Bi Business Trip with my wife.


Bi Business Trip with my wife.If you’ve read my previous posts, then you already know that we are both Bi, but have the mutual respect for one another so there’s absolutely no jealousy whatsoever. Late Thursday night I was packing my clothes for a conference this weekend in Las Vegas. Having a glass of wine with my baby, when out of nowhere she asked if she could join me for the weekend.Hmmmmmmmm Let me think about it, Uh Yeah. There’s going to be horn guys and girls everywhere, and as I mentioned we’re both very bi. Seems like a no brainer.We finished up packing just after midnight, we polished off the bottle of wine, and turned our attention to each other. We started playing around and she gets the idea to break out our Sybian, of course she wanted to go first.We attached the smaller toy for her as she climbed aboard and braced herself for several massive waves of orgasm.I start her off very slow, at the same time I’m kissing her and playing with her big pierced nipples, I can see that she’s enjoying it, so much so that her pussy is starting to get very juicy. As I’m kissing her I slide my hand around her to start playing with her pretty little puckered asshole. I scooped up some of her pussy juice and used it to lube up my fingers and her butthole, as I slid the first finger in, I turned up the intensity on the Sybian.She throws her head back and rides the first intense wave of orgasmic bliss, and I whisper that one of our friends that we love to fuck is also coming to the convention this weekend, and he’s got a new girlfriend that I just found out about. And she’s a Tgirl with a huge cock.That sent her into her next wave.Her name was bursa escort Aspen, and he sent me a bunch of pictures of them together, out and about, shopping, eating at restaurants and about 20 or so of them fucking. When I say that she’s got a big cock, I mean bigger than my own, and that is no small feat.I get my phone out, and show my wife. Boom This orgasm was so intense that she fell off the Sybian and was almost convulsing on the floor at my feet.Thrashing around, pussy juice squirting everywhere, toes spreading and making little fists. You know the big O.When she finally got hold of herself she grabbed my cock and shoved it down her throat with the intensity of a wild a****l, I mean she didn’t even appear to come up for air for the first few minutes.She returned the favor and reached behind me and started to play with my prostate as she was going for broke deepthroating my cock, and of course after about ten minutes of that I came down her throat really hard.As we lay in a wet sweaty mess, she gives me a kiss, gets up and goes into the kitchen, and comes back about twenty minutes later with a tray of food for us and another glass of wine a piece and we ate and discussed how much fun we were gonna have in Vegas this weekend. Friday came and we took the k**s to the grandparents house for the weekend, and we headed for the airport. A few hours later, after we checked in to our hotel room, we started to gamble a bit. I was down a couple hundred when my phone rang.It was Tommy and Aspen wanting to hook up for dinner and a nightcap.We were the first to arrive at the restaurant and about 20 minutes later I noticed Tommy and his lady getting bursa escort bayan out of a cab, we called them over to our table and introduced ourselves to Tommy’s lady, she was smart, funny, and seemed to have old Tommy Boy by the heart.We excused ourselves and went to the bar to get another round of drinks, that’s when he looked at me with this big smile and says, he’s gonna ask her to marry him this weekend, and asked if my wife and I would be his best man and bridesmaid.Tommy has NEVER been serious about any relationship up to this point, let alone has he felt enough love to warrant a ring.Of course b*o, we have your back, I told him. When and whereHe said she always wanted a Vegas wedding complete with Elvis as the preacher. And he was going to propose at dinner.Let’s do it, I told himHe smiled and said thanks for everything, oh and he had one more secret to share, they would be moving to our city permanent. This made me happier than I thought I was going to be on this trip.One of my best friends and one hell of a lover was going to be moving closer to us, with his Beautiful Tgirl bride, if that’s not win win I don’t know what is.We went back to the table and chatted for a while, had an outstanding prime rib meal, and when the waiter brought the desert over, he got down on one knee and popped the question, of course she said yes. From there we went back to our suite laughed and partied for a while until my wife, being the lady she is asked about Aspens big cock that she’d heard so much about..Aspen stood up and put on one hell of a strip tease with my wife and Tommy and I just enjoyed the show. Once naked my wife asked if she escort bursa could suck it, Aspen agreed and she went to work, and she tried as hard as she could, but she couldn’t get all of Aspens cock down her throat, I got down on the floor with her, and we were sucking that big sick together, passing it from one mouth to the other without using hands. Tommy joined us, but he was able to deepthroat that monster with no problems. My wife Alexandria, or Alex for short told me to get behind her and eat her sweet little puckered butthole and get it ready to fuck, Alex was so horny that she was dripping a little precum of her own and Aspen wanted to have a taste, as she’s never been with a woman who cum like Alex does, I assured her that if this turned her on, she should wait until I had Alex squirting like a firehose. So Aspen laid on the floor while Tommy was sucking her big boy clit, Alex climbed on Aspens face for a ride, I was busy sticking my tongue up Alex’s ass, and helping Aspen suck Alex’s wet pussy, Alex leaned over and grabs Tommy’s cock for a quick suck. We stayed like this until Alex damn near drowned poor Aspen, who tried to drink every drop. That’s when I slid up and stuck my cock into Alex’s well lubed pucker.As I was fucking my wife’s ass Aspen started sucking my balls, then Tommy stood up and got behind me and slid his big Dick inside my pucker.Not to be outdone, Aspen got behind Tommy and slid her cock up his shitter, we picked up a rythm and there were lots of dirty talk going on.We were all fucking each other, then we’d switch positions until we all had felt every fucking hole we had to feel, and we laid in a quivering convulsing pile.If you liked that, wait till I tell you about Tommy and I sneaking onto the roof during a boring presentation during the conference, or their wedding day.Stay tuned, and comment for more from this weekend.

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