Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 18


My name is John Samuel Dinghy. I’m a six-foot-tall, good-looking older black man living in the city of Brockton. I’m originally from Cameroon. These days, I work as a nurse at Brockton Hospital. It’s an okay job, I guess. It can get a little boring. Which is why I find ways to spice things up. How? I kill the boredom by ass-fucking the meanest, fattest bitch on the staff. Her name is Marie Louise Heidelberg. She’s a tall, blonde-haired, German-American woman with a thick body, some seriously big tits and a huge round ass. A thick bubble butt. The kind of huge ghetto booty that is quite rare on white females. Lucky for me, she’s addicted to black cock and has no morals.

I walk into Marie Louise Heidelberg’s office. The tall, fat-bottomed, plump-bodied white slut gets up to greet me. I give her the look and she knows what I want from her. The same thing all guys want from chicks. A quick piece of ass. Seriously. Women are a dramatic, troublesome bunch. Lucky for us, many of them are totally down with casual sex with no strings attached. Which is why life around females is somewhat bearable. Sometimes. She looks at me and licks her lips. Yeah, she’s a total slut. I knew she ankara duşta veren escortlar wanted it. So I unzip my pants and whip it out. She looks at my cock. Ten inches long, and uncut, with balls the size of apples. And she’s about to feel all of it up her fat a ss real soon.

But first I want some oral action. So, I ask the six-foot, 300-pound ghetto white chick with the huge booty from hell to get on her knees and worship at my altar. Marie Louise does as she is told. She opens her mouth wide and in goes my cock. I lean back against the wall as Marie Louise goes to work on me. The fat white bitch sucks my cock and licks my balls. I groan a little bit. She’s going too fast. I don’t like it when bitches go too fast. I want her to take her time. She goes at it the way I like it and it doesn’t take me long to get mad hard. I am close to cumming. When I do, I shoot my load all over her face. Marie Louise drinks my cum eagerly. Then, I put her on all fours and have a go with her ass.

I spread the big white woman’s plump ass chees wide open and press my cock against her butt hole. I thrust my cock and go deep inside her. Marie Louise squeals as I began fucking ankara fetiş yapan escortlar her in the ass. A good fuck in the ass is what all fat bitches deserve. It might cure them of this attitude problem they all seem to have. I feel Marie Louise tight asshole grip my big black dick like a vise and I’m seriously loving it. I smack that plump ass of hers and she yelps. I watch as my hand leaves some nice red marks on Marie Louise fat ass. I laugh. This is so much fun.

I really enjoy sodomizing Marie Louise. She’s a bitch and she deserves it. Also, she’s got some seriously twisted kinks. She showed me a sex video featuring what she did to some half-black, half- Puerto Rican dude she was dating a while back. The dude’s name is Rico Pena and he was seriously twisted. She made a tape of their sex games. Unknown to him is the fact that she sold the video to an amateur porn company on the web. In the video she showed me, she had the dude lying on a carpet. On all fours. Face down and ass up. She came up behind him and spread his ass cheeks wide open. Then she greased up his asshole before strapping on a dildo. She shoved the dildo right up a black man’s ass. ankara iranlı escort This fat white bitch was crazy! And this dude was crazier for allowing it!

Anyway, Marie Louise seemed to really get off on sodomizing Rico Pena, the dark-skinned brother with the twisted mind. She rammed the dildo up the skinny black man’s ass and he squealed as she filled his ass with her plastic cock. I’ve never heard a man squeal before. It was a rather unsettling sound. What shocked me even more is the fact that the black bastard seemed to be enjoying himself. In fact, he begged her for more. And she gleefully rammed the dildo up his ass. Burying it deep. All the while she stroked his big black cock. The finish was equally unsettling. Marie Louise pressed a button on her dildo and it squirted. Yes, the dildo actually squirted hot artificial cum into the black man’s ass. And he screamed in pleasure. Onscreen, Marie Louise was even more perverted than she was at work. Now I’ve seen everything! Hot damn!

I resumed fucking Marie Louise in the ass. I slammed my cock into the fat white woman’s asshole and she screamed in pleasure. We went at it until I came, flooding her asshole with my cum. Afterwards, I made her suck my cock and lick my cum. It was fun. Then I let myself out. The bitch was crazy. A fine piece of fat ass with a juicy asshole, but way too crazy for me. She was fun in bed, though. Still, way too twisted for me. I let myself out of her office. I needed some air. Word.

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