blind date and tongue bath

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blind date and tongue bathDinner was fantastic, my date Dan was gorgeous and I loved his apartment. The evening passed quickly and the conversation fairly sparkled, Dan was both interesting and interested in me.I had never done a blind date before but Sally had recommended Dan very highly, apparently he was just back from a period travelling the world and would soon be snapped up, me being single Sally had done some manoeuvring and here I was. I was nervous but Dan’s attentions were getting me quite excited, he was quite special and my skin tingled and my breathing was slightly heavy as I tried to impress , sitting up straight, maintaining his gaze and trying not to say anything stupid. Desert was finished and as I put down my spoon and picked up my glass Dan volunteered ” will we take the drinks through to the other room” “Yes” I replied and stood up. Dan took my hand and led me through the door, holding my hand gently but with a firmness that made the skin tingle on the back of my neck. we went through the door but it wasn’t the lounge , it was the most sumptuous bedroom, dark with reds and blacks and a huge bed in the middle.I was about to complain when Dan took my wineglass and put it on the cabinet next to an already lit candle. His lips gently brushed mine and then his fingers came up to rest on my lips as a command not to speak.He gently caressed the skin on my face up to my forehead and then pushing his fingertips through my hair his fingers gently massaged my scalp. I closed my eyes to better enjoy the sensation. The room smelt gorgeous, a rich sent wafted from the candles and the light flickered on my closed eyelids. Gently Dan started to unbutton my blouse and I heard it fall to the floor. I stood mesmerised by the sensations and his hands gently caressed my skin, slowly undressing my body slowly massaging each exposed bit of skin as it felt the slight chill of the room.Standing kurtköy escort still and with my eyes closed I could hardly believe Dan’s boldness but was so alive with pleasure that I prayed for him to continue. I realised that I was now naked and stood completely still as he circled me rubbing his fingertips expertly over every part of my naked and exposed body.I felt him take my hands and without opening my eyes I was guided to lie face up on the bed as he resumed his caresses. Now the caresses changed, he moved to the upper faces of my feet and gently licked each in turn, blowing on each wet surface to make the already excited flesh tingle, his hands moved my limbs about and held them in place but it was his tongue that worked it’s magic on my ankles and shins, taking each in turn he lifted the legs slightly and then firmly ran his tongue up the skin, blowing gently on the wet surface and moving on, leg to leg and ever upwards. when he got above my thighs he slightly parted my legs and although I expected him to plunge into my pussy he just ran his tongue over the hair on my mound, pushing down to just above my bud but working on upwards as he had done on my legs, circling his way up my abdomen he paused to work my navel, something I wasn’t expecting but which brought out a sweat across my forehead and set my pulse racing. Upwards he worked spending very little time on my my nipples and working on my upper chest and neck which he paused to blow and caress with his gentle hands before rolling me onto my front with consummate skill, especially as I was in an erotic stupor and still had my eyes shut. Back he went, down to the back of my legs and resumed his licking working up the back of my thighs and around my buttocks. Here he surprised me by firmly separating my cheeks with his hands and running his tongue up the crack several times, the last time he paused aydıntepe escort to gently circle and probe my anus. Moving up the small of my back his hands continued to hold my cheeks apart and the chill air tingled the skin of this highly aroused area.The routine changed when he had finished my shoulders, his lick changed to a bite, no not a bite, he was holding the nape of my neck in his jaws, gently but firmly pinning me to the bed, as a lion cub held by the lioness. I was electrified by the sensation and as his left hand firmly massaged my scalp I squirmed slightly. The next sensation was of coldness and wetness. His right hand wad probing the area between my buttocks, cold, wet and lubricated his fingers circled my delicate star before gently pushing inside, first one and then two they circled and pushed gently inside, before changing to a slow pulsing movement in and out. My breathing quickened again as my scalp tingled with his firm fingers, my neck was pinned and my ass was being stretched and probed, and all this by a man I had only met a few hours earlier. How many hours I wasn’t sure as I now had little sense of time passing.Relaxing to enjoy the sensations they came to something of an abrupt halt and Dan’s hands and mouth withdrew. The loss of sensation was agony after such an intense period of pleasure and it was a relief when the bed moved and his now naked body assumed a position on top of mine, pressing firmly but not to heavily down on my back. His lips and teeth now gently nibbled on each ear lobe in turn as his fingers caressed the exposed sides of my breasts. Moving his hips and thighs he managed to gently massage the lower half of my body with his naked flesh. One hand then left my side and went down to guide his cock in circling motions as it rubbed round and round my anus before firmly moving very slightly inside me, only a very small amount tuzla içmeler escort before pausing completely still, the pressure was constant but the pleasure was intense, I held my breath and time stood still as he paused before pushing in another slight amount. This time instead of pausing he very very slowly moved back to his shallower position before continuing inwards ever so slowly and with minute increments he imperceptibly continued inwards, in and out, in and out slowly and gently but always a little bit more until I felt the hair of his pubis against my skin. Here he paused again to allow me to get used to the pressure, all the time nibbling and sucking on my earlobes and gently stroking the side of my breast. Soon the movement began again, always very slow, very deliberate and very very pleasurable in a pain meets pleasure way. The nibbling stopped and everything was concentrated on the cock pumping in and out of my ass, my breathing became heavier and turned into squealing, which turned into screaming as I climaxed in the most dramatic way possible from my first experience of anal sex, and with an almost total stranger. As my climax subsided Dan’s thrusts turned into the deep abrupt thrusting of a man having an orgasm inside a woman and he lay still. Lying across my back, taking most of the weight on his elbows I listened as out breathing slowed and my pulse returned to normal. Just as I started to feel totally relaxed Dan moved and his softening cock slowly withdrew from my anus, I felt suddenly cold as Dan’s warm flesh withdrew from mine and suddenly a cold wet cloth gently cleaned my private area after which I was rolled onto my front and a massive super soft warm duvet was thrown over me. I heard Dan moving about, a tap run and a door open and close before the quilt moved and Dan slipped in beside me.Snuggling in beside me Dan rested his head against my shoulder as his free hand slid down my belly to lie upon my mound, The finger tips just above my bud we drifted off. Me feeling safe and warm and confident that my life had taken a turn for the better, very much for the better. And that the night wasn’t over yet!

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