Bi-Curious: Part 1


Bi-Curious: Part 1*REVISED* 100%Bi curious part 1:…Senior year came around much faster than I anticipated and I had turned 18 in September. I was single, ever since I broke up with Kathy back in May. I guess I was still coping with my apparent loss and I just couldn’t get myself to ask another girl out. Sometimes I just felt like I wasn’t fit to be in a relationship and I thought I would just stay single until I went to college… but then I met someone else. One day during lunch, as I was in line I noticed there was a guy behind me eye balling me for some reason. I turned my face slightly to confirm my belief and I noticed he was looking at the my long, straight, dirty blond hair. My hair reached down to my shoulders and it covered part of my face as I took a glance back at him. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing as I turned my head further and I caught him obviously staring straight at me. I gently parted my hair from my face, tucking it behind my right ear as I looked behind me and I said, “Hi…” The boy seemed startled as he quickly snapped out of the daze he was in and he said, “Oh, umm… hi…” I asked him what he was doing, and He tried to correct himself saying, “Yeah… Sorry about that man… I’m just really distracted after that last history test… I’m Ryan. What’s your name?” I played it cool as if he hadn’t just been eyeing me this whole time as I replied, “I’m Alex…” Awkwardly I gave him my hand to shake as I looked into his eyes and I noticed that he looked familiar so I said, “Hey I’ve seen you before haven’t I?… Yea, you went to the same middle school as me didn’t you?” He confirmed my belief as he said, “Yea that’s right… So… Are you meeting up with any friends?… Maybe we can have lunch together… You know, to catch up, hang out and talk about school and stuff…” I paused thinking to myself that there was a chance he might be gay since I had caught him staring at me and he could have lied about the history test. Nevertheless, I gave him the benefit of the doubt as I replied, “Well Ryan, most of my friends have graduated and you’re the first person who I’ve actually ever talked to in the lunch line… So, sure…” I suddenly grew anxious while waiting in line to be served. I guess I missed having someone to talk to about that stuff so I didn’t mind talking with a new found friend, who was my exact age, reminiscing about our middle school days and stuff. We sat down together at an empty table in the cafeteria and Ryan started talking about how this one teacher was. I remembered exactly who it was too, it was some guy with a strange accent and every time he said the number six it sounded like he was saying “sex”. I said, “Yes, Mr. Walters… Wow…” I laughed and we talked about more things. The conversation slowly turned into a more personal one as we talked about our youth growing up and other things too. I was having such a good time with my new friend Ryan that I had lost track of time and I was saying, “… So I guess she wanted to be with another guy because I can’t think of any other reason as to why it didn’t work between us.” He replied, “I guess she didn’t see what a great guy you really are…” I was speechless as I stared at him for a moment, thinking of a way to reply to his sudden compliment, but soon after he finished his sentence the bell rang for us to return to class. I looked over at the clock on the wall to confirm that lunch time was over as I said, “Wow. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun, huh…?” Then Ryan suggested something saying, “Hey, what’s your number? Maybe we can talk some more after class…” I thought it was a bit unusual for a first lunch together, but it seemed like we had already become friends and I really did want to talk more. I agreed as I gave him my number and then Ryan said, “Cool… We’ll talk some more later…” I replied, “Alright, see ya.” I gave him my hand again as he awkwardly shook it for a while staring deeply into my eyes. He suddenly let go as he snapped out of his daze and he walked away. I waived goodbye to my new found friend as I made my way back to class as well. Ryan called me after school and we talked on the phone for at least an hour. We talked about school and other things, like playing basketball, what tv shows we like, our favorite food. Then he said, “Hey. Maybe you should come over to my house. My dad bought bahis siteleri me a basketball hoop for my birthday and it’s set up in front of the garage… we could play after school tomorrow if you want…?” I said, “Well… Sure. Let’s do that tomorrow…” He said, “Okay… See you in school tomorrow Alex…” I replied, “Alright… See ya…” As I hung up the phone I tried to focus back on my homework, but it was with little success and I was distracted by the thought of going to play basketball with my new friend Ryan.The next day I met Ryan again during lunch and we talked some more for the entire lunch hour until the bell rang. Ryan said, “Hey… So you’re gonna catch the bus home and then go to my parents house or…?” I replied saying, “… Na, I’m going in my car… Wait, you don’t drive?” Ryan said, “Umm, okay… No, I actually still have my restricted.” I thought about it for a second and then I said, “Well Ryan, I suppose I could give you a ride to your place… Since I am going over…” Ryan smiled as he said, “Cool… I’ll tell my mom not to come pick me up then… Alright Alex… I’ll meet you after school.” I nodded in agreement saying, “See ya later dude…” I met Ryan out by the school parking lot after school and he followed me to my car. As I drove he guided me to where he lived, which I later found out was only a few minutes away from where I lived. When we arrived I said, “Wow… I didn’t know you lived like 5 minutes away from my parents house.” We both laughed as I parked and we got out of my car. Ryan lead me to the door where he used his key to get in and I followed him inside. I saw his mom in the living room watching a soap opera at full volume and she waived at me getting up from her seat saying, “Hi!… You must be Alex… Thank you for bringing my baby home…” Ryan replied shyly as he complained slightly saying, “Mom…?” Mrs. Conner carried on by heading to the kitchen saying, “Do you boys want something to drink…?” I replied, “Umm… No thanks Mrs. C…” She said, “Please, call me Margaret… What about you Ryan?…” He walked over to the fridge and said, “I’ll get it mom thank you…” Ryan pulled out some juice from the fridge and it looked good for the considerably hot day it was outside. He said, “Come on Alex… Have some, it’s pretty good punch…” Ryan poured me a cupful and this time I couldn’t resist as I accepted the refreshing drink. We each gulped it down and he said, “Alright lets go play!…” I followed him to his room as he said, “Don’t mind the mess…” He opened the door of his bedroom and I was shocked to see how clean and organized it was in comparison to mine as He said, “Well here we are, just leave your bag right here on my bed. We’ll be right back…” He grabbed the basketball and he said, “Come on Alex, let’s go play.” I dropped off my book bag in his room and headed outside as I followed him back to the front door. Ryan shut the door behind us as we went back outside and he dribbled the ball as we walked towards the small court area in front of the two car garage. The fancy driveway ended by the enclosed garage area which was surrounded by tall bushes so no one would bothered us as we played our game. The area was just barely big enough for a half court game which was okay since there was only one basket. Ryan passed the ball to me saying, “Here…We’ll shoot to see who goes first…”The game started off and Ryan had the ball first. I caught the ball after Ryan missed his shot (on purpose) and I dribbled it for a second heading back to the middle of the court as he followed closely behind me trying to regain control of the ball. I felt his body press up on mine from behind as he reached around me saying, “come on give me the ball…” I held the ball tightly with a smile on my face, not wanting to let go and he hugged me trying to gently take it away. I then felt something sort of pointy pressing in on my butt and my smile quickly faded as I said, “Hey!… Dude what was that?…” He backed away saying, “What?… Ohh… I’m sorry man… I… I made a mistake… Forgive me… It’s just…” I looked into his eyes observing his nervous state as I calmed down slightly and then I said, “Well explain it then… Why did you… You know…?” Ryan finally gave in saying, “Look… I wanted to tell you this before but I thought you wouldn’t wanna hang out with me if you knew that… canlı bahis Umm… I sort of have feelings for you dude… As in, I like you… A lot…” I was blown away with his answer as my head was spinning, having all sorts of thoughts rushing through my mind and finally I said, “What?… Wait a minute… You like boys?…” I saw the expression in his face which looked like whatever hope he had just finished fading as he finally accepted defeat saying, “Well… I guess there’s nothing left to say…” I knew how it felt to be rejected and I felt a certain amount of pity for him as I gathered the courage to truly speak out without holding back and I said, “Hey… I can’t be sure about this all the way, but… I do feel a certain way about you that I never felt with any other guy before… I felt it from the moment I caught you looking at me like that in the lunch line, I just didn’t know how to explain it, you know… it’s crazy… And when we talk, it feels like I can talk to you about anything… no girl I’ve been with ever made me feel that way…” Ryan’s facial expression lit up as he blushed saying, “Wow… You really mean that?…” I replied without hesitation so he’d see that I meant it, “Yea… So I do kind of like you too, in my own way. But then…if we both really like each other… I mean, doesn’t that make us… gay?…” Ryan looked down saying, “Wow, that is true huh?… Well… Maybe… But who cares. I like you… And if you like me the way you described, then all you’re really doing is being a little “bi-curious”, not gay” I gave it some thought and then I nodded in agreement as I said, “Alright… Let’s just call it that then… So if you wanna kiss me, go right ahead”Ryan let go of the ball as it dribbled away a couple of feet before stopping by the bushes and he walked up to me. He came up to me so we were face to face and he touched his forehead softly against mine as our breathing became heavier. Ryan paused for a moment taking it all in as he said, “Are you sure you want to do this?…” I nodded instantly not sure of what would follow and he leaned his head towards mine as I did the same. Our lips touched and soon we were kissing each other with his arms wrapped around my shoulders. I also put my arms around him as I gave in all the way letting his tongue fully explore my mouth. I began touching his tongue with mine as we continued to kiss each other and I soon felt Ryan make a smooth move putting his hand over my uniform pants down by where my semi hard cock was. He gently squeezed on me as I gasped for air and I reached down for his cock as I felt down on his shorts. I felt his stiff fully hard cock as it poked out from his shorts and he reached down with his other hand to better guide my hand to it. Things were heating up out on the court between Ryan and me, but it had nothing to do with our game of basketball. We suddenly heard a voice, it was his mom calling him in for something as we broke the kiss and we let go of each others bodies. Ryan said, “Come on cowboy, lets go see what mom wants and then we can continue where we left off.” I nodded in agreement as I followed Ryan back inside the house. He shut the door behind us as we entered his rather large house once more and we were met with his mom saying, “Ryan have you seem my car keys, I can’t seem to find them anywhere… Oh sorry, here they are… Hope you two are having fun. I’m gonna take a trip to the market, do you need anything in particular Ryan?” He shook his head saying, “No… Thanks mom.” She carried on by saying, “Well I’m picking up some dinner on my way back, let me know if you or your friend want anything in specific… And Ryan, while I’m gone, Remember to lock the house whenever that door is shut. Well, play safe boys, have fun…” As she left the house Ryan shut the front door and he locked it as she instructed to do when she was gone. He came up to me saying, “Now where were we…” When he was close enough I leaned my head in towards his, accepting his embrace and I pressed my lips against his as we started kissing again. Ryan began to move us over to the couch where we sat down to continue the kiss. He then made the next move raising my shirt as I raised my arms and we broke the kiss temporarily. Ryan removed my uniform shirt as he looked at my bare white chest which had a few thin hairs sprouting in the middle. He felt my naked güvenilir bahis skin as he passed his hands over my exposed breasts, lightly caressing my tender pink nipples. He then pulled up on his shirt taking it off as he revealed his clean shaved, hairless chest which I stared at in amazement since he had certain outlines of chest muscle that I didn’t have. I hesitated before reaching out but then he took my hand and guided it to his bare chest as he leaned forward for yet another kiss. I breathed heavily as I felt his naked semi muscular, man like breasts in my hand and he also touched my softer, “girly” looking breasts as I kissed him deeply. He then broke the kiss and suggested something saying, “Hey… Do you wanna…? You know…” I looked at him puzzled for a while since we were both boys so I didn’t think he was talking about… But then I said, “Wait… You mean, like sex?… Anal sex?” He quickly added, “What? No… I mean, someday you might wanna try it… But umm… I mean oral…” I was nervous being new to all of this, since I was still a virgin from any kind of sexual contact. I said, “You mean like putting your dick in my mouth?… Umm… No way man…” Ryan didn’t see much assurance in my answer so he replied, “Are you sure?… Okay… Watch closely…” He reached down slowly unzipping the front of my jeans as he looked at me for my permission to continue and I nodded. Ryan lowered my jeans down to my knees and then he dug his fingers into the waistband of my underwear as he brought them down too. I was nervous as he finally got a view of my fully hard circumcised cock which was by then 6 inches long, pointing upwards. Ryan gripped my shaft gently and I moaned feeling the touch of another human being, feeling my sex in his light grip as I humped upwards slightly. “Uhh… Mmm… Ohh…” He began stroking it lightly moving his hand up and down the length of my cock while gripping it ever so gently. Ryan surprised me all of a sudden as he gazed into my eyes before lowering his head onto my cock taking my pink cock head passed his moist lips and deep into his warm wet mouth. I moaned as my cock sunk into his mouth with his lips tightly pressed around my hardened shaft, “Uhhh!… Ohhh shh… Ohh shit… Uhhh!…” As Ryan continued to suck my dick, I felt a bead of my pre cum start oozing out from the tiny opening at the tip of my cock head as more was being produced in my balls. I moaned loudly as Ryan continued sucking on my cock and I couldn’t believe the intense sensation he was giving me. “Uhhh!… Uuhhh!… Ohhh Ryan… Uhhh!…” No one had ever done this for me before and it was clear by my facial expression at the time. I was on the verge of a massive orgasm and I didn’t know what to do as I said, “Uhh!… Ryan… Ohh!… I think I’m gonna cum…” Ryan just kept on sucking on my throbbing hard cock as I felt my orgasm reaching it’s peak and I shouted, “Uhh!… Ohhh shit… I’m cumming!… Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uuhhh! Uuhhh! Uuhhhh… Ohh… Oohh… Whoa!…” Ryan kept my cock in his mouth moving his head slowly up and down my shaft, as he eagerly swallowed all of my heavily flowing cum. I tilted my head back in ecstasy enjoying the great orgasm which he caused me to have as Ryan slowly pulled my spent cock from his warm wet, cum filled mouth. Once he pulled my cock from his mouth he waited while more of my semen was still oozing from the tip of my shrinking dick. I saw him lower his head again holding my cock in his hand and I moaned as I felt his wet tongue gliding over my sensitive pink cock head once more. I almost pushed his head away from my cock as he lapped up the last bit of my sperm that was just barely coming out. He lifted his head from my lap and he said, “So mister… Now that you know how it feels next time you’ll do it for me won’t you…?” I nodded faintly, still being in a state of utter bliss after my orgasm came to a rather happy ending. Ryan said, “Okay Alex… Let’s get dressed up again before someone comes in the house and catches us here like this…” I looked at him saying, “Hey…Umm… Thanks… That was amazing!… Next time it’ll be your turn…” Ryan helped me get dressed again as he brought my underwear and my jeans back up to my waist, handing me my shirt so I could start putting it on. We were both dressed within seconds, just in time for his dad to arrive from work as he opened the door and walked into the house not a minute later. I waived hi to Mr. Conner as he walked by and he said “hello” before heading to the back yard for whatever reason. I couldn’t believe how close we were to being caught in the act…

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