Brother and Sister remember childhood games.

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Brother and Sister remember childhood games.IntroductionIt has been a very strange year, but exciting at the same time. Really a complete turn around from last year. I am in my third year of college, and had to move back home. The circumstances that led to this included my roommate disappearing one weekend and leaving me with rent and all bills. I replaced him but with a roomie who wanted nothing to do with me. Then my best girlfriend from high school fell in love with some guy from Chicago, they got married and moved away. I ended up dating my roommate-who-disappeared’s girlfriend, and when he came back she went back to him. Needless to say he ceased being my roommate or my friend. So in about a month I lost my roommate, my best friend and my girlfriend. Did I mention that school is very stressful and I have a shit job. I needed to be in a ‘safe’ environment. I needed to save some money, and like all good twenty something’s I moved back home for awhile. This also allowed me to quit my job.My parents are semi retired and are gone most of the winter, and really most of the time. They have a big house which is a long way from school, but I can take the bus or drive and the cost is way less than trying to maintain an apartment. Then there is my sister. She is one year younger than me but two years behind me in school and she never left home. She was always one of those people who was very into herself, very sensitive, just very cautious in relationships and with strangers. She took a year off from school, basically just laid around the house, before starting at the same college as me. This meant that in addition to saving money on living expenses we would probably save money commuting as well – maybe.I always got along with my sister, and really we were falling into an exactly similar state of affairs that occurred to us once before, but when I was about ten and she was nine. My parents moved us to a very small, isolated little town and we found ourselves having nothing in common with the k**s our age. Neither of us knew anybody nor did we really want to, and so we had only each other. This circumstance had brought us very close. We used to play every manner of games, monopoly, tickle, hide and seek, house, it was all fun, great memories. We sometimes crossed a few boundaries probably, but at the age we were it was always quite innocent, and in the absence of our parents (even then) we made up for the lack of affection in our lives with each other. Holding hands, watching tv with our arms around each other, just physically close, that sort of thing.My sister is thin, very blond, large blue eyes that can look right into you, very pretty – unusual looking. Pretty quiet if she doesn’t know you but a real talker when she does. Naive, innocent, but sarcastic. Small breasts and thin waist, long legs but not tall, very beautiful from behind. That was the setting of my home coming.When I arrived she helped me move my car load of stuff and get organized. She was very excited to have me back home. Lots of questions and wondering how long I was going to stay. It wasn’t very long that the comparison was made to ten years prior. “Just like when we lived in that horrible little town.” We reminisced a lot and it was this reminiscing that set the whole year in motion. Our many games were fondly recounted, some of which I could not remember at all. The Quarter GameThe first few weeks Laura even made me many nice dinners, and we set up a regular little family – which included mom and dad when they were there. We did our homework, had some days when we could commute to school together, and we liked to watch movies in the evening like old times. One of those evenings after cleaning up, we put the DVD in and sat on the couch. “Have I told you how much I missed you last year,” she slid over to me and just wrapped her arms around me. “About a hundred times. This is working out though, it was really a hard year.” I leaned against her and put my arm around her, stroked her hair a little. I had totally forgotten how good she smelled. “Me too,” she said. “I pretty much lost track of everyone I was close to.” She looked at me, “I haven’t been very close to anyone since college started. Everyone from high school has moved away.” We started the movie. After just a little while, she said “Do you remember when we used to watch tv and I would hide a quarter somewhere on myself and you would try to find it.” “No, I don’t remember that, oh wait, yeah. Most of time we could never find it.” “That’s because it would slip out while we were searching.” She reached in her pocket, held up a quarter, “well here’s a quarter.” My memory of this game was totally innocent, but this time after ten years, there was a change to the equation somehow. I felt my mouth go slightly dry, my heart raced a bit. “While we watch the movie,” she added. “It’ll be fun. Just like before.” Yeah, uh, just like before. I paused the movie.She went in the other room for just a minute and came right back in. She was wearing a simple little top without buttons, a cream colored v-neck, and a pair of jeans. Socks no shoes. Probably a bra. She laid back down on the couch with her feet up on my lap, started the movie again and said, “ok its your turn first.” I absently and softly rubbed her feet over her socks, checking carefully for the quarter. Then rubbed up both sides of her legs, slowly, methodically, every inch. I was remembering just how hard it was to find this quarter, especially through jeans. Nothing. I shifted to the other side. She was laying on her front. I stroked and pressed her back and up both arms – she definitely was wearing a bra. “You’re going to have to turn over.” She complied. I checked her arms again and she just looked up at me and said, “nope.” I ran my hand over her stomach, this could get weird I thought, but I was definitely enjoying the old game. Was I getting aroused? Nothing. I lightly ran my hands up her sides and under her arms avoiding her breasts completely. And there under her arm beneath the bra was the quarter. “Aha.” She clapped her hands and laughed, “my turn!”I though of where to put the quarter and basically picked the spot that was right at my belly button. I even found a little piece of tape and taped it right there. I Laid on the couch, and she placed her hands on me and touched me basically as I had. It felt really really nice. I hadn’t felt so close to anybody in a really long time. I said, “I feel like we are just a pair of preening karşıyaka escort monkeys.” She laughed, “well we are tonight.” She got to my belly and there it was! “Found it,” and she laughed again. God I loved her laugh. While the movie played we did this a few more times, hiding the quarter in similar ‘safe’ places. Once I put it at the bottom of my foot and she spent a long time looking, but found it. By now though both of our faces were burning. And you could clearly see that I had an erection through my jeans. The touching, rubbing, stroking was definitely having an effect on us. It was her turn and she was gone a little longer. She came back in and said, “you won’t find it this time.” She laid down at the couch. I pulled her blond hair back and carefully checked there (that was actually a hiding place I remembered from when she was little when I could never find it). Not there. I checked her feet, her arms her legs carefully, a long time on the legs. I was even kneeding and giving her long strokes along her thigh and butt this time. I checked in her pockets. “Just in case,” I said. “Nope”. “Turn around,” she flipped over with a slight smile on her face, head turned and just watching the movie intently, her cheeks were red. I rubbed her stomach very slowly with the palm of my hand and reached up under her top so I was brushing her bra. I checked her sides all very slowly and carefully. She kept laying with her head turned, she didn’t look at me like other times. Then, I so softly, barely a touch, set my hand on her right breast, looking at her face, and massaged outward to the edge, over her shirt and bra. Wonderful, soft, my heart pounding. She didn’t move. I checked her other breast and rubbed carefully in circles now. Still nothing. I reached down to her upper thighs and around her abdomen and hips, pushing and massaging her through the jeans. Slowly. Methodically. This was not like before. My mouth was dry. I let my fingers run along the top of her inner thighs, my fingers pressed in tight right at the fold of her crotch and then up the center of her hip along the pelvic bone. She was so hot there and I watched her breathing catch in her throat. Then, I simply lay my palm onto the flat of her stomach and slid it under her jeans, under her panties. I could feel the beginning of soft hairs on her little mound, they feel blond I thought. And I kept sliding down, the heat, the moisture, not very much hair there at all, whispy, soft. I could see her open her legs slightly and just kept her eyes on the TV. And there right at the top of her puss, where the labia divides – her pussy lips, (and which I could not see because she was fully clothed) was the quarter held there by her thighs and the pressure of her panties. She said nothing. “I found it!” Really, almost embarrassed at this now, after my single minded ‘search,’ I held it in front of her eyes, her burning cheeks and said with my dry mouth, “I did find it.” She nodded.Board GamesWe never talked about what it is we were actually doing with our little quarter game, but it was something that occupied our evenings on occasion, and had even included her wrapping her hand around my erect penis from time to time, to ‘find it.’ I was studying one evening, and Laura came in my room. She watched me for awhile, and asked how long I would be. She was bored, I could always tell her mannerisms. I really did know her well. “Do you remember how we used to play board games?” I looked back at her on the bed, “all the time, every kind. Are they still here?” “I think so, somewhere. Mom never throws anything away.” She was getting me interested. It was Saturday, I had been studying for something like three hours. It was a sunny beautiful day. “Yeah, lets find one and set it up in the sun room.”We did find the games, and picked out the Ultimate. The one we used to play for days. Monopoly! Cards out, money exchanged. Houses getting built and hotels. She had the Boardwalk this time, which was the one I always wanted to own. And she was winning. But then I got a whole side of the board, and the tides were turning. To the point that she landed on my hotel and New York and did not have money. She would have to cash in some hotels, mortgage some properties. She was not happy. “Ok, well, you need to cash in your Boardwalk Hotel.” “How about I give you a kind payment?” Oh yeah. My dad was in sales and he sometimes received ‘payments in kind.’ My sister always called those kind payments, she would also sometimes call it ‘bartender’ for barter. “You mean bartender” I laughed. “Exactly,” she said. “I could wash the dishes this week” (which had become my chore since she cooked). “Ok I’ll accept your kind payment.” And we played on.But I definitely had the edge and she was soon in the same position. And again was offering a kind payment. I said, “naw, this game could go on forever.” “So, they always did before, come on just like before.” She paused, “I’ll do just about anything.” Then, “Please.” Something about that anything. She was looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and my mind went right to what had been on my mind for weeks now – really because of the quarter game thing. While we touched each other pretty much anywhere now during the game, I had never actually seen any of my blond, blue eyed sister. We always remained fully clothed. And I had become really curious about the image of her body, and mainly that soft blond puss. I could practically picture it by my touch alone, but only in my imagination. I had to try.“Your kind payment is,” I paused – “I really would like to just see you without your pants on.” Her eyes got big for just a moment and then a pause. Interesting. Not an immediate no way. “You mean in my underwear?” “Actually, uh, no underwear either.” I smiled sheepishly. “That’s the kind payment, or you can cash in hotels.” Silence. She was reasoning this out now. “I’ll go get my robe and just hold it open so you can see.” I was literally shaking a little now. “Ok.” was all I could manage. She got up and left. She must have been gone 15 minutes. When she got back she was standing in her robe. I could see that she was barefoot and not wearing jeans anymore. Just her robe. The sun room was so bright and clear, the sun shining right on her. “Sorry, I couldn’t find my robe.” I laughed.She stood right in front of me, and then sort of held her breath, closed her eyes and slowly opened her robe. She kept her top on (true to her escort karşıyaka word), but no pants and no panties. She had such a small soft waist, and gentle widening hips. The sun cast these wonderful shadows on her skin. And the soft hair, wisps of blond, hardly any there and tufting a little right at the bottom. I gazed at her for a nice little while, she had opened her eyes and was looking at me but with the same look as the quarter game.“And the back,” I said as I looked her right in the eyes, I couldn’t believe I had said it. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe it either, “you drive a hard bargain, sir. New York better be worth it.” “Oh it is. Wonderful.” I rejoined. She turned around and lifted the hem of her robe up to her waist. Her butt was definitely her most beautiful attribute. I had always loved looking at her from behind. She looked back at me, “Enough?” “Yeah.” She let the hem drop, closed the robe and sat back down, “Do you think I am pretty?” she asked. “I think you are, yes, spectacular,” I said, and continued “Really. . . and Your cuffs match your collar, that’s sure.” She hit me with an open hand and we laughed.We played the rest of the game with her in her robe, a very amused smile on her face, fluttering her eyes on me, and not exactly keeping tabs on the proprietary lay of fabric which clothed her now. I could tell she was feeling pretty, desired, and proud of her effect on men – in this instance me. She was really feeling good about herself. It made her even more attractive. I guess this was my ‘reward.’ I had many lovely peeks up those long legs, and of her bare belly reaching down low through the robe, during the remainder of the game. From there on out, there were no kind payments, only the cashing of hotels, houses, mortgaging property – and then she lost.Doll Making and Dress Up (Sculpture)Photos was getting ready to leave in the morning when Laura bounded into my room. She was in a very good mood. “I have a game for us this evening!” “What is it?” “Surprise! One of my favorites.” Since Monopoly, we had kind of backed off a little. More like evenings studying, dinners, going out separately with friends or evenings watching tv, though we still would wrap around each other and sort of snuggle on the big couch, make casual comments to the screen. In another respect, we were becoming more natural around each other, really more intimate than ever. I could look at her now, see the small of her back – and know what it felt like in my hand. And an evening laying on the couch with her smell was the most relaxing thing in the world to me now. Still, it had been weeks since we had played any of our games. So what could it be?I had a very normal day at school, and basically forgot about the morning conversation. On the way home though it came back to me. I had already eaten, as I had a later class and got home around seven. “I thought you would be home earlier,” She said pulling me into the house. “You know my schedule, today is the chemistry class that lasts three hours.” “Ok, but come over here.” I sat down. “Do you Remember what my favorite of games was?” I blinked. “Umm, oh god. Dress Up. Oh no, not dress up.” “Please,” She was down on the floor now rolling around. “And” she added, “doll making – like pinnocchio.” What I remembered was my little sister doing whatever she wanted with me, picking out my clothes dressing me up. She Loved it, I never told her, but I thought it was pretty stupid.“Come on in here, in here,” and she had me by the arm. “You are in pieces.” “Yeah, I feel like that all right.” We were in her room now. “No a doll, you are all in pieces and I have to put you together, and then dress you. Okk….ok?” “Just Give me a minute and let me get freshened up.” She relented and I went to my room. I thought about this. Dress me. I’m twenty. Ok, see what this is about.I took my time, I took a shower. When I got back to her room she was reading but pacing at the same time. She was blushing. “Ok,” I said and sat down on the bed. “Umm, first you have to take off your clothes.” What?” “You are in pieces, I have to put you together.” I remembered now being stripped down to my underwear when this started. “I’ll turn around.” So, I took off my shirt, my socks, my pants, my T shirt, laid on the bed and said, “there, ready.” She looked at me without a smile, a serious look. “I guess that’s fine.” “What? I said. “Well I thought you would be, you know, I said take off your clothes.” “Naked!” “Well, you did see me . . .right.” She was blushing again. This was quite a plan she had. I laughed. “So that’s it.” “No. No, this is just fine.” I had on boxers, I could feel the start of an erection. I looked right at her, stood up, and slid them down to my ankles. Kicked them across the room. And lay back on the bed with my arms behind my head. “Ta Da.” She put her hands together. But now my erection was almost painful. I could not believe my position right now, while at the same time trying to be totally nonchalant. Laura’s eyes were as big as saucers as she walked up to the be. She said, “Alright then, I need to put you together then.” She had even put together a little makeshift tool kit. “Damn, you have been working on this.She sat down on the bed and set her hand on my stomach. Very natural. I was surprised at the naturalness of her touch now. For one moment she glanced down at my little guy, now not so little anymore. She said, “remember how sometimes I used to go into the bathroom when you were taking a bath when we were little and ask to touch your pee pee and you would let me. I used to try and do it really quickly so that I could touch your penis when it was still soft, before it started to, um, get stiff.” “I remember you used to tell me you liked it soft,” I said. “Yeah, I’m starting to think I like it better, hard now.” Did I hear that right?!Anyway she did not touch me then, she sat on the bed and took my hands. Each finger needed to be attached, the hand attached to the wrist. I remembered it well. She brought out little tools, screwdrivers, ruler, nail files, plastic toy implements. She brushed her hands down my fingers. ‘Built’ my hand, my wrist and then elbow. Slid the arm into my chest socket rotated it around. Then my toes, my feet, my ankles, my knees, my knee caps. She was loving this, breathing hard, burning. When she sat at my center I would reach my hand up and gently rub her back, her hips, whatever was karşıyaka escort bayan right there. At first she would stop me, “you are a doll” she would say scolding me. But after awhile she said nothing at all, and then I even slipped by hand under her top so I could feel her skin. No bra.When the legs were to be attached, she said she had to ‘prepare the opening.’ I laughed, “really now.” And she looked at me very seriously, “yes.” She took her hands and wrapped them around my thigh, with each hand extended in each direction and one hand wrapped into my crotch as I spread my legs. Back and forth back and forth, then up and down. Oh, God did that feel good, and it made my penis want to be touched in the worst way. I could feel her brushing my balls, but that was all. Oh God it felt good and she could tell the effect it was having on me, which was probably why she did it so long. I was dripping precum onto my belly, which she definitely noticed. At one point she smiled at me, took her finger and slid it around in the puddle just above the head of my cock. Then back to work.She took each leg and motioned as if she were sliding them into their sockets. Then she took my legs and bent them up to my chest a couple of times. Oh this was all so amazing. I was doing whatever she wanted now. She threw me a towel. “I think you better lay this on the bed. I need you to turn over now.” She looked at me, smiled, “Having fun?” “You have no idea” I said. “Good, it was always MY favorite.” I turned over – onto my little towel.She worked on my head, put it on. Then massaged my back forever, I have know idea what dollmaking purpose was served by this wonderful back rub, aside from the ‘installation’ of my shoulder blades, but I just lay there and took it all in. I was getting so relaxed, almost asleep in fact, when she started to work on my butt. She was using her fingers in a careful sawing motion together with a kind of cupping and molding massage. I could just imagine she was making my butt crack! Wow! Down and deeper with those slender fingers, pushing along the surface toward by anus, and then over the top back and forth scrapping lightly across my opening, causing me to involuntarily push my ass in the air. Oh, my god. “You are one hell of a doll maker dear.” I sighed. “It takes time to make quality,” she said quietly back. Her mind was on other things. She took one finger and right at the surface of my anus she pushed, she pushed again as I raised my hips. She pushed her finger down to the first little knuckle. I could feel her nail. I could not stand it anymore. I was actually on the verge of coming. I could barely breath. She lifted her finger back out and turned me around. I complied.“That leaves just one thing,” she said. “I think I am going to make you a boy doll.” She said so seriously. “Reeaaaly. . .” I said back. We both laughed. I had been laying naked on her bed for over an hour. It was like no foreplay I had ever experienced before. She took her finger and touched just the tip of my penis and rubbed the precum around the whole head. I just said, “oh, just push down on the end, do it just once.” I think I said it with such a need that she complied. Oh, that was what I had needed for quite awhile. “Oh, once more,” It felt so good. She went back to sliding her finger around on the tip. “Now I got to see you, so now we’re even,” but more to herself. She wrapped her hand around my penis, it was so wet she could slide it up and down. She took her other hand and laid it between my legs and held my balls. She looked at me and she looked at my little (not so little) guy. I alternately closed my eyes, lifted my hips, and looked back at her. She was sitting right at my side now, sort of on her knees, and so I had managed to insinuate my hand underneath her bottom, and despite the fact she was wearing jeans had managed to work my hands between her legs and was rubbing her from the top of her puss back to her ass, in the same rhythm that she was rubbing me, and which I could tell she liked. Several times I heard an involuntary moan, and I know I was making them as well. Heaven. Heaven. I wanted this to last and last. She was still sliding her hand on my cock up and down slowly. “If I am going to finish you and dress you up now, I believe that you are going to need some release. I can tell this boy doll needs to be emptied out a little.” And she took a firmer grip (as I took a firmer grip of her). And she started a kind of wrist twist with her fingers across the top of my penis, and pointing it straight up at my chest. “I’m going to cum,” I whispered. “I’m going to cum.” “I know, you bad little boy,” she smiled. “Me?” I protested. But then I could feel myself coming, pushing my hips up into the air turning my head back and forth, “Oh god, oh god” and I came. Ribbons of cum spread up onto my chest. On and on, I completely vanished – spent. She was watching my face, the desire on my mouth and in my eyes. I then just lay back motionless with my eyes closed. I reached under myself, grabbed the towel and started to wipe myself off. “My God, Thanks,” I said. “That was nice,” she got up, glowing, literally glowing. From my rubbing between her legs, and how hot and wet she had to be, I basically knew she needed a release as much as I had. But, I was spent, still ‘recovering.’ “Now I can dress you.”She brought out a fresh pair of underwear, boxers. She slid them up my legs, I lifted my hip and over my now soft member. She did an amazingly sweet thing then, she took the palm of her hand and cupped it over my penis and gave it a nice little pat. Considering what we had just done, I was still pretty amazed. She brought out some pants, slid them on same as the boxers. She took a T shirt pushed me up in an upright position and got behind me and slid on the T shirt – kissed me lightly on the neck, and then an open shirt, buttoned them and then ‘tucked’ them into my pants. So intimately, so slowly. Her hands were totally aware, totally comfortable now with my body, my stomach, my hip bone. I even became aware of my own hand wrapped around her thigh, not even realizing I had done that. “There, my boy doll. And now a kiss to bring my doll boy to life.” She sat me on the bed, leaned in slow and kissed me softly on the lips. Looked at me again, and then bit lightly my lower lip. I touched her tongue with mine, leaned in and kissed her as well with my hand finding hers. We played with each others fingers. I reached up and just lay my hand on her breast, could feel her firm little nipple. “Good game I said, way better than I remember it.” She laughed, “I thought you’d like it. And there IS your version of this game – remember.” “Oh, my god, that’s right – sculpture!”I can imagine what each of us did when we went to bed that evening.

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