Biker Bar Friends

Solo Male

“Stop it!” Maddy exclaimed as she swatted at my hand, which was copping a feel as I turned the corner in the car, while she was putting the finishing touches on her doll mask makeup that was so popular among her friends. I promptly ignored her and resumed squeezing her left tit.

“I can’t help it. You are too beautiful, my dear. Especially when dressed to the nines for a night out on the town.” My eyes raked over Maddy, her luscious body, that 35C-26-35 package of delight trying to drive me mad with the curves and shapes it induced in the red knit dress she had spray painted on. I could see the dark outlines of what I guessed was the lingerie I had just bought for her last weekend, feel it’s lace underneath my fingertips. Her perfect legs, covered in dark hose, led to her perfect ass. I had to force myself to drive, but I glanced at her as much as I could. It couldn’t be five years yet could it? Married, in near bliss, for all that time. If most of us could only be so lucky.

“Tom and Carol said this is a great place, a once in a lifetime experience. They promised to meet us here at nine.” Maddy drawled as she applied her makeup. How can you improve perfection? I didn’t know, but somehow she always managed to do so. How could I, or anyone, resist her charms? Tom had managed to, which drove Maddy nuts. Carol was no dog, a radiant beauty of a blonde, who was warm and willing with anyone, Maddy had confided to me years ago. Tom seemed untouchable. As for anyone who didn’t at least try to make a pass at Maddy, I worried if Carol would soon be shocked to find out he was gay.

“It’s the Dog’s Breath Club, down on Fourth, down by the wharf. Do you remember the directions to get there dear?” Maddy taunted.

“It’s not a good part of town. I’d better remember, or we are in real serious fucking trouble dear. Not the kind of danger you can just flirt your way out of either. Serious people who want serious stuff.” I somberly intoned.

“Haven’t met a man yet I couldn’t wrap around my little finger. Had a whole football team like that my senior year.” Maddy boasted.

“Yes, my love, but is that where you perfected your love-making skills? Is that where you learned to give those miraculous patented blow jobs?” I taunted.

“I’ll never tell. My lips are sealed. With cum!” Maddy laughed. We parked in the parking structure, and went out the door into the back alley. Row after row of large motorcycles, some new, some barely able to ride down the road, lined the alley on both sides like rows of metal teeth. We could hear the blare of hard rock music from the open door under the sign “Dog’s Breath Club”. The rectangle of light splashed into the dark alley, like it would guide lost souls to safety. We heard the roar of a cycle in the alley, and hurried inside. 8:30 PM. We could handle anything for a half an hour, couldn’t we?

A bike roared up right behind us, so Maddy and I went further and much faster into the club than we should have. The light was so bright, having come from the alley. We slammed into some people at the bar. A woman was knocked down, while Maddy ended up plastered on the side of a huge man the size of the side of a mountain. The woman knocked to the floor like a bowling pin shouted “Hey! Have some respect dammit!”

The mountain man turned, picking up Maddy in his big hands like a china doll, then placing Maddy on his barstool and glowering down at me. “Are you the idiot that disrespected my lady Liz?” he bellowed. I got the full impact of him then. 6’7″, 290, arms like tree trunks ankara sınırsız escortlar with tattoos all over them, leather vest, no shirt, hairy chest, legs as thick as my torso.

“Yes, I am. I meant no disrespect. It was an accident.” I pleaded.

“Well then, why is she still sprawled on the floor? Don’t you have enough courtesy to offer a lady your arm, idiot?” he glowered.

“Sorry.” I helped Liz up, and she smiled, with her rotting brown teeth, oversize glasses, droopy bra less tits in a dirty T shirt. Her slight frame, 4’11”, 33b-22-34 and thin limbs wrapped around me. Her miniskirt had been spread on the floor to reveal a nearly hairless beaver.

“He’s not too bad, for a Citizen, Tiny.” Liz said.

“Well he damn straight better treat you right, Liz.” Tiny glowered.

“We’re just here looking for some friends we’re supposed to meet here.” Maddy interjected.

“Well now, little lady, I could be your friend.” Tiny said gently.

“Why certainly you could!” Madison said brightly, full flirt engaged.

“And I know how to show a lady a good time, too.” bragged Tiny.

“I’m sure you do. And all these people are your friends?” asked Maddy.

“Oh yes, and they can be yours too, if you’re good to them.” said Tiny.

“Oh, of course I’m good.” Maddy says sexily.

“You know the difference between a nice girl and a good girl, don’t you?” asked Tiny with a leer.

“No. What’s the difference between a nice girl, and a good girl like me?” Madison taunted.

“A nice girl goes to a party, goes home, and goes to bed. A good girl goes to a party, goes to bed, and goes home! So what’s your name, my pretty friend, my good girl?” asked Tiny with obvious lewd interest in her cleavage.

“I’m Madison, and that’s my husband, Dave. My good friends, like you, Tiny, get to call me Maddy.” she said in her husky, sultry voice.

“Well then, a drink for our new friends Dave and Maddy.” said Tiny. His arm wrapped around her protectively. Meanwhile, Liz was badgering me for attention.

“If you don’t start paying attention to me, I’m gonna tell Tiny.” she threatened, “I deserve to be treated right, like any woman.”

“What do you want Liz? I’m sure sorry I knocked you over.” I pleaded.

“Me too. You haven’t even asked me to go to bed or nothin. It’s like I’m just some dirty little cunt you can knock in the dirt and step on.” she whined.

“And I’m not going to ask you to go to bed with me, no disrespect intended. See her? That’s my wife, Maddy.” I said softly.

Bawling now, she cried “You don’t think I’m good enough for you! You treat me like dog shit! What did I ever do to you!” she wailed.

Several men gathered around. “What the hell you mean she isn’t good enough for you? She’s good enough for Tiny, she’s good enough for anyone, Mr. Dickhead Citizen!” they said angrily.

“You better kiss me, quick, before Tiny hears this!” Liz hissed.

So I did it. I kissed her. Her breath, which I had expected to BE dog’s

breath, was actually quite minty and sweet. Her thin lips didn’t provide the cushion of Maddy’s, but her wicked little tongue was fun. I kissed her a lot longer than I had expected to, due to her locking her legs around my back, then I escorted her back to her chair, bought her another drink, and asked “Phones?” She pointed to the back of the bar. As I left, I could see Maddy and Tiny kissing, not some chaste kiss, but a real hot deep foreplay kind of kiss, which made me even more determined to get ankara suriyeli escortlar out of there, as soon as I got ahold of Tom and Carol.

The pay phone was ripped off the cord, and there were no windows in the restrooms. I went back to find Liz, as a sea of people hung back behind Tiny and Maddy. It didn’t take a genius to figure out they were blocking the exit.

“You say you want me, but you don’t feel me up or nothin! How am I supposed to know you like me if you don’t touch my tits, my twat, or nothin?” Liz whined.

I kissed her again, running my hand up her legs, over her breasts. She grabbed my hands, holding them on her breasts. “Play with my nipples.” I did as she ordered. Then I noticed that Tiny was behind Maddy, facing me, spreading her legs with his hands, running them up and down her inner thighs. She had the look of a startled deer on her face, trapped in the headlights. Tiny moved his hands to her headlights, and she closed her eyes, biting her lip.

Liz kissed me insistently, then said “Take off my shirt.” I peeled it over her head, and she nuzzled my face, saying “Play with my nipples.” I could see Tiny peel Maddy out of her knit dress, to cheers from the crowd. He took off her gauzy bra, and bared her tits to the world. He leered as he rubbed her nipples, pinched them twice, never stopping their deep kiss. “Now my skirt.” Liz said. I unbuckled the belt, unzipped it, and Liz’s nearly anorexic body was naked to my gaze. “Dave, be a dear, & finger me, just a little to let me know you like me.” I licked my fingers, and slid them into her denuded snatch. Tiny had rolled down Maddy’s black lacy panties, and was running his fingers along the lips to her snatch. She was naked, in a bar full of bikers. I knew that whatever happened, we were going to have to just play along. I was no match for Tiny alone, and there were fifteen other guys.

Liz said “Let’s dance.” I gave her a couple of bills, and she took me over to the jukebox. She picked some songs, and took me to the small dance floor. The heavy rock cut out, and a slow song came on. We danced, and I hugged her tight little ass. She started rubbing her cunt on my pants leg, leaving a snail trail to telegraph her cunt’s arousal, as she undressed me. Tiny just held Maddy, one arm across her tits, holding her right one; one fingering her clit, as they kissed, her head turned to the side. I could see she was panting, which I took for panic, but I was helpless to do anything about it. Events had just unfolded too fast, gone too far.

Liz pulled me to the pool table, dropped my pants, underwear, socks and shoes underneath it. We crawled on it, and she had me stand. She sucked my cock, while the whole bar watched. I didn’t think I could get it up, but she was so good, much better than Maddy. Tiny had lifted Maddy up to sit on one of the speakers on the stage, then buried his head between her legs. The whole bar cheered again. They were forming into groups, men near the door, women along the bar.

Liz asked me “Care to return the favor?”

“Sure thing.” Liz laid me down on the pool table, straddled my face, and lowered her nearly hairless slit onto my lips. I licked at her, afraid of what she would taste like. Her first oils reached my taste buds, and she had the sweetest pussy I’d ever tasted! I ate her with gusto. I rolled my head to see Maddy, and she was on hers knees on the small stage for the band, sucking Tiny for all she was worth. His big, thick dick stretched her mouth, but she was giving him her best. Nothing like ankara türbanlı escortlar what Liz had given me, though. I’d spurted without a moments guilt into her sweet lips. Now I wanted to fuck her sweet pussy. I rolled her on her side, but she said “Uh-Uh” and pinned me to the table. Then she slid her tight snatch down on me, and squeezed her cunt muscles on me. I glanced at Maddy and Tiny, and she was already on her hands and knees, with one big difference: there was a line of men to her mouth, & she was sucking the first man as the rest stroked their hardons.

That was the last I saw for quite awhile, as a muff, blonde, thick, and very fishy sat on my face. It was like that for a long time, woman after woman using my tongue as a twat towel. Liz drove my balls into the table with her ass, humping into me with more force than I thought her small frame could produce, squeezing down and pulsing on me with her fabulous tight little twat. Every once and a while, a new twat would smother my face. I licked them all as best I could. I had no idea what the punishment for failing to please them was, and I wasn’t about to find out. I came in Liz seven times that night, as she refused to yield my cock to anyone else, sucking it back hard after each cum, as I swear some of the women came back for seconds at a more leisurely pace. I still dream of it sometimes, or when I need a really strong fantasy to climax; woman after woman riding my tongue to climax, Liz rocking my world with her impossibly tight little cunt. At the end, Liz moved her dripping snatch over my face, and I didn’t mind licking out the combination of my sperm and her honey. I gave her several cums, while I watched Maddy suck off Tiny one last time.

“C’mon, Dave, one for the road.” Liz pleaded. I was glad it was not another fuck, but a drink. Tiny, Maddy, Liz and I were toasted by everyone.

“To friends!” we all toasted, as we downed our beer mugs in gulps.

I hugged my wife, naked in that bar, with jism smeared on her face and

thighs. I hugged Liz, and kissed her deeply. I even hugged Tiny, who

pulled me aside and said “I’m really proud of how well you took care of

Liz tonight. You and Maddy are welcome at our place anytime. Hell, we’d

all like you to join the club. There is an initiation ritual, Dave, but

I think you can handle it.” Tiny gloated.

“I don’t know Tiny. I don’t think Maddy and I are cut out to be bikers. We love the way you party, but I’m a salesman…” I protested.

“Yeah? So what! I’m a dentist. Liz is my dental assistant. Doc over

there really is a Doctor. We’re not into drugs or anything. Other than

the parties, we mostly do volunteer and civic work. I think you’d fit

right in. I know Maddy would. Give her a chance, sport.” Tiny urged.

“But this… was a setup???” I blurted out as I finally figured it all out.

Liz popped out her fake rotted teeth. “Yup. ‘Fraid so.”

“Tom and Carol are right over there. You’ve already eaten her out, you might as well put your dick in her. She’s a wild one. Talked it all over with Maddy, too.” Tiny boasted.

“You mean… Maddy knew?” I sobbed as I realized who had set me up.

“Hell yes! Don’t need no misunderstandings. Nobody threatened you right? Or her? We all just wanted you to be good friends, and you are.” Tiny chuckled.

We bought a bike, leathers, and some of the tattoos like Tiny and Liz wore that come off with alcohol. We go for a ride now and then, and we go to parties. We walk on the wild side from time to time, with the other doctors, lawyers, accountants, and every other professional man who wants to play biker for the weekend. We have the wildest women, and we always treat them good, like the ladies they are. Who could ask more of life, than to have friends in a biker bar?

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