Black Cuckolding Reigns Supreme


As Salam Alaikum, people. Shaima Lokuron here. I am a South Sudanese Muslim woman living in the Deep South, working for Walkerton Engineering Incorporated, a prominent civil engineering company headquartered in lovely metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated with a civil engineering degree from Georgia Tech and was fortunate enough to find work in my field in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. There aren’t a lot of sisters working for major engineering firms, so I’m one of a kind.

Trust me, the thrilling life of a black Muslim woman in this world of wealth, power and corporate intrigue pales when compared to my other life. Indeed, the things I get up to would make my most ruthless competitors blush. I like to have my walk on the wild side and I keep my worlds separate. Folks are nosy in Atlanta. Can’t have co-workers find out about my other life. What other life am I talking about? Well, in the realm of BDSM, I am known as Mistress Shay, First Lady of Wickedness.

I feel that a lot of black folks have the wrong idea about BDSM. It’s not just whips and chains, something that freaky white folks enjoy. True BDSM is sensual, psychological and sexual, it’s about human beings exploring their wildest desires, it’s also most importantly about trust and confidence. You can’t do these things with someone you don’t understand or trust. I’m all about exploring that wild realm, and I enjoy it best with my fellow people of color. Those kissed by the sun. The sons and daughters of Africa. After all, black on black is where it’s at.

“How do you like the feel of the chastity device?” I asked snidely as I snapped it over Darnell Thompson’s long and thick ebony cock. Deep in the basement of my Buckhead townhouse, my latest sub and I explored the unthinkable. The six-foot-three, dark and handsome African-American stud looked at his long dark dick, now caged in a chastity device, and then at me, a look of shame mixed with lust on his handsome face. Gently I stroked Darnell’s face, and looked into his dark eyes, waiting for him to say the magic words. The ones that would bind him to me forever.

I met Darnell Thompson while visiting my cousin Mona Akech at Clark Atlanta University in the City of Atlanta, Georgia. The six-foot-three, burly and handsome African-American stud took my breath away. Darnell is studying for his Master’s degree in Business Administration at C.A.U. and it would seem that fate had plans for us, for I later ran into him on the website Fetlife. The brother is all over groups about female domination, chastity and cuckolding. The wild side of BDSM turns him on. I guess that’s why he came to me.

Patiently I lured Darnell into my world. As a dominatrix, I attract my fair share of whackos, disturbed men and women whom I avoid, but I also attract promising recruits. When a handsome, open-minded young black man seeks to explore his submissive side with a strong, sensual, dominant black woman, I’m not the type of dominatrix to pass him up. I play with submissive white guys and bored housewives with latent lesbian tendencies all day long. My brothers are a priority when they reach out to me. I love to mentor young black men in the world of BDSM, especially the ones who are man enough to admit their submissive desires.

“I’ve got some desires and stuff I’ve been wanting to explore but I didn’t tell anyone about them,” Darnell said to me on the phone, six days prior to this amazing encounter in my special dungeon. As I said before, ankara sınırsız escortlar Darnell and I initially met at my cousin’s school, then linked up on Fetlife. We exchanged numbers, and began regular conversations about black politics, love, sex, and of course, BDSM, our shared passion. Slowly but surely, I helped the brother admit his submissive desires.

“You need to explore these desires with the right lady, and my dear, admitting it to yourself is the first step, feel no shame for what you are,” I said to Darnell, smiling to myself as I talked to him on the phone. That night, I lay on my bed, speaking to my latest prey/pet project in my silken voice, getting him to reveal to me all of his most disturbing desires and forbidden fantasies.

The things this handsome, passionate young brother revealed to me simply amazed me. Darnell, a big man on campus who’d fucked dozens of girls during his illustrious career as a student-athlete at Clark Atlanta University, was curious about cuckolding. I always knew that a male being sexually turned on by watching his wife or girlfriend with other men wasn’t an exclusively white phenomenon. Black cuckolds do exist. I know this. I just never thought I’d be lucky enough to meet one. So, Darnell is a cuckold. Cool, the brother came to the right place. I invited Darnell to my dungeon for some fun.

“I am your cuckold, Mistress Shay,” Darnell said, a dejected look on his face as he looked at his locked up cock, then at me. I smiled and nodded in pleasure. Slowly I began taking my clothes off. I’m five-foot-eleven, curvy and oh-so fine, if I dare say so. My skin is dark chocolate in hue, and I am damn proud of my African heritage. I was born in the City of Juba, in what is today known as South Sudan. I am a proud Dinka woman. Where I come from, black is the definition of beautiful. Something I am trying desperately to teach to my African-American brethren.

“Good answer, bitch,” I said, and I bent low as I pulled down my panties, giving Darnell a great look at my thick, deliciously round ass. I could tell from the look in Darnell’s eyes that the brother was turned on. His dick strained inside its cage, and Darnell grimaced in pain. I smiled wickedly, for nothing turns me on more than the painful pleasure I see on the face of a first-time cuckold.

“Fuck, this hurts when I get hard,” Darnell said through gritted teeth, and I smiled and nodded. I snapped my fingers, and then a man with the stalwartness of a Baobab tree entered the dark recesses of my dungeon. I smiled as I beheld my favorite person in the world, Ray Lebrun. The tall, broad-shouldered, massively muscled, bald-headed Haitian-American stud smiled, flashing me a grin full of pearly whites. Clad in a sleeveless red T-shirt and black leather pants, Ray Lebrun looked simply amazing.

“Darnell, meet Lebrun, my Bull,” I said, and then I threw my arms around Ray Lebrun’s shoulders, stood on my tippy toes and kissed him on the lips, right in front of Darnell. The look of shock, intense jealousy and betrayal I saw on Darnell’s face thrilled me like you would not believe. I patted Ray Lebrun’s groin through his black leather pants, and Darnell’s disturbed eyes followed my every move.

“Bud, you’re going to watch her get fucked by a real man,” Ray Lebrun said, and he pulled me close, grabbing my thick derriere and squeezing it for emphasis. I grinned and unzipped Ray Lebrun’s pants, freeing his long and thick ankara suriyeli escortlar ebony fuck stick, that’s what I call his manhood. I gently but firmly stroked Ray Lebrun’s dick, and Darnell’s eyes bulged. Smiling cruelly, I got on my knees and then, with a final glance at Darnell, I took Ray Lebrun’s dick into my mouth.

“Oh,” Darnell said, and he watched helplessly as I began sucking Ray Lebrun’s dick with gusto. I massaged Ray Lebrun’s balls as I went down on him, and once I had him hard as a rock, I got on all fours and shook my big ass at him. Ray Lebrun gripped my thick derriere and palmed it, then smacked it. I giggled softly and pressed my big bum against his crotch, while winking suggestively at Darnell, who watched helplessly.

“Fuck me, big daddy, let’s show Darnell the punk how a real man handles a woman,” I squealed to Ray Lebrun, who laughed and then thrust into me, burying his dick deep inside my already wet cunt. Darnell watched us, his eyes bulging and his mouth slack, clearly stunned by what he was beholding. Ray Lebrun fucked me roughly, slapping my ass and pulling my hair as he did so. I screamed and hollered, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Ray Lebrun fucked me real good and even came, exploding inside of me in a torrent of masculine passion. I shrieked like a madwoman, rejoicing at being filled with my Bull’s seed. Hmmm, what a feeling indeed…

I sat up on the couch, legs spread, touching my pussy, which was still store from the pounding it just received from Ray Lebrun. As I masturbated, Darnell watched me, and I looked at him, then at Ray, who sat nearby, stroking his big black dick. A deliciously wicked idea sprang to my mind, and I suddenly recalled one of Darnell’s most wicked confessions. The C.A.U. stud did admit to being slightly bi-curious, did he not? Time to do some exploration.

“Darnell, get your ass over here and lick Ray Lebrun’s cum out of my pussy like a good cuckold,” I said as harshly as I could, snapping my fingers for emphasis. Darnell looked at me then at Ray, who snickered. Obediently the tall brother got up, and walked up to me. I told him to get on his knees and spread my thick dark thighs, showing him all my business, as they say.

“As you wish, Mistress Shay,” Darnell said, and my eyes went wide as the ebony stud knelt before me, and buried his face between my thighs. Just like that, Darnell began eating my pussy, licking Ray’s cum out of my cunt like a true cuckold would. I licked my lips and clucked my tongue, and noticed that Ray was watching Darnell and I with interest, his dick growing harder as he watched Darnell suck his cum out of my pussy…

“Darnell, you can stop now, you’ve been such a good cuckold I’ve got a reward for you,” I said, and a smiling Darnell looked up, his mouth still wet from my pussy juices and Ray’s cum. I reached for Ray’s dick and stroked it, then kissed it on the head. I winked at Darnell, while Ray crossed his arms and smirked. I nodded at Darnell, who hesitated. Conflicted feelings appeared to be warring within him.

“Don’t be shy, Darnell, this stays between us, now just suck his dick,” I said, and Darnell sighed, then nodded. Without another word, Darnell grabbed Ray’s dick and began sucking on it. Greedily, I might add. I fingered my cunt and watched as Ray stroked the back of Darnell’s head while the young brother sucked his dick. I can’t tell you how turned on I was. Yes, I’m one of those sisters ankara türbanlı escortlar turned on by man to man action, and it’s even hotter when it’s black on black.

“Ray, I want you to cum on Darnell’s face,” I said, giggling, and both men looked up at me. I looked at Ray, then at Darnell. I am the Mistress of the House, and whether you’re a Bull, or a Cuckold, you obey the Mistress. That’s one of the iron-clad rules of the world of BDSM. Darnell continued sucking Ray’s dick until my sexy Bull groaned and warned that he was about to cum. I grabbed Darnell’s neck and kind of forced him to gag on Ray’s dick, and when Ray came, the brother obediently gulped it all down. And that’s just about when I came, my pussy twitched excitedly, oozing hot girly cum all over the place…

“That was insane but fun,” Darnell said, a little while later, after he emerged from the shower. I wrapped a towel around myself and looked at Darnell, whose dick was erect, now that I removed the chastity device from it. Ray stood there, still wet from the shower. Both of these studs looked good enough to eat. Masculine black men with few sexual hang-ups. Who says the party has to end? I sure as hell don’t.

“Yes, it was, now come fuck me, both of you,” I said, as I looked at Darnell, then at Ray. Both studs looked stunned. I stroked Darnell’s dick, and pinched Ray’s nipples. That got them revved up. Laughing, I led them to my bedroom, and just like that, our fun continued. Darnell had been aching to fuck me all night, so I let him that pleasure. I bent over and shook my thick ass at him. Darnell took me from behind, slamming his hard ebon cock into my cunt. Meanwhile, I sucked on Ray’s thick dark dick.

“Hot damn, I’ve been craving that booty all night,” Darnell said, laughing gleefully as he thrust his hard prick into me. I would have said something but it’s not polite for a gal to speak with a mouthful of dick. I sucked Ray’s dick, loving the way it smelled and tasted. There’s something about a black man’s natural, masculine musk which drives me absolutely nuts. I don’t know what it is, folks, but I just can’t get enough of it.

“I want some of that ass,” Ray said to me, and I smiled up at him and continued sucking his dick. Meanwhile, Darnell pulled my hair and spanked my thick ass as he rammed his dick up my cunt. We switched things up, and changed positions. Ray got behind me while Darnell lay on the bed as I straddled him. We made ample use of the bottle of Aloe cream on my nightstand, which I normally use to prevent my hands from being ashy. We found new use for it, alright.

“Ask and you shall receive,” I said to a grinning Ray as I spread my ass cheeks wide open, exposing a very obvious target. Ray pressed his hard dick against my asshole, and slapped my ass. Meanwhile, Darnell gripped my hips and thrust his dick deep into my cunt. With my pussy impaled on Darnell’s dick, while Ray’s cock filled my asshole, I felt wonderfully filled for the first time in ages. Double penetration is truly only for freaks, folks. Ray and Darnell slammed their dicks into my holes, and I howled in pleasure mixed with deliciously hot pain. The two chocolate studs fucked me silly, and didn’t let up until I tapped out and begged for mercy. Yeah, everyone had a grand old time.

Alright, so my pussy and asshole are sore after the pounding they got from Darnell and Ray. You know what? I’m a happy woman. After servicing the hell out of their favorite dominatrix, Ray and Darnell left my residence. I am definitely going to be seeing the two of them on the regular. It’s fun to experiment, and what better way to do so than with two sexually flexible, handsome and masculine black men? I am one freaky sister and that’s right up my alley. Goodnight.

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