a small hand broom and kneel down to sweep up the cheese. When I look up, I’m starting at her bare pussy and her underboobs. For several long seconds, I can’t move, and she stands and stares back down at me. “Can I help?” Yes, I think, you can lie down, spread your legs, and let me lick this cheese out of your pussy. You can get down here and suck me off. You can eat me instead of these stupid tacos. I need to slow down and relax.

“Yes, you can help. The top shelf over there has an assortment of tequilas. Why don’t you pick something that looks good to you?” Nothing relaxes me like a shot of good tequila, and I seriously need to relax around this woman.

She beams, “Tequila? Fun!”

I watch her ankara moldovyalı escortlar perfectly globular ass contract as she reaches up to grab a bottle and her breasts swing as she bring the bottle down. This is going to be a long dinner.

“The salt and the shot glasses are with the tequila; bring those down too.” More contracting ass, more swinging breasts. I am a hopeless man.

I grab a few limes out of the fridge. I start slicing one while the other two go skittering off to the floor. Brook’s looking at me with a shit-eating grin. “That’s two,” she says.



Paco’s t-shirt and shorts come off. So he’s standing in the kitchen in striped red briefs with a raging hard-on. I can’t wait for him to drop something else so I can get a solid look at him. His torso is a perfect V—all back and shoulder muscle sloping down to a delectable six-pack. His arms are bigger than they look in his shirt, and his thigh are solid muscle. These SEALs know how to take care of their bodies.

I just want to see my favorite part of the male anatomy. Judging from what he’s got poking out now, I think he’s doing pretty well in that department too.

He’s meticulous with the remainder of his preparation, determined not to take off his briefs. At one point, I try to distract him by playing with my breasts, but he is a man on a mission and refuses to look at me.

The tacos are ready, he still has his briefs on, and he carries the plates to the table. They are fabulous, and I’m wishing I had paid more attention to how he made them.

“Paco, you can cook for me any time. These are amazing.”

“Brook, you can get naked for me any time. These,” he gestures to my breasts, “are amazing.”

We both crack up. Either our laughter or the smell of the food finally wakes up Lance, who comes wandering out in his boxers. He looks at me butt naked and Paco in his briefs and shakes his head. “Am I seeing this right?”

“Good morning sleepy head,” I laugh. “Want a taco, I mean a real taco?” Paco cracks up at my stupid joke.

“Hell yeah,” insists Lance, “Paco’s tacos are the best. Although yours is pretty good too.”

Paco goes to fill a plate with tacos for Lance and manages to pour hot sauce on the floor. Paco looks up to see if I noticed. “I caught that Paco. Let’s go, off with it.”

Lance is confused so I educate him. “Whoever drops food on the floor has to take something off. That’s why we’re dressed—well, not dressed—like this.”

Paco turns red and reaches for his waist band. “Brook, I’m not sure it’s cool for me to be naked if Lance is still dressed.”

Always eager to show it off, Lance grabs a chip off my plate, drops it on the floor, and says, “Done.”

Lance has his boxers off before Paco has removed his briefs. Paco eases them off, and his dick pops up like it’s been pussy-starved for months. I can’t help but compare. Lance is huge in every direction. Paco is on the shorter side, but he’s far wide. He would stretch and pull me and hurt going in, but feel magnificent once he was seated. I’m staring at him until Lance distracts me, “Looks like you two were moving on to shots.”

Paco comes in with Lance’s plate and a plate full of limes. It’s a round table, so he sets the limes, salt and tequila in the center.

“Brook, you know how to shoot tequila?”

“Absolutely, let’s do it!”

Paco pours the first round, which we shoot together. Not bad. Paco tells me, “You picked one of the better tequilas I’ve got. But in celebration of never having shot naked, let me pull down my best one.”

He reaches up, his ass cheeks flex in perfect harmony, his dick still firm and bobbing despite itself. I look over and see that Lance’s dick is pressed against the underside of the table. I’m pretty aroused myself, leaving a small pool in the chair.

Paco comes back with his favorite brand and pours the next round. “Wow, that is smooth. Can we stick with that?”

“Si bonita. Whatever makes you happy. Sorry, sometimes I talk pig-Spanish when I’m drinking.”

“Is that like pig-Latin south of the border?”

“Exactly.” He pours another round of shots. “In honor of ‘pig-Spanish’!”

I’m getting warm and feeling good, sitting between two hunky, naked men.

Lance is returning from putting his plate in the kitchen and says, “Since you two made up a game, it’s time for me to make up a game. And since I got naked with you fools, you have to promise you’ll play.”

Paco and I are buzzing, we’re in.

“Instead of licking the salt off of our hands, Paco and I are going to lick it off Brook’s stomach.”


Things just got intense. While Lance has been fucking Brook’s brains out, I haven’t touched her. I’m going to come the second my tongue meets her flesh. I’m not sure these are fair playing odds. But I have been dying to get my hands on her. Thank you Lance for opening the door.

Lance and I look at Brook: Is she cool with this?

Brook hesitates and says, “If ankara ukraynalı escortlar we do it off my stomach, I call the next shot.”

How much worse can it get? We’re good with that.

I pass out the lime, and hand the salt to Brook. “You might want to do yours first.” She does her shot and says, “Ok, show time boys.”

She lays back across the middle of the table. Her hair is flowing off the end, her gorgeous tits are sticking up high, erect nipples reaching for the ceiling, and her pussy is at the other end of the table, calling my name. Her legs are apart as she’s bracing herself on her chair.

Lance licks her stomach close to her belly button. I don’t want to bang heads with him, so I lick higher, closer to her breast. We sprinkle on the salt. I take my time licking the salt off; I want to taste her skin. She tastes like the edible shower gel Lance keeps in the bathroom, plus something more primal. She’s smooth and warm. I finally take my shot, and it rushes straight to my cock. I have to spread my legs to make room for the weight in my balls and the new heft in my cock. I can feel the heat gathering there and the veins popping out. I can’t stay in this state for much longer.

Brook giggles, “I hope that was fun. It’s my turn to choose.” She licks her fingers and rubs them on her nipples. “Lick the salt off my nipples.”

Lance and I give each other a look that is a cross between, “Hell yeah,” and “This just got real.”

Lance sprinkles the salt for both of us, which is good because my hands are starting to shake. He leans down, sucks her tit, then comes back up and pounds his shot. I just can’t move that fast. I’ve never touched her like this, and I need to enjoy it.

Leaning over, I take her nipple in my mouth and lick the salt off in slow tender laps. I bring both hands around and hold her breast, allowing me to get a better purchase on her tit. Her breast is swelling and her nipple is hardening, a firm raspberry ripening in my mouth. Her breast starts heaving as her breath grows shallow. I can hear her panting near my ear. I can feel movement at the other end of the table, though I’m not sure what’s happening down there. All I know is I have the most perfect tit in my mouth, and I’m going to savor every second of it.

“Shit, Paco,” Lance cusses. That snaps me out of my daze. I come up and take my shot. Her nipple is red and swollen; her eyes are glazed.

I look toward the movement at the end of the table. Brook has cocked one foot up on the table and she has her hand between her legs. Damn.



I am so turned on I can hardly breathe. I need to get someone between my legs soon or I’m going to scream. And not the good scream, either. I decide to push our game all the way.

“I call next shot.”

“Ok, babe, we just licked it off your tits.” Lance says, “That’s only fair you have next call.”

“You guys have to lick the salt off my pussy.”

Neither of them move. This might be too much even for Lance.

“C’mon guys, don’t be pussies.”

If Paco wasn’t here, Lance would be all in. But he’s not sure how to handle the Paco factor. I need to ease them into this. “Ok, mound counts.”

I take the hand that’s between my legs, get it extra slick, and rub my juices on my mound.

“Paco, sprinkle some salt here.”

He does as I request.

“Now lick it off me.”

He looks up at Lance as if asking for permission; Lance scrubs his hand over his face and nods. Neither of them can believe this is happening.

Paco leans down to suck off the salt. He nose is pointed toward my V, and I can feel the air as he takes a sharp inhalation, smelling me. He sucks hard and runs his tongue around my mound. I want to push his head lower, ease that tongue onto my clit, but that wasn’t part of the game. He pulls off to take his shot. I can’t help myself: I reach out and run my fingers along his abs, “That felt real good.” I see his dick twitch at my touch. This man is ready to explode.

I have something more in mind for Lance. I hitch both my feet onto the edge of the table and spread my legs. Both men are speechless and locked on to my pussy. I sprinkle a little bit of salt along my juicy slit and tell Lance, “Come clean me up.”


Lance practically bolts to the end of the table, takes over Brook’s seat, and starts eating her out. She’s writhing and groaning, her back and ass rising off the table. I am a third wheel.

I get up to walk away. As I pass by her head, Brook grabs me by the hand, “Hey, don’t go.”


She reaches for my dick and smiles, “I’m not ready for you to go yet.”

I’m looking down at Lance between her legs. I’m very confused. “Brook, I’m not gay.”

“I know that. And you don’t need to be.” She starts stroking me. “Both of you focus on me. And let me focus on both of you. Let me make you feel good.” She starts pulling my dick toward her mouth.

“Paco, I could make you feel good.”

She ankara minyon tipli escortlar stretches her neck back and takes my cockhead in her mouth. At the same time, I see her wrap her legs around Lance’s head so she won’t fall off the table. It has been months upon months since I’ve had my dick in a woman’s mouth. I could come all over her face and tits now. I’m struggling to hold back and enjoy her.

Using gentle teeth, she nibbles her way down my tender underside. She lifts my balls and dangles them in her face, taking them both in her mouth at once. Her tongue laps along the rough back side as she sucks the balls with tender force. She pops them out one by one then slides her tongue back up my shaft. In one smooth motion, she forces my cock back over her tongue and into the depths of her throat. Her throat is a vise around my head. I can see her cheeks stretching to take me all in. Her eyes get large, and her attention turns south.

She pops my dick out of her mouth, grabs it firmly in her palm and starts coming, “Oh God yes, Lance, like that, suck it hard baby, like that, fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck it.” Her whole body is shaking as her hips are bucking into Lance’s face. I don’t think he can breathe because he’s trying to pry her thighs off the sides of his face. But she is coming hard and not stopping. Maybe I’m the one with the long end of the stick right now.

She starts pumping my cock to the motion of her orgasm. Feeling the push and pull with her moans and screams is so erotic. Slowly she comes back down. She grabs my dick hard, looks me straight in the eye, and says, “Paco, you can fuck my face.”

Holy shit. I’ve never done that before. Slowly I ease my dick into her mouth. She slaps my hips and hums “Harder” around my dick. Your wish, sweetheart. I let loose and start humping her as deep as I can shove it, my balls flipping off her eyes and nose, my tip slamming against the back of her throat.

Lance lets out a loud groan. I look up and see he has mounted her pussy. He’s ramming into her with all his force, holding her legs wide apart on either side of his hips. Watching him pound her is fucking hot. The table legs are wobbling; I try to match his rhythm so we don’t send Brook and the table crashing to the floor. She has reached down and started rubbing her clit. Her other hand is yanking on my ass, urging me in deeper and harder.

Lance and I don’t make eye contact, but I’m so turned on to see her being fucked, it’s driving me senseless. It’s like a porn, live, on my kitchen table. Except I get to participate.

I try to be somewhat of a gentleman, “I’m going to come. Mouth or tits?” She grabs my ass to hold me tighter. Mouth. The very thought of shooting off in her mouth is all I need. I lean over her to push in as deep as possible, then shoot in hard ropes of milky cum. Given what I’ve been eating, I know I taste like salt and alcohol and citrus. But it’s shooting so deep in her throat she probably can’t taste it. Her throat is swallowing around me, sucking it all out, driving me deeper into my orgasm. When my balls are empty, I remove myself slowly, letting her lick every drop off my head. I lean down and whisper in her ear, “Next time, I get to make you come.”


Brook’s pussy is so hot and wet. I’m a big boy, so it’s usually a battle to get fully into a woman, but Brook can accommodate me. She feels amazing. She came all over my face, nearly choked me to death, and now it’s my turn to fuck the hell out of her. Her pussy is red and the insides of her thighs are raw. Yet she’s scraping the shit out of her clit—this is a woman who loves it rough.

I look up and see Paco plowing into her. I’m so happy for him; he’s my best buddy and I know he needed to get laid. He was way overdue. He’s usually so uptight about finding the right woman, hoping it will be his wife, it’s nice to see him just let go and fuck for a change. And Brook is the perfect choice. She’s not trampy, and she’s not creepy possessive. She knows exactly what she wants and asks for it.

Paco leans down and whispers something. He must be getting close. She’s pulling him toward her, and he’s doubling over her. His balls are bouncing all over her face. Oh, shit, he’s going to come down her throat. Fuck. I love that feeling. I watch him shoot off, her throat rising and falling frantically as she tries to swallow him all down. He keeps pushing deeper. She’s struggling to take him all. Her cheeks are already stuffed with his girth. Finally, he pulls back up and eases his dick out slowly. I watch her lick off his big red head. He kind of wipes it in her mouth so she gets all the cum off. It’s really fucking hot to watch, like live porn. He leans down and whispers something else in her ear, and she smiles.

Whatever he says, she likes it, because she starts humping me. Almost as soon as Paco pulls out, Brook is coming all over my cock, grating and grinding her pussy into me. Deep inside, she tightens around me, then eases up, tightens again. Her legs swing around my hips, her feet thrashing against my ass. She reaches down and grabs my lower back, pulling me deep inside her. I’m very long, yet she has pulled me all the way in; there is no gap between our bodies. I’m not usually spoiled with that much connection, and the tip of my dick is sailing into bliss.

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