Bi Friends: Bryn Mawr , U of P

Big Cock

This is part one of a long tale…

My beloved Indian girlfriend, Anarkali, would sneak me into her dorm room with some regularity. No mean feat, since she went to Bryn Mawr and boys in the dorm rooms at any time was a big no no.

She was blessed with a really cool room mate, Annie. Annie was a petite girl with sparkling eyes and a tiny mouth that always seemed to have a smile. She didn’t mind that Anarkali and I would screw, laughing, drunk, just a few feet from her, in the middle of the night.

In the morning, she would make coffee and sit across from us, grinning and laughing with us, all a part of the silliness of being young and out in the world and full o’ beans.

Annie would accompany us on occasional road trips and on regular drinking forays. The idea of actually sleeping with her didn’t really occur to us, or at least it didn’t occur to me (MUCH!). One night she introduced us to a buddy of hers who went to my school, the University of Pennsylvania. Jo was half Japanese, though she looked mostly Japanese. She was short, cute, bow legged, and stocky in a girl jock muscle bound way. She had sort of a raggedy page boy doo, little glasses, capri pants (very mod for the early 80s) and a cotton sleeveless ankara bayan escortlar shirt on at the time. She looked at me and I at her like two cartoon dogs with their heads turned slightly in a look of total curiosity. There was an instant sizing up of each other, not unfriendly yet not friendly, almost a smiling challenge from each to both. In a flash I read her as a tomboy dyke and at the same time I was utterly floored by her natural beauty and by… I’m not sure by what but totally sure by SOMETHING.

All this lasted a split second and I don’t think it was picked up by anyone but she and I. But we both grinned our way through our helloes and from that point on we would occasionally, yet regularly, steal glances at each other. Imagine a glare with a smile, if you will.

I found all this delightfully confusing. Jo was small breasted, thickish waist that was all muscle, though fortunately she had a small but righteously fine woman’s butt. Her wiseacre face is what had me going. She was beautiful in a completely unusual way and I was embarrassed how utterly attracted to her I was.

We went out drinking, which is something we just loved to do in our college years. Later, all four of us stumbled back to the ankara seksi escortlar dorm… I was successfully smuggled in, and we collapsed into the two tiny beds, Anarkali and I into one, and Annie and Jo into the other. Before that night I hadn’t thought of Annie as a girl lover… but why not? What the hell? It was the 80s, after all, and it was Bryn Mawr, for chrissakes!

Anarkali passed out completely, and I was pressed against the wall in the darkness. Annie had a Charlie the Tuna nightlight on her side of the room, just above the bed. Low wattage or not, it gave me a clear view of the two of them, and I wasn’t shy about watching. There was quiet giggling and slow but steady grinding on the bed. Their kissing was very slurpy, and they kept cracking up. It was all I could do to keep from laughing myself, just from the drunken goofinrdd they were making of the whole thing.

Suddenly, their sheets flew off and Jo jumped up and took off the rest of her clothes. Annie was still on the bed, pulling all her clothes off as well. Jo stood at the foot of the bed, like a swimmer waiting for the gun. Annie now lay naked, turned towards the room, on one elbow, looking up at Jo, grinning. The soft light from Charlie the bayan ankara escort Tuna created a tableau like an erotic Renaissance painting.

Then they began to fuck. Hip grinding, moaning. Sometimes straight on, sometimes at more of an angle to each other. The passion, however, was amazingly thick. The kissing was almost violent, their arms around each other so tight it was like love wrestling. I was completely fascinated, having never seen girls fuck before. I’d been with neighbor girls growing up, who had 69ed, passionately, but this was so much more intense.

Then, BOOM! They fell out of the bed and exploded into laughter! From my angle I could only see part of them, but their drunken girlie horniness soon overcame their drunken silliness. There was more loud making out on the floor, then something else I’d never seen… they lay with their pussies together and their heads away from each other, holding each other’s hands and wrists and bumping pussies like wild creatures. There were very athletic groaning sounds, mixed in with sounds like teaching a baby the ‘m’ sound and then the ‘g’ sound, then almost the sound of a powerful car engine winding out a mile away, and snorting exhales.

They collapsed into long mmmmmmmm sounds, and I lay pinned to the wall by my beautiful, totally bombed girlfriend, my young dick a telephone pole with nowhere to go. I let the booze take me away, and slept a good sleep…. coffee would be good in the morning……

Stay tuned for part two…

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