bi couple fantasy long story


bi couple fantasy long storyiv been talkin to a couple on a singers site and arranged a meet the planned meet is to watch this couple both have sex then when they finish she wants to play with me and to have her cum filled hole filled back upfirst handi pull up on your drive and knock on your front door, after a minute or two wait im greeted by you both, she kissed either side of the face and he shakes my hand then invites me in.your both dressed in just bath robes, he (say dereck) has a fairly big bulge from between his legs pushing through his robe, as he moves to the side to allow me to enter the porch i am handed my own set of robes, a bath towl and a dark bottle of shower gell, she (say jane) points into the direct of the bathroom but doesnt say a word.Theres already a nice hot but not to hot shower running ready for me to get in and have a qwick wash up in, i walk in and close the door behind me and strip off to enter the shower i close the shower curtain and start to wash myself, i face the jet of water fallin from the shower head so it runs down the front of my body, i beging to rub the shower gell over me but the shower gell i was given is not shower gell it seems like baby oil, so i start to cover myself in baby oil starting from my arms workin down my body, i bend over to do my legs wen the shower curtain ripped open and im pulled out, aggresively but not harmfully i am led on the floor on top of the bath towel.i must of closed my eyes wen i was pulled over as the next thing i see is a male in a nice set of calvin kline boxers but without the semi i was greated with, i can see something in his hand but can only see a leather strap running out of each side of his clentched fist, stood next to him leaning over me is a woman dressed in what appears to be a full pvc suit with a strap on already sitting firmly secured around her waist, in her hand she has a few sets of hand cuffs, 2sets are just normal “police issue” ones but the other 2sets has a long metal chain runnin between each of the cuffs, all of a sudden i see her ass slowing coming down to sit firmly on my face, then i feel the police issue cuffs going around my wirsts, it feels like he is placing the different set of cuffs on my legs as this set kurtköy escort of hands is being more gentle then the first set, but i only have 1set of each cuffs on and am slightly confused as to what the other set it for.the lovely ass that was covering my eyes lifts off and i see derek above me with the biggest hard on i have ever seen, i go to ask whats happening but i get rudely interupted by a ball gag being ripped into my mouth by jayne and firmly secured around my mouth, i try to ask whats goin on but i cant speak its like im huming to myself lol, i am then lifted to my feet by jayne and derek and told to stand with my legs apart and look straight up, my chained hands are then lifted by derek and one side of the other prison issue cuffs are attached to the chain between the cuffs on my wrists and the other side of the prision cuffs are attached what looks like a heated towel rack, i was told to keep still and dont move the position of my head if not il be blindfolded, they then start to rub the baby oil over my legs, i feel jaynes hand run towards my cock but what feels like dereks hand push it out the way, i hear him say to jayne get the other stuff i think he’l need that,she stands up n walks out the bathroom, i cant help but watch her walk out, hypnotised by the pvc suit, i can see marks from were my bodys rubbed up against it and it looks amazing.suddenly derek shouts out hes bloody lookin after we’v warned him not to!! jayne replys with, thats ok thats what i wanted him2do,he cant complain that were being rough on him as he deserves punishing now,jayne walks back in with a thin silk scarf and what looks like a think tube of toothpaste and a small weird shaped cone on a handle maybe????she walks up to me and grabs my chin n directs me were to look by it, the pushs my face the opposite way to her and wispers in my ear, i hope u enjoy this as much as we do we got a TASTY suprise, pulls my head to face her winks then places the scarf over my eyes, i am pretty much totaly blind, i can just see a hint of light through the matterial but not a great deal, i hear derek say quietly to jayne u can have the pleasure dont want to spoil it for myself and i feel a very wet finger go inside my maltepe escort ass twisting around in and out, i squirm and try to move but derek holds me still. i hear her chuckle to herself wen she rams her fingers deep in realy fast then pulls it out, derek says more!i feel something metaly,circluar,cold and very very small just enter my asshole a tad then something realy cold and runny oooshs inside me some runs down my ass checks to, then the cold object (obviously the tube) is pulled out and she begings with that feels like her fingers rubbing this gell around inside me, first it was just 1 finger but i hear another chuckle n something else go in, derek laughs “u see him flinch” n they both chuckle away together while she rams her fingers in hard to deep, i then hear “1 feel wont hurt” then 1 much thicker finger slides inside me,makin me wimper like a puppy.fuck me thats tight i hear from derek, make sure u use loads of lube on him mind. then i hear footsteps away, the 2fingers are pulled out of me and then what feels like a finger from each hand slowly enters me as if shes waiting for something, she slowly starts to prize my ass appart wide n then spits in there?!?! she does a evil type of chuckle u only hear in witch based horror films. she mutters “deep breath bitch”.next thing i feel is a coned object entering into me with more speed then im prefer, its gettin wider and wider as it gets deepers, when all of a sudden i hear derek shout out all excitly from the background “part twos arrived” with one last hard push on this object jaynes chosen it goes realy deep inside feels like its ripped my ass apart its that wide but it feels realy thin around my actual asshole itself. it feels like its kind of locked itself inside me even if i clench it doesnt budge just hurts me a tad,jayne was laughing abit as i had let out afew whimper wen she was pushing it into me.jayne then says that isnt nothing little boy u wait.i hear her walk away leavin me stood up blindfolded gagged n handcuffed in the bathroom,i hear a the doorbell ring n then the bathroom doors slammed shut, i start to panick abit, thinkin to myself what if its there parents popin round to visit what if they need the toilet!!!! kartal escort and its only now i realise i have the most strongest hard on iv had in a very long time, i can feel a slight sting/tingle in my ass from were i have been violated by fingers and from what i think is a butt plug.i could hear another set of voices, but not derek or jaynes thou?i could hear these voices talkin quielty for about 5mins,im still shakin in fear not knowin whats going on or who the voices are when i hear the door handle creek n the door slowly open, im franticly tryin to free myself but its to late, i hear a males voice say “hes trying to escape bitch, look at him struggling to achive nothing”, is it worth him doing that? all i hear in reply is “uhhhhuhhhh”.i hear people walkin around me and can sense their eyes on me but cant see a thing, i then hear derek say “oh heres your joinin strap for them sir” i then hear a strange voice say, release his wrists from the holder, i then hear a key chain jingle then a metal clunk n my wrists drop from the towel rack they was on.i feel a lenght of rope being placed around my wrists then pulled tightly and placed between my legs, its then pulled incredible tight inbetween my legs up my ass hittin the butt plug and layin down the one side of it, up over my shoulder, back throught my legs and pulled tight again around the other side of the plug and over the other shoulder then its finaly warped around my body and tied very tight,from were they pulled it tight my hand and basicaly inbetween my legs. a rope is then tied around my handcuffs. i then hear “go on slave walk him out then” im slowly being pulled forward but i start to panick and pull back. i start tryin to shout “whats going on but its all muffled” i then feel soft fingers brush against my neck n jayne whisper in a sweet angelic voice “just relax”. jayne shouts take him bitch n im yanked realy hard and led by someone/something by this bit of rope, i cant walk fast or with ease thanks to whatevers in my ass so im walkin like john wayne to compensate for it, all of a sudden i walk into who ever was in front as they had stopped but i couldnt tel, i hear derek say i bet he loved that didnt he!i hear 3people chuckle n say bless, derek then says to me, ul love this slave, i feel watevers in my ass mvoe slightly and dereks hands wrap around the end of this THING, he then counts 1-2-3 with 1 big pull the plug is removed, i scream from pleasure and pain, never expiriencing such a sensationg!!!to be continued

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