Breaking and ‘Entering’


She had given him a key to her place. But he knew she wasn’t expecting him this morning. Still the thoughts of her laying in bed nude had aroused his lust and he just had to see her. The drive to her place, even though short, seemed to take forever…

At last he arrived, quietly let himself in and pondered his next move. He wanted her but didn’t want to scare her. Silently he stripped off his trainers, socks, t shirt and soft shorts, took out his phone and texted her a pic of him in her kitchen to get her thinking about him. The pic wasn’t too bad, considering he had opened the refrigerator for light. At least his dick had already begun to grow in anticipation what lay ahead. It was before 5 so maybe she wouldn’t wake with the first text. So he sent another describing how he came to be at her apartment. He hoped she would like it.

He crept to her closed door and put his ear up listening, hearing the sound of her easy breathing he knew she was still sound asleep. She slept fitfully though so could wake at any moment. Slowly he turned the handle and opening the door, stealthily entered the room, her room. His heart was already racing with anticipation and his cock had continued to grow with the thoughts of her body swirling in his mind. He hoped his plan worked.

As his eyes adjusted to the semi light of early morning he could just make out her silhouette. He was glad he had turned on the light in the hallway because he could make out her bare shoulder and a portion of her magnificent breast. He knew she was at least sleeping topless. He traced his fingers down her neck and dragged them across her breast as he did she moved and that delightful nipple popped into view. With her hair wildly arrayed around her on the pillow and now this bonus of seeing her right breast bahis firmaları fully he brought his phone up and snapped a low light pic of her. He didn’t care if it turned out, just the idea of getting this shot without her knowing was hot. His dick grew even more, she was beautiful and he wanted her.

Ummmm he just needed a taste of her breast, it had been a week since he had sucked these. His lips closed over the bud of the nipple, it was cool in the room so it had already begun to react. He loved the texture , her nipple was soft yet substantial. His other hand slipped beneath the covers and discovered her bare ass, Yes! She had slept nude as he asked.

He went to the bottom of her ass and grabbed and lifted a slow kneading process, again and again taking his time but hearing the results. Doing this while still teasing her nipple with his tongue, teeth and lips, her wetness was beginning to build. With each lift of her cheek her pussy would separate and come together causing it to respond. He also noticed a change in her breathing, it was coming in more shallow, he could tell she was waking up but still in the dream state, he didn’t have long.

His hand crept lower reaching thru he found the smooth skin of her shaved pussy. Rubbing his fingers along her slit he felt the moist lubrication, this brought an audible moan and she began to roll toward him onto her back. He removed his hand and mouth allowing her freedom of movement. She indeed rolled to her back and brought up her leg causing her knee to pop out. He stood back watching her, his cock now in his hand being stroked slowly. Once she was settled he delicately slid the covers lower to reveal not just one but both of her amazing breasts(this was going to be fun)

His hand went to her knee and he slid kaçak iddaa up under the covers up her thigh seeking her wetness. He grinned wickedly as instead he found her hand already circling her puffy lips rubbing slowly. She was playing high, near the small poof of hair she kept above her pussy. So he went low, slowly inserting a finger, her began fucking her with it, her moans were increasing she was definitely closer to awake but probably thought she was alone doing all this herself. He inserted a second finger and then increased his speed. She slid the covers off her curvaceous body and brought her knees up. One of her hands was playing with her nipples the other rubbing her clit.

It was time to let her know he was here. He kissed her ankle, then her knee as he worked his lips closer to her glistening pussy. He climbed onto the foot of the bed and sat back enjoying the view. There she was in front of him slightly asleep and playing with herself. Her legs pulled up and spread open he could see all of her, nothing was hidden. His cock reached its full potential and began to bob in anticipation. He took his fingers and slid them back into her beautiful slit for a moment, this time seeking her moisture. He brought his hand back to his erection and rubbed her wetness and his precum thoroughly around the head and slid down the shaft all the way down to the base.

He couldn’t take it anymore he needed to fuck her. Going in closer to her glistening pussy he moved her hand and placed it on his head, it was time to eat. Sliding his tongue from bottom to top he tasted her sweetness, her nectar. Um this was going to be fun. He felt her begin to pull at his hair and press into his mouth. He found her clit and nibbled with just his lips. Slowly and gently he ate her, at the same kaçak bahis time inserting two fingers and slowly fucking her with these.

Wait, he paused, had she just said his name? He began his tongue dance again listening, she softly repeated his name again and then again. Suddenly her thighs clamped onto his head blocking out all sound but he felt her buck and with a final thrust up with her hips, his tongue and mouth pressed against her hot silkiness, he felt warm liquid gush into his mouth and run down his chin.

Once she released his head from between her thighs, he looked up and saw her eyes were partially open now and she beckoned him to come up. Slowly his kissed his way up, taking his time on her delightful nipples. Then their mouths met and tongues intertwined. Kissing her caused his erection to fully return. He knew she was ready and he was on top of her, so he backed up pulled her knees higher to open her more and slid in the tip of his cock. She was well lubed so he gave more, he watched her face, it was a cross between slight pain and intense pleasure.

After two minutes, excruciatingly slow minutes he was in and fully laying on her again he began to fuck. She whispered in his ear ‘don’t cum too fast, I want more…’ So rolling him into his back she mounted his dick and sitting up on him began to play with her tits in front of him.

This was too much, he wasn’t going to last long, he could feel the tingle in his balls and it was building. As he watched her face, her eyes closed mouth open it only intensified his growing passion, suddenly he erupted and began cumming. As his dick pulsed shooting his sperm deep inside her, he felt her pussy lock on it as she too began cumming.

She continued to ride him their cum mixing together and leaking onto both of them. She slowly fell to his chest, leaving him inside her she snuggled in and he heard her breathing return to normal and become deep and long, once again she was asleep and soon with her in his arms so was he…

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